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  1. leo hasnt rights for anything. He gives you only lies
  2. Why does the skinhead demon decide quality of our posts?
  3. Breathwork kills a body, not conciousness. Body sucks out the energy from conciousness. I usually do breathwork when feel that better die than be in such state of conciousness. Pain kills conciousness. Leo said "you should be grateful for psychedelics", of course I am grateful for nonexistent psychedelics, but true god gave me breath and no one can take it from me without my life. satan likes manipulating
  4. Why I should believe you that psychedelics exist? I think satan wouldn't let such things be accessible for real consciousness. Only vodka is accessible for me but I dont want.
  5. I know it has HPPD but still haven't tried psychedelics. How does it feel to be a junkie?
  6. you just let your lower chakra's blockages grow instead of working them by fapping. How can energy circulation be?