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  1. 10 minutes ago, Forestluv said:

    Uncle Larry shows up drunk to a wedding, urinates in the punchbowl and starts fights

    Hey @Forestluv I’m not pissing In anyone’s punch or starting any fist fights 

    I’m just talking politics in a politics section of a forum

    I didn’t know it was a crime to be arrogant on this forum, in which case I’m guilty, that’s not gonna change

    10 minutes ago, Forestluv said:


    Consequences for what, saying Im a libertarian lol

    10 minutes ago, Forestluv said:

    is “I was just joking”. 

    Also this is fine, don’t take something seriously when it’s meant for humour, that ain’t the one whose cracking the jokes fault, take a joke or take a shuttle 

    P.s. Uncle Larry seems like a lad, kinda guy I want at my wedding

    9 minutes ago, Roy said:

    RIP. Was a pleasure mate!



  2. 7 minutes ago, louhad said:

    lol, that is the mindset of a debater rather than the mindset of someone tryna learn and grow. 

    I say it in tongue and cheek really 

    I’m a firm believer in irrational self confidence 

    8 minutes ago, louhad said:

    That dude already got banned for saying cringey white supremacist shit under another account name. he sent me numerous inappropriate and immature dms. and everything he posted under his new account was meant to be provocative and deceptive

    Well white supremacy is a no no

    9 minutes ago, louhad said:

    even the post you screenshotted... it goes against this sub-forum's guidelines. 

    Shouldn’t be

  3. @Boethius

    I think it was because as Leo read this thread and he construed me as being as you said

    1 minute ago, Boethius said:

    provocative and argumentative

    Which was not my intention, but you know sometimes there is a place for being provocative and to arguing. 

    “You keep acting with obnoxious arrogance and closedmindedness in the politics sub-forum.

    This is your final warning. If you don't correct your attitude, you will be banned.

    Be here to learn, not to spread an ideology.“

    I am here to learn, and you know how I do that, by voicing my opinion and having people tell me where I’m wrong, not by shooting me down for expressing my views

    “obnoxious arrogance” 

    Thats just my personality my man

    And it’s not arrogance if it’s true


    Im not closed minded, you’re the one acting closed minded, it’s not close minded to express an opposing view

    Are the screenshots below open minded? That was 9 hours ago, guy only asked a question 

    What’s closed minded is turning this forum into a echo chamber

    I’m not trying to spread anything

    If you want to ban me ban me I don’t care, I’m not walking on egg shells every time I make a post because I might offend your sensibilities, it defeats the purpose of the forum

    If we’re gonna play these stupid games just cut to the chase and ban me already

    @Leo Gura 





  4. 17 minutes ago, Roy said:

    For example I'm taking the 8Values quiz right now and there is question that can go both ways because it is worded too ambiguously;

    "The sacrifice of some civil liberties is necessary to protect us from acts of terrorism."

    I agree, a lot of the question have loaded premises

    But these are the best quick tests ive been able to find on the internet so far

    The leftist value one was so bad that it’s uncompletable with all the loaded questions


  5. @louhad

    6 minutes ago, louhad said:

    brother, nobody in here has a big enough brain to understand politics and society the way that you do... our iqs are just way too low. it is a lost cause for us commie simpletons. 

    Its seems you’re taking things personally bud lol

    Ive never said I understand everything about politics or society, I’m just giving my opinion I’m sorry if I’ve offended you


  6. @Boethius

    6 minutes ago, Boethius said:

    @IJB063 You start from a premise that the people on this forum are "Trosky esque" in their views and then ask people to reveal how highly they score on a fascism test, where your conception of fascism is that of an anti-semitic neo-Nazi. It's hard to understand what you think this will achieve, aside from the exact same provocation that Leo has set as a warning to avoid.

    Why don't you try to constructively engage with the members of this forum instead of picking a fight?

