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  1. You need to have status, looks and be an NPC
  2. Good video, also this is the same guy who debated faceandlms
  3. One thing I've noticed is how he is self biased against MRAs or whoever argues female privilege exists, he doesn't acknowledge that both men and women have it hard when it comes to finding a long term partner who has a good personality, while he did admit that females have it easier when it comes to getting sex, and how the reason women aren't finding men who have good personalities is that they'd rather be with narcissists or even child rapists (as confirmed by tinder experiments) than Also nothing about the privileges women have in academia where they're out performing men in every field in high school and elementary school, nor other privileges like this, and also how 80% of suicides are men https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1gRNv561CE Note how the best example is real life direct experiences of how ugly men are disadvantaged and ways in which women are privileged, so a biased mind will always be able to wiggle it's way out of admitting female privilege only from statistics and data, without first having seen direct examples
  4. Don't expect people to just see their own stupidity, they won't, and they won't need any mental gymanstics - they just won't listen
  5. Not that much, they aren't believable yet
  6. The thing is, if they're going with a "I'm gonna just be out for myself" ideology, why not still vote for UBI when it would benefit them the most? Sounds like they would mostly crumble when their privilege was pointed out to them They don't want freedom, they want anarchy to serve them
  7. They don't have to be dumb, environments that reward deluded conformism also have people who just pretend to believe so they aren't punished, we see modern modern stage blue and orange environments like this too, even tho many are genuinely conforming
  8. There's no point in voting andrew yang when he himself thinks he is unelectable
  9. There are records of Bill Clinton among others flying with him to this island. But he "killed himself" before he could testify whether or not Bill Clinton and others actually engaged in pedophelic activity on the island
  10. I doubt any exist currently
  11. I am saying it is not a good thing for a future human to die, but in cases where condoms and birth control failed or weren't used then it could be necessary One of the evangelicals is right in the sense that, if a democrat wins then 5000+ future humans (that are you) will be killed, it's worth it but it's an "ends justify the means" thing Also an abortion ban would just make it so that more condoms/birth control is used
  12. Trump simply claims to support what they already support while they're afraid of other candidates who don't being president On the other hand since abortion is killing there would be a silver lining to trump winning
  13. Yes it is, but you can go for a short girl
  14. "I understand that patriarchy is a problem" This is where you have failed and blinded yourself to female privilege