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  1. @Carl-Richard Aweoske thanks! I know Bateson (mostly Nora though) and Bucky Fuller. Have heard of the others but haven’t studied them.
  2. @DocWatts Nah, if you’re committed to evolving and growing, it won’t take 10 years. Then again, what’s the rush? Mine as well enjoy where you’re at if you’re happy and fulfilled 🙌
  3. @Carl-Richard I can't say any of these people are my "heroes" in the traditional sense of the word, but some folks who I deeply appreciate and resonate with are: -Daniel Schmachtenberger -Jamie Wheal -Richard Rohr -Ken Wilber -Susanne Cook-Greuter -Terri O'Fallon -Scott Barry Kaufman -Adyashanti, Rupert Spira, Neal Donald Walshe -Hanzi Frinacht aka Daniel Gortz -Terry Patten -Thomas Huebl -David Deida -Leo -Daniel Thorson -David Hawkins -Rebel Wisdom and Future Thinkers guys -Holly Woods -Alan Watts
  4. @Raphael This feels to me like a very honest assessment. Thanks for sharing!
  5. @Fearey Thanks for sharing! I'm not sure what you're referring to as Teal. In the Integral Theory map, Teal is the alt term used to describe SD Yellow. So it wouldn't make sense to go from Coral to Teal? I'd suggest looking into STAGES which is a synthesis of Integral Theory and Susanne Cook-Greuter's stages of adult ego development. STAGES includes the MetaAware tier (5.0+) and goes into detail about each stage. Attached are two PDFs that you might find helpful to read. One is an overview of STAGES and the other is a deep dive into the later stages and how they map with nonduality and the Buddhist maps of Enlightenment. In STAGES, a rough outline could be: 4.5 Strategist = Yellow 5.0 Construct Aware = late Yellow / early Turquoise 5.5 Transpersonal = Turquoise 6.0 Universal = late Turquoise / early Coral 6.5 Illumined = Coral (but again, Coral isn't even really a thing, so it's hard to name this a true stage at this point in time) The_STAGES_Matrix_Roadmap_GEN_10-18.pdf Here's a link to the more in-depth PDF: https://www.integral-review.org/issues/vol_16_no_1_churchill_and_murray_integrating_adult_developmental_and_metacognitive_theory.pdf
  6. @DocWatts Yes, agree. I prefer the STAGES model which is based off a synthesis of Integral Theory and Susanne Cook-Greuter's work. I'm doing a course with Terri O'Fallen right now which has been a great way to integrate all the stages including the later MetaAware tier ones which Susanne's model does not cover (she bulks later stages after Construct Aware into a catch-all called Unitive). I just did SD because it's what's most commonly used as a map on the forum. Not enough people would know what Achiever, Pluralist, Strategist, etc would mean so there would be no point in creating that poll. Which stage of ego development do you resonate as your COG using the Cook-Greuter model? The_STAGES_Matrix_Roadmap_GEN_10-18.pdf
  7. @hyruga Because nobody on this forum is centered at those stages...or they wouldn't be on this forum.
  8. This is so beautiful.
  9. @Fearey I'm aware that there's other stages missing - that's intentional on my part. Nobody who is chilling on Actualized.org has a center of gravity below Blue. In fact, I highly doubt anyone here is at Blue. My guess is the vast majority of folks are at Orange and Green with some Yellow and *maybe* a couple of people peaking into Turquoise. Coral is not a real stage yet and basically doesn't exist beyond likely a small handful of people on the entire planet. If you're at Coral, I highly doubt you'd be responding to this forum post. But maybe lol. I'd be curious to hear more about your experience and understanding of what stage you're at and why. @Matt23 See response above about more options needed. Agree, it's not a scientific poll haha just put it out there for fun. Center of gravity, like ego development itself, is a construct. Of course it doesn't exist. It's just a label describing an experience in the relative world that some people identify with. I try not to take it too seriously while also not overlooking its utility. What stage do you feel you most often orient from in your day-to-day life?
  10. @March My pleasure. Feel free to reach out if I can be of help. I've been to several of the communities on the list and have a pretty good understanding of most of them.
  11. @Roy hahaha good one!
  12. What is your Spiral Dynamics center of gravity? Curious to get a sense of how most Actualized users see the world. As a reminder, this is about ego development and is not related to how many nondual insights you've had Your "center of gravity" is the stage that you most often occupy, not the highest stage you occasionally dip into. I purposefully scrambled the poll choices so that people don't just pick the "highest" one unconsciously
  13. I highly recommend this book. Found it to be an excellent read. https://www.amazon.com/Transcend-Self-Actualization-Scott-Barry-Kaufman/dp/0143131206