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  1. Demonizing pedophilia as an absolute evil.
  2. It is possible with total annihilation. If you can overwhelm your enemy with quantity and quality, you don't need systemic thinking or top-level strategies. was planned near the end of world war 2 such that japanese would be spoken only in hell. said It was cancelled because japan surrendered after direct experience of 2 nuclear bombs. This involved dropping 7 more nuclear bombs, nation-wide dispersal of chemical weapons, and sending a million US soldiers to japan. Japanese people would have had to fight US soldiers with sticks and stones.
  3. Most people misunderstand a large system and demonize it and try to meddle with it. On the other hand, not meddling with it does not have long lists of unintended side effects. Improving your sleep schedule doesn't have undesirable side effects that you create by directly meddling with islam. I think personal development is a better approach for most people including me because it doesn't meddle with large systems.
  4. Are you saying nicotine is an addictive psychedelic?
  5. Orange groups can fight each other. Blue groups can fight each other. Think about Christianity vs Islam. Both groups are Blue and cancel each other out.
  6. We use different meanings for the same word. Constant self-sacrifice is a simple word that captures the essence of personal development. The exact definition of sacrifice is inconsequential detail.
  7. @Mezanti The solution will emerge somewhere someday. Don't worry too much about spiral dynamics. AIs could kill us or starve us to death long before tier 1 stages of spiral dynamics send nuclear bombs to each other. Humanity survived two world wars. We can survive fourth reich. Plus, I don't think world war 3 is going to happen anytime soon.
  8. I suggest you build yourself up first. Unless you become a hero, you cannot do much about anything.
  9. You can't empower yourself unless you sacrifice parts of yourself. To empower yourself, you need to change. To change yourself, you need to sacrifice a huge part of yourself. If you want to become a hero, you need to build yourself up first. Becoming a priest by itself is not going to help much if you are a weakly developed person. You don't want to become a priest. You want to become a hero.
  10. Constant self-sacrifice Give up bad things, non-essential things, and good things to make room for the best Constantly give up, and mourn for the loss. Give up waiting for signs before you can do anything. Give up waiting for things to feel right. Sacrifice bad habits. Learn when to stop pushing yourself through direct experience in order to avoid ego backlashes. When you are Hungry, eat food. When you are Angry, calm down. When you are Lonely, talk to a friend. When you are Tired, take a rest. Terry Crews explained it in his personal development videos. Maintain a beginner's mindset by starting again over and over when you fail. Remove temptations in your environment Daily meditation habit Strong morning routine
  11. What kind of work?
  12. I don't understand what is told by the fact that they were killed by ignorant mobs.
  13. I've had some tangible success. But, to take it to the next level, you should consider these. Close tabs and windows on my computer that are not necessary. Disconnect your computers from the internet when the internet is not needed Constantly sacrifice things that are non-essential to your life purpose. Enjoy mini ego deaths. Kill ruminations and thought loops as often as possible. If necessary, trigger a mini ego death to kill them.
  14. Are you saying I am a fuzzy slab of meat that has no clear boundary?
  15. @Joseph Maynor Is it not a good idea to befriend your ego? You can utilize your egoic tendencies to your advantages. Your ego is not going to die anytime soon. It's better to have it on your side.