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  1. @The Buddha The core of every religion is Truth. That said, the overwhelming vast majority of people who practice the religions, including Hinduism, are Stage Blue. That was my point, not that the core teachings (minus the dogma and mythic characters) are Blue. That doesn't even really make sense. Anyways, a bunch of hippies singing kirtan is Stage Green. I stand by that fully.
  2. Excellent Stage Yellow conversation with Jamie Wheal and Scott Barry Kaufman who wrote the book Transcend about Maslow, which I’d also highly recommend. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/collective-insights/id1293899173?i=1000526604088
  3. One perspective on Life is that it is constantly evolving towards greater complexity, and therefore Life is better than Death for it allows the evolutionary process to continue. If this is True, then it can be said that God favors Good over Evil and Life over Death for Good and Life allow for complexity to expand. But from the nondual perspective, there is just the Eternal Now with Life constantly shapeshifting forms. Are the waves moving towards greater complexity, or are they just arising and falling into the ocean of Nothingness? If so, does this mean everything is random, and that the Universe is orderless? Or is there indeed a Divine Order to existence? Perhaps it's both/and? The Dreamer is just dreaming, but in the dream the complexity of the dream characters are ever-evolving?
  4. @John Paul I'm very familiar with Sam Garrett and his music as well as his time at Mooji's ashram. From my POV, this video is Stage Green singing kirtan about a Stage Blue religion. I've been to many kirtans just like this...it's as Green as it gets IMO. Can you share more about what aspects resonate as Turquoise for you?
  5. @John Paul Beautiful song, but this is Stage Green.
  6. Jamie Wheal wrote in his new book "Recapture The Rapture" what he calls Cheat Codes for the Infinite Game. Curious to hear what others think. He claims it's the only Western distillation of Truth that is not tied to dogma or tradition... The Game has an infinite number of levels in an infinite number of dimensions. ■ The purpose of the Game is to remember you are playing it (anamnesis). ■ The more levels of the Game you remember you’re playing, the more fun (and consequential) the Game becomes. ■ Higher levels of the Game bleed through into 3D: They often show up as coincidences, synchronicities, or absurdity. This is a “known issue” best taken as a reminder that the Game is afoot (and held loosely). ■ The 3D level is the access point to all the other levels of the Game. If you die at the 3D level of the Game, it is Game Over (unless or until proven otherwise). So no matter what, don’t die in 3D! ■ Don’t say anything, or think anything that you don’t want to become more true. ■ Once you’ve figured out the Game, help turn as many NPCs (nonplayer characters) into Players and Players into Architects as you can. ■ Stay awake. Build stuff. Help out.
  7. @cookiemonster Thanks!
  8. @Godishere Well this is the question. But if God is truly Infinite, it would in theory mean that God would experience each lifetime through the eyes of the person that is appearing in "my ego's" dream, no?
  9. Is it "true" that I as God will experience life through each individual's limited ego perspective, since God is infinite? In other words, I as God will experience life through "the eyes" of each person I pass by on the street in another lifetime? Therefore, if I punch someone in the face, I will experience the pain of the punch when I reincarnate as that person, so therefore I would never want to cause another harm (in theory at least)? Is this train of thought on-point?
  10. @PlayOnWords I'm not sure what makes this specifically Yellow vs Green. It could probably fall into either category, but the fun play on words alone doesn't make it Yellow. Love Eno though!
  11. @PlayOnWords That's a very young Jamie Wheal asking the question to Ken! What a brilliant answer.
  12. Is this true? Is the consciousness that is aware of this all that there is? Or are there multiple consciousness bubbles which pop in and out of Oneness?
  13. @blackchair I agree, it came up short on the solutions and positive ways to transmute trauma.
  14. @blackchair I'm curious as a documentary filmmaker, do you care to elaborate about how you felt about the film and its content?
  15. One of his strengths is also one of his limitations: he sees the entire world through the lens of trauma. It's an important and super valid lens, but ultimately if it's the ONLY lens it becomes a distorted view of reality and limits other perspectives which could actually further inform the trauma topic and provide a more multi-perspectival approach. I'm not saying Gabor doesn't independently research these other lenses on his own, but when he speaks publicly, he almost exclusively speaks with trauma-tinted glasses on, which makes sense given it's his speciality, but again, has limitations as well. Someone with a center of gravity at Yellow would be more likely to bring in other dimensions and create a more complex map of reality. For example, Jamie Wheal is a neuroscientist but doesn't only talk about the world through that lens because he sees how limited that one viewpoint is in understanding the full portrait of humanity.