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  1. You should meet a good nutritionist. Mine gives spirulina to this purpose, but it might be carefully administrated. I also read on a blog of a chemist who works with raw food that linseed is a heavy metal sequestrant.
  2. Mine will get ayahuasca since from the umbilical cord
  3. Tantra in all its aspects. Study and practice it hard. And have a partner who agree to do it too.
  4. Meditation and others spiritual practices can help you heal many things such as anxiety and shyness, yes. But there is a great chance that you will feel out of place in some social events depending on how seriously you are committed with your spiritual path. Thoughts like "what the hell am I doing here?" might occur. And also you might get sick of the type of women and people in general that you want to interact with nowadays. Wrapping it up, going into a spiritualized life might change you so deeply that you might change many of your actual interests. And it can be the best thing you have ever did.
  5. Where did you take from this rules about girls' behavior, @Leo Gura? Just curiosity... Sometimes I feel like I am not a girl when you are so sure about these affirmations
  6. I had panic attacks in the past too. Definetelly, running helped me A LOT to deal with the symptoms. Dude, if you are not someone with high colesterol disorder and you dont have any heart disease, you wont die from running. Another thing that helped me truly was supplementing fundamental nutrients for the nervous system. I took magnesium, omega 3, 6 and 9 and vitamins of B complex. I also took valeriana capsules. Help your body to help you! And I took part in several ayahuasca ceremonies. It wasnt easy to me, because I was affraid of the effects of the tea. But facing your fear is a real key to shift this mental prison. You have to trust you will overcome it and then you will be stronger and you will be able to tell your story to help someone, such as I am doing it right now. Even if you cannot see how, just be sure you can do it. Embody this belief and portals will open to you. I wish you victory.
  7. I dont know you and your girlfriend but from things you said here. But in general, specially woman on that age starts to have some natural "concerns" about life in a long term, for example getting married and having children etc. Differently of you boys who have the whole life to do whatever you want and choose only have kids when you are like 50 yo or something like this, women have to decide this much earlier. You said you dont want any children at this point of your life, but do you know how she feels about it? If I were in her shoes, at 26 yo, in a relationship for 4 years, I would expect a step further in this relationship, or things would really start getting weird stuck on being boyfriend and girlfriend forever with no perspectives to the future. This is my point of view. One more opinion for you to think about. Good luck!
  8. May I ask how old are you two?
  9. By the way, when I first read the tittle of this topic, I thought it was about avoiding pregnancy 😅 thats what I think when there are the words "sex" and "responsability" together. Maybe you should try to see it (having sex) from another perspective. Enjoying more the process and worrying less about results. Talk to her, ask what she likes more, enjoy giving her pleasure (and it goes way beyond orgasm). It can makes her feel motivated to reciprocate, so you have a virtuous cycle where everybody enjoys and nobody worries 😊
  10. I totally agree with @Emerald . We can feel if the guy is expecting anxiously us to orgasm and it can make us tense, what makes it takes more time to happen and not to be so pleasurable as if we were totally relaxed.
  11. I think I understand what you mean. But I think that talking about relationships can also be healthy if your intention is not gossiping. Sometimes a couple just need some advice or can share any good experience... Actually, women in general loves talking about relationships with their husbands, kids, moms... If you keep in private what is private and dont criticize, you avoid conflicts, jealous etc. Thats my thoughts from my personal experience.
  12. @Key Elements Yeah, actually by "growing true love" I meant in all aspects, you know. But I dont really think my husband will ever become just like another family member to me... Just for curiosity: are you married?
  13. @Preety_India If you wanna take it, I recommend you not to eat junk food or drink alcohol (never, actually, but specially some days before the ceremony) and certify you are well fed at the time of the ceremony. Its possible you need to vomit, what is ok if you have something to vomit, because you do it and it passes. Trust me, you would not like to feel like vomiting with an empty stomach. How you will feel in the spiritual trip is a complete mystery. Anyway, it will be probably related to your most deep feelings and your life context. its possible you to face a hard emotional pain or an amazing indescribable love, or both. This tea can be extremely responsive to our mental state. Try to remember that during your trip. Meditation techniques can make the experience more enjoyable. By the way, its not one plant, but a tea made up of two different plants (Banisteriopsis caapi and Psychotria viridis). Never use it with other substances. I have been taking part of ayahuasca ceremonies regularly (at least twice a month) since 2012. I wish you achievement in your spiritual path. Peace.
  14. @Tom T Hi, Im sorry, Im afraid I cannot answer each one of your questions because to me its too redundant. You dont need a sex schedule or meeting each other's needs exercises. The entire romantic relationship is already a great exercise! And, from my own experience, its both about meeting the other person and meeting mainly yourself. Yeh, a relationship can be a powerful tool of self knowledge. But you will lose this amazing opportunity if you let your mind take control of everything and hide your true I. Why dont you try to look deep in her eyes and listen to her with all your heart rather than make her write a list of needs? this is a good thing to "plan" to do. Not everything in this world can be systematized or verbalized and we women are creatures extremely emotional and (many times) non verbal. Practice learning non verbal signs and dance in the flow of the unpredictable I understand you are afraid of she taking notice of your relationship plan. That would be awkward. Thats why I say you to throw it away! Begin a relationship with transparency, honesty. Dont let anything between you two. Just you and her in your particular paradise of truth and companionship. Furthermore, stop telling yourself this lie about "can't have a spiritual and true love relationship". True love is public and abundant and it is available to anyone who wants to know it! Nobody needs to be perfect to be in a good relationship. I also have my defects and "devilry" and "selfishness" etc, but none of them prevented me of marrying the nicest guy I have ever known <3 (and he swears I am the most angelic and lovely woman on Earth ). Have in mind that a romantic relationship is where you can develop yourself and learn how to be a better person to others and to yourself. I think its the most important thing. If you make this commitment with yourself (that you want to be in a relationship to actualize yourself and learn loving), you will recognize the same purpose in someone special and it will be amazing. In @Omni 's words, Improvise and understand how to empathize.