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  1. I've just realized this attitude has lead to deep exhaustion to the point where I'm getting rashes all over my body. I guess theres 2 sides to every coin
  2. Or maybe trying to become deeply conscious, instead of enjoying the game, is just a spiritual rebranded form of the hedonic treadmill
  3. Forestluv already commented on the relative truth behind spiritual talent but i wanted to comment more on a sociological level. I totally get the feeling good aspect of spiritual talent. Spiritual talent might make some feel like they are better then others on an egoic level which is obviously a problem and where i think most of your reaction is sourced from. Yet it stops feeling like you're better then others when you take a more unitive identification to reality, and acknowledge you are every human on the planet, and the current human you're living through now is temporary and impermanent. Then you'd be hoping that everyone is spiritually talented or that spiritual talent is infinite rather than finite. Because for sake of argument, you might reincarnate into the most unspiritually talented person on the planet in your next life if it is finite. Spiritual talent actually becomes a bitter pill to swallow then some feel good egoic mechanism once you grasp the finite ness of it. From a unitive perspective it actually becomes deeply selfish to not take the acknowledgement of spiritual talent seriously, because you're neglecting the unique needs and unequal challenges of others. Its like a billionaire saying capitalism is the way to go because everyone is equal. Well no not everyone is equal because of racism, class, genetic illnesses, genetic predispositions, etc. And by saying everyone is equal you are selfishly denying the actual unequalness of what others go through and therefore prevent true means of attempting to make things equal(like curbing racism, implementing aspects of socialism, etc). In a similar way but not acknowledging spiritual talent, you dismiss the unequal challenges of less spiritually talented people and therefore prevent opportunities to help make spirituality more equal(like adding psychedelics) Acknowledging spiritual talent is actually an empathetic mechanism.
  4. This isnt a spiritual talent thing, this is an awakening thing. Awakenings change your paradigm as radically as reincarnation. Nahm keeps saying "The infinite cannot know the finite" and that is a good saying. You cant wake up and still remember what its like before awakening. Its not how it works. You literally reincarnated. @Leo Gura Whenever i read your posts you give off the vibe that psychedelics are some revolutionary magic pill far more effective then meditation, gurus and everything else. Is this your position? Im really curious, and struggling to see how your experiences on psychedelics are so profound and what makes it more profound then sober. I'd love if you could explain more. Sober feels to me more grounded, and crystal clear. Sober is as clear as you'll get. Psychedelics always adds in spatial distortions and makes your mind go hyperactive and just makes things unnecessarily spooky and nuts. Like a needless alice in wonderland. The other thing is, its a memory. And memories are highly distorted. Sober is now and clear. And you come down. All insights, awakenings were sober. I dont know what ya talking about with psyches. In my personal experience, i took 4 mescaline trips, each with 1 metre of cactus, and all trips were highly mild. I then took 3 ayahuasca trips(high doses) and again trips were highly mild. I then took about 30 grams of peganum harmala in frustration and had a powerful trip but no ego death and barely any breakthrough. No dmt machine elf entities, and it was only scary because i didnt expect peganum harmala to be a psychedelic of itself and had work in 8 hours of taking it. I really resonate with Ralston on psychedelics and see where he's coming from. And im not spiritually talented either so i resonate with him on a normal human level, not on a unique brain chemistry level.
  5. But Good isn't different to being fucked up. Good includes being fucked up. Or thats what it seems forestluv would say based on his earlier comments
  6. just posting here to make sure you dont think your dream friends you created are rejecting you
  7. if you're triggered without someone blaming you, judging you, saying something racist, someone being condescending or someone speaking to your personal self(speaking generally), that's a sign that the triggering is an ego defense mechanism to protect yourself from seeing the truth.
  8. yeah you oldies still stuck on AM, have a good sleep
  9. excellent! That's what I was pointing to before, great work, really glad for you!
