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  1. Like ants? At my conscious level, it could be possible with assistance of very advanced technologies.
  2. I wanted to balance absolutism with some relativism. Too many people think governments are absolutely necessary. Relativism is good for developing out-of-box thinking which helps with innovations. Even if my post is irrelevant, it still helps with developing flexible mind.
  3. In the far future, it's possible that governments as we know them may not exist. Societies, politics, hierarchies, and governance may still exist, but they may not require governments in the far future. Governments are only viable and seemingly necessary relatively to this current era. With very advanced technologies, hierarchies could potentially become too fluid, too flexible, and too shallow for governments to exist.
  4. Ideologies and movements are distractions to life purpose.
  5. Arete is more powerful.
  6. That is too long. It can be summarized as "What you can be, you must be". It's also known as arete.
  7. My mind is foggy right now, but I can understand this. I'm not a donkey, then.
  8. I doubt that I really understand truth.
  9. I guess you are right. If I have doubts, I don't get it, yet.
  10. How is it possible for you to do this?
  11. I think governments aren't strictly necessary in different configurations of the universe. The governments seem necessary relatively to our situations. It's all relative to our current level of development. In the far future when evolution has taken us very far, governments as we know them may not exist, and we still will be living well with all basic luxuries we enjoy today.
  12. Shit, what's wrong with liberia? Government officers shit on beach with other people. 75% of women are raped at gun points or through threat of violence. A large percent of population has eaten human meat and sold human body parts as food. Human genital parts are floating on rivers. God's love must be infinite since if god didn't love it, god wouldn't allow it to exist.
  13. Not every country survives by waging civil wars on steroids.
  14. Hahahaha..... you order him to get better. That's like telling the cancer to die.
  15. I'm not sure about that. But, there are many things you can do everyday that improve health. Improving water consumption, food habit, exercise, and sleep helps with any health issues. Also, reducing body fat can help, too since he is overweight. I also read that sleeping for 6 hours a day instead of 7 hours a day can decimate the effectiveness of immune system that he needs to fight cancer. What I learned from observation is that people often cause their own sickness through bad habits. They are their own worst enemies. My sister injured her heel by just walking in mildly sloped shoes. She injured herself by not having a sense of balance on sloped shoes. Regular exercise can develop a sense of balance. She often neglects to move her body.