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  1. I watched the following video and summarized it. AMRAP is an acronym for "as many reps as possible" AMRAP workouts challenge athletes to do a specific move as many times as they can within a set amount of time. These workout are intense. They can be a great way to track the progress over time. Modern life is filled with technological distractions. However, you almost never find your mind wandering from the present moment when you are in the middle of an AMRAP workout. When you are trying as hard as you can to raise your chin to that bar just one more time, you are completely focused on the task at hand. The level of shear intensity involved in AMRAP round makes it impossible to focus on your weekend plans, video games you played last night, and so on. Channel that intense focus and that present-mindedness you experience during intense workout to the rest of your life. AMRAP mentality is a useful visual metaphor that makes it easier to slip into the flow state with work. The process of using AMRAP mentality in 4 steps Identify your areas of focus. Make sure each has a strong internal "why". You should only have a few of these. Each of them should have strong internal reason. You should do this for micro goals as well as macro goals. Each day, write down a few things you want to accomplish, and apply AMRAP mentality to them. Choose one area, focus on it with all of your attention, and work hard at it. When you are riding a bike, your only focus is on where you are going. If you want to get where you are going with any amount of speed, you're going to crank those pedals hard. Switch gears, and do it deliberately with good reasons to do so. When this happens, you go back to step 2. Switching from one task to another task is like going from an AMRAP set of push-ups to another AMRAP set of pull-ups. Your focus calmly switches to the new thing, and all of your attention becomes fixated on it. Do frequent re-evaluations Sit often, and ask yourself "Do my areas of focus still make sense?" Your time, attention, and energy are all limited resources. My takeaway Leo's videos on productivity are powerful, but they don't seem to provide me with a simple engine of productivity. It takes hours to grok Leo Gura's videos. But, it takes less than 30 minutes to embody AMRAP mentality because physical metaphors are simple and powerful. My productivity plummeted after watching Leo's videos. I became too entangled in my thoughts to see the essence of productivity. Productivity is simple. It is as simple as AMRAP mentality. You should intensely work out your mind to the extent that it is impossible to focus on other things. You should also take proper rests regularly to recharge your fatigued mind. The engine should be simple. The maintenance of the engine and the vehicle is going to be complex. Thomas Frank equips you with an engine of productivity. Leo helps you with becoming a wiser driver of your life and maintaining the engine of productivity over months and years. Leo should do more workout so that he will utilize more exercise metaphors. Exercise is a powerful motivator. Doing 17 pull-ups during a break recharges my fatigued mind quickly. You should do it, too. You should also work out your mind while you work. Exercise your mind while you work. Exercise your body while you take rests from work. Make an exercise regime for breaks from work. I have one, too. While I take breaks from work, I do pull-ups, stretch my body, and so on. Apply AMRAP mentality to meditation, positive affirmation, and visualization Don't shirk mental exercises. Do as much of them as possible while you can. Take rests after exercising your mind.
  2. Is it actually a good approach? I suddenly started wanting to go to those prisons for freebies. It sounds like an uninformed decision based on ideal and opinions. I sense armchair policy makers who never studied criminology. Policy makers will benefit from more science and less opinions. Perhaps, do Green people want to be comfortable at prisons? Do they plan to put most people in prisons for slight infractions? That makes sense if Green people are going to put a man in prison for months for accidentally bumping his hand into a woman's ass.
  3. I was just curious about what you got from the work. I know it's unrealistic to expect to learn much from others' experiences. Through the little amount of work that I did, I became a bit more aware and conscious. My thoughts became more flexible. But, I had to watch Thomas Frank's videos to become productive. This self actualization work doesn't give you an engine of productivity. It makes the driver wiser about one's own productivity.
  4. Engage with her, but assume that your relationship with her can end soon. Plan for an exit strategy. Plan for bad outcomes including the possibility that she is a con artist. Don't let sexual urge blind you to her problems. You have to set realistic expectations. Just be ready for bad outcomes. It's probably going to fail in one way or another within a few months. Don't let bad outcomes metastasize into core aspects of your life. Learn from the experience. The positive side of failure is that marrying your first girl friend or the first woman you have sex with is probably a bad idea. You're anxious about failure. But, you have to expect failure and plan for it. After you have planned for failure, you will feel more confident.
  5. @Joseph Maynor How wise are you? Examples?
  6. Voluntarily submitting yourself to near-death experience is better than ego death. Willingly submit yourself to rear naked choke. Experience physical death.
  7. This is not true. Some small countries don't have armies but survive by paying for protection from bigger countries.
  8. I think it's very possible that an ant or a bee or a cockroach doesn't have a mind of its own. Insects are called biological robots. Scientists turned cockroaches into remotely controllable robots with technologies.
