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  1. Hi ervyone. I am thinking to take a healing workshop 3 days for Kundalini energy balance. I am just a bit skeptical about the tools and the methods that are given and shared. Things like Shaktipat intiation, tantric techniques, crystals and sacred geometry, mandalas shamanic tools and so on. I have never entered this stuff for many reasons like too new age stuff and also my resitance for methods and techniques in general. Would like to know from you what do you think about this things and if you have ever done something similar
  2. What happens when you allow them to happen ? Giving them space to unfold.
  3. You maybe have already seen some of my posts about the "strange" movements i am facing in this last time. When i let go of control and effort and just flow, the body starts to go into a Whirling motion like a Dervish. Many times have tried to surrender to this. I came to a point where the speed was so intense where a big terror and fear popped up. At some point something was crawling along the spine and getting stuck behind my neck. It seems that this stuff wanst surrender totally with a full heart, but i reallly feel not ready to jump into it. I do not know where this motion is going to take me, it's like jumping into a supermassive black hole. Who would do that ? I met a guy online who went through the same thing. He said that as the motion finished by itlsef he melted with "something". Obviously i can take other actions like walking eating and so on, but they feel so forced and not in a state of alignment and truth It seems there are no other options than dying into this tornado of energy with full trust. I could never imagine to finish in such a situation for a so long time. Resisting it for many months now. Just wish this thing to end soon...
  4. What can my face tell ?
  5. What would change ?
  6. Please search for an expert professional near where you live, not online stuff.
  7. You could give a try to Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya. It's a practice designed by Sadhguru, it can easily bring back to a state of balance
  8. What do you mean ?
  9. The fear. and I really do not know of what. i think it is fear of loosing the body or dying
  10. I have come to the crucial point. life can not go foward like this. It’s a living torture evry day since months now. Maybe the devil took possession of my body and wants to play funny games. Probably you have seen my post on kundalini and the weird movements that are occurring. The body has become a spinning creature. I have tried many times to express and allow the movement but it is simply not possibile to let it out completely. I don’t want to live anymore, really, I can’t do anything else than spinning and whirling. Can’t even do a simple walk in nature after 2 minutes the movement happens again. What is there to do. ? I have tried everything now, healers methods techniques. Didn’t want to come to this point, because I love life. Days are passing and passing in my bed and social media. I am destroying my mother emotionally and also my father that not hearing since moths. Couldn’t believe to touch this point. Not know why I am an writing this to you. Do not make comments to make the situation positive and nice
  11. Whirling
  12. How much love for this man. His clarity is beyond evry description...
  13. I agree Yes totally agree
  14. Hi guys. Would appreciate to know from you how do you live/see the aspect of effort and surrender/grace. I am really in the way of total surrender, going with less effort possible. But doubts are kicking in a lot. Just going with the flow of the river is sometimes hard to have faith in. If I do not make some effort I would not care for a job or Mooney or whatever else like making a career and so on. Maybe those things would come in naturally along the path…? I mean being in a state of utter and total spontaneity is wonderful, but I feel there is some fear and worry deep inside, and this confuses me a lot !
  15. But what i think is... routine must imply effort ! A river that flows effortless is always in change state, flowing, Or can you have a routine without effort ? It's crippling my mind
  16. Still stuck. At the end it is my fault, it would just stop if i allow them. I do not have any problem with the movement, they are healing motions. It's just that as soon as i relax or let go of control the body starts spinning too fast, if i would be smooth moovement i could handle it and see where it would lead, but the speed is insane it would kick the brain out of my skull
  17. I will check her . Have you ever tried shaktipat ? Mayve these could help the enrgy move
  18. Yes i have considered this option. And that is the only thing that is holding me right now. Maybe i'll get trgough it, somehow. No, it's not food. The movements occur to relese psychic tensions, in my case they are in the belly. At the end i am not against these movements, it just i can not phisically hold them or deal with , due to their intensity,
  19. How can a medication heal this ? It would make things worse, modern medicine can not handel things like this. I have tried it in the past, just more frustration. They do not even know what i am are talking about
  20. Thank you. But how can they deal with such stuff ? They know nothing about things like this. They would put into medication and maybe hospitalized
  21. A physician can non help not even a psychiatrist
  22. I understand. But it’s a energetic situation .They can not understand what’s the problem. If I would talk about kundalini they would laugh
  23. No one . They would close me into a psychiatric hospital
  24. They could not understand what is happening