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  1. what a low IQ disgusting bootlicker fa***** nig*** you'd have to be to say this, lol I'm pointing out the complete hypocrisy of thinking someone's life only matters after they come out of the womb and you can't address it and I also said abortion is not pleasant for a woman so it should be avoided But keep being vegan to make a 0.00001% difference thinking you're doing the right thing or whatever
  2. Who is saying or implying this? Mind you I am open to the possibility that they are.
  3. So you didn't read the entire post? I am not for simply banning abortion, but for having some kind of punishment or disincentive against it, this includes more access to birth control/better education. And again if it was banned then women would get into situations in which they have to have an abortion at a lesser rate.
  4. A morality is like a diamond, it has no use just by itself.
  5. Let's not ban theft because people will do it anyway? No, it does reduce the number of theft committed. There's no candidate that will ban abortion if they get elected therefore if over 50% wanted it banned it wouldn't get banned.
  6. To liberals killing a baby while it hasn't been born yet and it's awaiting to be born is not immoral, however killing it shortly after it's born would be immoral and would be murder according to them. So much moral outrage over a distinction which is really just arbitrary. And ofc this is because they are conforming to the status quo. Abortion is obviously necessary in a number of cases, but is something that it doesn't have to get to, banning abortion would clearly reduce the number of abortions, as opposed to making it happen illegally, because then less women would be in the position where they need to do it as they would know it's illegal (or has some kind of punishment attached to it - a punishment to HELP prevent having to do an abortion).
  7. As if that would justify overpricing food, obviously it wouldn't.
  8. All the companies supporting BLM are economically far right.
  9. not even the title before scrolling down to post this
  10. This was the counter balance to these communities.
  11. Why allow those subreddits on reddit? They were stupid and obnoxious, you could have tried arguing with them but it wouldn't have worked. Now that they're banned those communities will no longer be promoting bad ideas and hate against groups of people.
  12. r/chapotraphouse hated land lords AKA fellow working class people, not realizing that they make more than a third world country landlord and was full of stupid posts like "haha look we've accepted LGBT for longer than the confederacy has existed". r/the_donald was highly racist and nationalist. This is a step forward for reddit.
  13. It's not stage red just because it's violent, he becomes like this because of the negative sides of stage orange and blue.