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  1. I scored 19. Not surprised by my score.
  2. There are times when I feel it's like 10,000 and there are times when it feels like it's 4.
  3. @Leo Gura How do I suddenly start doing that when I've been trying since I was like 15....and now I'm 21. I'm starting to feel a bit hopeless now, whereas I used to be ridiculously optimistic before. Also, I can't seem to stop comparing myself with so many people now in almost every aspect of life, even though jealousy was a non-existent issue for me before.
  4. Mango Muskmelon Guava Orange Banana
  5. @Leo Gura When you say the Earth is awake, does that necessarily mean it has a will of its own?
  6. No it's not. Compulsiveness on the other hand, is harmful - that is what we have to combat as individuals.
  7. No, it's not normal at all. I have a feeling you're terminally online and are looking at too much low quality porn on random trash porn sites - work on cutting that.
  8. @Leo Gura Why does Ukraine want to side with the west in the first place? Why didn't it choose to remain neutral rather than flirting with NATO? What makes American values so attractive to them, is it only because they are more conscious than Russian ones? I think American values are becoming so delicious to the majority of the world today because of the advent of the internet - which heavily promotes them. That's why we see bits and pieces of American culture infiltrating the youth of so many remote parts of the world, with incredible ease.
  9. I just can't seem to stop whining and bitching about my problems constantly. I'm starting to blame other people for my problems even though they're essentially self-created. A lot of times when I try sitting down and simply work on my problems through some good old hard work, my mind starts having thoughts about all the ways I feel like a victim and how I'm not living the life I think I should be living; I start feeling very frustrated. This causes me to stop working and just laying down on my bed, thinking about how terrible the things are going for me and worrying about my future. I need to stop whining - how do I make myself do so?
  10. I'm 20. I know I HAVE to focus and work on moving out of my parents' house, getting financially independent and building my career, but I've been feeling a lot of pain due to loneliness since the last 1.5 years and just can't seem to solve it in any way. I don't have any siblings, cousins, friends, girlfriend, etc. And any time I try getting some, I get reminded of my shit financial issues and that I'm supposed to working on them first. But I feel too disheartened these days just being all alone locked up in my room. I think I'm going insane and have no clue where I'll end up, can anyone help (Also, I've watched a ton of Leo's videos and they don't seem to help me in this regard, I just forget everything said in the video after a couple of days)
  11. I'm optimistic though.
  12. My 20 year old body feels like it's 40 right now.
  13. This is overwhelming.
  14. The state of mind I'm in right now feels like hell. Yeah, conceptually I get that things could always be way worse and there are people out there suffering astronomically more than me - but within my own bubble I still feel TERRIBLE. Terrible enough to have multiple suicidal thoughts a week.
  15. I've been incredibly lazy for the last few months. Procrastination issues have been at an all time high. In a day, I don't do anything specific for an extended amount of time, but most of my day is spent in front of a screen, mostly on youtube. But I'm trying to work more and be more productive these days.