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  1. Okay interesting. But wouldn’t you say learning things like physics and chemistry is crucial for developing a comprehensive, tier 2 understanding of life?
  2. @impulse9 @impulse9 thanks for the perspective! And yeah I’ve heard Khan University is a good quality source. Will be checking it out.
  3. So I was never that interested in the hard sciences in high school, and chose to focus on subjects such as psychology, philosophy & history. But now after being out of high school for a few years I’ve become interested in learning some natural sciences such as physics and chemistry. I’m not interested in pursuing them as a career. I have my LP figured out (photographer/filmmaker.) But I Just think its important to understand science so I dont have any big holes in my understanding of the world. How do I go about learning about science on my own? All the formulas and equations are a bit overwhelming to me. Btw I’m not interested in going to college. Is my intution correct to say that it is really important? Thanks.