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  1. The peter principle states that people in a hierarchy tend to rise to their level of incompetence. I don't understand how the peter principle applies to me. This part doesn't seem to make sense.
  2. My mistake has been to overestimate my ability to resist temptations. In other words, I suffered from dunning-kruger effect. As a result, I felt pray to various temptations and wasted a lot of years. A quick trick is to underestimate my ability to resist temptations if in doubt. This trick immediately improved my average results.
  3. Sounds like you are having fun.
  4. Inter-racial marriage is beneficial for your children's genetic health. It's easy to justify inter-racial marriage when you see physically and intellectually superior children from inter-racial marriages. Japanese people love foreign genes too because they suffer from genetic defects in their gene pool. Often, genetic defects manifest as facial deformities and various physical deformities and low intelligence. I am attracted to superior genes, too.
  5. By the way, I do not see progressive people. Most who claim to be progressive are a conservative of another kind. Being progressive entails destroying one's ego. Destroying one's ego is a constant process. It's easy to see conservatism because egos like conserving something. Are you progressive relatively to yourself?
  6. This reminds me of myself. I call it dunning-kruger effect. I have been cleaning up false lofty ideals in my head. I'd rather be the lofty ideals than conceptualize or know about them. I started putting being in front of knowing and concepts.
  7. By the way, compassion and empathy don't always lead to good manners. You can say harsh things out of compassion. Tough love.
  8. If a woman showed good manners to me, I couldn't consider her toxic.
  9. Is this how a few monks transcended self-immolation? Burning oneself is good?
  10. Zizzero wrote it's better to inspire people into different views by showing your growth than to convince people of different views.
  11. Orange and green are only liberal relative to Blue. They may feel restrictive and oppressive to other stages. I often find liberalism oppressive. Liberalism is a misnomer. Also, devils often mean personal power or control over others when they say liberalism. It is just somewhat less oppressive than authoritarianism. It seems devils didn't think hard enough about what it means to be liberated. I'd say one limitation of Orange and Green is incompetently developed notions of liberalism.
  12. If you have a lot of money, you are going to attract more money. It works. It just needs a lot of quantity.
  13. Leo's recommendations Meditation Kriya Yoga Psychedelics