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  1. Anyone has some good resources on this topic? Books, videos etc. Post them here
  2. How do you use psychedelics for emotional growth and which is the best healing?
  3. My boss ( maybe because I'm also paranoid sometimes). Maybe 1 or 2 friends still believe this about me. It's because I changed a lot in this last year after I found And some of them still don't want to see the change. But I think depends on who does this statement even if it's a joke. If you asked this question now I remember my dad also said this to me when I had bad grades. So this could be a factor too.
  4. When someone tells me i'm worthless( for example my boss) even if he's joking, that provokes me anger and sadness. I'm conscious of that in that specific moment but I can't control my reaction. Well I don't express my self in that moments but it makes me very anxious and sad after that. Is that a belief of my subconscious mind( I am worthless) or it's a normal reaction ? Or this depends on who makes that statement about you? For example if the statement comes from other people I don't care. P.S: This channel literally saved my life
  5. I'm struggling with my lack of FOCUS. Is there a distinction between FOCUS and CONCENTRATION?
  6. I read a few book's since I entered this field of personal development about a year ago and this book I felt had the most powerful impact on my life. I'm only at chapter 2 so I strongly recommend it. This book will not only increase your self-esteem but also will increase your awareness (I also meditate daily for 6 months)