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  1. @TheSomeBody on how many people have you tried your method?
  2. a few days ago footage from the beatles sessions were published via the documentary ''The Beatles - Get Back''. caught on tape was the moment paul mccartney created a beatles classic, out of nowhere. a few comments, although I guess not familiar with spirituality, intuitively recognize it for what it is: ''This scene has been on my mind a lot. If you heard the song before watching this and you weren’t aware this is when it was made, it sounds like he’s trying to remember it. Like some deep part of him already knew it, and he had to search and find it. That’s why so many artists say they “found” their art or the right piece, etc. It’s like great art is not something you create, you let it appear to you from within. With skill and playful experimentation you will it into reality, and it’s like it was already here waiting to be made. Magical stuff.'' ''A few times in life you get to witness real, genuine, no-tricks magic. There’s no explanation for it. It’s organic. The person producing it isn’t trying to be clever. They simply do it in front of you. It’s clear and pure. This moment of creation is magic.''
  3. hey guys, I'm currently thinking about making documentaries as my life purpose. I like the balance between art and academia there, you can teach valuable concepts in an artistic manner. I'm just always sceptical about the impact something has. No documentary has ever changed the world (without expections like earthlings which had an huge impact). But nether have a lot of books changed the world. the reason I'm making this post: any of you interested in making documentaries or already pursuing that?
  4. @Free Mind What do you think he could have done better? Calling him out more? Fact checking?
  5. @tuckerwphotography I think that Biden highlighting Trumps mistakes is solid. He's no charismatic, high-energy and rhetoric leader but he's just what I think people want right now: A more competent and reliable politician.
  6. Biden is solid so far. Trump being Trump as usual and as expected. He doesn't have to do much, just has to shine the light on Trumps lies.
  7. @Leo Gura Needed to be reminded of that, thanks man!
  8. hello everyone! trying to find my life purpose atm. I am a very curious person, it's one of my strengths, I'm very open-minded, I like the big picture, get excited by varity and newness but when it comes to the nitty gritty details I tend to lose interest and get stressed. I really like the idea of podcasting but not sure about that. Anyone got some ideas?
  9. @Thestarguitarist14 Yeah, defining success as being the next Nolan would be foolish, I think. Happy for you that you're living in that fulfilled space!
  10. @Girzo Will check him out, thanks my dude!
  11. @Leo Gura When your attention is fragmented into a thousand ways, how do you find something to focus on/to dedicate your life to/to master? I have this fear of missing out, the world is so interesting and fascinating that focusing on one aspect of life feels like I'm not experiencing everything I want to. And I know that that's my part to figure out but maybe you have a tip to push me in the right direction. Right now it's feels like I'm lost in this sea of possibilities.
  12. @SirVladimir Thank you very much man! I'll come back to this comment when I'll do the breathing. I appreciate it, really do!
  13. @Thestarguitarist14 Oh that's nice to have that clarity early on. Is it fulfilling the way it is atm or do you think you have to have your break-though to really be happy making movies?
  14. @Thestarguitarist14 Yeah I imagine it like that. ! When and how did you know you wanted to pursue film?
  15. Don't know if that's the case but I'd still appreciate some tips!
  16. @SirVladimir Will do shamanic breathing. Thanks man, I appreciate it!
  17. @SirVladimir Actually all of those, I think. And I fear that that could be a problem. I don't want to be a jack of all trades, master of none. Or maybe that's a strength I somehow can use.
  18. That resonates with me! What would be some concrete examples of people like that?
  19. @okulele Great advice, thanks man!
  20. @Loving Radiance Oh man, true! I'll have to watch that documentary... So excited for the denis villeneuve movie.
  21. @Leo Gura Yes, that's true. Sometimes one can be too neurotic about wanting to force change in the world. I'm just asking myself: How does change in the world come about? Your approach is very direct, teaching concrete concepts and a clear vision. Documentaries can sometimes be more indirect. They cover a topic but don't explicitly say how to change a certain problem. Or maybe I can integrate this into my documentaries. Hmm, but there's only so much you can cover in ~90 minutes. Maybe I just have to follow my passion and thus results me making my greatest impact in the world. Like, I don't think I could be a purely academic person. But then again I really have this desire to make a change in the world, so I always question if the thing my heart wants really is the thing that'll make the greatest impact.
  22. @Thestarguitarist14 yes, that's very true! topic wise I don't think I would have a focus, dabbling in a lot of areas. important topics of society (racism e.g.) are definitely in there but maybe also pure artistic projects where I try to get my love for the universe on screen. no I'm from germany, but if I ever pursue this and move there I will contact you would love to move to LA, seems like a magical place in a way. is it hard as a filmmaker in LA, from your experience? are the projects you working on already meaningful to you or for now just something to pay the rent? my respect for following your passion, love that!
  23. Very interesting video about a terminally ill man with a lot of money starting a cult on reddit - involving DMT.
  24. @Yarco @Elton @supremeyingyang Thanks everyone!