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  1. 45 min meditation today as well. Very nice. A bit more distracted today, but also a momentum of power and gratitude going parallell with distractedness.
  2. 45 min meditation today as well. Today there was more process again. Feelings of grief and vulnerability. But it was really nice to sit with it. There was a sense of peace in surrendering into it.
  3. 45 min meditation today as well. Very nice. The momenum is getting much stronger now, to the point where I'm starting to go into deeper concentration states where qualities like peace, expansion, contentment, brightness, well-being, unified focus, flow, etc, starts to dominate.
  4. 45 min meditation today as well. Very nice and grounded meditation.
  5. 45 min meditation today as well. Very nice flow in my meditation these days.
  6. 45 min meditation today as well. The momentum is building, and it is very nice. It is very clear that a lot of stuff has been released from my system during these 3 months in the ashram in Brazil. I've been somewhat distracted by the relationship-issues I've experienced with my girlfriend, and she was part of this whole experience, so it is kind of difficult to sort out what is what, but it seems like our relationship is moving towards its end, and I feel fine about just surrendering into that. I think we are both landing on some realisations that we are inherently incompatible as long-term partners, so I hope we can just round this off gradually and cherish it for what it was. So with this acceptence in mind, and my mind sort of clearing up from these involvements in another person, it seems like my meditation has benefited greatly from these 3 months in the ashram. So I hope I can just ride out whatever residual karma that I still have with her as smoothly as possible.
  7. 45 min meditation yesterday, and 1 hour today. Pretty amazing.
  8. 45 min meditation today as well. Really sweet.
  9. 1 hour meditation today. I came home from work pretty tired and was afraid I would fall asleep this meditation, but instead I got energized. Very nice.
  10. 45 min meditation today as well. Really sweet. There wasn't much to process today, so I could go deeper into concentration and calm.
  11. 45 min meditation today as well. Super-nice :-) Feels like I'm starting to land a bit more from my travels in Brazil. Not sure what is going to happen with my girlfriend. Feels like we are close to breaking up. Also feels like I'm open to all possibilities and I just want to ride it out and see where it lands without trying to control the process. To me it feels like it is good that whatever co-dependence we have been going into gets some space so that we perhaps can clear out some of the tensions we have been collecting, and somehow enter a new phase in our relationship. It is good to seperate us so that can we feel more into what sort of perhaps unhealthy patterns of clinging and attachment has been gluing us together. It felt like we both temporarily lost track of our missions in life, and maybe now we can learn to both be with each other and at the same time staying focused on our seperate missions. But I have my doubts that she will manage. I'm feeling that she is getting very insecure and frustrated because of this. Or maybe I'm just projecting my own frustrations and insecurities over at her? At the very least there is a very strange energy between us these days, and as I said it feels like we are close to breaking up. But at the same time I feel very happy about being much more focused on my own projects again. So I think my old tendency of losing myself into someone else is not as strong as it used to be. In many ways it is a relief to get some space away from her to return back to myself again.
  12. 45 min meditation today as well. Very nice :-)
  13. 45 min meditation today as well. Very nice.
  14. 45 min meditation today. Super-nice. My meditation practice is not very consistent these days, but it is really valuable when I actually do it.
  15. 45 min meditation today as well. Very nice :-)