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  1. @d0ornokey That was an relieve to hear that, thank you!
  2. @Truth Addict That sounds really good. Thank you!
  3. @Key Elements Alright, thank you. What's the difference?
  4. @ajasatya Yes I am! And will for at least one year from now.
  5. @Rebec Will watch it, thank you!
  6. @Shadowraix Yeah I neglect doing that. Thank you for the reminder!
  7. @Norbert Lennartz I don't quite get why you're mentioning this. Could you tell me the relevancy to my topic? But thank you for answering!
  8. I have my final exams next week. I have a lot of anxiety at the moment, because I don't know what I want to do after it. So I fear that I won't be able to do what I'll want to do, because of my grades (which are good, but maybe I will need better ones, I don't know that yet). How can I deal with this? I know cognitivly that I probably will be alright but I still feel those heavy, negative emotions. Please help me. Thank you!
  9. @flowboy Hmmmm sounds great How much was it exactly, if I may ask? And are there chances that it won't work?
  10. @flowboy damn they are coming to my town very soon. How much does this cost? You'd say that it's worth it right?
  11. @flowboy Alright thanks for the response! What's primal?
  12. That's great, real progress. Happy for you! How did you achieve that mentality?
  13. I have final exams in two weeks. I know I should study. I want to do good. However I often find myself wasting time. How do I stop this self-sabotaging?
  14. You will do it my dude! Just be present and do your best every moment.
  15. @Leo Gura How do you shift state? Repeating thought patterns?