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  1. Are you referring to me? These are squiggles on a screen.. where are the squiggles arising in? Take your time, I'll wait...
  2. @Inliytened1 No, you're not liberated. LMAO. You're ignorant and take your subconscious mind projected outward as the truth. Which is not a problem if you accept that you now need to learn to understand those concepts are your inner child fragmented. It's takes YEARS to become liberated. Lifetimes. But you know best eh? You dont even know that Leo teaches advaita Vedanta. Get out a here, you bullshitter. All you have done since I first started talking to you is male excuses for your ignorance ever time you were called out for your mistakes.
  3. But you're not liberated, are you? You're still as ignorant as when you started. And that is evident in your posts on the forum because you still create thought stories based on your subconscious assumptions.. Most of what you have written about me is not based on actual evidence but your own opinion based off of your personal experiences and one enlightenment experience. Everyone else who has done at least a little bit of work on themselves should be able to see your assumptions and subsequent innacurate conclusions based of of said assumptions. That's what I'm saying, and I didn't even need to do anything, you did it all yourself.?
  4. Lol. But you have an idea of what rationalism is. But it's not the same rationalism that the non dual teachings are based on. The point I'm making is that there is clear evidence that some people here, including yourself who have not even managed to reach the rational before transcending it. #dunning-kruger
  5. @Inliytened1 I guess this is what you mean by post rational? IRRational disguised as enlightenment?
  6. But how does that make me guilty?
  7. But if you're enlightened then that shouldn't matter.
  8. But I've done no such thing. All I've asked people to do is only take things in if it makes sense. And to not listen to me. How am I abusing people?
  9. Did you think of that term yourself? I never heard you say it until I did. And people were asking me questions on my thread, so you were littering. This thread is just you talking about your experiences.
  10. It's ok. I think I've made my point about actualized.org
  11. You guys have incredible imaginations. You're exposing yourself for what you are.
  12. If anyone has joined a cult it's you guys with your special one off enlightenment teaching exclusive to Leo gura.
  13. Evidence ? Lots of members have pm me and I don't answer. Ask truth, he's one of them. I didn't bother responding. Plus drake, I have no interest in anyone here.
  14. Don't say father Christmas. Please