  10. Ok then, my bad. I misunderstood your situation. I thought you were a humanities academic who takes psychedelics recreationally. If you're actually someone in a psyche ward, or you're half someone in a psyche ward, teach part time, or something like that, I apologies because I was being harsh saying you were exaggerating. Just keep in mind I'm not taking about theory, I'm talking about actual psychotic experiences. But I can definitely see how such psychosis would seem like a walk in the park compared to more extreme spiritual practices like what you've done. Its not like I havent experienced anything you're talking about, I got banned remember partially(or at least in relation) to such experiences you're pointing to. Well I try to be (including in this dialogue) as honest as possible, and just share things which deeply feel right to me. I simply said you were exaggerating because there were inconsistencies between your previous posts and these posts, that I knew for sure because I read them. I had no intention of projecting beyond that inconsistency, because anything beyond that was unknown to me. Now that I know more, I'll react differently next time. I try to be(and believe I did) very conservative when it comes to projecting what other people experience, their situation, and capabilities of consciousness. And my previous comment about avoiding trauma was just my experience I was sharing, I wasn't trying to project anything onto you. If you're so traumatized that my comment sounds absurd, I totally agree with you partially, because I have been in places where I needed to take a break off psychedelics because I was about to loose my job, sanity, everything if I continued(almost did, I stopped going to work for 2 weeks and just lived in the bush without a tent and camping gear without giving them noticed, would never post that experience here because I would get banned like the other time). I was just expressing one perspective out of many for sharing, not trying to say that particular perspective is absolute or better then yours. I'm super curious about your experiences, and would love if you shared more. The very few you have shared are fascinating to me, super fascinated about getting the ego again one. I wont judge at all if that triggered you, I've messaged you privately in the past on similar lines. Although I have a feeling that you don't want to share those experiences beyond just people judging you.
  11. @Someone here so maybe you're finally ready to admit that the boogey man is as real as your bed?
  12. I was being literal. You said you are in the psyche ward for the rest of your life because of that experience. That's incorrect because you're an academic, and you're talking on here. Ff you're being metaphorical, then that's on you to explain, because I can't read your mind. I'm not trying to devalue your experience, but if you aint willing to go insane, get schizophrenic and psychotic symptoms, you aint discovering the truth. That's factually correct for almost everyone (except the deeply spiritually talented).
  13. but that's what you want too, you just don't realise it yet Once you've lived 40 or so years of your life solving problems and being a hero, you'll get sick of solving problems and being a hero, and want to not solve any more problems. That's when you'll die.
  14. The only difference is, you have infinite amount of problems to solve, I've got 0 I'm not saying I'm a saint. I am solving problems and living in this society, I just know deep down its survival and selfishness. I don't see selfishness as a bad thing, I see it as part of the process of the universe waking up to itself, like how scaffolding is part of the process of making a building. True paradise is when you die, because that's when you have no more problems to solve, just love, and the process of going through the selfishness(world) is what makes death a trillion times better, its like the icing on the cake. And you can die now, by seeing that you are already dead, and there's nothing to solve. Because this place already is a utopia. But on the relative level you can still play the game and solve problems.
  15. You're not in a psyche ward, so you're exaggerating Avoiding traumatic experiences is a loosing game in this work, because for as long as we're finite(not fully awake) we will be forever exploring and expanding, and there's absolutely no guarantees that a particular expansion will be 100% safe. For you to discover the truth, it might be that insanity or trauma is necessary. If you avoid it, you'll forever be avoiding what you want to seek, and if you're avoiding a particular expansion, then you'll be depressed until you finally take the leap into being or discovering it. And even beyond that, truth is not bound to feeling good or particular states or avoiding trauma. Truth is a scientific inquiry into how the world works, and we aren't practicing good truth seeking if we only discover truth that we like. Yeah im sure that was traumatic for you (clearly not enough to send you forever to a psyche ward otherwise you wouldnt be an academic) but truth is to be discovered independent of how traumatic it is. I'm sure that seeing how a me is 'born' would have been so insightful and extremely profound, even if the process was absolutely devastating mentally. What's really the point of life other then discovering? Is the point really to avoid trauma? Is that really going to hold up in the long run? Satisfy you in the long run? Eventually you'll get sick of avoiding trauma and discover what the truth is. edit: I'm feeling pretty proud of myself for not getting into a psyche ward yet lol. Worst I've been is the emergency ward over a panic attack. Can't believe how many on here report going to psyche wards. They could be exaggerating though, who knows.
