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  1. @Leo Gura damn
  2. @Gili Trawangan I definitely can go several weeks without human interaction, I dont feel like there is anything that Im missing or anything that I have to say to them. But connecting with other people spontaneously, always being open for a conversation, connecting with people from all places and kinds, building immense trust and flow with a person or group is a beauty of its own
  3. @Shiva Yes youre right. Im not lecturing anyone and I shouldnt. This truth can never be pushed onto anyone ever, I know. I usually just focus on retaining my own awareness during conversations and giving the most truthful answers when people come up to me. The vision for my life is to become a master communicator. And I know that communicating the truth is one of the most counter-intuitive things. Im inspired by all the masters of the past who have actually awakened significant amounts of people. Im only 19, I know my own foolishness too well. There is no real grind in my words yet. My gravitas is just starting to develop as a man. There is nothing in other people that I cant find in myself. You have bad days sometimes with the folks, I just needed an outlet. I felt caged. I dont want to undermine all the deep and loving moments I had with people due to this truth.
  4. I really feel like, the more conscious I become in my conversations and with other people, the more they are gonna feel like something is seriously wrong with me. People want to hear the truth when they like it, not when they actually need it. People want comfort and security, without making sacrifices. Im not talking about enlightenment here or the spiritual path or that they have to give up their ego. But, just simply, being honest with oneself and others EVEN if it hurts. Simply, creating more love in your life, being able to receive and being open towards something new EVEN if its unknown. Simply, for once, overthink when you judge someone. ACTUALLY think about if it is an intelligent move to throw someone under the bus, just because they seem like a fool to you. The more awake I become, the more I see the piles and wreckage people have been burying their life under. Mountains of arrogance and self-deception, running a spear through your own head and calling it life and normal, it all comes crashing down with everything I see other people do. "Hes out of his mind" ,"Hes insane", "Hes lost it" He is evil" ,"Just not that smart" ,"out of touch", "dangerous" ,"overly confident" ,"dirty" ,"a fool", "i hope someone kicks him one day" When you are empty yourself, every conversation you have with someone, its just a clear reflection of themselves to themselves. They will list of all their deceptions to you, one by one. They will work themselves up over you and be put on the edge of breaking, just because you didnt buy into their fantasy. If it just takes one whiff of clarity to make you question your miserable life, maybe that tells you something about yourself. I guess this is venting. As Leo said, the tragedy of it hits you and you cant look away. You want to let all that love burst out and reach your friends and everyone you meet. You want to call out the message of ultimate relieve for them. You can feel their pain, every step of the way. But boy are you fooled to believe that your love is appreciated in any way. Get ready to have all of your openness and heart used against you in the most disgusting way, in the most appalling way. Just for the record. I love you, earnest and honest. Without a doubt, youre beautiful part of creation. Whoever it is Im seeing in the everyday world. Youre also utterly, utterly, utterly, utterly, utterly plain stupid. The deeper I dig into you, the deeper your shallowness shows. The deeper it shows, just how little you care about yourself, how little you care about others, how few thoughts go into your own being, how much you are wasting EVERYTHING. You are boring. You are disgusting. You are hurting. You are stubborn. You are ignorant. You are your own greatest enemy. And yes, I am your greatest enemy. I will never stop giving light to your devilry. I will always show it to you. Because I love you. All your quailities, I cant get enough of them. I love them all, thats what makes this exciting. I would die for you, so that you can see real love in your life. Just for once. When you put the most pressure on me, thats when im gonna bend least.
  5. @Recursoinominado Well, there is no ultimate ground. The difficulty is to find ground in a 100% groundless universe. If you get solidly grounded in nothing, there is nothing that can unground you. Be totally grounded in the present moment and in whatever you are doing at the exact time of now
  6. @WelcometoReality Well yes, we are talking about transforming your entire life and existence forever. What could be the one thing that is the hardest to overcome? What could be the ultimate key to this game? So we are talking about ego death right? What was the ego again? yes, right! yourself. The truth of life is death of yourself. Your whole life youve been told this story of death being the absolute worst thing, the one thing you cannot joke around with. Why makes you so certain about that. Could there be something on the other side of that argument? Im telling you now that this game of life is completely fair. You get what you put in. So if you are brave enough and loving enough, like god would be loving and brave, you get everything that god gets.
  7. @arlin Being conscious of something is the requirement for there to be something in the world. When there is nobody experiencing something, it cannot happen, its not there. The fact that you can experience anything at the moment proves that the universe can experience something. Because the universe includes everything in the universe. There is no such thing as existence, existence is not something that comes before being conscious. There wasnt first existence and then someone became aware of it. Existence is something that is being orchestrated by the process of being "awake" or "there" or "conscious". The process of being aware of something is the whole of existence.
  8. @SQAAD Intuition is not some sort of emotion. Emotion often times distorts your reality and decisions in a highly emotional state are mostly impulsive and short-term. Emotions shine a certain light on reality and it shows life from one certain feeling. Intuition is something beyond a high arousal state. Intuition is more of a sixth sense, it can be described as a hint or a whiff to go some kind of direction or explore a certain idea or energy. Intuition is a sense of doing "the right thing", its the subconsciousness awareness that you have about all of your problems. Its the subconsciousness faculty which deeply knows that "youre gonna have to face that in order to grow", "this is the thing that is holding me back", "you know that you are running away from this", "you know that it is the right thing to meditate right now". Ultimate truth is deeply connected to every soul and therefore intuition is just the part of you that knows. That knows you are fooling yourself
  9. @Conrad You are literally bigger than our solar system and you exhibit more power every second than any God you could ever imagine
  10. @Javfly33 The ego is extremely hard to terminate. It is like a virus keeping itself alive with every ground possible. It is like a snake that is still twitching. A deep and life-changing mystical experience can be like meteor wiping your soul from ego, but as you know even when an asteroid hits the earth, there are still millions of life forms that can survive in all the crooks. Its like if you start kicking an ant colony, they will take heavy damage but they are definitely not gonna die off this way. If you get to a certain point of clarity, the ego speaking in your skull will no longer be a problem and you wont be bothered by it. It wont have any substance for you and therefore no power over you. It will eventually die off but never by force and never by trying to make it stop. By itself, when the truth hits hard. Ridding yourself of activity and mastering a state of inner peace will take at least a lifetime and there will be many different phases of depths. Expect that
  11. @nick96 The truth is love or love is the truth
  12. @Shaun If you could create anything, would you make it easy to detect its fundamental secret(that it is not real). Or would you make it counter-intuitive and challenging? Would you make the illusion as convincing as possible or easy to detect?
  13. @Preety_India There are no humans and there is no such thing as human experience