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  1. I dont see this shit on any Trump forums, I dont see violent sociopaths on there. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you. If this is your shadow, stop involving yourself in politics now and start working on yourself, youre clearly not ready to think clearly. God, get all those metric tones of hate out of your body first. Jesus Christ. Its just scary. If I had said this, you would have banned me outright Leo. Nice complete partisan forum
  2. Refrain from calling everything that diverges from the left-wing narrative far-right. If you think thats a far-right meme, you have no idea what far-right actually is.
  3. those are literally all the people I call my friends. Im a student in amsterdam, thats probably more left-wing than America dude. thats why im sick of them and know what road they are going down. There arent, communism was not liberal in any way. Thats what all the other communist said before you
  4. Its true and you can observe it in most universities around the world. My field of study (Psychology) which I study at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is part of the social sciences and therefore hit pretty badly. The ratio between conservatives and liberals changed from like 1-4 to 1-25 or something? And thats in the course from like 1990 to 2010 I think. I can see that many topics like gender differences or leadership are glossed over and many parts of the picture are omitted to fit a left-wing narrative. In several modules, lectures on diversity and equity are being taught and I have seen: -Derogatory comments on white male lecturers and that they should start stepping down and make space -Many many negative, inappropriate comments about Trump -Exercises where you have to point out how Trump is a fascist leader to get points -Exam questions that have clear political motivations -Political opinions being uttered as facts -There is no way of countering this, you will be attacked by the lecturer and the entire class if you say your honest opinion or question the narrative -More and more faulty studies are being used that are clearly unreliable, are biased, dont show clear results, have been debunkned, especially when it comes to women as leader, women in business, diversity (they like case studies because you can write anything in those) There is a clear narrative and ideology in the social sciences/humanities and your test results (of scientific studies) will be suppressed if they dont fit that narrative.
  5. It cant be compared to Bernie Sanders, it can be compared to his radical left-wing college communist followers. They proclaimed that "American cities would burn if Bernie wasn't elected", and now they do. Trump is just as unlikely to become fascist as Bernie is. You guys clearly see him through a left-wing lens. Youre right, technically it was communism although that doesnt differ much from fascism in its pure state.
  6. Im sure that Fox News was dying a few years ago, now its the only place where people feel safe, probably alot of CNN and MSNBC viewers went to Fox. After they saw a violent cultural revolution be justified on the other channels.
  7. @louhad You already posted this dude. Why exactly is this definition from this eery looking website the absolute standard? Many of those 14 points also are observable in all communist states that have yet existed. And I don't think sexism or religion played that big a role in nazi Germany for example. Disdain for intellectuals and the arts is more something communists would be famous for as well as suppressing labor power. Its equally shitty in my estimation if you leave out Tucker Carlson. I think theres a reason he has the highest rates show on tv at the moment
  8. @Leo Gura Right right, calling me a fascist (Im not btw), its not like you are reaffirming everything thats worrying me about you with that statement.
  9. You can cherry-pick this shit all day with all news channels. This is literally a non-argument, it doesnt prove anything Our history books say no, the current political situation says: youre wrong.
  10. @remember There is no such thing as liberal fascism. There are liberal right and left-wingers. There are authoritarian right and left-wingers. On the right they are called fascists, on the left they are called communists
  11. People who call everyone they disagree with a fascist and use intimidation tactics = not authoritarian People who defend free speech and want small government = authoritarian I thought you were getting sick of Libertarians and their stupid notions of freedom? Now you cry that they will become authoritarians, pick one. Do you even watch the alternative sources that we post here sometimes btw? Just curious. Im worried about you Leo. Update your sources on politics. Im not saying this to upset you, you know
  12. I dont think so. If youre opportunistic you will choose an option that will give you a personal advantage regardless of moral principles, so they probably go with the mainstream and what everybody else is doing. They would mainly do this to avoid having to stand up for their moral principles
  13. If Im not mistaken, that was during the times of the Islamic golden age? Thats great, thats a cool story. It has nothing to do with my argumention about present-day cultural differences though, so yeah. All cultures have many peaks and downfalls, it just so happens that our culture is peaking or was peaking for the last 200 years. It isnt inherit to our genes or geographical position, its based on culture