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  1. Anyone else saw the joker movie? First of all, the joker is a genius movie all by itself and Joaquin Phoenix performance had me gripped almost every second of the film. The joker is a film about a lost middle-aged man who still lives with his mother and virtually nobody around him cares for him. One tragedy upon the next happens in his life. He goes from trying to be good towards embracing evil and becoming the Joker. Even though Arthur Fleck makes all the wrong decisions, he earns his right to exist and be heard. He is the villain but we understand him. the final scenes of the movie really blew me away and overloaded me with excitement and shock. The joker itself is apolitical but much political commentary can be found in the film that doesn't favour left or right. It is about the 1% and the concentration of the wealth at the top and the painful existence at the bottom. It is about a white man being abused by his mother (also by everyone else) who turns into a mass shooter. There is a lot in this movie.
  2. I think environmentalism still belongs to stage green in a foundational way even if climate change is not such a big deal. It is just the kind of pragmatic, hands-on environmentalism. Keeping the city clean. Reinstating habitats. Planting trees. Cleaning rivers. Preventing plastic trash. All the good stuff
  3. Climate change is a progressive position that I have always retained over the years. It all seemed very clear to me and science produced almost universal results when it to the existence of climate change. But how well do the actual studies relate to the policies and to the activist actions? To what extent has the supposed existence of a more than serious impending problem created thousands of jobs, that now have an ego-agenda of their own. To what extent have climate activist become ideological and are furthering a collective ego and worldview instead of fixing the problem in significant ways. To what extent is criticism simply tossed aside with the label of "denial". This whole global warming thing is now almost culturally embedded, if the conclusions might actually be wrong that would hurt the whole movement too much. Suddenly every hot day and every hurricane is a sign of nature already starting to wipe us out (these kind of events were never subject to the theory of global warming btw). So there is a certain level of hysteria which is ego-driven. I could not be convinced that climate change might not be as bad if it were not for a steadfast, groundbreaking scientist, working some data and debunking studies. That is exactly what I found. Dr Willie Soon seems extremely committed to science as discipline and craft. He knows his numbers and he makes more than convincing arguments why climate change might not be wrong at the root but waaaayy overblown and is now a market of big interests that want global warming to be real.
  4. Yes that is a general concept which is true. You are now bringing this up for the second time and think that this actually counters any arguments made. Tradition is not "obstructing" evolution. Tradition is the primary basis for evolution. The thing that we give to our children are the things that form a multigenerational construct in reality, society. Without tradition, there would just be loose anarchy all the time and no long term development could ever take place. We will always need a huge contemplation and incorporation of all our traditions (unlike we are doing now). Were gonna adjust them, replace them, get rid of some and so forth. There is almost no truth in the most radical progressive ideas because it doesnt consider that if we just run non-stop at the next thing, very quickly the ground beneath our feet will fall away. Change is simply not linear or an easy step by step forward process toward the next thing. Thats how your typical surface-level progressive thinks. Change is actually driven most by strong traditions. Because those traditions have already been set up so that they can correct themselves (science). If there were no super strict rules in a Buddhist monastery, it would fall apart immediately. To handle more freedom, you need more restriction and a basis. They have the knowledge that there are no rules, so there needs to be serious balance. The best evolution is not getting to the next thing as quick as possible, thats simply not true. Im pretty sure Russia wouldn´t be such a dystopia if it hadn't tried that socialist dream so early ( that wasn't stage blue btw). Conservatives are extremely important and sometimes need to take over to stop left tyranny. As a yellow thinker, I tend to swing to my conservative or more liberal role depending on what is needed at the moment in society. They are equal.
