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  1. The Tiny Desk Concert series is so beautiful. Full of love and inspiration!
  2. Insane:
  3. Sorry. Couldn't hold this one back.
  4. Hey y’all! Lately I’ve been getting inspired a lot. Subsequently, the idea of a mastery mega-thread came to mind. This could be a place full of inspiration, watching masters do what they can best. Quick recap on how to recognize mastery: Mastery resists definition, yet can be instantly recognized Brings rich rewards, yet is not really a goal or a destination but rather a process, a journey Achieves a special poignancy, where muscle, mind and spirit come together in graceful and purposive movements through time and space Mastery’s true face is relaxed and serene, sometimes faintly smiling Difficult tasks are managed somehow to create harmony where chaos might otherwise prevail Practice, the path of mastery, exists only in the present How to achieve mastery in any activity: Approach in a state of full awareness Conscious of everything happening around and within you Let this awareness extend to your own mental, physical, and emotional condition Perform all series of actions as ritual Feel the whole situation Attend carefully to all feelings and sensations surrounding your five senses This way of being will afford you many opportunities for practicing mastery Don’t downgrade things simply because they are common Everything can be high art Instead of focusing on getting behind things as quickly as possible, do them as a meditation If you choose this option, take a moment to compose yourself before beginning Maintain full awareness of each of your movements Avoid hasty shortcuts – above all, don’t hurry Rather than thinking about getting the job finished and going on to something else, stay wholly focused on the moment, on the task at hand This should give you a first idea on what mastery is and how it can be recognized. And even if you don’t know anything about mastery, there’s still something about it, that can be felt. So, feel free to share anything, where you can see mastery! This could be really exciting.
  5. Well, I'd say that it is self evident. Of course, yes! Feeling throws me "into" actuality, becoming conscious of what is. Interesting, how all of these "intersect". Maybe that's why they're called different facets of the Truth. The intersection only looks like one, because I draw boundaries around what is actually together!
  6. Not sure if I got this right. Do you mean by that, to feel into your self, while you are creating the life you want to experience? Ignorance would be not feeling. And non ignorance would be feeling?
  7. @28 cm unbuffed Oh yes, ego is hellishly tricky at times. What comes on top of that is, after learning about all of these self-defense mechanisms, ego gets even trickier in order to bypass being conscious of the self-defense mechanisms. In Tantra it is taught, that a non egoical insight is one, which does not need to defend itself. Of course, my ego learned that, and now it just shuts up, even with illegitimate insights. But you're right, emotions (even though ego tries to hide them too sometimes) and journaling are good ways to reflect back on egoic dynamics.
  8. How do we recognize that we're blocking the road? Resisting surrender? And even if we recognize resistance and we "surrender", how can we discern whether it's actual surrender or just ego pretending to surrender?
  9. @Dumuzzi Very interesting, makes me pretty curious to explore deeper! That's actually one of the things, which initially deepened my interest in meditation. Always, when I was meditating, I could feel pleasurable sensations somewhere at the top of my head. I always called them brain waves, because that's what it felt like. Melting with that sensation made my interest grew deeper, because that's when I began to ask myself: "How much of 'this' can you access?" And so the journey began. I also, partly consciously, partly unconsciously, worked my way up from the muladhara chakra to the throat chakra. I notice, that the energy is stuck in the throat. Since I'm working on this, I see a lot of things in a different light, which will make me revisit all of the below chakras once more, to solve problems connected to the blockages. It's kind of a combined chakra approach. For example: Because I had a crippled self expression, honesty and authenticity (Vishuddha), I felt guilty for who I am (Manipura) and my creative expression (Svadhistana) had to suffer. Before, I didn't see any problems with the other chakras, or at least not as much. Now, with opening the throat chakra, my understanding is different. My approach expanded upon the dimension of feeling too. Before, I had a very logical, rational approach towards energy work and chakras. Now I "identify problems" by feeling into the body. Feelings are more honest than the rational mind. Hurts ego, but the desire for Truth grows bigger, day by day. Really curious, where this desire will lead me to.