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  1. @mr_engineer The way you interact is ridicouls, start by making the effort on learning how to comunicate with people and then maybe your relationship with women will be solved.
  2. @mr_engineer This is life, it can look and feel unfair. Either you man up and start to focus on things you can influence or you will continue to cry about it on a forum.
  3. Deeply feel the negative emotions that you hold. Do it fully untill you are so sick of them that you realize it's either time to change or it's not worth living. Start figuring out what makes you feel good. Being out in nature, breathing oxygen, getting sunlight, eating healty, meditating and sleeping well do wonders, but figure out yourself what makes you feel good. Once you understand it build momentum. Now that you have that everything will naturally unfold for the better.
  4. The most straight up advice I could give: Do things that make you feel good, such as exercising, eat healty, meditate, breathe oxygen, get sun, sleep well. Have a vision, start working on It. You will notice how you not only don't need those "friends" but that you also prefer not to hang out with them. By being your true self you will attract people that will really resonate with your being and they will naturally become your friends. So, man up, fuck those friends, it's time to take responsability for your own happines.
  5. After this comment he will probably quit.
  6. By applying them. I made the mistake myself to think I could apply concepts only when I had a strong conceptual basis. Counterintuitevely you develop your conceptual basis by gradually applying it to your life IN YOUR OWN WAY. Trial and error is key. Develop your systems, refine them overtime by enlarging your theoretical and practical knowledge. In retrospect you will suck initially but to have a bad strategy is better than have no strategy. Apply them.
  7. Start by changing your beliefs about how reality works. If you firmly believe you can only improve so much, be sure you won't improve any further than that. Concrete reality changes as the lens through which we see it changes.
  8. @Hojo thanks for sharing and wow, the sketch Is awesome thank you
  9. @Sucuk Ekmek Interesting point. The guy in my profilo picture is Masayoshi Takana, a japanese guitarist. Hidden gem. In the pic he is skydiving
  10. Yesterday I had a Deja Vu. This time It clicked, I intuitevely understood for the first time what actually a Deja Vu is. A Deja Vu is the moment in which parallel realities coincides, untill they don't. Have you noticed that you know what is going to happen next when a Deja Vu occurs, untill something deviates from your remembrance? A Deja Vu is the moment in which parallel realities coincides. Has anyone had a similar realization?
  11. Self discipline rarely works in the long term.You can't achieve something you don't desire. Given that,start by recognizing what benefits that habit would produce. See the resistance between the you of today and the you whom holds in his identity the energy given by that habit. Shift from desire to embodiment, feel as if you are the one who already acts that way. Wake up, you are him,so you naturally do that. Because it's now your identity there is no resistance to act accordingly. Long answer short, if you don't start by desiring it either you force it and hope it will become something you enjoy or you can't.
  12. Even I shave my harmpits,as a male. Why? Way more comfy, less odor, easier to wash, you look more clean. As being more/less attractive is subjective and cultural, maybe in the future we won't care, but personally I find more attractive a well shaved woman.I actually think that are disgusting if we talk about sexual attraction. But at the end, you shouldn't really care and if you feel like not shaving, just don't.
  13. Maybe there isn't any benefit, maybe there is, who knows? There are too many variables involved, even an expert could be wrong, what can you know? Do you expect a country like Ukraine to not defend or resist and put survival needs aside?We are not talking about some egoless community in the middle of Tibet, it's Ukraine.
  14. The question is,how do you cope with anxiety?Should I distract my self in an healthy way like exercising,or doing what I'm passionate about,or it's better to feel the sensation and doing self inquiry for it?If so can you specify how? Now a little bit of storytime: I had to study for a really large exam and I didn't have much time to prepare it, I felt like I didn't have control of the outcome therefore I was anxious.It is usual to me to not being able to study the 3 days before the exam because I experience lot of stress relative to the possible outcomes and the causes and consequences of them.When I feel that way I usually procrastinate a lot in my phone to avoid the unpleasant feeling.But really I'm completely mentally blocked,I don't want to even think about the content I studied for weeks.And actually I'm not even doing other things such as going to the gym for example because I feel like I'm wasting the time I should use to review the notes. What do you advise?Thanks