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  1. So if awakenings what forum members expericenced = awakenings that Leo experienced. Then (certain number) X awakening = AWAKE? So AWAKE = alien consciousness + other awakenings?
  2. I want to reach higher understanding of reality. I should pursue working myself by trying to embody my awakenings I had before? For example I awakened a month ago that there is no spiritual progress - with this I can release lot of suppressing and escape, but how much should I practice this? Or I should pursue directly awakenings? The same awakenings can be repeated? Because I had only one big classical awakening, and that came from bhakti yoga praying. Because when I had some awakenings they lasted only for minutes or hours. So I assume I have to make them constant. Following many system make me confused because then I don't have clearity to gauge my progress.
  3. Don't behave like a spiritual person and don't say anything what can related to spirituality when there is an avarage person near you. Avarage person is hostile with spirituals. Instead use this forum. Here you can share the ideas you have with ease.
  4. Yes, because we have to include all into our consciousness. Include non-duality. Every belief is true. Not intellectuall including, but into our consciousness. Acknowledge non-duality.
  5. Just put into yourself everybody's opinion in this thread, then expand more and more as consciousness. Just eat every post. Inculde all!
  6. @MisterNobody Make this thread a meaningful thread and show us how Leo should behave in your opinion.
  7. Suffering is when there is no enough life force which would feed you organs, in other words your chakras are blocked due to fears to feel or acknowledge things.
  8. Yes, I think the best thing to do is to follow what Leo want. But it is difficult to follow it if there are no homework. If Leo say that "No amount of meditation is AWAKE." then what to do? Just watch one his video? There is a ladder to climb. Don't just say that you are the highest, but name the levels or teachers who are between you and the avarage level. Create a clear ladder.
  9. It is too easy to use these concepts as ego-defence. Maybe there should be concepts in this forum which are not easily corrupted.
  10. Ok you think that God is field and not a bubble, but how this change your actions in the next hour let's say?
  11. If somebody use only one exercise and doing it all the time. For example, observing what is and not what isn't, which exercise release escapes. Then he will be good in spirituality? If there is no tradition then compared to what somebody can evaluate himself?
  12. You can't see even if it has bad affect on you when you consume fluoride. At least the releasing blocks, low level beliefs gives feeling better immediately and we see the process and we see on our body better health the next day.
  13. It can be your personality type. Maybe one of your sign in the astrological chart is scorpio.
  14. Replying to your post. I did retreats which mean meditating and searching for insights for weeks all day long. But that wasn't awakening. But when I had a near death experience and I prayed to "god" with all my heart, suddenly I had the powerful the classical awakening, which mean that I understood spiritual concepts, understood reality. But this had effect on me only for hours. And what I learned is that more limiting belief you released more awake you are.
  15. Until Leo don't take seriously just the possibility that everything can be measured spiritually, he just invent what is Awake mean for himself. It is like inventing what is body height. It is so magical that our body parts translated into the height of the body, for example ... cm? Start by sanity, that spirituality is just an other type of phycics. Leo say that he know from his awakenings that he is the highest on this forum is. I agree with this sentence. But that doesn't mean he reached enlightenment, 7D vibration out of 12D which possible in this universe. Leo is let's say 6D. Most guru is at 4D. If he can't embody the alien consciousness then it will just confuse him and decrease his vibration. The other thing is that he say he know intelectually what awakening mean but he don't know how to embody it. We should count how many limiting belief he released so far. Let's say that with every third video he released one. Then he released around 150 limiting belief. Then we can compare himself to us or to other teachers.