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  1. How do you differenciate between what's really authentic and what's not?
  2. Of course it's different for everyone, but I want to know some experiences of others, so I can maybe change my expectations and strengthen my patience.
  3. @PukkaDanks Great idea, I really like that! Now, I think your only obstacle is marketing it. Wishing you the best!
  4. I'm in my first relationship since about 2 months, being 20 years old. Since the beginning something is nagging me: I don't find her extremly beautiful and I find other girls prettier. Yet, I absolutely love her personality. She's perfect in that way. But since I feel like I'm a perfectionist I also want my girlfriend to be very pretty. @Leo Gura said in his video "Why men cheat" that looks are the most important thing for men and the personality is just the cherry on top. That made me feel very depressed because I felt like I would lose her because of some lack of attraction (only her face, I love her body), something outside of my control. Is what Leo said true? Can I save my realtionship? I really want to because i feel like it's just my ego wanting perfectionism and deep down I genuinely love her.
  5. @Keyhole While there can be difficulties with relationships, I found it to be one of the most rewarding times in my life so far. It is very beautiful, but nothing can be perfect. I don't know why do decided that, but maybe second guess yourself there. Also look out for confirmation bias.
  6. @Dane Thank you, I appreciate your effort. If you have a girl who you find stunningly beautiful, does that feeling ever wear off a bit, do you get used to her looks?
  7. Hey @Emerald! And there is usually an uncanny level of mirroring happening, in way of both positives and negatives. Is mirroring just having the same characteristics, personality traits and bevaviors or is there more to it? Are people attract to similarties, complemenatry opposites or a mix of both?
  8. Thank you very much @mandyjw! If you integrate that which your partner has, hence what makes you attracted to them, does the attraction go away? (context: A woman who wants a knight in shining armor to whisk her away wants that because she doesn't want to have to do the work herself or accept that she has the power to do it.)
  9. Thank you very much @Emerald! I have a question about this part: "And it's important to get it out of your system, as you will likely have a harder time giving up what you've never had when it's time to settle down with someone." I only had one sexual partner before that relationship, a friend with benefits. How real and important is this issue of having sexual experiences with different people and is it possible to let that go?
  10. I already saw @Leo Gura write about it, but it's not clear to me yet. Could someone please explain the difference to me?
  11. I bought the course and want to watch the videos while on vacation, without internet. Is there a way I can watch the videos, without my account getting banned? Am I allowed to screenrecord the videos? @Leo Gura
  12. @PenguinPablo brooo
  13. I heard @Leo Gura talk about the personality and the ego being two different things. He said if the ego subsides the personality shines brighter. What then is the personality exactly?
  14. I'm a 20 year old male. I've been dating a girl for about a month. We are very close to entering a relationship. It would be my first one. I like her very very very much, yet I still have a thought in the back of my mind that there could be a better girl. I'm a perfectionist in general so I don't know if it's a legit concern or just a manifestation of that problem of mine. How do you know that you have found the right partner?
  15. @bejapuskas Can you transform attachment into love?
  16. @Michael569 Alright, thank you!
  17. Does the different location result in my account being blocked? @Leo Gura
  18. @bejapuskas What's the difference between the two?
  19. I'm currently trying to find my Life Purpose. I think I like Psychology very much, but recently I can't bother studying it. Is that a hint that I don't really like it that much or is it natural that sometimes you stop craving the things you like doing?
  20. Leo said that in his full circle video. How can I verify for myself where my emotions are located?
  21. @JustThinkingAloud @see_on_see Thanks for your answers!
  22. I think I have depression, what's a book you can recommend so I can deal with it?
  23. Should you deal with it on a psychological level, e.g. change thought patterns, or is consciousness work the better way to do it?
  24. Sometimes fear overwhelms me from a past trauma. I want to understand it. What is it?