creation caught on tape: the beatles new documentary

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a few days ago footage from the beatles sessions were published via the documentary ''The Beatles - Get Back''.

caught on tape was the moment paul mccartney created a beatles classic, out of nowhere. 


a few comments, although I guess not familiar with spirituality, intuitively recognize it for what it is:


''This scene has been on my mind a lot. If you heard the song before watching this and you weren’t aware this is when it was made, it sounds like he’s trying to remember it. Like some deep part of him already knew it, and he had to search and find it. That’s why so many artists say they “found” their art or the right piece, etc. It’s like great art is not something you create, you let it appear to you from within. With skill and playful experimentation you will it into reality, and it’s like it was already here waiting to be made. Magical stuff.''


''A few times in life you get to witness real, genuine, no-tricks magic. There’s no explanation for it. It’s organic. The person producing it isn’t trying to be clever. They simply do it in front of you. It’s clear and pure. This moment of creation is magic.''



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Truly a magical moment! 

"I could be the walrus. I'd still have to bum rides off people."

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