  16. If there was an alternate universe where all the corruption of big pharma, marketing, political corruption, military technology, wars in the south china sea, invasions of tibet, corrupt and standardized school system, corrupt and standardized university, toxic relationships, was all replaced by peaceful, fully conscious yogis living harmoniously in nature, I'd go to that universe in a heart beat Society needs heros because society created its own problems in the first place. Its a self perpetuating problem solution engine. We create problems, then get heros to solve it. If we didn't create the problems in the first place, we wouldn't need heros. But then again, if I was in that alternate universe, I wouldn't know how good I'd have it, so I'd need to be put back in this one to appreciate it.
  17. I'd actually want to experience that because I'm super curious about how one goes to 2. How we got here so to speak.
  18. oh but that's inevitable isn't it? Isn't the only point of this work to reach points quicker then you'd normally would?
  19. If a homeless man was truly capable of seeing the paradise in being homeless (his neurotransmitters were different), then there would be no push to put effort into being more conscious, expanding his mind, overcoming traumas and issues, blockages, helping others. He'd be stuck in a low conscious state. The dystopia is a Godly mechanism for pushing you towards higher consciousness. Yet there is nothing actually wrong or bad about this mechanism. It might cause suffering, but is there a research paper which proves suffering is bad? Of course you could say its obviously bad, but is it really? Is there any evidence beyond your reaction to it? The bitter pill to swallow is, once suffering has knocked you into being higher conscious, to truly awaken, you need to see how suffering is paradise. Once suffering has done its job, the last straw to break the camel's back is to see that the suffering was never bad, and was always Good and Love all along, and there was no dystopia. And by that time, you're so use to obeying the suffering (instead of sitting or singing with it) that you're in a position to actually help others follow the messages of suffering too (rather then be homeless for the sake of it). Yet there's exceptions to every rule, because there's plenty of homeless yogis in the himalayas that are far more happy then everyone on this site combined, and they have no interest in making utopias.
  20. another man's selfishness is another man's selflessness. if your mum was about to fall off a cliff, the selfless thing would be for you to risk your life to try and save her if she fell off... yet that is totally selfish from the POV of the crocodiles at the bottom of the cliff who are nearly dying from not eating enough food. Resolution? Don't pick your human side, or the crocodile's side. Be totally agnostic to both of them. Then once that occurs, you see that both saving your mum, and letting her fall is just as selfless as each other. Because you are the crocodile, and your mum and you. And no matter what happens, you're just gonna benefit in the end (and loose too, but when you see everything as Love, its just benefit). Its one thing to be living with your partner, but a totally different thing to fall in love with him for the first time. After living with your partner for a year or 2, you may love him, but if you're super super passionate about him, you may do something radical like leave him for a few months or more, so that you can come back and fall in love with him HARD again. And that's the point of seeing the world with bias, to divide yourself, so that you can fall in love with yourself again HARD. The point was never to make a utopia, the point was to see what you think is a dystopia was actually a utopia through letting go of you as a person.
  21. unless you take psychedelics. Every rule gets broken eventually
  22. But there was never anyone to have that doubt in the first place! There is no ego in Trump There was no ego before awakening or starting the path. egoless doubt, egoless certainty. ... Reality is infinite, meaning you're completely right in one sense, but completely wrong in another sense. Both of our perspectives co-exist and are just a charade of infinity. There really isn't any rules to how things go down, statements always need to be presented within the context that they are meant to be interpreted in. You're assuming a human development of awakening. Aliens and machine elves have no such rules. Yet we must at least acknowledge the limited human context because we are talking about the infinite, even if we are both humans on the personal level. The ultimate mindfuck would be if we weren't the truth, and we somehow became 100% conscious of that, just like how we become 100% conscious of infinite love. I was trying to illustrate the relative nature of twistedness.
  23. that's right but what would be the ultimate mindfuck is if the truth wasn't you, and you became conscious of that with 100% certainty.
  24. It'd be way more twisted if it wasn't that way! What if Ralston and you actually had a reality separate to this??? How the fuck would that work???? Truth that was inaccessible... that would be the ultimate mindfuck.