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  1. I guess we're entering into the Jihad/Holy War phase of the actualized.org religion where all the heretics are expelled and the true believers are mobilized for P.R. warfare against the naysayers and unbelievers. Are you following the Muhammed playbook here, Leo? OK, if you feel froggy, leap, what can one say? I will observe all of this with great amusement. I'm genuinely curious to see whether you can pull it off.
  2. That's because you take these things for granted. You don't even think about them. All pure Green does is deconstruct lower levels. It is unmoored from reality. One can pretend 2+2=5 all you want if it makes one feel better, but there's no avoiding the consequences of pretending it. And that's Green in essence. It does a lot of pretending that whatever one WANTS to be true IS true.
  3. Because Green doesn't exist in a vacuum. It only exists on top of functioning lower levels. It's like a skin on top of OS on top of firmware (whatever, you get the analogy.) You take away the lower levels and left to its own devices Green cannot exist. No Blue law and order and tradition, no Orange economic growth and science, etc. Like you said "real green people." It's a tiny niche. The world cannot be all Green people. It's like a fancy dessert that's nice if you've just had a three course meal, but you're not going to get far eating only desserts. And since the world cannot be all Green people, that necessitates the foundation of lower levels. In essence, many of your Green liberals are status signalers. It's a class thing, maybe not in a traditional sense, but very much in a contemporary sense. At the extreme ends it's very much like French aristocracy, Marie Antoinette and "let them eat cake."
  4. If they ask just tell them you've learned how to be more present or in the moment, and if they ask you how you start dropping crumbs.
  5. Oh gosh, I don't want to sound insulting, but if you believe this you've led an extraordinarily sheltered life (or you're being totally disingenuous, but I'll be charitable and assume it's the first.) Nature intends no such thing, as any jailed murderer getting tons of letters, or any member of a biker gang will tell you. What is meant to intend such a thing is society (but of course with the hatred of "blue" among the bien pensants this has degraded for decades.) The number of patently unstable father figures women are attracted to is absurdly high.
  6. The way it works is, the more tired and irritable your brain is, the more likely it is that it wants chaos and indiscipline in some misguided attempt to stimulate itself back to alertness. (why is caffeine such a popular drug - same reason: people don't get a good night's sleep.) So you have to recognize that you're in a vicious cycle of attempting to regain alertness and clarity in the wrong way. In other words, accept that you need to go to bed at 10 VERY BADLY so you can regain alertness and clarity in the right way. Sorry, there is no mystical spiritual answer to this issue. It's straightforward physiology. See Brittany below - she gets it.
  7. If you are typically an organized person in your daily or professional life, then the enlightenment path for you would be letting go of control and structure in certain contexts. In other words, it's necessary to recognize that the ego wants to control the spiritual seeking process not in order for you to become enlightened, but in order to prevent you from becoming enlightened: it is sabotaging you. If being organized is your comfort zone, then you must step out of that comfort zone in order to become whole. Sure, it's a good quality to be organized, especially when it comes to the serious aspects of life, but it can also be limiting if it e.g. deprives you of spontaneity, flexibility, aliveness, etc. How does one organize a journey into the unknown (which is what spiritual seeking is) anyway? You can read all the books and watch all the videos you want, but those ideas won't have real meaning until your state of consciousness is such that you "get it" not at the level of mind, but at the level of mysticism, direct experience. So to summarize, your mission is to let go of being organized when you don't need it.
  8. Marxism is just an outdated, bad model to apply in the 21st century US, where key issues are not "ownership of the means of production" (cringe) but rather public sector vs. private sector, local industry vs. globalized industry, trade policy, environmental policy, immigration policy, what to do about the rise of automation, etc. Arguably the real class warfare is waged by the "Green" left and techno-utopians on the private sector working class, who ultimately want them automated out of jobs completely, receiving a UBI and shutting up and letting them have total power to do everything they want to remake society in their image. Before wealth is possible you need to believe that it's possible?
  9. On the issue of whether this is a cult, maybe not in the conventional sense of same place location but arguably it's a psychological cult, an online cult for many people here. People have said "oh, it's just group dynamics" but group dynamics doesn't have to involve some absurd, over-the-top worship and idealization of a leader like with many people here (some on this thread.) In other words, it shares many classic characteristics of a cult. For many people here their first major contact with spirituality was through Leo's content. It's like they're attached to him as their spiritual mommy or daddy. And clearly most didn't bother reading the books on that list, or if they did it didn't have much effect, because they were so spoonfed Leo's takes on spiritual matters (as well as himself!) that nothing was left for critical contemplation and discernment. So there was a big element of brainwashing and indoctrination involved. But this isn't entirely Leo's fault - Leo is just being Leo, he is who he is and does what he does. It's equally the fault of many people here, who suffer from a need to be spoonfed knowledge and information, and don't bother approaching learning in an independent-minded manner. A lot of people here need to independently educate themselves on various subjects, not just spirituality. Otherwise, you're in essence suffering as a cult follower does.
  10. There is nothing inherently more spiritual about wanting the federal government to have virtually unlimited power. Read some Daoism sometime then get back to me.
  11. "You" aren't "God." There is no "you" there. You're unconsciously investing the Absolute with your own ego identity - same as Leo. This is the peril of doing certain psychedelics. You come back and suffer ego inflation. You take the Absolute and then shove it into your tiny little I-thought mini-me concept. When you're enlightened, the "you" (the "I") is dissolved, seen through. You realize that while the ocean can be seen as a whole, still, you're just a wave on the ocean, but there are other waves on the ocean as well. So what is there to feel lonely about? Loneliness is only an issue for an ego.
  12. LOL. Politics is about rewarding the members of your coalition, and screwing those that aren't. As we just saw with the stimulus bill. No matter how smart you are at 17, you're still naive. The tens of millions who voted for him understood their self-interest better than you understand their self-interest, I can assure you.
  13. It's not something to glean from a video. You need to read Jung.
  14. Watch funny people enough and it will rub off on you.
  15. If you've begun to enjoy meditation, it means from this point forth it isn't going to do shit for you. People just don't understand the principles of enlightenment. Meditation isn't just some magic switch that if you press enough times you will get enlightened. It's going into the unknown, out of the comfort zone that is of essence, not the technique or method itself. People want to have their cake and eat it too. But awakening is about eating a shit sandwich regularly until you turn into cake.