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  1. I wouldn't say stopped, but rather surrendered to. Being eagerly curious trying to figure out awakening, I used to chase 'higher consciousness'. After having had glimpses of truth and understanding, I understood that there is nothing to be understood. So in that sense, I 'stopped'. Counterintuitively, the most 'growth' in awareness or consciousness happened for me, when I let consciousness 'come towards me'. Receiving rather than chasing. Since then, it's all about being present and creating an awesome life. It's amazing just how much is being understood when we are open to receive, and see the beauty of life. Though, granted, I should probably get back to classic meditation more frequently. At the same time, I can imagine to go really deep with spirituality someday. But for now, I understand that this is not my mission currently.
  2. What I find really unique about Leo is the scope (=depth x width) and clarity of his teachings.
  3. The point of life is being alive. Simple as that. Just as the point of music is the music itself.
  4. Cool af. 😎👊
  5. @Preety_India A selfish person who makes an effort to love him-/herself will soak up all the advice that is given to him/her, in order to become as selfish (=self-loving) as possible. Maximize selfishness, and your circle of concern will widen. You will not only see yourself as yourself, but your entire experience as a manifestation of yourself.
  6. @Gabith That's so beautiful! Thank you for sharing.
  7. This post ties in neatly regarding listening to our guidance system, so I'll add it too: https://www.actualized.org/forum/topic/60150-the-power-of-positive-thoughts/
  8. It's crazy how much there is to be learned/unlearned by simply falling in love with the beauty of life.
  9. If I'd obey these thoughts, I'd be numb too. For deeper understanding and clarity, as well as developing intuition, I used the emotional scale and expressive journaling.
  10. @Mjolnir I'm just guessing now, but to me, it seems like your system is wired in a certain way which highlights "negative" emotions while it's simultaneously numbed towards joy and excitement. If that is so, you might want to inspect were this numbness stems from or why it's hard for you to get inspired. It might be something related to repressing emotions and resisting certain states. Dopamine fasting could help to highlight those things. That would mean to let your body produce the dopamine itself, rather than getting dopamine from external sources like video games, sugar or any other stimuli. Boredom could arise during a dopamine fast, but that's also the space where inspiration sparks. Maybe you should get bored a bit.
  11. @Mjolnir Hi! Great introspection you got going on there! Your response very much gives me the vibe that you’re well plugged into feeling. The examples you gave seem, to me, as if you’re noticing some crucial aspects about your behavior, as well as the way you think, and how it makes you feel. That’s honestly like 90% of the job. By doing so, you realize “ugh, that doesn’t feel good, and I wish to feel better” (especially the ‘living in the head’ example). You’re saying that you have no idea how to get to the point of feeling freely. I’d argue that you already do so very well. It just seems like you don’t quite know what to do with it. So here are a few thoughts on this: So, you already realized that you seem to have certain perspectives on living, which do not feel good to you. How to change that? It’s actually really simple, but it takes a bit of time to really get traction and some momentum going. At the same time, what I’ll be pointing out is very immediate because feeling good is intrinsically connected to the present moment, now. Again, how to feel good? First, there is the realization that you carry a perspective that does not feel good to you. The recognition of this allows a few crucial things which are the ‘doorway’ to feel better: 1) Fully feel the full spectrum of whatever sensations arise. Connect to all your senses. Recognize how you're thinking and what you’re thinking about when you don’t feel good. Fully feel, how it feels. Welcome all of it. Don’t see it as a grudge. The very things which do not make you feel good WANT to help you to feel better. So, the more you allow the full spectrum of a particular feeling, the more ‘it’ can help you to actually feel better. It turns out that the willingness to feel the whole spectrum, both ‘good and bad’, enables you to feel the peaks of both polarities. That means that you not only feel the most uncomfortable things in your present experience fully, you also get to experience the most blissful emotions. With that in mind, the ‘price’ of fully feeling anything uncomfortable is absolutely worth it. Plus, you tend to cleanse and purify body, mind, and spirit with it. Another perspective on that might be that all the things which don’t feel good to you get recognized as heavy weights, which you are carrying with you. In order to be able to drop them or to let them go, is to actually feel how the weight drags you down. Letting go will make you feel light and free. Literally, the recognition and letting go alone makes you jump and dance. Which leads to the second point. 2) Choose thoughts and perspectives which feel better to you. In ‘step one’ you recognized that there actually is weight that you’re carrying with you. By fully feeling it, you get to the point of “Alright, enough of this”, which enables you to let it go. Empty out by recognizing what does not feel good to you through expressing whatever is within. Don’t be a boiling pot near explosion. Open up the lid and find ways to express the steam. Where there was weight before, there now is ‘empty space’, which is not filled by conditioning anymore. That’s the ‘place’ where the magic happens. Allow yourself, first and foremost, to feel good. Really allow it in, allow it to inspire you. Trust that the goodness will give you new ideas and perspectives on any situation, which will help you to feel better. You can also trigger it by simply asking: Which thoughts/perspectives would make me feel better? Don’t dwell for an answer, but be open to receive the insight when it's right around the corner. Do this over and over again, and you will soon find yourself in a whole new momentum. The old momentum of conditioned thoughts will increasingly back away, while new inspiration for life will shape the present moment. And in the end, it's all about that. Connecting back to the present moment.
  12. 💡 That makes sense. Thank you, sir.
  13. If a person, experienced on 5-MeO, becomes conscious enough that this is possible, what would be the 'boundary' between being conscious that is is a possibility vs. actually doing it, while peaking on 5-MeO?
  14. Love her!