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  1. Leo was referring to saying something along those lines to her, not using that specific word, which you would not do because that still wouldn't get you far.
  2. Saying issues are more complex than they are serves jeff bezos and others like him, it's not just about him throwing money at it, he isn't concerned with that because it isn't profitable. Trump isn't a figure of virtue who is trying his hardest to stop climate change but is stopped by the issue being complex, he isn't even admitting it's real which is the first step.
  3. Look at the comment sections there is a valid point there that I pointed out in my first comment on this thread Even the video about "do I doubt myself" is funnily self biased It's not unreasonable to question if a forum is too conformist, devilry corrupting communities, a teacher being wrong and not willing to see it etc. but with that being said this forum is good relative to other places
  4. No, you're just limiting yourself falsely based on time of birth.
  5. May be, but what you said is still clearly a belief, read my first comment on this thread.
  6. I pointed out that you can say "leo doesn't exist" to PRAISE of him just like you are saying it to the criticism of him, yet you aren't doing this when agreeing with Leo's teachings - you only bring it out when you try to deal with people who disagree with Leo. You are proving my belief that you're biased towards defending someone because they made you a "moderator".
  7. Yes it's a belief and you're doing spiritual bypassing, there are smart comments in his comment section such as "People like Leo can’t accept the horror of the natural world so they disassociate even though even if you are personally in a good mood suffering is still occurring across the world". By saying there is no Leo, you're absolving Leo as a human of ever being wrong, it doesn't debunk criticisms, you're just self biased and bypassing the criticism. If you use direct experience to say you have validated something, how do you know you weren't just hallucinating or are wrong and didn't account for something? You don't know that and that's a belief By the way despite me not agreeing with the guy criticising Leo, Leo has personally admitted to being a narcissist and the banner of the website proves it
  8. Nope, that's stage orange, I doubt much of stage green is based around making others look stupid and insecure but that is found in orange a lot.
  9. Mostly red, blue and orange.
  10. Well, if it was the rise of stage red that would be easier to give an alternative to because blue & orange don't agree with that, but since it's a stage blue value and stage blue and orange are the biggest stages right now it's more difficult. I'd say don't underestimate how much people cling to nationalism, racism, biases, countries being real etc.
  11. People should have been skeptical in the first place, there are people who spend tons of time and 500$+ to become a moderator on a website (at least we don't have that type of stuff) so why would someone not be putting up a fake front while in a company? This should be common sense but people still fall for it - there are people right now keeping up a false front of virtue while in reality they embody typical stage orange greed, not going up to stage green because they don't want those qualities they just want to appeal to stage green if that. A CEO who says they support gay rights and donates a little bit will keep up a fake front easily to people who feel the need to defend capitalism because their parents defend it, when in reality their actions are against medicare for all, against not having money in politics etc.
  12. Private ownership doesn't have to be abolished for things like UBI, healthcare for all etc. to be implemented The US needs a mix of capitalism and socialism, but as consciousness rises it will swing more towards socialism
  13. What if your improvement will only be hindered by denying some of that stuff?