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  1. @Leo Gura Yeah, that‘s true actually - good point, gives me perspective. I beat myself up a bit for being unsure, but that‘s just kinda natural at the start, I guess.
  2. @Leo Gura Yeah, when I‘m totally honest.. Really appreciate you answering!
  3. @Leo Gura Alright, thanks man! One last question: To what degree can I trust my intuition here? Could it be tainted because of my self-esteem issues?
  4. @Leo Gura Just read that: „Sexual attraction is a crucial component of relationships and it must be screened for from the very beginning. You must be into the other person on a sexual level, and not just a little bit, but a lot. Otherwise even if everything else is good, that part can never be fixed. Attraction is not a conscious choice. You can't work your way into it later.“ and I think that‘s the piece that was missing. Are you 100% sure that that‘s true? I feel wrong and superficial if everything else is wonderful but some things are out of our control, I think.
  5. I‘m 20 [M] and my relationship started 11 months ago. First we had a friends with benefits thing, which I really enjoyed. Two months into it, we had the ‚talk‘ and the official relationship began. I asked her but it didn‘t feel 100% right. It was more of a rational decision rather than something my heart was burning me to do. I thought: „We vibe so much. I never met a girl with such good humor. She‘s smart, we share the same values, I like the way she dresses...“. We had great moments, laughed a lot, deep talked a little but the whole year something felt off and I slipped into depression. I didn‘t feel like myself. A few days ago I realized I ignored the whole time that something felt off which made me disconnect from myself. Here‘s my question/conflict: I have self-esteem issues and I don‘t know if I don‘t love her or if I‘m sabotaging myself. Something doesn‘t feel right and the idea of breaking up seems like a relief. I really really like her (although I don‘t feel as connected to her because we don‘t talk as much about deep stuff as I‘d like). I think (?) I love her. I don‘t know if I think I don‘t deserve to be loved. It certainly feels like it. I don‘t really feel she loves although I know she does. I don‘t know if I expect too much of a relationship. I have these two conflicting thoughts in me (breaking up/staying) and both feel right and wrong at the same time, breaking up feels more right but I don‘t know if it‘s because of my self-esteem issues. I don‘t know what to do.
  6. Very interesting video about a terminally ill man with a lot of money starting a cult on reddit - involving DMT.
  7. @Yarco @Elton @supremeyingyang Thanks everyone!
  8. @Leo Gura I don't exactly know why but in this particular case I can't have any compassion for the police officer, I only have bad feelings when watching him in that video. Are you able to feel empathy/compassion for him? Do you judge him? What are you feeling watching that video? Just curious about your POV on this.
  9. According to @Leo Gura in the LPC following one's passion isn't just easy and effortless all the time. Sometimes it isn't fun: drudgery. How do you differenciate between 'normal' drudgery and drudgery that comes along from not following one's purpose?
  10. Isn't the core of religion spirituality?
  11. please help me ( @Leo Gura )
  12. @Serotoninluv Uhh nice, I will have to check this one out. Thanks man!
  13. @Consept Although I still think that some theory on this would be good - helpful advice and thanks for the videos man!
  14. @Pilgrimage of Self Thank you very much, I will check it out!
  15. At the moment I want to study epistemology so I can differenciate between what's right and wrong. But when I started reading, it came to me that I must take one step further back and first learn how to think - so I can know which books on epistemology are right and which are wrong. Can you recommend me books on how to use your mind properly? Along the lines of being aware of biases, thinking critically etc.. Thanks to everyone helping me!