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  1. After watching the latest video from leo where he spoke about a Neural network and that it could be the way to unite the worlds consciousness into one mind, I instantly thought of a music video I just recently watched. Back then it struck me as very well thought out prediction of how humanity will make the final step. How will a society of millions of enlightened people structure itself and what decisions would they make? When ego is completely washed out of society, why would there be a need for individual existence? Wouldnt everybody want to be more aligned with truth and so then with everyone else. "Sacrificing" oneself for the one ultimate giant mind, the everything that takes over. Or what would be the most realistic scenario?
  2. Salvia is really one of the last psychedelics you wanna venture on. On high doses it can be really disturbing, disorieting, frightening and completely out of your control. Many people fear crazy stuff will happen to them and they are gonna turn into air or be slain by monster from hell during a trip when they think of typical Psychedelics. Salvia is like the drug where that is actually possible. It hits the brain in a complete different way than any other psychedelics through the Kappa-opioid receptor. That means, theres nothing really to prepare you for it or to compare it to. I also havent heard of a spiritual growth or insight on this drug For a detailed trip report:
  3. @TheAvatarState The most important thing is, that you yourself experience the full, raw, unfiltered truth as a first. Forget about anything else. You will realise that you are them, right? First, put yourself in that position of complete freedom. Break first the border between you and them, only then can you truly help them. Only then you know what they need. Only when it doesnt matter and there nothing to do, should you worry about other beginners and advancing them.
  4. @MM1988 You really should better look out for your mental health. You gotta have a sense prowess and calm to handle these drugs properly. Be sure of yourself and dont snowball into anything youre making up in your trip.
  5. It is really sad how much consciousness gets pushed in some unreal corner by science. Consciousness is not dependent on anything outside it. It is the fundamental source. There is 100% nothing else than consciousness. The most real thing for them is something that they have never experienced or will ever experience, the real "objective" world which makes consciousness. The paradigm is so radically twisted. Ofc in that paradigm, these models can be helpful and applicable. But the foundation of science prohibits actual contact to consciousness. It is only allowed to be put into models and itself is not important for the universe. Good video if you keep the metaphysics in mind
  6. Any highly enlightened people in northern europe? (near amsterdam)
  7. @The Don Yes, writing is formalized thinking, but dont go overboard with thinking! <3 Being can be way more effective here Some thoughts when i think about death: -First off, think of death as necessary for life and vice versa. Your birth was the moment you were damned to die, it was the moment death got created. Without something being alive, nothing can die. -Death is the only reason all your ancestors went on, without death there would be no motivation to survive. Death is actually the mechanism your mind created in the first place to make you more important than your enviroment. It means "This has to go on" and "this doesnt have to go on". It is fundamental to life. There is no survival without death. Death creates life -This leads to the point that death ofc is a construct. It is completely fabricated. This is easily proven to you by imagining what happens when you die. Yes, your body, your organs, your cells all die and dont work anymore. But what are these if not atoms that order themselves differently then before. No atoms actually get lost, no atoms die. A beautiful array of patterns in nature got rearranged. Thats all. Death is a phenomena of human heads. Fully understanding this, can help you face death before death. Pretty cool
  8. @dimitri Thank you myself, for thanking me, that i thanked myself for experiencing oneness
  9. Yes, thats technically true. But youre missing the reason why everything is predetermined. It is because there is nobody to determine it because there is no "you" in the equation. So everything must already be determined by god, god predetermined himself, including you coping with the fact that everything is predetermined. "You" still have an impact on the world. If "you" decides to stop enlightenment work and decides that nothing matters anyways, youre still gonna have a miserable existence as a consequence of your actions. Nothing predetermined there. As long there is "someone" that has to cope with something there is still "one" that has impact in the world. The only problem is, you are not this entity. You dont exist, so you have no impact on the world. The world just runs by itself
  10. @Surfingthewave I cannot help sir. But I also have never heard anyone successfully holding on to nothing. The reason you were free is because you didnt hold on. "Where is it? I want that back! I will not be satisfied until this is back!! :(" Do you see what youre trying to do? Youre trying to hold on to the act of letting go and defining your state if otherwise. Dont worry about getting egolessness because there is nothing really there. It is the absence of something. For a nitty-gritty explanation on the letting go mechanic of enlightenment watch this from Alan Watts, answered everything in my case: There is *nothing* to grasp
  11. @dimitri Beautiful! dimitri is gonna have all sorts of problems from now on because hes so confused and overwhelmed by this experience. Keep in mind that the true self is already realised, when you take him on <3
  12. @Tony 845 Psychedelics are probably best for showing someone the depth of this rabbit hole. All these lofty words can seem really far off and unsubstantiated. Psychedelics are like the adventures of the 21st century, they thrust you into a whole new world, that can be explored. While getting into the topic, so many people only scratch the surface of the surface of the surface of this work. This is why psychedelics are so recommended. They show you the realness of the situation. The weight of the issue. A newbie with psychedelic experience is 100 times easier convinced that there is something grander and beyond. At least I know they have at least sniffed one whiff of how big this journey is. WIth just everyday-life , even someone who mediated a year or two has just no possible reference point to grasp the journey
  13. This was a beautiful description, feel you! <3