    Buddy I’m not picking a fight lol

    What it’ll achieve is it’ll show your political scores on a fascism test

    Just trying get the nogging jogging

    Case and point





  7. @louhad

    4 minutes ago, louhad said:

    @IJB063 honestly, I think you and peter schiff might be a bit too big brained for a fascist hippie cuck like me to get... Big gubbermint is honestly the biggest problem our society is facing(besides china, islam and feminism of course)... I must be too low iq to comprehend it the intricate nuances of the libertarian world view. 

    Probably lol

    5 minutes ago, louhad said:

    fascist hippie cuck

    Fascist hippie is an oxymoron, I don’t know about cuck 

    you let other guys fuck your girl when you sit an masturbate in the corner?



  8. @Kross

    13 minutes ago, Kross said:


    Yes, best model for intelligence we have currently is IQ

    13 minutes ago, Kross said:

    You're giving authority to whom

    The scientific process

    and don’t say whom, it’s antiquated, makes you seem pretentious  

    13 minutes ago, Kross said:

    some of those ''ramifications

    Death and suffering


    13 minutes ago, Moon said:

    IQ is a stage orange tool

    It’s a stage correct tool

    13 minutes ago, Moon said:

    idea of a limited sort of intelligence

    Words and concept aren’t useful if they’re not limited, they get there uses in their limitations 

    13 minutes ago, Moon said:

    IQ doesn't have much correlation with wisdom/consciousness

    Sure but it does correlate with civility, industriousness, pro social behaviour etc... that you would generally consider to be more conscious than your average person

    13 minutes ago, Moon said:

    high IQs/very rational minds lack the emotional/empathetic abilities to be good parents in the first place

    That’s where women come into the picture



    13 minutes ago, Moon said:

    The first part not so much...but imagine having a lil mini me who you could share you life with :D:x

    I feel like seeing cute babies and family channels on YT somewhat satisfies me for now hahaha 


    Yeah that’s nature, most people want their own clone

    13 minutes ago, Moon said:

    that's a bad reason for wanting kids IMO, women should find how to be happy regardless of having kids or a partner first! Then having either of those things on top is a bonus! :D

    Wanting to have a happy life isn’t a bad reason to have kids

  9. @Moon

    14 minutes ago, Moon said:


    Nothing’s funnier than the truth

    14 minutes ago, Moon said:

    The fact that you're basing intelligence off of IQ...

    IQ is the best proven measure of intelligence, most others are pseudo science

    14 minutes ago, Moon said:

    OR there is a balancing act... e.g. developing yourself enough BEFORE having children, so that your kids will have a good foundation and upbringing to help them to see the beauty of life (without being ignorant to the issues), and making them realize they can drive society forward!

    Yeah, the kind off people who are capable of that balancing act don’t want children

    14 minutes ago, Moon said:

    For me, I don't know whether I will have kids but I have a DEEP craving for wanting children and being a mother (NOT because society/my parents tell me to) but more of a "biological" desire...It's as bad as the desire to be in an intimate relationship for me! 

    Yeah that’s biology 

    I understand why women don’t want kids because it’s rational to not want kids

    Having something grow inside you for 9 months, fuck with your hormones and mind, then you have to take care of it for the rest of your life, fuck that

    But biology doesn’t give a fuck what’s rational, it’s runs solely on instinct, I’d recommend for women to have children, it’s truly the exceptional 1 in 10,000 woman who shouldn’t have kids, and in all likelihood you’ll be miserable from your 40s to your death if you don’t.

    14 minutes ago, Moon said:

    I'm not saying that's a justified reason for having children on it's own (it would be selfish for me to fulfill this desire at my current age, without being financially, emotionally, consciously etc ready for this) 

    It’s not selfish if you would actually love your kid and take care of them, if you even have the thought that you might be selfish you’re already going to be if you choose to have kids be probably in the top % of mothers on this planet, the clocks ticking the longer you wait the less likely you are to have kids

    14 minutes ago, Moon said:

    But If I did eventually have children, it wouldn't be for either of the reasons you posted above as I'd prepare myself beforehand to make sure my kids have the most loving and conscious start to life, as existence doesn't have to be a "burden" 

    That’s all a child could ask for

    You want you child to if he or she could have a choice in who they picked as their parents to have still picked you

    If you can do that you’re a good mother or father