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  1. Most people on this forum would leave spirituality if spirituality became mainstream. Most of us on this forum are here because our personality is a about going against what other people think. We speak about consciousness because it is something outside of the box. We are such personality, force of this society. We just use this force on each other even on this thread, for example this is why people are not serious in this thread, and not working for something together but showing outside of the box of the outside of box. There can be only one satan at one place.
  2. Because whatever you do it has a certain energy signature. For example next to a lake, you will be able to summon hindu deities connected to water.
  3. Today I had a lucid dream, so what I controlled, where I tried to wrote on It took me like one minute until arrived to the point that I publised a writing, because everything was morphing, I searched for the right subforum. Characters around me tried to speak with me, but I said consciously that hey man I rarely has chance to watch the lucid dream version of so leave me alone. After I got up, I see that in the real world it wasn't published of course.
  4. I made two normal spiritual post yesterday on my Instagram. I wrote the text below the picture in a way that like "you see auras too?good, ask me questions if you have". Today I see that I got banned for the reason of "misleading people/stealing money from people/promoting in some wrong way". There is a person I spoke with who get always banned when he start speaking spirituality on his Youtube channel. So trying to promote will maybe end up not good.
  5. We meet with people who talk and we aware they just say nothing. But then whenever we speak we always 🔥 try go a bit higher.
  6. You already speak quite intellectually, so I will say that: grab your initial intent, and boost it. 💥
  7. Today I stepped down from my bike in a park to look around, I didn't noticed that a girl was next to me at that moment, I got suprised, she thought I'm wanting to talk with her, because we have already looked each other times before. This recontextualization compelled me to jump on the bike, but go away like nothing happened and my context would be the true.
  8. A real and honest example: In the city I live, in Europe, there are 200.000 people. There are just two IT programmer job advertised in this month here. Both want programmer with 5-10 year experience with a college degree, almost native level english. I found only 3 IT jobs which can be done from anywhere so in my city too, but they are too with senior experience. There is only one job which don't require college degree in 70 km radius, but it's require experience, renting house+bills cost as much money as this job gives you, but this is a small town and rarely there is any house to rent there at all. Maybe lot of people applied to these jobs already. In our capital city there are around 150 programming jobs, only like 10 on of them don't require experience, there renting the cheapest apartman in 10 km from the job+bills+basic food+other necessities like transportation cost as much as the job gives, the job which don't require experience, but as high level of knowledge like people with experience. In other fields like accounting, there are 8 accountant which is needed in my city in this month. I need still 5 year to get my college degree in accounting, and I'm bored of it, the meaning I have is doing spirituality most of my time. For lot of people's jobs shouldn't try be connected to their life purpose. Can I have hope and start learning programming, I'm not counting with some factor?
  9. Maybe he was lost in fantasy, but if we just want to read something mystical about existence then it doesn't matter. But if our intention is to bring spirituality into our daily life to improve our daily actions, then we shouldn't listen to him. If we don't make distinction between the two then we might be lost, and not this two guru.
  10. The case of Leo seem like the case of Ramana Maharshi. Let's say that Ramana Maharshi's level of awakenedness is same as Carl Jung, Dalai Lama, Albert Einstein, desciples of Jesus are. Ramana Maharshi teached that you have to meditate only on the crown chakra, and you are separated from your body and mind and you can be on his awakenedness level only by this consciousness, this is similar like what Leo say that we have to know alien consciousness to be on his level. But there are let's say Carl Jung and Descipes of Jesus, who would say that you don't need what Ramana Maharshi say to be on the level of Ramana Maharshi. This is why Leo should make talk with Claude Clauidu from Quora website who seem to be a higher soul like Leo.
  11. We are talking about type of consciousness on this thread which is understanding of reality. Every spiritual awakening is some amount of sudden increasement of this type of consciousness, but it will get back within minutes or hours, but if the person try to embody it, then you will be stabely higher than an avarage person. Like measuring how much IQ somebody has give a concrete value, how awakened somebody is can be measured. Serious spirituality consider this type of consciousness as a concrete thing, as Leo said that he know he has truth because he is awakened. Playing unserious meditation non-duality, or philosofical mental games are not increasing this consciousness, but only people can know this who experienced some awakening or impoved his awarness with well directed self-improvement. If a person not motivated enough then practices that maybe worked for others, for him will never work and even block into some spiritual belief and he delude himself that he imporved himself. When an avarage person say that I am god and when a more awakened person say that I am god then there is difference. It is come from religion that only who don't have arrogance have higher understanding. Leo made his videos by trying to embody them in his life which can be seen on his contents. Somebody can be highly awakened, but maybe don't talk about god at all. The problem I see between Leo and forum members is that losing soul attachments is what increase awakenedness and not alien consciousness or human insanity. So somebody can be with as little psychological escape or be as awakened like Leo (he is highly awakened anyway), the person not talk about god or spiritual matters in the way Leo speak and the person don't talk about alien consciousness for example Claude Claudiu from Quora. I for example I felt deeple awakened to that every spiritual progress is neurotic, but Leo don't awakened to this because he had other attachments. Awakening is just this: Increasement of consciousness in the consciousness related to awakenings, but it doesn't related to any theme essentially. Any Spiritual Awakening increasing one type of consciousness.
