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  1. When I detached, I felt a sense of awe, within every droplet of space an infinite unit of YOU. [negative space] When I detached, I felt a sense of awe, within every droplet of space an infinite unit of ME [positive space] As I was everything and YOU were nothing a boundary still between, the pores so thin and so tiny; I could barely see. So, I thought to myself what this very thing could be. If there was no you nor me, wouldn't it be only infinity there was to see. Not my body, not the lamp shade, not the wall of form I used to see. Only YOU Exists; was the last thing I could intellectually see. For now, ... You are me, but who is YOU to you? The last duality that wanted to thank; myself for all my efforts. "I will trust the self- enquiry words; to show my respect as unconditional and as illusory it actually is" "a gesture of good will from ME to meyou; even if it is not the truth" "YOU ONCE SAID IT WAS A RACE (AS A JOKE) IN YOUR SPIRAL DYNAMICS; IMPORTANCE OF INSIGHT"... challenge accepted. Just kidding Im relatively young so I’ve still got A FEW MORE NOWS in the bag. So, I have a favour, being young with the power of infinite knowledge lol and in another part of the world, is a bit of a problem. so, could YOU post a possible video of how to influence the next generation of US YOUS. << its simple to me, I’m not interested in becoming metaphysicalised, if YOU understand my meaning. I just would like some avenues so to speak. DON'T FEEL OBLIGED TO RESPOND, REALITY IS PERFECT NON THE LESS. FINDING A MEANINGFUL LIFE IS ALSO ILLUSORY. BUT THESE AVENUES IS SOMETHING I WISH TO LAY A MAP OF THE TERRITORY, INCREASING AVENUES BY BEING CREATIVE FOR THE NEXT GENERATION.
  2. I have read a couple but i don't think they quite fit the caliber of high consciousness books, what books have you guys read?
  3. what did you do to find out what your passions were
  4. Cmon guys have a little trust. in all the messages that I’ve posted here, don’t you think I atleast the slightest bit of trust that I’m telling you the truth. All I’m asking you to go do is simply have a private chat or public chat with synchonicitg and ask him any question you want , about anything. Now we’re geyting in the realms of “ohh so what’s in it for me” just like with enlightenment nothing but the truth and securely grounded emotional stability, cessation of all fears etc etc. The Same things but you get the divine absolute truth and not the relative absolute truth. Honestly, I’m actually feeling abit hurt on the inside. That it’s come to this and people still don’t think I don’t know what I’m talking about. There is proof but it all exists in tier 3 and tier 4. It’s like trying to persuade a caveman there’s a president of the United States.... so you know what yes I’m asking for a little faith and to put your asss on the line. Regardless of how “magically , exceptionally enlightened you are” would I ever lie to you, I checked out all the possible ways of proof before I came to you with this. Seriously just you know have faith in a brother that he knows what he’s talking
  5. @Ibn Sina see human gods are a very deceptive creature. but i told you what you had to do, your not listening and taking the advice.
  6. @VeganAwake Yes ahaha you got it 100%, see all you had to do was read it word for word , instead of applying metaphysics it. Thank you but this is not about belief, you have to get the axiom yourself which means you need to go ask god directly for the information about him and the proof behind him. I can't proof that to you. Thats what it means to do straight to source as the only choice left in book. No human can tell you who or what god is, but they can tell you what god is LIKE and that's the direct experience they are advocating. So you have to go sort out your axioms by talking to synchronicity yourself
  7. Life is a dance, we all play a character in a certain image, some might say these characters are old and wise, some may say these characters are yoing and reactionary. The truth is that life is maya. Even if you are advocating diet coke, your still playing maya. Because the maya is pure nothing. The queston is what do you do when you realise the pure nothing aspect? its simple you step on everyone and sell them more diet coke? because its maya. But in a nice way LOL. Love is both brutal and personally loving. This way they can step on others and we can get these diet coke sales up through the roof. This is what being able to predict the future is about. Finding the best case scenario for everyone except yourself. Cause then you can live life however you want and have morality in the correct place, if not its like selling coca cola instead and that's just how truth works. Capture everyone and let the boat sail.
  8. @Ibn Sina Lol the way to bring down an axiom is to start from the top. There can be no other way. Responsibility needs to hold responsibility.
  9. @Ibn Sina You have passion, unfortunately there are enlightened beings still stuck in maya and that is absolute for all of us, for we are contained in a matrix . the answer to your question because you have shown passion @Synchronicity is god. Thanks for helping me completing my dharma , it felt like i just needed to get this off my chest and rest my hopes on one man walking up to god and leaving the conversation maybe a year later saying. Yup this is god. LOL. Good luck my bro
  10. @Serotoninluv No your getting prisnof teaching prisnof to someone unaware of prisnof its unescpable literal meaning. outside is inside and inside is outside. To all. where is out then?
