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  1. @Yali I recommend sitting down in silence for 60 minutes and witnessing your thoughts. Where do they come from? Do you control them? Do you create them? Are "you" your thoughts? If you have a thought, does that make you the thought? Are they a part of you, separate from you, or both? In the meantime, IMO, one can be centered in stage Green (or any stage, for that matter) and still have racist thoughts. I think this conversation has been beaten to a pulp - let's move on!
  2. @Yali Everybody has racist thoughts occasionally. I have all sorts of thoughts about all sorts of things, but I don't attach my identity to those thoughts. If I have thoughts about killing someone, does that make me a violent person? If I have thoughts about having sex with a stranger I pass by on the street, does that make me a sexual predator?
  3. @Yali Ok so I guess everybody is racist by that definition. What next? How is this productive?
  4. You'll be missed! Best of luck on your journeys
  5. Powerful song about BLUE/Orange small town Americana.
  6. What is racism? How do you define the term? Does having racist thoughts make one racist?
  7. @Yali Are you suggesting that to be “true” Green one must never have any racist thoughts? If so, that feels like an arbitrary and unrealistic bar. I have all kinds of crazy thoughts float through my consciousness...it doesn’t mean that I act on them nor identify with them. I’m not sure what your point has to do with SD.
  8. @Yali These types of comments are unproductive unless you provide more context and explanation. For example, what would distinguish someone from true Green to in-name-only, from your perspective?
  9. Powerful! Amazing talent. 23 years old.
  10. @Gesundheit @neutralempty "We have found in our data that Individualists may or may not have a communal bend. Some turn towards their own meaning making and exploring their own minds and are less concerned with diversity issues." ^ This is exactly what I was getting at with the two camps of Green (Political and Spiritual). Seems like there's two paths through the stage which overlap greatly but differ in how they approach the cultural/social aspects.
  11. @neutralempty Yeah I edited to say that it's only in some cases, but sadly I see the trend growing. This vaccine issue is taking an existing trend and blowing it up into a full blown culture war.
  12. My observation of Green is that there's two camps: political and spiritual. The political Greens are all about activism, justice, equality, revolutionizing the system, etc. Spiritual Greens are more about "unconditional love" and New Age ideals, often bypassing politics as "low-consciousness" and instead (EDIT: in more extreme cases) opting for "conspirituality" conspiracy theories to make sense of the world. The two camps obviously have a lot of overlap but also feel like distinctly different paths through Green. Just my anecdotal observations...
  13. @DocWatts Just to clarify, I meant the "all perspectives of the world are equally valid" quote not something you wrote. Agree that Wilbur seems to rail against Green in a way that feels borderline excessive at times, but I trust he plays an important role in the process of moving folks up the spiral.
  14. Got it. Yeah, that seems like a major challenge playing out right now in politics and culture.