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  1. Demons can be rational decision makers just as a lion can be a rational decision maker when it comes to hunting preys.
  2. Thanks for clear instructions. I'll look for psychoanalytic institutions in my region.
  3. This video will inspire you to not run away. Even if you run away, you will still be forced to suffer through various pains.
  4. TJ Reeves said most people are idiots because they try to convince people through arguments. TJ told us to convince people by inspiring them instead of arguing them.
  5. Can enlightenment make me a lot more productive than I am now? I have been pretty inefficient and lazy. I want to conquer addictions and become a master at execution. To master execution, I need to nail down inner game. Does enlightenment make you do more stuff? How can I become more productive? Another question : How do I know if anyone other than me is enlightened? I can't really look into other people's minds.
  6. What did you do to become enlightened? How do I know you are enlightened? How do I know if anyone is enlightened?
  7. How do you know if a person is enlightened?
  8. You don't know what will happen. There is always room for both improvements and deterioration. If reality is perfect, it can be made more perfect. Shift your focus from petty inequalities that you see in your neighborhood toward unnecessary mistreatment and extreme inequalities that exist. There are great inequalities among species. Humans eat cows, pigs, chickens, monkey brain, and various other animal species. This is unnecessary mistreatment. Lab-grown meat will improve the status quo. Hundreds of thousands of people in south sudan are starving to death because their enemies use hunger as a weapon of war. Their enemies prevent food from getting to these people. People in north korea are murdered, raped, and fed to dogs by soldiers. North korean government is a giant cult. Artificial intelligence will eradicate most jobs in the 21st century. No place is ready for this kind of unemployment. Prepare to embrace the impact, or prepare for it. If there was no preparation, it would be possible that hundreds of millions of people starve to death. If you were productive enough to do something about these things, you wouldn't get so mad over petty inequalities.
  9. Yes, it is. Thomas Frank is Orange. His face color is also a bit Orange. But, that video is also Beige and Purple. Orange can exist with other colors in a person.
  10. Virtually nobody is solid purple. But, Thomas Frank embodies Purple well. I am trying to embody healthy Purple, too. I want to get A+ on Purple. TJ Reeves talks about getting A+ on each stage of spiral dynamics.
  11. Holy fucking shit. The killing fields must have driven people to extreme hunger and forced them to adapt to local resources(e.g. spider). Cultural adaptation. Cultural memory. Whatever. Americans had to adapt to eating animal intestines during world wars because animal meat was sent to soldiers on battle fields. Now, animal intestine foods are a part of american culture.
  12. @Joseph Maynor Unhealthy purple leads to tribal wars. TJ Reeves defined healthy Purple well. Refer to for details. In summary, Purple is about tribe(family and friends and your associates), tradition, and ritual. It is magical and tribal. This video is healthy Purple, too. This video is also Beige because it focuses on eating well. Thomas Frank treats a morning routine(morning ritual) as a magic to improve his life. You don't analyze a magic. You utilize magic because it works. Unhealthy purple would turn into cargo cult which obsesses over rituals that do not work anymore.
  13. @Serotoninluv Maybe, you are right. But, it's possible that actuality is different from what we think. Even Orange women are going to value what you say Green women value while they are not ovulating. The question is "Have you observed Green women while they are ovulating?" For me, going down a few stages occurs frequently and is natural. Going back to Beige and Purple feels comfortable.
  14. I started blocking so that I will visit forum with intention by intentionally unblocking it. I blocked it with uMatrix. As you can see below, I have to press all the red buttons in the rows of the table called "1st party" and "" to visit or forum. The result should look like Don't save the table. Reset the table or restart the web browser after you are done. This is going to help you save your willpower. You should block any addictive website with uMatrix. Do this religiously, or it won't work.