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  1. It depends on the potency of the truffle strain, and also the potency of the shrooms you compare them with. Stay below 3g or above 4g with shrooms, because the 3-4g zone is the 'losing your ground'-zone. It's good for understanding what losing your mind feels like. I'd first try what 1.5-2.5g feel like.
  2. When you feel embarassement or shame, you feel the discord of thoughts about the content of shame or embarassement. In turn, thoughts of shame or embarassement are driven by the emotion of blame. You blame yourself by thinking about what other people might think about you (projection). The opposite of that would be pride, which carries a similar egoistic charge. Blame and pride fill your cup. Feeling and expressing empty your cup. You never feel the discord of other people's thoughts. You only feel the discord of your own thoughts. Shame is a thought and a projection.
  3. You wanna take on control? Sounds egoistic.
  4. @The0Self Sounds like a case of heavy projection. Dang. 😳
  5. Lately, I'm mistaking dream memories for real life memories. Like, I once dreamed that I tested whether a certain key is working for a door at my work place - it didn't. When I actually was at work, in real life, so to speak, I swapped the dream memory for real life memory. I never actually tested whether my keys are working or not. I even asked for a proper key for this specific door at work. Turns out the keys I had where actually working. Similar memory-swap moments happened lately. Could this also be linked to serotonin or dopamine overload?
  6. Are you holding your breath for the exercises? If so, you might be overdoing it. Periods of breathlessness should never be forced.
  7. Do the counterintuitive move and be honest and vulnerable. I think it's less about invincibility and more about transcendence. Transcendence would mean that it wouldn't "bother" you to deeply feel whatever is arising. It wouldn't bother you because clarity and understanding is what's truly freeing.
  8. Livin' your dream life be like..
  9. I think there's a funny paradox at play when 'language starts to talk about language'. Like, what's actually 'doing the talking'? Kinda mind boggling.
  10. @Bazooka Jesus @mandyjw I often don't feel understood by the people around me. I love 'em regardless, but it feels so good to have a place where you can share and feel like you're actually being heard. I'm very thankful for this. Love you folks.
  11. I'm currently facing something similar, it's really odd. Meditating and sinking into inner peace feels truly wonderful. This 'increased awareness', however, makes me also much more mindful of my own neuroticism. This is kinda driving me crazy sometimes and I start to get mad at myself, and as I start to get mad at myself, I also get mad at others much more easily. A few things come to mind here. For one, this dynamic might stem from being more truthful with your emotions, instead of sweeping them under the rug. Another reason why I might get more irritable after a peaceful meditation is the contrast felt (meditation, letting go of conditioning & peace vs. everyday-life, conditioning & discordant thoughts). The recognition of just how neurotic I can be is also itching. I currently focus heavily on relaxation, choosing what to focus on, acceptance, and self-love. Oftentimes I'm being too hard on myself, as well as others. I want to 'bring' the peace of meditation even more into everyday life, instead of leaving it on the cushion. Letting go, like really really letting go everything, which does not serve me, is also very helpful.
  12. It's the resistance to truly feel within. Deceiving yourself & spiritual brainwash. When we listen to our guidance and something feels off. Extended thought narratives about 'your spirituality' are also a clue. By listening to our emotional guidance system (=feeling). dropping the resistance to feel within, and understanding/decoding emotions.
  13. Awakening is neither a practice nor a discipline. There's also the subtle implication that you need a practice to get something out of the practice. But you can't "get" awakening. That would be spiritual ego. I get high on nothing. Trippin' balls sober. I deliberately choose to give up my mental diarrhea.