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  1. You could talk more about why life is beautiful. Why is life a gift? Why is life so amazing? Most of your episodes are about "problems" and "deconstructing": I love them all, but why don't you talk more about why and how life is beautiful and perfect? I mean specific episodes about that.
  2. It was clear that you didn't promote suicide, and you clarified that once more (and even more clearly) in your last video. It's good that you put more warnings in the descriptions of your videos (and maybe remind that sometimes while you talk), but other than that, I would suggest, just move on: don't spend too much time and energy on that topic.
  3. A huge thank you from an italian doctor who was stuck in the materialistic paradigm before knowing you. Happy birthday.
  4. - Spiral Dynamics - 9 stages of ego development -"Levels of Energy" model, by Frederick Dodson and David Hawkins The first 2 are models about stages of development. Levels of energy, instead, is about states of consciousness.
  5. A video that talks about similarities and differences between the best models to understand reality, and how those models integrate and interact with each other. You could make a quick summary about the models you already talked about, such as: - Spiral Dynamics - 9 stages of ego development And you might add the "Levels of Energy" model, by Frederick Dodson and David Hawkins. Since as you always say there's no "ultimate model", it'd be very interesting to understand the pros and cons of each model, and how/when to use one model or another.