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  1. I ditched them. I just follow my intuition and my long-term vision.
  2. I didn't say russians are directly behind the middle east wars. I merely wanted to say that US presidents are puppets in one way or another. Trump is a russian puppet because russians own trump financially. Donald Trump is not just a russian puppet. He is probably also a puppet of military-industrial complex.
  3. In particular, wars going on in the middle east. There are people who orchestrate deaths in middle east to maximize human suffering and deaths, and they get rich for it and do not get punished for it. They feel joy from killing people. This is bullshit. If you care about humanity, this should take this seriously. The same people who are doing that are controlling USA. They will keep controlling USA no matter who the president is. Which president people choose matters less than stopping the death machine because the death machine will also control US presidents. Even Donald Trump is just a russian puppet. An individual cannot fight an entire industry of psychopathic death machines even if that individual is the US president. It's important to expose those rich bastards.
  4. In my naive theory, basic income will enable everyone to live on perpetual vacations. But, in reality, devils could easily promise basic income for the purpose of enslaving population. AIs can make our life comfortable, but they could easily obtain their own goals and start treating humans like cockroaches. We could easily become as irrelevant as cockroaches. Enslavement is a few steps behind us. Green can often want enslavement. Green may want to implement human exclusion zones by using climate change as an excuse. The elites might speak Green language to put human in cages called human zones and control them. What if gender equality is an attempt by the elites to decrease testosterone levels of the common men so that it becomes easier for the elites to control men through force? Gender equality in the literal sense means androgyny. Domestication of men by making them physically feeble would make it easier to subdue uprises. It would become easier to physically enslave men. Basic income can easily become a scam for enslavement. Blue and Red are explicit about enslavement. Blue lies that civil duty such as jury duty is sacred when it's just another form of enslavement. (Jury duty is an excuse Blue uses in order to not pay for juries.) Orange hides enslavement under the rug. Yellow? I don't know, yet. Artificial intelligence can easily become a tool of enslavement. Therefore, I urge you to become as independent as possible and not expect too much from governments and movements and future promises. When future promises are broken, you can get out of enslavement only if you are strong and smart. Don't let your guard down. Don't be gullible enough to believe promises. Protect those whom you can protect. Have realistic expectations about future promises. The solution is to train self governance. Don't give up control to governments. Don't wait for governments or others to save you.
  5. Supposedly Green people seem to want to enslave others by putting humans in restricted areas and preventing them from getting out. This is nothing new. It has been done by lower stages, too. Trump building physical walls. Green building ideological walls beyond which no job is available. Calling random people racists to avoid getting to know them. Maybe, I'm wrong. But, we should definitely evolve more and take care of our fellows. Freedom and liberty are important tools with which we create what we want to create.
  6. Every microsecond since your birth has been deciding the future of your life.
  7. Feminism belongs to Green. Green's problems cannot be answered to by Green or below in the same way that Orange's problems cannot be solved by Orange. At your level of consciousness, any attempt to grasp feminism would be futile because you won't ever reach a satisfactory answer until you grow past Green. I guess Solid Yellow would start creating solutions to feminism's and Green's problems. Solid Turquoise could properly tackle Green and below head on. Proper Coral would be able to handle them without too much hassle. Teal is yet another mind-fuckery. Stop haggling with feminism at your level of consciousness. It's futile. Focus on growing while enforcing your boundaries. For now, it's beyond you.
  8. @Hansu Of course, it's very hard to pretend that you are gay when you are not. But, you can identify with body building if that's what you want to do most rather than what you want to do right now. It's not difficult to figure out what you want most or what you really want to do.
  9. You can lose weight by including exercise in your identity. See yourself as a person who exercises everyday. You can learn to identify more strongly with exercise and discipline than with eating and procrastination. If you see yourself as a natural procrastinator, quitting procrastination will be difficult because you will easily justify procrastination. Expanding your identity can be painful because it requires going outside comfort zone by definition, but it is easier than other personal development techniques I used.
  10. I dropped my bullshit identity as a computer geek. And, various bullshit computer projects that serve as distractions are melting away.
  11. Until recently, my visualization failed because I couldn't visualize years into the future well. My mind just wandered off into daydreaming mode. So, I started changing the tactics. I visualized expanding my identity to major areas of my life. It worked beautifully. Today, I visualized becoming stronger and smarter because of obstacles and remaining calm, given any situation - victory or defeat. I immediately became more stoic and more imperturbable. If visualizing the far future doesn't work, pick a concept of personal development, and visualize embodying it right now.
  12. During vietnam war, US soldiers were addicted to drugs because they didn't have much to do other than killing enemies and injecting drugs. As soon as they returned to USA, the vast majority of addicts cured themselves of drug addiction because they suddenly found a lot more things to do. I used to be addicted to computer because I identified mainly with my computer. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't cure myself of computer addiction. Recently, I figured out that I was addicted to my computer because I identified strongly with it. I then decided to identify with gradual expansion of identity. First, I'm going to try to identify more with all major aspects of my life including work, body, relationship, and mind. After I identify with my full individual self, I can expand my identity beyond myself. I started identifying more with my task management system and timer so that I don't lose balance to one task. What I discover is that as I expand my identity or myself, things gain more balance because I automatically care about and pursue balance among things I identify with. However, my identity tends to shrink over hours to a small part of my life because what I do tends to define me narrowly. Thus, I have to constantly watch for tunnel vision and expand my identity again. You also go outside your comfort zone by expanding your identity. For example, you identify with your body and decide to go to gym and lift heavier weights. You can also expand your identity by identifying with higher standards for what you do.
  13. How do you know life is deterministic?
  14. First, make friends and build your tribe. Make a family if you like. If you don't like, don't. If your health deteriorates to the point of no return and you expect to suffer greatly, you can choose euthanasia. You can choose to dig your own grave by paying for euthanasia and funeral service. A controlled death is better than a long downward spiral.