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  1. @tenta Well, that may be true to some extent but the main driver for this motivation is that I fear not being able to do what I want to do later in life because of my grades not being good enough.
  2. @youngshinzen Now you know for the remaining 23 days what not to do! So let go of the past and push through, tomorrow will be a brand new, fresh day. Let's get this bread.
  3. This one is perfect for anyone with a Life Purpose or anyone who is on a mission.
  4. Day 1 out of 37 Study Time: 4h 10min What I did well: - I'm content with my study time - during the breaks I didn't think about school - although I wanted to quit at the end I pushed through the last 25 minutes What I will improve tomorrow: - be less stressed when studying: I noticed a while ago that I study the best when I'm really calm, almost meditating. Today I was really neurotic. Maybe start meditating again - raise the study time to about 5 hours - be more disciplined with my breaks (I took a longer break than I should) - think more about the "why" behind this project and create a motivating vision out of that + figure out a specific goal I am happy with today. I would call it a success. Tomorrow I will do even better. Let's get this bread
  5. Very good points! Especially with the "why" behind it. Will think about that. Thank you @flowboy !
  6. @flowboy So true man! Glad I could help, you are very welcome!
  7. @Theta This was very helpful, thank you so much!
  8. Very useful, thank you @Commodent !
  9. @Truth Addict Yes, I think that's an extremly important factor. Yet I think that deep inside I don't really believe that I can do it. Past experiences (repeating a year) and procrastinating the last 1 1/2 weeks makes me believe that a) I'm not smart enough and b) I don't have enough time/I could be ahead if I didn't waste those 1 1/2 weeks although my parents told me yesterday that they always thought I'm smart and last year I was the second best student in my class. How can I identify and break all limiting beliefs? And how can I let go of the past. Those 1 1/2 weeks still haunt me a bit and rob me of energy. I subconsciously think I have to hurry, but I should go slow and careful. It's a marathon, not a sprint.
  10. @studentofthegame Thank you!
  11. @studentofthegame Good luck to you! I believe in you and thanks for your tips!
  12. @flowboy Props for having the courage to watch it! And I know that feeling of thinking that one is less developed than assumed. Painful, but hohesty and acceptance is the first step of change. I also don't yet know what to do with the information. It's such a big shift. I feel that it would be the right path, but doubt and attachment hinders me from letting go. Please update me if you can implement that knowledge. And don't forget to be kind to yourself. You deserve it!
  13. I have 5 weeks until my final exams. I want to get perfect grades. What are some tips of yours? How much studying a day? In 25 minute blocks? How much rest? Off-days? Studying techniques? Anything is welcome. For a little bit more details, I just started a journal: Thank you!
  14. Hello everyone! I'm not quite happy with my effort this year in school, especially in the past two weeks where I just procrastinated. After hitting my lowest point I realized that I need to change something. Although my grades where good this year and I invested the leftover time in my self-actualizing path, I want to finish my school career showing myself that I still got what it takes to kill it. I want to leave school confident and those grades could also become important in my future when wanting to get a job. So I'm aiming for the highest conceivable star: Getting perfect grades. I still got over 5 weeks left. 37 days. Starting today I will study about 5 hours a day. The details, when to rest, etc. I will figure out in the process. If anyone of you has tips that could help me on this journey, please tell me! Attack.
  15. @SageModeAustin That's a nice technique, thank you!