  12. @Ajax I also don't know too much about it, so you can also help me seeing my biases, but it is more beneficial to consider dimension to be more basic thing than science. Science is just a method, Leo talk a lot about how limited it is. So it seem to me that science is a tool to explain or create a desired change in 1D, 2D or 3D. Scientist say that's not even possible to be other method han science, but from what. Scientist say that we created science to know the truth, so it is truth, but they don't want to admit that biased people created science, so their limited truth is the truth of science. Why I say these things with difficult philosophical framing, because science want me to do it, but at the same time science say that philosophy is not serious, in other words scientists or you want me to beat science with scientific method while just you choosed science. There are other tools which called spiritual methods in summary (everything which is outside science is casted into here), and some of these help us. Spiritual methods can be important or true if they help you in whatever you want. You have to just acknowledge that it is possible that there are other methods than science, and then you are not blocked into science. A scientific person will give up his fanatic belief that only science is Truth by coming back to what the person want more deeply, because I am my beliefs and my will is what my beliefs are, and if I realise a deeper belief, then weaker, this why somebody have to understand (under-stand, under because I'm my deeper beliefs observing my more superficial beliefs) a low level belief and only then you can release it. For example if a fanatic with science have cancer realize that he will die, he try a spiritual thing, he tries to release his low level beliefs, fears, fustrations, which cause him cancer according to basic common sense, for example suppression of love can cause heart discease, but to realize what the basic common sense dictate (fustrations cause ilness) not the scientific belief (science don't proved ilnesses by fustration), he have to realize that he aways did science to improve his life, and not because it is the truth, but now his life is seriously risked, after he know this, he can just choose which is best for improving his life and lose his belief that he can do it only by being attached to science.
  13. If Leo is already so badly criticized by the forum members, then at least give him a concrete value in this system. - ❗I collected these evaluations and datas from the posts of Claude Claudiu from Quora.❗ The numbers show how awakened somebody is. (This person say he can evaluate people by his psychic senses. D means dimension. Claude Claudiu seem to be good to make an interview with @Leo Gura .) minerals, rocks and such things - 1D plants - 2D Heavy metal music - 3.0D-3.2D rock music (an example is rock music about God) insects then birds then mammals then sea mammals - 3.0D-3.5D some humans, London, New York, Berlin - 3.0D-3.5D avarage person - 3.6D some religion, science - 3D 90% of people, Nythiananda now - 3D Pop music is in the range - 3.3-4.0D 9-10% of people - 4D some scientist - 4.0D Some few rock ballads, almost all meditation music - 3.8-4.0D Classical music like Beethoven, Brahms, Haydn, Chopin, Tchaikovsky - 3.6-4.2D most religious music - 3.7-4.2D spiritual books extremely few like under 0.01% have any value at all - 3D-4D Prem Rawat, Reiki masters - 4.0D-4.1D TM meditation, mindfulness meditation - 4.0D buddhism, christianity, Judaism at maximum - 4.0D-4.3D Coldplay, some pieces of U2, many of ABBA, J. Michel Jarre, Adele - 4.0D-4.5D Neem Karoli Baba - 4.4D U.G. Krishnamurti - 4.5D Ram Dass - 4.6D Wagner - 4.5D-4.9D disciples of Jesus, songs of Engelbert Humperdinck, Herb Ernst and also Michael Oldfield, Dyer - 5.0D every 1000th person - 5D Carl Jung, Viktor Schauberger - 5D Mozart himself with his pieces, half of Bach's work, Ramana Maharshi, Dalai Lama, Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda, Sal Rachele's books - 5.5D-5.6D The Holy Science by Yukteswar Giri - 5.8D highest level somebody can reach only by meditation - 5.5D-5.9D every 10000+ person - 6D half of Bach's pieces, Vangelis' all pieces, The God Code by Gregg Braden - 6D one person in one million - 7D Jesus as a human, Buddha, Krishna, Mikao Usui, Nythiananda now Gregg Braden, David Wilcock, Nassim Haramein, Ramakrishna, Lao Tzu, Vivekananda, Yogananda, Sri Yukteswar Giri, Eckhart Tolle, Osho, Sadhguru, Soul Integration by Sal Rachele - 7D Sal Rachele, Inelia Benz - 8D Melcizedek Drunvalo, Peter Deunov, Jiddu Krishnamurti - 9D highest possible in this universe - 12D - Leo Gura - ?.?D My note: How forum members evaluate Leo Gura in this system? Or this system not good to post on this forum? More awakened a person is, more he can estimate how much awakened an other person. For example a person who is a bit more higher buddhist seem to be super enlightened from the perspective of an avarage person. A more awakened person can make lesser awakened music like rock, but a person can't make higher music than his level understanding of reality. For example a 3.6D soul can create a 3.2D heavy metal music piece, but can't make a 4.5D music. If Leo with his higher vibration (?.?D) make a music he would be unique because there are few composers and songs who are higher than pop music.
  14. So if awakenings what forum members expericenced = awakenings that Leo experienced. Then (certain number) X awakening = AWAKE? So AWAKE = alien consciousness + other awakenings?
  15. I want to reach higher understanding of reality. I should pursue working myself by trying to embody my awakenings I had before? For example I awakened a month ago that there is no spiritual progress - with this I can release lot of suppressing and escape, but how much should I practice this? Or I should pursue directly awakenings? The same awakenings can be repeated? Because I had only one big classical awakening, and that came from bhakti yoga praying. Because when I had some awakenings they lasted only for minutes or hours. So I assume I have to make them constant. Following many system make me confused because then I don't have clearity to gauge my progress.