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  1. Just realized when I was manic as fuck following this forum trying to figure out “truth” was a necessary part of my journey but wouldn’t recommend it as something to figure out because you’ll never figure it out. people like Jordan Peterson christianity Buddhism Understanding good vs bad is enough for you to play the game whilst pursuing truth naturally I remember leo shitting on Jordan Peterson and myself too cause I was super into this forum but I realize how absurd thst was lol good luck
  2. 1) passionate hobby and taking it more seriously - stand up comedy (started may 7 2018 did like 6 mics all the way until 2021, but quit for years and then 2021 starting picking it up again and this year been doing wayyy more open mics a week (right now i average about 10 mics a week) - this is probably the #1 thing that helped me the most because of how much passion i have for it and see it as a way to make my life more adventurous and gives me reason to live again - implemented harder work ethic (watched one kobe bryant video lol) - set insanely higher goals ("pirate king" comedian king) - sleeping 4-5 hours and then when i wake up just being 24/7 productive (you'd be surprised with how much you can surprise yourself when you set your mind to something) 2) quitting all forms of smoking anything, and quitting all alcohol or any mind altering substances - also i dont masturbate or watch porn at all - i still take adhd vyvanse aka (legal meth) lol - i also quit all forms of anti-depressants or anything that helps you with depression and faced it head-on through natural means. 3) working out DAILY for 45 minutes. - this makes me feel better about myself and my body - my eczema decreased significantly and stress too These three took my life to an absolute 180. Girls chasing me, including my ex...biggest change i\'ve noticed is im not faking it like before. like i genuinely care more about reaching my goals than i do about sex, relationships, validation, etc and other things i used to care more about. i feel my character morphing into who i actually want to be and am starting to actually love myself even my ugliest angles..crazy what hard work can change in just a few days...imagine YEARS wow no wonder kobe bryant was a fucking legend things i want to implement more and start doing again -meditation daily - quitting all forms of video games and reading/writing more (i quit video games recently) - working more (making more money) instead of relying on my parents with helping me out - make my own business?
  3. @SQAAD yep. same here. been stuck in this for years now. this is what i like to call ignorance is bliss.
  4. hey guys i just wanted to share that i finished my sixth ketamine infusion for depression and ocd [11:18 AM] and my symtoms for ocd have improved 50% which is huge and my depression has improved about 50% too which is insane considering everything else only helped about 1-10%
  5. Ever since I started aligning myself with Jesus Christ's principles, my life has been transforming for the better. My relationships improved, my self confidence, i exercise way more and actually do it right, my relationship with this woman has improved i can experience genuine love, my relationship with my family has improved, girls have been quite literally throwing themselves at me, no-fap is consistent and i am able to conquer lust on a daily basis like its just a passing allergy. I just feel way better than I did before where i was trying to figure everything out on my own. Crazy.
  6. @Anirban657 agreed consistency is key! @hoodrow trillson LOL i understand sir, ill keep that in mind ty @mandyjw i havent whats that about? @Goldzilla i understand where you're coming from, but don't agree
  7. @hamedsf Yes, exactly. Some smart people in this forum
  8. Hello my girlfriend randomly broke up with me then literally a few minutes later she was crying and changed her mind. I feel devastated and like the trust is broken and it won't ever be the same. I don't know what to do. We both cried and are back "together" but this feels wrong. The weird thing is we just got back from vacation and everything was going fantastic so this came out of nowhere.