  9. Did you not say that devilry is calling other people devils? Is devilry a different concept from evil?
  10. On the above video, Martin talks about almost dying on a mountain bike. He talks specifically about spending your free time like it was your last free time because it might be actually your last one. If you happen to scroll on instagram on your free time, remember that it might be your last free time. You could die the next second. Make sure you have free time on an average day, and spend your free time such that if it happens to be the last one, you would be ok. Near-death experience changes people.
  11. That's too late. Why can't it take a week or two for regret to kick in?
  12. I know why pure meritocracy can't exist in the current system. First, merits are difficult to measure in knowledge work in the short term. In knowledge work, merits should be measured over months and years because of ups and downs of daily results. Second, in the current corporate system, managers distort perception of merits. They can do so because people are wage slaves and cannot escape corporations. Managers also damage perceived performance of employees who disobey managers. In companies, those who know how to play politics can increase perceived merits. Thus, political ability + political power + favoritism = merits in companies. People know true merits are not measured in companies, but they cannot escape due to financial obligations. In graduate schools, those who cannot suck up to professors fail. In medical schools, those who cannot suck up to excessive overwork are expelled. Most professions are more about sucking up professionally than about merit. When it becomes possible for people to say no to jobs, it will be far easier to measure merits. I think universal basic income can make it possible for people to say no to bad jobs. Merits cannot be measured correctly when people must produce short-term results or lose their jobs. I think we should push for rights to say no to jobs instead of diversity at workplaces. Being able to say no to jobs is far better than inclusion at companies! Why fight for inclusion when you can fight for exclusion from schools, universities, and jobs? Why fight for inclusion into the system that enslaves you through indoctrination? Exclusion is better than inclusion sometimes. The fight for inclusion is simply a fight for financial security in disguise. Financial security through jobs is going to fail soon due to full automation. Financial security through basic income is another way. Let's say that if you are matter, I am anti-matter.
  13. @Serotoninluv Micro-management is a huge problem at workplaces. Employers like to micromanage, and employees hate micro-management. I hated micro-management at workplaces. I was subject to the most egregious degrees of micro-management when I was an indentured slave who couldn't escape. Sometimes, I couldn't even ask permission to go to toilet when I wanted to pee. The boss nitpicked every little detail, yelled at me, and slowed down my work to a halt. It was suffocating. It was a trauma. The boss was a sadist who just didn't care about getting results but enjoyed torturing employees. Let me go meta. There's diversity of approaches to diversity. My approach to diversity is to recognize diversity that's already there and growing. You see a university that has only white professors, a university that has professors of diverse colors, a university that only has chinese or japanese professors, and so on. It's a form of diversity. There's philosophical diversity, species diversity, geographical diversity, cultural diversity, and so on. There's also diversity of education system. Public schools and universities are only one of many ways to educate people. There's khan academy which replaces K-12 education. There are people like Leo Gura who teach specific topics deeply on the internet. Skillshare teaches various skills at cheap prices. Those internet alternatives to education have racial and gender diversity built in without having to micro-manage diversity. Those internet education businesses also have geographical diversity which universities and physical public schools can't have. They also allow financial diversity because they are cheap and affordable to poor people. Intelligence diversity will lead to AIs that will take jobs from professors and make universities and public schools obsolete. Even if you do nothing about diversity, diversity will explode in this century. In case of education, internet education and AI education will have racial, gender, and geographical diversity built in. No need to micro-manage. My life already has more diversity than your university where the focus is limited to racial and gender diversity. I got the degree of diversity that I have without having to work for it. You only have to recognize diversity that already exists and is growing. Actually, if I had children, I would free them from public schools and universities so that my children would be free to figure out their life purpose and pursue it early in life. Starting to pursue life purpose early in life will save tons of my money and their time. My children will probably not even become wage slaves in the first place. I bet my hopes on internet education and my guidance. The internet is more meritocratic and more diverse than schools and universities. My opinion is that universities are already somewhat obsolete unless you want to become a researcher, a lawyer, a medical doctor, an engineer, or a computer programmer. But, you can already become a competent computer programmer without going to universities if you work hard and learn hard. You're clinging to an institution that will become totally obsolete in this century. Actually, AIs will take the vast majority of jobs from us, so there will be no human lawyer, no human professor, and no university to worry about. For me, there is no need to care about diversity. Diversity is already taken care of in my life. Also, recognize that there's diversity of approaches to life and raising children. My approach is vastly different from yours. Don't worry about lack of diversity. You will always miss out on many dimensions of diversity. I'd like to say
  14. Your wage is never guaranteed as a wage slave, either.
  15. An independent contractor is still a wage slave. A contractor still makes things for someone else. Leo Gura is not an independent contractor.