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  1. @Finland3286 amazing 😄
  2. @Finland3286 cool! Thanks for the update and congratulations for your courage 😉
  3. its size matters nothing if you don't know how to use it well. By the way, too long penises can hurt girls. You better have a short one and do a good job than keep this obsession that can cause you injuries.
  4. A self actualizing woman would like to learn new things. Studying some subjects (reading, listening to talks etc), looking for self knowledge (also reading, meditating etc) and taking care of her physical health (diet focused on nutrition (not only in calories), physical exercises etc). She would not be obsessed with physical beauty, but would probably look good because she is healthy and loves life. It doesn't mean she would never use any make up or a beautiful dress, but she will probably prefer comfortable clothes most of the time.
  5. @Finland3286
  6. I can't see how spirituality is apart from having a family. For me, being married and having a family is an authentic spiritual path. Maybe you should try reconciling interests ☺️ Also, one thing to have in mind is that for women, this decision of having babies weight hard in the balance because we only are able to achieve it until certain age. Imagine that you are a girl and you started a relationship when you were young and didn't think about having babies yet. Then you are older and still in the same relationship and your guy doesn't think about it. If he decides he doesn't wanna children and you want, you still will need time for finding someone after the break up, consolidating this new relationship and then having babies with this person. Time is precious!
  7. Well, since it is a long distance relationship, you two guys have to be very aligned in your expectations for this relationship and life, because things like what you are telling us (feeling sexual attraction and strong connection with other people) can happen, and to remain together, your connection has to be stronger. You could make a list (it can be written or mental) of what you really expect and need from a partner and a relationship. It would help you to see clearer if this relationship you are in worth it or not. I had an experience similar to yours. I was engaged to a guy and we were together for like 2 years and a half, then I was admitted in a university in another state and moved. In the begging I missed him very much, but passed some months, I felt an emotional distance and lack of mental connection. When we met on vacations I felt it was different. We had plans for moving together etc and then he wasn't pleasant to talk about this anymore. I had this commitment with him, but actually I felt really alone. At that period (about 6 months after I moved), I felt really alone, and that commitment to him started not making sense to me anymore. I didn't cheat on him, but I started felling very strong attraction to other men and I didn't have that mental resource "but my guy is better because this or that", because it was like we became so different from each other, that my mind and my body were looking for a stronger connection. We still stand in a long distance relationship for 1 year, but in the meantime I even felt in love with another guy (didn't take action), what made me realize that I had a giant absence of sharing love and that relationship wasn't providing me that anymore. Then we broke up. Maybe you can relate with my story, maybe not. But still, you have to be with someone who you share your priorities, dreams, passion, love with. If it lacks something essential in your relationship, it will be more and more evident with long distance and time.
  8. You already have good pieces of advice here. Mine is be patient. Things like this doesn't heal that easy and fast and it's totally normal. But be sure it will pass. You can overcome it. Good look!
  9. @Deepconcepts I agree that life is simple and I live a simple life and I enjoy it. I would really appreciate if you could be clearer on you explaining and believe I am an intelligent creature just like you what am I overcomplicating?
  10. @Deepconcepts sorry, I didn't get you. What do you mean by things are simple under the surface?
  11. Otherwise we would be in a jungle, where everybody and everything is all about primal necessities and the end. Maybe we are. And this explains a lot of the mess mankind is going through. But do we want to be on this stage forever? Sex is easy game, people. We can do much more than just that.
  12. @Space people only talk about the reality they know. Each one has her or his own story to tell about life. I am telling mine, you are telling yours. I just don't think it's uplifting telling people things like they were absolute and from it you could understand there is no hope for true love and durable relationships. There is a world of possibilities where we can choose throw away precious people because they don't wanna have sex with us in the second date, or educating our sensibility to find the bright through the eyes of this person we are with, open our hearts and learn from this person, making this relationship be a way of self improvement and mutual fulfillment.
  13. Interesting... But what would be a concentration problem, then?
  14. You are talking about yourself, Leo, I'm sorry you had so shallow experiences with relationships. But it's not the truth for everyone. I've seen couples of elders who love each other and it's so beautiful and inspiring. Most relationships end, it's true, but exactly because most people have so egotistical motivation to get involved with others. I believe that what comes too easy, usually goes away as easy as it came. Sometimes you have to fight for love and then, when you conquer it, then it's yours, unless you make a real mess. That's what I believe. If we can't tolerate one's differences, if we can't give up of our own will for someone when it's necessary, and learn new perspectives and behaving from our partners, then we can't know what love is, and without love, there is no enlightment nor fulfillment. Loving yourself without the hability of loving the one next to you is not love, it's narcissism and self-centereness.