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  1. The report contains motivational phrases and explanations that were enough to guide me in my daily life. I wanted to constantly remind me of which areas of life I needed to work on. Your mileage may vary. TJ created deathproof university to provide people who read SAAFE report with specific instructions on how to improve scores. Personally, I ran out of money, so I decided to not pay $100 per month for deathproof university subscription. You might want to watch some videos on deathproof youtube channel if you want to know why SAAFE focuses on worldly problems. The videos are short and fun. In a nutshell, his reasoning is that if you are enlightened, you would be able to excel in the real world. He thinks pushing yourself mentally, physically, socially, and creatively can push and grow you spiritually. Excelling in the game of life and renouncing the material world involve a similar process. Both push you spiritually. Both require you to clean up your diet and clean up your mind. Deep work is like a form of meditation. Other than that, he just likes personal development which I like, too. If you are not into personal development, he is not your man. If you want to play the game of life well, check him out.
  2. I think stock tradings are best done by algorithms. Trading algorithm designers can now step back and upgrade their motivation.
  3. You got an upgrade in motivation.
  4. Do nothing meditation Zazen meditation (focusing on breath) Walking meditation Deep Work meditation Deeply concentrating on work is itself a form of meditation
  5. If you have to mindfully suffer the urge to buy milk shake in order to achieve greater health, learn to love the process of enduring the urge and taking action towards exercising and eating healthier food. If you are trying to avoid the pain of being aware of the urge of food, you cannot develop healthy food habits. The same applies to the rest of life. Through love, you develop yourself into a superhero who can deal with various bullshit thrown at you and rise to the top no matter what. Through love, you also learn to discipline yourself despite temptations. By avoiding temptations, you fail to grow discipline. By willingly choosing to suffer temptations, you grow your discipline. Love temptations, and discipline will grow. Leo said love is acceptance. There is more to love. Love is both acceptance and growth through acceptance. Accept challenges ahead of you, and overcome laziness.
  6. To many people on forum, enlightenment is an excuse to justify their escapism and passivity. They want to justify not doing anything useful in the real world. Most of them are not really meditating much. They haven't used psychedelics seriously. If you raise your consciousness, you can do personal development more effectively. Raising your consciousness can facilitate your personal development.
  7. Most university professors are far less popular than second-rate youtubers. Among them, only a few managed to become popular through youtube and various lectures geared toward the masses. For example, Jordan Peterson, Michio Kaku, and Neil deGrasse Tyson. theRadBrad is more popular than Leo Gura, yet theRadBrad is a low-consciousness person. When you see that game playthroughs are more popular than university professors, you realize that becoming a professor is not a great way to become popular.
  8. Regular sleep schedule Strong morning routine Meditation
  9. It's manipulation by hiding neediness. Women are turned off by neediness.
  10. If that is the biggest problem with your marriage, your marriage is minimally satisfactory. That's how low in quality most marriages are. Uninspiring marriages qualify as minimally satisfactory ones. In a bad marriage, you would wish such a bland problem to become the biggest issue in your marriage. In a bad marriage, other bigger problems dwarf the issue of uninspiring sex or having no sex. You're lucky if your wife lets you have sex with her after years of marriage.
  11. I graduated from Blue many years ago. My parents are Blue. I just stated my honest evaluation of Blue. The fact is that Blue breeds like rabbit. But, I don't like Blue much. In the same way, stating the fact that I'm going to die due to aging doesn't mean I am fond of aging to death. I think I'm between Orange and Green because I care a lot about idealism nowadays. Ideally speaking, most marriages are uninspired as fuck. I wouldn't buy into that. To tap into Yellow, I would need to learn to be intellectual. Yellow is about intellect.
  12. That's probably why Stage Blue will remain dominant for a long time. It breeds like rabbits. Orange is careless. Green is relatively sterile. There are things that are illegal to write in prenuptial agreements, depending on where you live. The government can turn a legal prenup to an illegal one by passing laws. As far as I know, prenuptial agreements can start disintegrating if I don't renew it on a regular basis. Unless the risk of devastating financial blow is reduced to none or a tolerable level and I could marry the best wife beyond my wildest imagination, I am not tempted enough to consider marriage. I was never fond of marriage in the first place. Personally, it's not something I should do if possible. In this case, I see no good reason to tolerate low standard and relatively high risk of failure and potentially irrecoverable financial loss. Mistakes cost too much. Not enough room to experiment without incurring too much cost. You can measure various aspects of people's personal development on the scale from 0 to 100. For example, sleep, alcohol, discipline, intellect, etc, .... TJ Reeves created SAAFE to measure personal development in various aspects of life. I took SAAFE and review SAAFE report on a regular basis to remind me of my weaknesses and where I need to work on. SAAFE is my preferred measure of measuring quality of personal development.
  13. If you couldn't become one with Bear, let alone your girl friend, how are you going to integrate relative and absolute?
  14. No. I don't hate the animal called Leo. I loved it. It's the same kind of laugh that I had when I watched