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  1. I'm aware that 90% or more of my ideas or projects will go to trash bin. Being aware of this is good.'s_law says
  2. There's dynamic balance. When you are just imagining in your mind, you can explore craziest ideas. When you actually implement ideas, you got to prune bad ideas. It's like writing a novel. When you explore ideas for novel, you come up with all sorts of weird ideas in brainstorm sessions. When you actually write the novel, you have to cut out most ideas. At some point, you got to stop exploring and start delivering the novel. Exploration and delivery. If you are too careful in exploration phase, you won't come up with much.
  3. In general, yes. In this specific case, I don't think I or others will become ideological about my ideas. Rather, I expect 99% of people to ideologically reject my ideas, and most of 1% to shrug them off as amateurish ideas. You're right. I don't intend to become professional in governance. Governance is not for me in this lifetime. I'm just a frolicking amateur who likes to have fun with random cool ideas. Many people like to fantasize about cool ideas from time to time. If I ever became serious about governance and made it my life purpose, I may think differently and approach it differently and more seriously. The purpose of this thread was to practice thinking outside the box although I'm not sure if I properly got outside the box.
  4. I don't think it is the answer. But, it's a fun idea to bounce with. Ideally, this kind of idea grows organically. I don't like my ideas to be fed forcefully from a small group of elites. At this point, it's primarily an intellectual exercise for the mind. No serious intention to implement anything seriously. Even if I had serious intentions to implement them seriously, I wouldn't be able to implement them at any scale without massive personal development. If I ever created a company, I might apply my own ideas to it and write a book about it after accumulating years of direct experiences. Or, a game company could apply my idea to a new release of simcity. I like the idea of testing ideas in simulations. At the very least, it's fun ideas for simulation games.
  5. This is a new experimental blueprint for new societies. Making hierarchies shallower Splitting large countries into city states Splitting military can create consequences. Explore ways for small military powers to defend against larger military powers Splitting large companies into small companies Shallower hierarchies create more authorities and more competition and create room for more experiments and more innovations. Competition is an antidote to devilry. Making hierarchies fluid Make corporate and national boundaries less rigid and more vague. Make it easy for outsiders to contribute. Wikipedia comes to my mind when I imagine easy contribution by outsiders. Corporation Be quick to promote contributors and demote idle members. Instead of hiring employees via interviews, allow outsiders to contribute to corporate work. Outsiders will have incentives to contribute because they want to fix issues in products they use and they want opportunities to demonstrate their skills to employers. Be quick to promote contributors to employees and employees to managers and executives. Be quick to demote executives, managers, and employees if they are idle for a while. Reserve tenures for a few. Government To make national boundary more vague, don't expel illegal migrants. Be quick to give more essential privileges to migrants who contribute. Essential privileges include the right to create bank accounts and small businesses. Be quick to take away non-essential privileges if they commit crimes or detract from the regional society. The right to vote is non-essential. Let people vote with their feet and their wallets. Abolish binary citizenship status. Turn binary citizenship status into gradual privileges which people gain and lose quickly over time. Each person would develop different privileges in different cities. Abolish defined election cycles. Create a voting website where people vote on their schedule. Each person can choose one's own own election cycle. I could choose to vote every 6 months. Another person could choose to vote every year or every two years. This is called asynchronous voting. Let people vote for regional candidates and individual policies. It is a mixture of direct and representational democracy.
  6. I'd like to see countries split up into hundreds of small cities. I want to see city states. City states will increase competition among governments. If there is more competition among governments, immigration will become better. Competition is a safety valve against collective devilry. I want hierarchies to become a lot shallower than they are now. I also want religions to become smaller so that they compete with each other. Islam and christianity became too big. Shallower hierarchies also create more of independent thinkers.
  7. My thoughts // the national blockade sucks balls.
  8. If you are forced only to pay tax, you are lucky. There are also jury duty and military conscription around the world. On top of that, we also have torturous mandatory public schooling.
  9. Here's my current stance. Bernie Sanders will probably make a great president. I'm just more curious about what Andrew Yang will do. I am not very curious about Bernie Sanders because he is not as experimental as Andrew Yang. I like voting for experimental candidates who might even not stand a chance.
  10. Acceptance Accept that they do not love you in the ways you like them to. Accept that you felt hurt about it. Assessment and awareness Recognize how you are screwing your relationships. Take responsibility for your relationships. Make it so that you are respected and heard. This is a hard work that can take a lifetime.
  11. Can I order 500mg of disadvantaged perspective?
  12. It's not like Bernie wanted his supporters to be angry and spiteful. Or, did he?
  13. One downside of single-payer medicare system is that doctors want to minimize the amount of time they spend with each customer. They want to churn customers as fast as possible. This can feel like indifference and negligence. During speed dating sessions, you get to interview members of the opposite sex for a few minutes. On dating apps, you are passed, and you pass others. Most of the time, professional workers ignore emails from desperate newbies who want some advices so that they can push out more labor of love. A personal development teacher ignores most questions so that it can focus more on helping as many people as possible. Helping as many people as possible often means you get little or no attention from people who can help you unless you pay them substantially. Thus, it helps to create mastermind groups consisting of peers where each person can get some quality attention on one's problems. Try to build a tribe where you can get attention. Try to become reasonably good in your field on your own before creating a mastermind group because creating a mastermind group of dabblers is not going to help you much. Becoming good on your own is possible because you have access to the internet and tools that help you create what you want to create. I hope artificial intelligence would be able to help those who need some attention in the future.
  14. That's a short-term thinking. In the longer term, every country on earth will be impacted by automation. It will leave impact craters.