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  1. Even I shave my harmpits,as a male. Why? Way more comfy, less odor, easier to wash, you look more clean. As being more/less attractive is subjective and cultural, maybe in the future we won't care, but personally I find more attractive a well shaved woman.I actually think that are disgusting if we talk about sexual attraction. But at the end, you shouldn't really care and if you feel like not shaving, just don't.
  2. Maybe there isn't any benefit, maybe there is, who knows? There are too many variables involved, even an expert could be wrong, what can you know? Do you expect a country like Ukraine to not defend or resist and put survival needs aside?We are not talking about some egoless community in the middle of Tibet, it's Ukraine.
  3. The question is,how do you cope with anxiety?Should I distract my self in an healthy way like exercising,or doing what I'm passionate about,or it's better to feel the sensation and doing self inquiry for it?If so can you specify how? Now a little bit of storytime: I had to study for a really large exam and I didn't have much time to prepare it, I felt like I didn't have control of the outcome therefore I was anxious.It is usual to me to not being able to study the 3 days before the exam because I experience lot of stress relative to the possible outcomes and the causes and consequences of them.When I feel that way I usually procrastinate a lot in my phone to avoid the unpleasant feeling.But really I'm completely mentally blocked,I don't want to even think about the content I studied for weeks.And actually I'm not even doing other things such as going to the gym for example because I feel like I'm wasting the time I should use to review the notes. What do you advise?Thanks
  4. You always have great and concise responses,is your understanding of the concepts you refer to theoretical or experiential?
  5. I don't think Leo is wrong in the content of his response,is quite obvious that he can't help everybody who injure themselves after following his teachings,given also the fact that he repeatedly states that are dangerous.But. But,you (Leo) could at least show some compassion,some humanity. Alright,you probably speak the truth,and truth sometimes hurts,but you also once beautifully said: "You should give others as much truth as much you think will benefit them.". As a teacher you should know that (yeah we shouldn't,but that's what happens) you are seen as an authority and being that raw with a fragile person that trust you could emotionally crush him.
  6. It was not that boring honestly, it was kind of interesting to see how some random people would react to 5MEO.It’s really relatable.
  7. Thank you all! Luckily I don't suffer from depression, but I'm working on finding my life purpose so that's probably a thing that would push me out of bed in a second, that's for sure. I recognize how when I really look forward to do something and I'm excited,I jump out of bed as soon as I wake up. I'll try to use some of the techniques you advised,today I had to walk towards my alarm and I managed to get up in seconda,not so energized but still I did.
  8. I got those symptoms too with a non-mrna Covid vaccine (Johnson). I was worried too because I also passed out 2 minutes after I got the shot, now I'm really reluctant on getting a booster to be honest. The symptoms lasted for about 10 days.
  9. @Danioover9000 Eye openingt,thanks
  10. Does anybody find really difficult to get up from bed? I'm a pretty functional human being in many facets of life, I'd say I'm productive ecc ecc. But, I struggle to get up from bed especially in the winter when I'm covered in warm blankets, it's like i can't move my muscles or make the mental effort to do so. And it's only fucking getting up from bed it's not going to the moon... The only time I can get up in a second is when if I don't do so others are going to be late for me. I'm ruining my morning by doing so, I stay in bed like 10 hours instead of 8 and a half. Every advise is accepted, thanks.
  11. A question for people who love and are inspired by paintings and sculpture. What are the aspects that moves you in a painting or in a sculpture?Is it the history behind the picture, the hours put into it to master the art, the mistery behind a certain figure represented, the symbolism?Or maybe how pleasantly looking it is ,the harmony of the colors, the perfect proportions? Or is it just intuition?You don’t know why but,it still makes you emotional? What would it be your advise for people who haven’t yet find it so inspiring but are curious to go deeper?Why should people be more interested in art and if so, how would society be beneficially impacted by more interest in art? Thank you
  12. @vladorion If someone you cared about was starting to take a bad path you wouldn't try to help?I'm not making it my life mission,but at least help. @PurpleTree I'm not discussing the validity of questioning mainstream media, but how she is doing it. @Yarco Thanks for the tips. I agree,it is really difficult for a person that is not familiar with internet (but for anybody really) to recognize which are quality informations,also given the fact that mainstream media do not promote truth but propaganda to boost whichever agenda the government (or the pharmaceutical industry) is trying to push,it's like a maze.It takes a bit of critical sense that needs to be developed trought studying valuable resources,otherwise it's better to not read news at all. About the stats,conspiracy theorist are so good at making their own stats,so people who fall for them will think those are the real numbers, and convince themeselves that the official ones are there just to fool the citizens.
  13. Hello everyone, the questions I have for you are,How do you deal with people who believe in conspiracy theories?And what's the most effective way to help them to break free from them? I'm in fact a little bit worried for my mom, she has always showed interest in esoteric and non-mainstream information,and I would say she is in stage green,but damn, since the start of the pandemic she begun to fall more and more into conspiracy theories.She is constantly bombarded with this type of news by her friends and can't be critic about what she reads in untrustworthy websites and articles.She is so caught up into it that she won't hear logic and all she says is "that's what they want you to believe" ecc. ecc.It all started to go even more downhill when she got really sick after a Covid vaccine shot that reinforced what she red. So,what approach should I use to lead her to better select the information that she reads? I'm honestly worried for her future. Thanks
  14. For a man, what are the essential aspects of life that need to be solved before working towards higher ones? Examples: Friendships,Intimate relationship, learn how to study, learn how to be healthy. And?