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  1. @Loving Radiance I experienced the blackpill in school, so i understand that it isn't theory
  2. ConnorMurphy is a perfect example of him becoming a victim of the blackpill..
  3. @universe Bro I don't fully believe in blackpill, But blackpill is mostly true
  4. @Twentyfirst She will actually be repulsed by an ugly person's confidence because she will think that she's looksmatched with him. So I would approach woman that is looksmatched with your looks
  5. But one thing for sure is that Leo gura really be motivating me because he isn't conventionally attractive and he still is happy. Which gives me hope that I might be in a delusion with this blackpill ideology.
  6. @SeaMonster Beauty standards created the blackpill, you can't change beauty standards in a day, it'll take centuries... The blackpill guys put in the work and still end up not getting results due to their genetic failure, but I stopped consuming the blackpill as I accepted that reality, no point in crying about it anymore
  7. @k-ahmadzadeh I'm not sure how an average indian can live happy in india, or they aren't happy...
  8. @MAHAVATAR_-_BABAJI You just confirmed blackpill being true using your direct experience, thanks. But I'm trying my very best to stop consuming the blackpill and go more towards looksmaxxing aka self-improvment. @mmKay I understand that beliefs change your reality, but it's so hard to change when an ideology validates your experience(mostly all social experience)
  9. @Rigel Being confident while being ugly will be seen as arrogant while the good looks will be seen as confident. Look up the "Halo effect"
  10. @Leo Gura Yeah, even though it's %100 truth, I will stop consuming this disgusting ideology. This is probably the worse ideology I've come across that actually took a tole on my mental health.. other ideologies didn't effect me as much as this brutal shit.
  11. @RendHeaven Wrong, you realize that that video has 21million views.... That means he has some social status and that's what seperates himself from below average people. So that girlfriend only came to him because of that reason; If he didn't make a youtube channel, he would be like the rest of the below average people which is never getting a girlfriend
  12. @StarStruck Yeah, Girl approaching man is the good looking male experience that every average dude wants
  13. @Leo Gura Yea... I wish I never discovered about this blackpill ideology, but it is what it is. Some people aren't meant to experience a normal life which is fine
  14. @Leo Gura You can't really ignore it because your face is with you until death..