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  1. Mdma And Spirituality
    Mdma And Spirituality
    This is a VERY important point! So listen close. This IS THE KEY TO THE ENTIRE ENLIGHTENMENT PATH:
    You will NEVER become enlightened unless you surrender all EXPERIENCES. This includes all pleasures, all people, and ALL of life AND reality itself!
    The whole point of this path is to gradually (or suddenly) work yourself up to that. You are already enlightened. The only thing standing in the way is your clinging to experience, and your conviction that "good" experiences are valuable and desirable.
    This is what makes enlightenment so rare. Few people are willing to trade life for Nothing. It's too counter-intuitive to do in practice for 99.9999% of people.
    *Note: to surrender ALL experience does not mean you will never experience again, or that experiencing is wrong. But you do have to deeply grasp that all experience is SUFFERING. The reason you want "good" experiences is because you suffer, but the reason you suffer is, ironically, because you cling to experience and refuse to let it go. So you're stuck in hell, unless you wise up and wake up.
    As you meditate, you should be constantly paying attention to how every experience arise and passes away, and leads to suffering. By deeply grasp this core dynamic of reality, you will develop the nerve to quit the whole shebang. You basically have to say, "FUCK YOU! I QUIT!" to all of life/reality.
    Only then can there be true happiness. And this level of "happiness" is not like an MDMA high or anything else. It's ETERNAL! FOREVER! You have broken all of reality. Reality stop being real at this point. You have literally transcended death. You have stopped being human.
    And then you proceed to chop wood, eat Cheetos.
    If this doesn't appeal to you, it's because you haven't suffered mindfully enough yet. Suffer some more -- a lot more -- and then maybe in 10-20 years you'll think back, "Hey, I vaguely remember that crazy Leo guy saying something about all experience being suffering. Now I'm starting to see his point. How do I break out of my self-created hell-hole? I'll do whatever it takes, because this is no longer tolerable."
    Or... you just have to be deeply curious about TRUTH at all cost.

  2. What Is True Spirituality ?
    What Is True Spirituality ?
    Practices that shut the ego down, and attempt to see what's on the other side. Anything else is an ego game, pure fantasy. 

  3. What Is True Spirituality ?
    What Is True Spirituality ?
    Mmmn... hmmmn... that's a good question.

    Spirituality.  Spirit.  All religions.  Animism, sort of?  Maybe?

    It's a search for your true nature, maybe starting with other's demons and then one's own?
    Which might move into a joy for learning if one doesn't already have it.
    It's a letting go of past life experiences, worries, anxiety and the idea of 'you' - completely - we will die someday.  Nothing matters.  Surrender.
    And it's also a sensational experience...?
    And possibly a movement where we are all one, like riding a blissful wave?
    And it's in art, and nature, colours, music, dreams, symbols, movement and emotion.  
    And it's also a presence that looks back at you?
    A motherly comfort.
    A motherly comfort in the black void as well.
    An awe of existence as a continuously moving spiral of shapes and experiences
    It's all of us, like an existence that's like a bubbly goo, each one of us popping up to the surface before dying away.  Pop!  A new body encompasses a bit of that - a bubble.
    And sometimes it will want to guide you, it has it's own plan.  Maybe?
    It is most likely experiences we will never have, such as colours that birds can see, echolocation, hearing, smells, sights - animals are a part of it.  Which are a part of you - when your pet looks at you.
    And all of this is unified, even though we think we are not.
    It appears, in my path - when everything else in life is gone.  No attachments.  To anything.
    And each path is different for each human, thus why Hinduism has so many Gods - I believe - but not sure?
    And religion points to this, but cannot show you the way.  Nor can anyone.
    And it can't be named until experienced.
    An object without a label.
    Childlike wonder.
    There is no way to give that experience to someone, but it's also very important for people to have.
    And the conceptualization above - makes it disappear.  Because then the attachment to it is there.
    And one might chase it...
    Or, think they're special.
    Or it gets turned into something it's not.  Religion, for example.
    And so this thing that we need - that is love and bliss - is turned into hatred.
    And none of it matters.
    And yet, it does matter.  For the individual's experience, and possibly peace of mind?
    But it still doesn't matter.  In the end.
    There is none.
    Just a wave.  Just a dream.

    And all of it is aware of itself.  Like a "spirit", but with no name. 

    So, it's like trying to wrap my head around that.  We are all and every experience all at once.  Forever.  Wow.
    Yeah.  Wow...  

    At this point, I don't know if I could even define true spirituality.  I just... dunno.  Never ending questions.  No reason.  Spirit wants to know, but it already knows - but it wants humans to know, I am thinking, maybe because it likes to grow?  It loves us.  We pull away from it.  Habit.  I don't think that we can define something like this until we are dead.  Who knows?  You know??

  4. Is Leo Manipulating Us?
    Is Leo Manipulating Us?
    The Buddha walked out of a palace to become a beggar 2500 years ago and his shit's all over the web.

  5. Self Inquiry Or Meditation?
    Self Inquiry Or Meditation?
    Self-inquiry is mainly known today through the teachings of Ramana Maharshi. It is an ancient method of meditation, but full of dangers. Unless you are alert, the greater possibility is that you will be led astray by the method rather than to the right goal.
    Raman used to give a technique to his disciples: they were just to enquire, “Who am I?”
    If you want to go rightly into the method, then the question has not to be verbally asked. “Who am I?” has not to be repeated verbally. Because as long as it remains a verbal question, you will supply a verbal answer from the head. You have to drop the verbal question. It has to remain just a vague idea, just like a thirst. Not that “I am thirsty,”—can you see the difference? When you are thirsty, you feel the thirst. And if you are in a desert, you feel the thirst in every fiber of your body. You don’t say, “I am thirsty, I am thirsty.” It is no longer a linguistic question, it is existential.
    If “Who am I?” is an existential question, if you are not asking it in language but instead the feeling of the question is settling inside your center, then there is no need for any answer. Then it is none of the mind’s business.
    Now you are entering an innocent space. You will not get the answer. You will get the feel, you will get the taste, you will get the smell. As you go deeper, you will be filled more with the feeling of being, of immortality, blissfulness, silence… a tremendous benediction.

  6. Pick only one : Self inquiry / Meditation. Why?
    Pick only one : Self inquiry / Meditation. Why?
    I learned that there are different categories of meditation: 1. analytical meditation involving conceptual thinking, 2. concentrative meditation with one (mental) object to focus on which leads to concentrative states of bliss and non-conceptualty states and 3. meditation in emptiness (neither thought nor object, letting go of everything).
    As a rule a practical meditation is often a combination of two or three of these and one often starts with 1 (even if not fully aware of it) before going further to 2 or one starts with 1 before going further to 2 and finally 3. Reason is that one first has to be rightly motivated and then calm down before being able to concentrate single pointedly or even being able to let go of everything.
    I am assuming that what you call "self inquiry" I would call "analytical meditation".

  7. Mindfulness
    "One day everything and everyone you know will be dead and buried."  Remind yourself of this every hour.
    I saw this in a Sadhguru clip on youtube.  So every hour I internally ( and sometimes out loud) yell "Praise the lord I'm alive!"   
    It is this 30 second blast, along with a daily meditation routine that is helping me be more mindfull.