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8 minutes ago, VeganAwake said:

Let's put it this way:

Say you were having a dream in which you were chasing a leprechaun that would grant you three wishes beyond your wildest dreams if he is caught.

Then your alarm clock goes off and you wake up, but you still remember the dream very vividly.

Would you quickly throw your socks and shoes on and run out the door trying to find this dream leprechaun?(don't answer that hehe)

When Awakening occurs it's recognized that the individual and it's bundle of dream stories/beliefs and concepts never actually existed in reality.

When the bottom of the bucket falls out, it never holds water again.

When the snake is recognized as just a piece of rope it doesn't keep tricking you over and over again.

When the foundation of Illusion dissolves under the weight of truth the Ivory Tower collapses.




Well sure, this whole timeless thing (no-thing) isn't moving, and it's just an appearance, but more and less awesome appearances can appear. No one is judging them as awesome or less so, but yeah. There are different mountaintops, apparently -- of course, not really...

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Yes there's only impermanence.... and even that is just a story. 

It's definitely not what the individual is seeking.

The ME wants something solid to grasp, name, label and check-off as understood.

THIS is unknowable.... and not because it can't be named, but because any name or meaning placed over top of it, is a projected idea at best.

“Everything is honoured, but nothing matters.” — Eckhart Tolle.

"I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons, knocking on a door. It opens. I've been knocking from the inside." -- Rumi

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@Leo Gura

In the past, you have talked about Enlightenment and Life Purpose as contradictory paths - that Enlightenment is an independent variable from success and fulfillment from LP. 

What is your current take on this? Is pursuing Authentic Life Purpose and God-realization aligned - or align-able?

God-realization ("Omniscience") also seems to fit Aurobindo's / Wilber's model (Over-mind, Meta-mind, Supermind)unnamed.gif


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