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  1. Sharing an essay I wrote about my decision to get the vaccine using Spiral Dynamics as a model for my meaning making. https://tuckerwalsh.medium.com/to-vaccinate-or-not-to-vaccinate-f918deabb352
  2. Check out ISTA.life for powerful workshops about how to use your sexual energy in a healthy and productive way.
  3. Anyone living in NYC want to meet up once a month in-person? Would be fun to meet likeminded folks. Let me know if you live in the area!
  4. @Jodistrict No doubt. It feels like life is one giant collective gamble at this point. But hey, it's probably always been that way Just grateful to be alive in this present moment.
  5. @Seraphim Yeah, honestly who knows. Intuition vs Mind...both are constructs at the end of the day. Hard to truly say what's what. And definitely hard to say whether it was the right decision or not, but it was the decision I made, so at least on a spiritual level, it was the perfect one
  6. I wrote this article as a "map for my younger self" to describe my journey from SD Stage Orange to Green to Yellow. Thanks in advance for any feedback or comments. https://tuckerwalsh.medium.com/a-map-for-my-younger-self-bfa1dcd22243
  7. I wrote this article after getting the COVID vaccine in response to many of my Stage Green friends who are opposed to vaccinations. Hoping that my decision making process can help others on their journey. Thanks in advance for any feedback or comments! https://medium.com/@tuckerwalsh/to-vaccinate-or-not-to-vaccinate-f918deabb352?postPublishedType=repub
  8. I think your math might be off
  9. Love this. Would just say that it's important to have self-awareness that one is still "on the path" (not that we ever are off of it) and to speak from a place of humility and deference to the possibility of being wrong, or the potential of having an evolved perspective in the future.
  10. @Fetak Wow this documentary is amazing! What a beautiful film. Agree that the overall message has Yellow integral qualities (human and machine co-evolving together), though the characters in the film seem mostly Orange (Brits) and Blue/ORANGE (Koreans). Fascinating documentary.
  11. Has anyone read this paper by Forrest Landry called "An Immanent Metaphysics"? It's long and laborious but has been recommended by Yellow thinkers like Daniel Schmachtenberger and Jim Rutt. Curious to hear what people think. https://www.magic-flight.com/pub/uvsm_1/idm_foundations_01.pdf Podcast episode w/ Jim Rutt and Forrest.
  12. @Rilles What are some of the main resources or books you read that you'd recommend? I'm excited for this history book to come out: https://metamoderna.org/introduction-chapter-to-the-next-hanzi-book-the-6-hidden-patterns-of-history/
  13. Love it. Great list! Thanks for sharing
  14. @BettyStreet
  15. I'm contemplating taking an integral coaching course with New Ventures West. I've done informal coaching before and feel I would be a good fit for it, but I'm questioning whether I need to spend $14,000 on a certification process. My niche would be Purpose Guiding helping others (mainly late Orange and Green) to discover their Soul's purpose. Basically guiding people on a similar journey to what I went through over the past few years. It would be more of a supplemental side gig for me, not a full-time vocation. Would be curious to hear from others who are coaches and their advice on the necessity of certification vs creating a clever niche and attracting clients via word of mouth.