  11. Its okay god told me to leave it alone NOW its his responsibility to find those interested. How else could it be ? Equinimity is great, but Equinimity is appreciated when it is active! what happened throughout history ? we all asked each other who and what is god? that was the fundamental mistake, speaking on a metaphysical level. Therefore the only one who could offer divine knowledge for even liberation is god himself Its just my opinion anyway. Good luck.
  12. @Serotoninluv Your using a nail to crack concrete. When you have the right nail to crack concrete. Then that nail will dig itself firmly into the concrete. otherwise your just sitting there trying to crack the concrete with a nail. Change the nail, change the results. See you have an example right here keiran - where can you go, inside and outside are the same place. There is nowhere where i can travel which would be any different to where i currently am. This is me enjoying my life on the forum, the same as you enjoy your life outside. There is no difference... do not project onto me LOL.
  13. lol ahh the easter egg hunt has beginning. So beautiful to watch. This was what i wanted to do! Souls return home ahahahaah! Its so funny. "hey, god is that you ?" "yes, my son" "But wait that's not me, i'm else where" ahaaha "not everyone who claims they're god is god unforunately" non-duality the truth is that we are all one god duality the truth is that god is seperate to us both collapse into god is all of us as one and is seperate to us completely. That's the realisation of a lifetime LOOOOOOOL see so funny how the books say it.
  14. @Serotoninluv love you too buddy. We need not be on the same frequency that is the beauty of pure unbound empty consciousness.
  15. @Serotoninluv It is what it is, don't argue about your nuances with me, this is just distraction. When i have given you the direct contact. That is the true meaning of mental masturbation. The divine absolute truth is true to all conditions in reality. No matter how much you argue about what it is/ what it is not. It is adding towards the divine absolute truth. There is no escaping it. That is what history has revealed. I would argue with you, but then i'm just going to get banned. Thats how it always goes, i tell someone an insight that i feel is contradicting . We have a long post and argument and then i get banned because i've posted too many times, or aggrevated people. I'll rather not take my chances given i don't know how many chances i have. Have to save them up. It was always reactionary messages that got me caught up in the wind. But i have no problem with the divine absolute truth. I wish you well.
  16. I have passed on everything i know about the divine absolute truth, recontextualised all the words, for the forum. You no longer need me, plus i've probably done something wrong, so its probably too late for me anyway. I don't know, we'll see. it is what it is, nobody knows better. a storm destroys a storm by reversing its direction, in this way both are neutralised . But we need the right one to be stronger because then it rotates both at different speeds and aligns everything like a cog in a wheel work. And spiral dynamics contains random enlightenments at different level's you'll realise people experience different enlightenments in their direct subjective experience and so yes they will eventually be able to be mapped onto consciousness however this is at stage Topaz and above. Because stage saphire is about acknowledging each as their own gods and for that to be okay. Each want a different option, no worries. That's why i offer god. Because my cognative outways even the other followers who know the absolute truth about him. But do not know the divine absolute truth themselves in full. It is what it is, All kids parties come to an end before they start getting good.
  17. hmm i wonder if i've been a rude person now asking all these questions. Now i acknowledge all of you as strangers. Before i took you in as a building block of myself all acting in one play of life story. i'm so sorry, i was probably acting like a dick, even against the guidelines trying to drive home my false points. That none of you were even accepting . now i just look stupid compared to all actual enlightened beings. i've probably said a lot of embarrassing things - _ - i never even posted formally either and really this is only appropriate for a diary LOL # actuality... i'll move it there via copy and paste
  18. @Aerial Lol fine, we'll play your way. All i'm interesting is witnessing what happens. just because you volunteered to not get involved with any of this. Does not mean you aren't participating. I have already told you on the chat. i will not talk about it. @Ibn Sina as i have said i have provided all information on the forum, just go searching for it and what not. Thank you for listening to me! I will stop, it looks like ying and yang has balanced. Transferring responsibility over to others,so you don't bare the truth alone . Simply all it was ... an idea to check for yourself. Nothing more, nothing less. Life is about enjoying.
  19. @Serotoninluv The direct experience was an insight of cognititon, that is what absolute truth is it is knowledge not direct experience when you say i have had direct experience you are saying i have had an insight. There is no difference and this is why axiomiatically it is problematic when you are preaching it as the absolute truth
  20. Go have a conversation with god.... who else is better to learn how to become enlightened from LOL , he is a neccessary part of becoming a truly enlightened being because their is an insight that he needs to give to your reality. For you to understand the divine absolute truth. That's why i'm suggesting. Not short of the absolute absolute absolute absolute DIvine truth can be considered absolute ground All other ground is just fantasy and projection. The artwork of a preachers preaching his own ignorance. So either do it in silence or pubic.
