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  1. It taint enlightenment without the root chakra.
  2. Aion.
  3. Simply put, the source of reincarnating souls is not limited to earthling humans. You've got beings from other planets, beings from higher realms (e.g. Jesus), your higher animals graduating to human, etc.
  4. Without a doubt, iboga. * * (health screening required.)
  5. In the 1990s there was a trip-hop artist Forest for the Trees whose album was entirely about spiritual seeking, meditation and non-duality. Blatantly so. Probably the most "spiritual" musical act since Yes.
  6. Just to forestall any myths on this subject -- no, not all energy transmission providers are overweight - I know some relatively thin ones (and they do a lot of transmissions.) Enlightened or not, it still primarily has to do with age, genetics and/or diet. When you hit a certain age, you likely need a fairly restrictive diet to stay thin (such as e.g. no gluten grains or added sugars.) Most people don't bother with that.
  7. Actually, it's without health risks if you're healthy; if you have certain issues, like with the heart, liver or lungs it may be inadvisable to take it. It is very much suitable for healthy self-actualizers. Anyway, the people who run the centers screen for these conditions so there's nothing to worry about. It's an extremely powerful tool for spiritual growth under the right shamanic provider.
  8. Unfortunately that's a limited understanding because Green doesn't fully understand human psychology. It understands the part about the importance of emotions and identity, but not the part about projection and egocentric motivation. In essence, it has a blindspot.
  9. I like that. Yes, but there is also the collective social reality of the time as well, such as an unhealthy or morally corrupt society. It's not like every socially unacceptable response is wholly the product of parentally induced childhood trauma; sometimes a society is just plainly sick and instigates division and hatred.
  10. This is the "good" Green. The "bad" (i.e. dark side of) Green is exploitation of a different kind than Orange. It is exploitation of people by dividing them into victims and oppressors/perpetrators. Then victims are infantilized and patronized and oppressors harshly castigated or destroyed. The "bad" Green is an unfortunate addiction to this dichotomy. And yes, it is indeed exploitative. Is it about the oppressed or is it about your personal relevance and significance in caring for/protecting/uplifting the oppressed? Is it about credit-hogging? If their lives improve, was it because of your actions or theirs? Do they "owe it all to you?" These are very tough questions to ask oneself. In essence, what differentiates Yellow from Green is that Yellow understands that emotionality isn't the end-all-be-all of human flourishing; that overprotecting people can be harmful, and emotions untampered by other values (such as reason, wisdom, common sense) can be highly destructive.
  11. They don't care. This is about cultural warfare and destroying the icons of the opposition that stands in their way. A decade is barely a blip. Here in the US they discredit everything in the past, no matter how far, no matter if it possesses much good, for being insufficiently "woke." It's just cultural vandalism.
  12. If you have been fruitlessly working on it for a decade, it's not that you haven't been working hard enough. It's that you've been working TOO HARD. It should be easier. You're making it TOO HARD. You probably have way too many conditions placed on it (really, yourself) in the back of your mind, that it collapses of its own weight. It shouldn't be that hard, and you shouldn't be that hard on yourself. It should be FUN.
  13. Veganism cannot be for all people as people are not identical genetically, anatomically, as far as blood or digestion. Scientists are even looking at gut flora differences in different personality types. We are not cookie-cutter. Any attempt to promote veganism to all is essentially religious in nature, and proselytizing vegans need to be treated as Jehovah's Witnesses. "Studies" on this don't mean much at all, as most studies do not address even a few confounding variables.