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  1. @FlyingLotus I received my invitation to the forum through his e-mail distributor, as well as many others. Apparently, some users from Phil's forum sent out invitations (which of course is against the guidelines). "I didn’t send pms to anyone. Haven’t logged in since the ‘demoting Nahm’ thread / day. I sent an email to everyone I’ve had sessions with, and who entered their email address into my website." - Phil
  2. Not the separate you which thinks, eats and identifies with thoughts, emotions and the sensory perceptions. The unified you, which was never born and will never die - it is an eternal presence, present at this very moment.
  3. That's your body (buddy) communicating with you. I'd suggest listening to the signals and acting accordingly. What we all want is to feel good. The things you listed don't make you feel good. So, innocently, you're doing something which you don't want. How to take my health seriously? Prioritize listening to feeling (emotional guidance).
  4. How does this affect your mood and energy levels? I mean, right after you eat a good meal of junk food, do you have more or less energy? How would it feel to go for a run, right after a cigarette, vs. going for a run without smoking on that day?
  5. @fopylo Yep, feeling is just feeling. Easy as that. Nice!
  6. It's an error, but it hits the nail on the head.
  7. Much, much love to Nahm. His contributions to this forum are immeasurable and of massive value. He spent a lot of his free time to help the folks here. Not everyone was happy with it, but no doubt, he helped out a lot of people. Including me. If it weren't for him, I'd probably still be a lost soul. Such a gem.
  8. It's indeed funny and coincidentally perfectly capturing the situation. Not taking sides here.
  9. I love Phil and Leo, but this is such a perfect parody of their conversation. This is hilarious.
  10. Nailed it! Though, when I casually speak to people, I wouldn't go full koan on them. That's kinda off.
  11. Whatever you think spirituality is, is not it. It's thought. Thought is an instrument of the creator, to co-create with its creation. The Self-discovery/co-creation process is the most amazing thing. It can only be the best thing, as this game, which we call life, is designed in this way. Don't ask me why the universe designed itself to be this amazing. It's magnificience makes me blind.
  12. What a sweet synchronicity. Haven't read this post in quite a while and decided to do so today. Seems like something pulled us both here.
  13. If I remember correctly, the techniques of Kriya Yoga are a means to an end to eventually not rely on any technique anymore, and to go straight to the Parvastha 'beingness state'. I initially started with 5 minutes and eventually ramped it up to 90 minutes. As I became more familiar with the utilization of the breath, instant Parvastha access was second nature. BUT, the longer I did the Kriya Yoga techniques (or if at all), the deeper the Parvastha became. I guess that's the whole point of the techniques - to sink deeper into your own being.
  14. Such a freeing realization. "I can't do this." Cause it can't be done. Ahhh. Finally. Sweet nothing. No more trying, just being and relaxing. With or without thought, watching the dance of the mind. Feels so good. ??
  15. A religion never talked to me, so idk how a religion could be peaceful. People talk to me, and people can be aggressive. Never heard of a religion beating someone up. Only humans and animals do that.