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  1. "What you gotta lose? You come from nothing and you're going back to nothing. What you lost? Nothing!"
  2. @Actualizer777 yes it is worth it 100%! A friend on my just got started on the exercises and he is so happy right now. You really get to know yourself and there aren't many feelings that top finding and living your life purpose. Good work ethic that you took notes! I would read them again to remind yourself and then start heading forward. Just one step at a time. You can do it! And it will be an incredibly exciting time that you'll have ahead of you if you find the purpose of your life. I believe in you.
  4. Leo said that it's the self-actualized version of oneself. But that would mean changing yourself. Isn't discovering who you really are more a looking and accepting rather than a changing of oneself?
  5. Spirituality needs a beer and a loud burp. Sensuality needs a rough blanket and a hard bed and a cold night with the stars.
  6. @bejapuskas Yes! This is my main motivation for getting grades atm.
  7. @jivvie @outlandish Thank you!
  8. Hey I'm over one week into NoFap and I experience that I'm suppressing a lot of sexual energy. I feel a tightness in my abdomen. I think I subconsciously see sexuality as something negative, like it is wrong to feel that way. How can I overcome this?
  9. @flowboy Hmm yeah i considered that. Will think about it
  10. @flowboy Thank you, I'll try this!
  11. I think I might have fallen into the trap of not acknowledging who I really was on a personal level and developing a spiritual persona. But to be sure I want to know how you would define this term.
  12. great advice, thanks @ajasatya
  13. @ajasatya So the solution you say is not changing your thinking? I experienced what you talking about, it feels so good. No I've never been a to a retreat, you recommend it?
  14. @Highest That ultimately true, but I think that ignoring your thoughts and seeing them as nothing but illusions can cause some problems. Afterall, you have to live in the world and to get to that place you talked about takes some time.