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  1. Women are not attracted to money, do women want money? Yes, but putting money as what attracts women isn't true, for example social status is more inherent to you while money isn't, so social status is more attractive, women don't just want money - they could, if they are using the guy for money because they aren't after him inherently If you become disabled in some way, or lose social status, or can't get it up anymore - why would she stick with you instead of finding another guy when the attraction was based on those things in the first place?
  2. Trump will likely win if we look at the polls and at how many democrats are anti-socialist, so while they might not vote republican and for Trump, they won't be voting for Bernie, while Trump will get supporters who just vote republican no matter who it is and don't see many flaws with his presidency
  3. Somewhere on the left since it's the rich that the people joker inspired are against
  4. It's about getting votes from people who don't vote, and Bernie could do that well About trump's devilry being exposed, it's not being exposed as much as you think, a ton of his supporters and the right wing circle-jerks just say his devilry is exaggerated or not a big deal while sticking to their ideas of anti-LGBTQIPP or nationalism, and so sticking with trump But trump's chances are not as good as you might think because warren, bernie, yang etc. would get people to go out and vote more than trump
  5. If it's Bernie or Warren against trump, then maybe not, or just a minor increase will be enough to make trump lose
  6. Joker stoked the flames that were already there from the top 1% "chads" experiencing pleasures you cannot imagine, while those at the bottom suffer from so many problems at the same time, just avoiding suicide taking a lot of willpower out of them, facing problems that everyone else thinks define their personality and flaws, when they weren't caused by them at all
  7. Trump will very likely win if we don't get an impeachment
  8. Why? He hasn't considered even one of the sources which proves looks (or genetics in general) are what attracts women If you think your social skills are the problem, listen to rsdtyler, be more extroverted etc.
  9. Man loses thousands of dollars in prize money because of a small comment about hong kong protesters
  10. Man loses thousands of dollars in prize money because of a single short comment on hong kong protestors:
  11. I don't see the movie as a revenge fantasy, Joker wasn't resentful of people with wealth, but wanted to take out robert de niro's character, just having privileged people die due to ignorance isn't having a movie of nietzsche-ian violence, resentment of power and influence etc.
  12. Biden won't excite anyone to vote, and if it comes down to Bernie vs Trump, people aren't really supporting trump but free college for all, free medicare for all etc. will excite people to go out and vote, I doubt trump will win 2020 despite all of the crazy vocal supporters who don't question anything he does and are trying to be ignorant Here are some things that would help towards trump losing: 1. A message of "Trump is incredibly, incredibly privileged and has lived one of the most pleasurable, amazing lives you could possibly imagine... are you... maybe, just maybe a bit mad or jealous? Then don't vote trump" 2. Exposing how little trump cares about others and how much he would fuck you over if he could 3. Focusing on the biggest blunders he has made, and listing them, while ignoring the smaller ones
  13. As if shooting in the legs would mean they wouldn't be at risk of dying Both ways this is idiotic, this makes it more clear what his stance is on people who weren't privileged enough to be born in the US
  14. True, there are dumb people who are anti-trump, but trump supporters will try to use this to strengthen their position, while ofc ignoring anything negative about trump and also using their mob mentality to bump up their pro-trump position, such as someone listening to a pro trump youtuber make one good point, then use this as fuel to not even consider the other side