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  1. Whenever I see people like this guy on the forum, I cringe. Arrogant piece of shit. For an enlightened person, you are hella sensitive. I dont feel like I ever had the idea to type such stupid dismissive things. Its sad to watch. Ban me motherfucker, just unsubscribed from your Patreon. Come on, lock the thread and ban me. Suppress the conservation, eliminate differing perspectives. DO IT PUSSY. Youre obviously a cuck, you're passive-aggressive ALL THE TIME to people outside your echo chamber. Its sickening, it gives a horrible vibe to the forum. Btw, we're not trying to gaslight you, we just tell what we observe from our perspective. Nobody is trying to overthrow your forum dude, were trying to give our perspective, just like you. But you clearly took one to many psychedelics LUL. Goodbye to everyone. Truth had to be dropped even if I have to sacrifice myself. Definitely worth it. And fuck you Leo. I only wanted to tell you what I honestly think. I know, I know its not welcome here. Youre gonna rationalize this as just some right-wing animal throwing a fit because when it comes to politics, you see boogeyman everywhere, and the need to purge opinions is huge. Im not gonna sugarcoat what I think, because that would be lying, so here's what I honestly think. I would have to lie to be accepted on this forum.
  2. @Leo Gura OK. Its not that I dont think you are being sincere, it just sounds something a complete ideolog would say. But ok, I will look into it.
  3. @Leo Gura I always suspected that you have some trauma left relating to your women's problems, PUA, and all that stuff (also mentioning your "sex addiction" in your videos). The way you criticize "basement-dwelling" "4chan" people makes it obvious. Ever since I made that feminism post. You're stuck in some aspects of green, seriously stuck
  4. Im always open to changing my mind
  5. DUDE, you were like *the* person I looked up to when it came to ego, just a few years ago. This response is so obviously catering to your ego and what you would like to think. Its a willfully ignorant representation of reality and omits one part of the truth to make your perspective look right. I thought you would able to catch yourself when you say those things. Apparently not. "Neo-nazis, white nationalists, fascists" you're basically talking about one group of people, a very very small fringe minority of people that the media likes to prop up to scare people, and its working on you. You cant compare that with FoxNews or Breitbart or Trump, thats just lumping the other side all in one camp, like an ideolog. Chris Cuomo is just one manifestation of the festering blister thats has been growing on the democrat side. You forgot to mention all the people killed due to BLM in the last several weeks, you forgot the stores burned and looted, you forgot ANTIFA, you forgot Don Lemon when he was saying that BLM only cares about black lives when theyre shot by a police officer, you forgot about the family that got arrested because they defended their home, you forget all the ABSOLUTELY reprehensible things lefties have done in the last couple of years. Weak. This is a distorted view of reality. Its really like inverting the truth in my opinion
  6. Come on, you dont have to restrain yourself, tell me what you really think Because its fun and I like to listen to people I disagree with. Maybe Ill stumble across an argument thats actually convincing. Bernie is the last person that has the backbone to call out his commie supporters. Seriously. "Far" right is nazism for example. Race superiority theory. Complete subjugation of women. Killing of the weak. Isolationism. Criticizing feminism, supporting Trump, supporting pro-Life, supporting gun rights, supporting patriotism is simply a right-wing position. The people who would call such behavior "far" right are the reason your country is so divided and collapsing. Its absolutist thinking Thats like accusing anyone who supports universal health care a communist.
  7. I dont see this shit on any Trump forums, I dont see violent sociopaths on there. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you. If this is your shadow, stop involving yourself in politics now and start working on yourself, youre clearly not ready to think clearly. God, get all those metric tones of hate out of your body first. Jesus Christ. Its just scary. If I had said this, you would have banned me outright Leo. Nice complete partisan forum
  8. Refrain from calling everything that diverges from the left-wing narrative far-right. If you think thats a far-right meme, you have no idea what far-right actually is.
  9. those are literally all the people I call my friends. Im a student in amsterdam, thats probably more left-wing than America dude. thats why im sick of them and know what road they are going down. There arent, communism was not liberal in any way. Thats what all the other communist said before you
  10. It cant be compared to Bernie Sanders, it can be compared to his radical left-wing college communist followers. They proclaimed that "American cities would burn if Bernie wasn't elected", and now they do. Trump is just as unlikely to become fascist as Bernie is. You guys clearly see him through a left-wing lens. Youre right, technically it was communism although that doesnt differ much from fascism in its pure state.
  11. Im sure that Fox News was dying a few years ago, now its the only place where people feel safe, probably alot of CNN and MSNBC viewers went to Fox. After they saw a violent cultural revolution be justified on the other channels.
  12. @louhad You already posted this dude. Why exactly is this definition from this eery looking website the absolute standard? Many of those 14 points also are observable in all communist states that have yet existed. And I don't think sexism or religion played that big a role in nazi Germany for example. Disdain for intellectuals and the arts is more something communists would be famous for as well as suppressing labor power. Its equally shitty in my estimation if you leave out Tucker Carlson. I think theres a reason he has the highest rates show on tv at the moment