  9. This instructor talked about how the shadow hates feeling uncomfortable and seeks comfort. I'm wondering if by me being vulnerable to my girlfriend and then -----> feeling uncomfortable/anxious is actually my shadow just seeking comfort? Because my shadow is always wanting to feel anxious about something. The thing is is that feeling UNCOMFORTABLE/ANXIOUS IS COMFORTABLE FOR ME BECAUSE I ALWAYS USUALLY AM FEELING THIS WAY. Is this normal?? I find myself worrying i said too much to my girlfriend in a form of self-sabotage. But at the same time i was being vulnerable? I'm confused please help! THankyou Also shame hides in the shadows and the way you get shame out is by being vulnerable/putting it into the light Being vulnerable also benefits others but for some reason i just feel so weird since i did that
  10. @RendHeaven yes @Preety_India ty I do stand up so I’m aware of this the book is based on how to help others to start doing it@BEWISE at least he tried I’m sure he became a better person from it
  11. So I'm writing this book because a lot of my friends want to try stand-up comedy but physically can't get themselves to do it because they are too afraid. So I was wondering if anyone who has ever thought of trying it or ever wanted to what resistance do you guys feel? I'm talking about like I'm afraid people will judge me etc (also this book is only for those who want to try it but can't get themselves to) so assuming you wanted to/want to what thoughts/worries come up?
  12. how important is it to be the strongest guy in the room like physically when you have a gf? UFC, BJJ, Martial Arts, Boxing etc
  13. @JonasVE12 i didnt do martial arts for a woman. I've always just been active. I did wrestling in high school and bjj for like 6 months. I've also done some boxing and Krav Maga. Tried Muai Thai for a little bit, but in the big picture it's important to keep getting stronger as a purpose for yourself. In terms of keeping my gf or whatever i came to the conlcusion that it doesn't matter if i'm the strongest rather as long as i'm willing and decently capable/growing.
  14. @mivafofa wow lol. Being the best cook in the room doesn't really matter to me at all, but it's a nice bonus. ;D thank you, that really helps me see things more clearly now. Yeah, I agree with doing something in hopes of attracting a woman never works. My gf is much smaller than me and so i feel responsible for her safety. I can protect her to a certain degree (with the exception of really big dudes or actual UFC fighters etc) as I've done martial arts on and off for a decent portion of my life so i will say that's good enough as long as im willling to protect her if it comes down to it and i very much am.
  15. @NoSelfSelf yes, that's true. ty
  16. @StarStruck this. thankyou
  17. @hoodrow trillson r u trolling
  18. @Peter Miklis ?that’s not why but that’s funny trying to fight to keep your gf is like trying to stop the ocean waves with a paddle board. And ok yea that’s what I thought too.
  19. @Breakingthewall yeah that's true if you want it to be. It's what you believe so that's you're movie
  20. this is the core of my jealousy. its a need i want on a fundamental level, but i don't know if this is fulfillable. i also dont know if i can transcend this because its such a deep core need/want of mine ever since i was a child i remember wanting to be famous and really good at something. i notice it affecting my relationship in subtle ways. Edit: the answer it to be self-less. All of the MC's in any game, story, book, movie share this quality
  21. I read half of it, but I don't have time right now to read the rest. I just wanted to respond. I want to be like Luffy from one piece. He is self-less in ways, he is willing to die for what he loves (his friends) and his dream of becoming the pirate king. He does not care about fame, status or money. He does not care about the status quo, he questions even the highest of kings just because he's truly authentic and follows his intuition completely 24/7. He inspires all of those around him that he meets. He has great adventures, great relationships, great sense of self, enjoys to party, enjoys food. He is a light to this dark world, he is like a child with the pain tolerance and determination of a God. Yet, he is completely innocent at the core with no "ego" in the practical egoic sense. He is light-headed and just does what he wants like a child enjoying life to the fullest. He is naturally aligned with truth and therefore benefits the world even to those he defeats in battle. He is extremely intelligent, extremely intuitive, aligned with the universe in an inspiring intuitive way. I want to be the equivalent of this in real life because it seems the most fun/freedom/meaningful life. To be self-less like this and to enjoy life while doing it, whilst also inspiring others around me is epic
  22. @Nahm can you elaborate on this? I'm not sure if I fully understood it. it sounds like you are saying use my jealousy to fuel my desire to be the character I want to be?
  23. @Mason Riggle sounds like skepticism and just doubt/overthinking
  24. @Liliaself-less doesn't mean not loving yourself. theres a quote that explains this well. "think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world" i believe its by miyato musashi but it points to what im getting at @WelcometoReality by asking myself how can i be self-less right now? throughout the day you'll find your brain finding ways in which u are selfish, and it auto-corrects