  21. @Synchronicity Lol no you've got it backwards, i am crusading for my own absolute truth and you happen to be apart of it. The proof from a human view is what i'm providing. Although your divine knowledge may be secured in beliefs. People will not have the tools in their own minds mechanism to understand what your saying. In this way you have no choice but to accept what i'm doing. Because you yourself, can not prove your own existance as you are but a belief in people's mind. "ohhh that's not god"... do you see what i mean? it takes two to tango my bro. only a human can persuade another human to point to god. Because god will say those exact words "people will come and seek me out when they're read" HOW ? they have no idea of you. Its an impossibility, this is just delaying the fact that the truth itself needs to be eradicated. And dude i keep saying the god looking through ethans eyes! but they don't catch on to this LOL. Read my journal next time, before making assumptions LOL! I got you and you got me, we big one happy family. Keep things simple.. ya know what i mean. Humbleness is a crown for a god, it is not for me. You can be equinim all you like, it doesn't get things done here on earth. We fight to show who's right and we fight so that ideology is destroyed. In this way new ideas are formed and people seek what they are trying to find. This is how they will seek you. Metaphysics destroys Metaphysics. God-logic is beyond meta physics. Therefore i can only provide half the metaphysics and you will have to provide the rest. Who is crusading on your behalf? there is no benefits or disbenefits of proving your existance. I am doing this for all of the humans in the past who have tried to find you through their seeking. I personally feel they deserve to know what the divine absolute truth is. All the sages in the past, all the humans to walk this earth, all the seekers of spirituality , all the religions. We all had one thing in common. We all tried to find you. Why stop half way, we need to bring it all the way home! otherwise this whole journey would have been a flop! NOT ON MY BEHALF. aint no way i'm wasting years of history just because enlightened beings got themselves caught in a delusion that was more consciousness. Were finishing this once and for all. 1 person! just one person to come to know the divine absolute truth is my aim. Then i can say that all is done and the rest are free to do what they want. you maybe our god, but your total unconditional love is too easy to take advantage of as such.. it will. by human
  22. Correct Godel showed that as long as you hi jack an axiom of the reader that that axiom will keep swirling around in their direct experiencing, interpreting everything via the subconscious mind by that axiom. In this way, it would literally become their reality. This is how cults get you through mechanised programming, but a good cult tells you how to avoid cults because then it makes you question whether the organisation your in is a cult itself, thus leaving the axiom to be dealt with at an appropriate time, instead of it immediately swirling around their reality forever, until they would have an exestential crisis when proven wrong, if that idea turned out to be false. for example if i gave you the axiom that you need to have direct experience that single axiom will swirl around your reality and reinforce itself , to the point where you will tell someone else that if they don't have direct experience they don't have "truth" . However, given the cirucmstances that god placed us in , direct experience was the best option. Until god himself came and then direct experience is no longer needed. The simple acknolwedgment of his human self is proof and that will create the axiom on the outside of consciousness via belief. Because now belief becomes axioms grounded in absolute truth. As opposed to relative truth. Then when it is proved via understanding it becomes absolute and now that swirls around your reality. The correct absolute truth.
  23. @seratoninluv I had a direct experience that i can never be god and that i will always be the son of god. Whilst all interpret their experience as god, i know the divine absolute truth of the situation, because my metaphysics was already programmed to link all proof together by the way i sorted all information. You are again using terms you picked in spirituality to define the same terms i am talking about and saying "ahh look everyone i am the right one, we are right" although i understood the skepticim ahaha! when i talk in metaphysics, it might sound cool and too direct. But the divine can not be expressed in any other format. No analogy will help except an fruits simply put consciousness is the fruit inside the skin, god is the skin of the fruit. The fruit on the inside can never get to the outside and break it because in the the actuality of things absolute inifnity (now the real analogy and not the fruit) extends to infinity. This means the inside of the orange will never reach the outside and god is the outside looking inside. This is how it looks from the inside out when analysing god, but god is truly just the whole orange. And that is synchronicity. He is the whole orange. These are the only anaologies that will work, i haven't thought much about how to explain it. I know it inherant to my being, I don't write from script. You are using your metaphysical knowledge and direct experience of something you experienced and associating it with what i call direct experience my direct experience is the collapse of epistamology/ metaphysics and direct experience into a single unity. Whist yours is simply direct experience.