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  1. Just tell me I'm deluded. My ego doesn't want to accept the massive lack of integrity and immaturity I carry every single day, thinking it'll achieve astronomical amounts of success without working for it. Have watched tons of Leo's videos for years without taking sufficient amount of action, and still somehow think I'm a very wise guy. At this point it looks like no advice works on me, I just sit all day long doing nothing. Maybe if you all just shout at me I'll gain some sense. Sorry if this post is low quality.
  2. And also how easily accessible the content is. Perhaps the most advanced and sophisticatedly designed catalog of self-help and spiritual teachings is just out there on a mainstream platform like Youtube for free.
  4. @Leo Gura What is the greatest gift someone can give you, who has been deeply influenced by your work ?
  5. As for the moral part of eating an innocent sentient animal, honesty, I have no concrete opinion at present whether meat eaters are fine or 'evil', although I've never tried it myself. I am though aware of the brutal, ruthless treatment of animals and pretty sure I'll feel really bad if my eyes witnessed that first hand. But then again, why do people like Eckhart Tolle and Leo eat it ? Does survival justify this action ? I don't know.
  6. Can't. As I said, its irrational, it has no reason to it. Just an experiment. I have no idea whether meat will be good or bad for me, I'm currently nutrition illitrate. In the post I said that its just a one time thing. I've not thought anything about whether I'll continue or not, though I'm sure I'll not go on a meat eating crusade.
  7. I'm a pure vegetarian since birth, never eaten meat. I have this irrational wish to break my meat virginity soon. So my question is, what is the first thing I should try ? I want the first meat to taste great, doesn't matter if I have to try junk food like KFC. I'm not saying that I'm about to go at an adventure to eat a lot of fast food now. I already eat fast food rarely, and currently working on imroving my diet. This is just a one time thing. Should I go with chicken burger ?
  8. Professional Wrestling (WWE, AEW, NJPW, Impact, ROH, etc.)
  9. Dear Trump, You're one of the GREATEST comedians homo sapiens have ever witnessed. You're a MAGNIFICENT specimen psychologists will be studying for hundreds of years to come. You have a very LARGE brain. They say your administration has improved the country more bigly than any other in history (though the FAKE NEWS would bark otherwise). I love you. You have taught us so much......... #MAGA #sleepyJoewillbanpolice #personwomanmancameraTV #Chinavirus #delayelection??
  10. One of the most disturbing songs you'll ever hear. Describes a story how a guy accidentally r@pes his own mother.
  11. Ask your wife for advice. Discuss this problem with her, not with netizens. Otherwise you'll end up doing shady stuff behind her.
  12. Read this book and you'll be fine :
  13. Thanks for all the help everyone !