  5. @arlin I enjoy the suffering. It makes me happy to know its still there
  6. Guys, I get the feeling that some people on here do have good intentions but are not really edging on the points about the balance of politics that some of us really want to bring home. I hear your points and they are all technically correct but I always feel like you guys havent seen that certain window from which our current political situation could be viewed from. A view that doesnt favor left or right from the get-go, that values the left and the right immensely I dont have some regressive blue element that is pulling me down to the conclusion that our society should not undermine traditional families as much as it is doing.I have looked at the data, I have looked at the people, I have looked at my direct experience, I let all the perspectives intertwine, And so I came to a conservative conclusion. How does the situation look right now, not in abstraction. Im looking at the people who run things at the moment. How they behave, what do they say. Who seems to glimmer this spiritual, divine energy in their speech, behavior and actions? Who examines greater depth and seems to actually know what they are doing? (im not saying trump is that btw, not at all) Then who is it? Its not the people who favor the right, its not the people who favor the left, its the people who look beyond that to the highest degree. Who integrate both forces. Can I be super honest on this forum? Some of your answers felt oddly predictable. I inhabit that paradigm too that you are talking about. Its great. I get what youre saying. Its not like your concepts are wrong. but these concepts can be used in really subtle ways to justify an unbalanced picture and to stress the less relevant talking points to avoid others. Maybe Im fooled, totally possible. Maybe there is some really sneaky twisting and subtle ignorance in your argumentation that you dont notice because you are afraid of embracing the right. fully embracing it. loving it. isnt that what this is all about? loving trump? Feel that honestly first before judging so many people easily away into insignificance.
  7. @Serotoninluv Hey friend. I think you might have a "bimodal" problem when thinking about the political spectrum. How is change always better? How is progressive always better? What if youre going in the wrong direction? What if youre changing too fast so the whole foundation falls apart? What if youre going just too fast in an egotistical, self-righteous way.? Conservatives can sense when important traditions and rulesets and hierarchies are being thrown out of the window with the consequence of social instability. I wouldn't even consider myself right-wing in any way. I just dont want to be associated with these know-it-all liberals who never showed respect to a conservative once in their life. Really? ALL conservatives part the world in good and evil people? Thats all what theyre being boils down to eh? Had one to many spiral dynamics videos? Its actually not all that simple and convenient for your worldview as you think you know. Right-wing people are also people, they have absolutely reasonable concerns. They can see things that a hot-headed middle-class liberal does not see. I have a lot of conservative values because I care a lot about the stuff that we need to preserve. The backbone of our whole society rests on tradition and what we have learned from previous generations. The stability of our systems relies on such ancient stories and development. There is ALWAYS a chance to cast away too much of a secure base and completely undermine the functioning of the whole system. A naive and overblown progression ends in a society which core has been ripped out and has lost its center (like america).
  8. Really apolitical, tapping stage turquoise Jordan Peterson.
  9. Are you still on board with all the leftist media outlets? That have been demonstrated to be corrupt and partisan to the highest degree? Are you still so super sure of whats going on because you got your spiral dynamics conclusions? If you're not able to see the relief in trump for the people and if you are clearly not able to see the corruption and complete-ego overload on the left. I dont know if you contemplated this, but conservativism and liberalism have equal value. The left can push too far, then the right has to pull them back. The right can get equally concious in their role. The left isnt always better just because they are the ones making progress ahead. Progress ahead can be just as regressive and destructive. How about something else than "orange man bad"
  10. Well, I disagree. This is the only way the north korean goverment will get over their ego for once. There is absolutely no point in just ignoring evil and looking away from it. There is no point in overthrowing the government and saving the world once again. It is about solving north korea from the inside, lifitng up more people and liberties. The more we show the goodness in our heart and willingness to cooperate. The more it will reflect in their heart. The less justification they have.
  11. Well, youre right, not for me personally.
  12. @StephenK There is no need for change at all from an absolute perspective, consider that from a relative perspective there is always a way to be closer to god and there is the distinction between devilry and godhood. When you reach an absolute point, you return to the world of duality and that world of duality becomes real. Focus on not having to change anything about you to be at peace. That will be the change you are striving for. The journey consists of realizing that there is no journey. This is how both of these things are true at the same time