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  1. @ajasatya By drug, do you mean addictions to this forum and other communication media? You're right that I "want" to let go of addictions and become fully responsible for myself.
  2. @ajasatya What traits of a healed person was I displaying? @Outer I was walking the path well, but I was inefficient because I had a lot of extraneous activities and nice-to-have goals in the way. I know that I will walk the path a lot better without extraneous acitivites and nice-to-have goals and distractions.
  3. @blazed I know how long I should work. I used to work really hard. I just need to stop using communication media like twitter and forums. Twitter is useless, so I'm going to delete my twitter account. Forums will not be visited unless I have a precise strategic plan for what to do on the forums. After I cut out distractions and nice-to-have goals and extraneous activities, I'll naturally start working hard again with a ton of optimizations applied.
  4. @Etagnwo I don't necessarily need to be healed to be optimized and pragmatic. I can't wait for myself to heal before taking action. I just need to be patient and wait until I find a doctor or until my body heals by itself. I'm aware that I'm scared and backed into a corner. But, restraints made me realize that there are a ton of optimization opportunities. Those opportunities are low-hanging fruits. What I said was that I was going to take those low-hanging fruits ruthlessly with laser focus instead of strolling and exploring territory at a leisurely pace. I realized 90% of what I do and learn are either nice to have or of low value. In the short term, I'm going to ruthlessly cut out activities of low value and focus on achieving the most important core goal of my career. I was slow because I didn't optimize and I gradually added extra nice-to-have goals to my career over time. I didn't say I was going to work 15 hours a day. I know there are limits in my work hours. 8~10 hours a day sound like a good starting point. I'll stop using twitter and stop learning a few things that will only help my career indirectly in the long term.
  5. @dude Yes, that happens. But, I think that it is homeostasis that is shifting my gears toward pragmatism and minimalism. I know how long I should work from my experiences. Without distractions, I will naturally return to my old behaviors that involve working hard, but with a shit ton of optimizations applied to my daily routine. I realized there were many activities of low value and there were many nice-to-have goals in my career. I'm going to cut them out ruthlessly. If I was able to achieve the core goal of my career, I would make money without sacrificing the level of quality in my work. Nice-to-have goals can wait.
  6. I'm 30 years old and live with my parents. I'm currently working on a new one-man entrepreneur career, and my parents want results in the next 2~3 years. Ideally, I need roughly 5 years for it to really bloom and stabilize. Given the time restraint, I realized I need to shift balance toward ruthless minimalism and brutal pragmatism for the next 2 years. I'll ruthlessly cheat my learning process when I'm stuck because I found that cheating works terribly well in very many cases for a beginner. There will be limitations in cheating after a certain point, though. Cheating in this case means ignoring bullshit that comes with traditional learning methods. Tradition comes with a lot of bullshit. And, traditionalists tell me I'm cheating when I ignore bullshits in traditions. It's dynamic balance. After my new career stabilizes, then I can think about shifting balance toward true mastery and creativity. Sorry, Leo Gura. I just can't give up my ego, yet. I am so terrified of living a life in which I take orders from other people. I need freedom in my work. I really want one-man entrepreneurship. Perhaps, I'll focus on the most important aspect of my career really really hard and throttle learning other aspects of my new career for a few years. I found myself addicted to this forum. It was a really bad short-term addiction. As part of ruthless optimization process, this addiction has to stop. I think this forum can easily be toxic for people who are beginners in personal development and life purpose and thus cannot stop themselves from wasting time here. Thus, I'll visit this forum only when I have a precise strategic plan for what to do on this forum. Otherwise, it just becomes another addiction. I will still watch Leo Gura's videos. But, you will probably not see me on this forum for many months after I reply to replies to this post.
  7. @pluto What's wrong with my belief system when I am easily distracted? Would meditation and psychedelics not help a lot with addictions and distractions?
  8. Meditation is a weak form of psychedelics. That's why it takes far longer to kill your ego with meditation than with psychedelics.
  9. Ingest psychedelics, and you will learn more about your ego.
  10. @Outer I don't exactly follow TJ Reeves. I'm interested in his character at this point. He seems to have interesting perspectives that other teachers don't have. Also, as a beginner, it's hard to discern who's ignorant and who's not.
  11. I stumbled upon the following YouTube video. I took note of the video. Below is the summary of the video. Babies form neural connections in various ways. As a person becomes as old as 12 years old, the person's neuronal activation patterns are stuck in brain's default mode network(DMN). Default mode network is responsible for thinking about the self, evaluations, the past, the future, and so on. Psilocybin deactivates default mode network(DMN) to a degree. Meditation has similar effects to psilocybin. While DMN is suppressed, you lose sense of self, and your brain starts forming new connections toward various other areas of your brain to compensate for suppression of DMN. In a sense, psilocybin lets you access subconscious parts of your brain. This is why you have trips when you are on psychedelics. The new perspectives and insights you gain from trips last for about 1 year. Psychedelics are not addictive, but they cure addictions. LSD and psilocybin cure soft addictions to alcohol, lighter drugs, marijuana, and nicotine. DMT cures hard addictions to heroin and cocaine. One administration of psychedelics can suppress depression for about 6 months. Psychedelics are not harmful to brain and have good effects on depression, ADHD, OCD, and autism. Anti-depressants sold by pharmaceutial industry are harmful to brain and do not suppress depression nearly as well as psychedelics. ADHD drugs sold by pharmaceutical industry are harmful to children's mental growth. Pharmaceutical industry made psychedelics illegal to sell anti-depressants and ADHD cures and various other drugs at artifically inflated prices. One in 5 people can have a bad trip with panic attacks and paranoia and so on for 4 or 5 hours. The bad effects are only bad for 4~5 hours, and you can't put a value on the amount of things you learn about yourself, the world, others, and time and space you live in. One in 3 people reported that psilocybin was the single most spiritually significant event of their life. Two in 3 people reported that it was in the top 5 of all significant experiences. Psilocybin was almost as significant as child birth and death of a family member. It seems strong psychedelics are better than weak psychedelics at killing ego and treating addiction and various mental issues. Pharmaceuticals are harmful to brain and far less effective than psychedelics while psychedelics are harmless to brain and far more effective. That's why pharmaceutical industry made psychedelics illegal. Meditation seems to be a weak form of psychedelics. That's probably why it takes longer to awaken with meditation than with psychedelics. Your demon(your ego) lives in default mode network. By meditating and taking psychedelics, your brain's DMN is suppressed, and your brain forms new connections in various places. This is pretty close to death of default mode network which is literally you. The following video shows what enlightenment looks like.
  12. @isabel The universe doesn't feel like a playground. It feels more like an eternal meat grinder.
  13. I never knew John Travolta was a self-actualized person.
  14. @ansimuz How long is `a while`? Is enlightenment not ego-death? If 5-MeO-DMT induces ego death, it seems like enlightenment.