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  1. **Moderators feel free to delete this thread. I don't want to promote this shit. I regret posting it, should have watched more before I did...Sorry!
  2. Nvm just watched a few mins and think I answered my own question. Plus he gave me a headache.
  3. I had a couple people tell me to explore David Icke. Don't know much about him, but seems like conspiracy town at first glance. For those who know about him, should I go down that rabbit hole or spend my precious time doing something else?
  4. I don't know what this is, but it's fascinating, funny and really sad all at the same time.
  5. @Leo Gura This "debate" between Sam and Ezra Klein definitely has Sam's blood boiling. It's cringeworthy to listen to. I generally enjoy listening to Ezra Klein, but both him and Sam come off terribly in this exchange. They revert back to their teenage cafeteria food fight days. The result of two bruised egos trying to stab each other in the back while pretending not to.
  6. Many paths.
  7. Just watched. Agree it was very well done. Fascinating to compare their early childhoods. The most telling line was when Trump apparently told a reporter, "I'm basically the same person that I was in 1st grade." Yup, that about sums it up.
  8. @soos_mite_ah Very well said, and this feels on-point to my gut instincts. We should note that MLK wanted to dismantle capitalism as well, which further indicates Stage Green thinking.
  9. @Opo I've heard Ken Wilbur praise him as a second tier thinker, which was confusing.
  10. Wow this thread is confusing seems like everyone has a different answer haha. My gut tells me his center of gravity was Green but had some Blue in him and certainly in the culture he was based in. But frankly I'd probably need to read his biography and learn more about him before I truly know.
  11. Sam Harris sometimes baffles me. I just can't beg him. He seems to be a systems thinker and obviously is very intelligent. But he also has this seething anger just below the surface that feels very egoic and perhaps some shadow work that he's yet to work through? This podcast episode about "The New Religion of Anti-Racism" is a good example. Frankly, I just don't understand why he cares so much about the radical left, as if it's all some direct personal attack on him that he must defend against. He seems to be on a crusade to reign in the excesses of the Green Meme, which I guess is admirable to some extent, but again, it's the ego and anger that raises red flags for me. Full disclosure: perhaps I'm projecting my own shadows onto his shadows haha. Curious what others think about him and his perspectives. https://samharris.org/podcasts/217-new-religion-anti-racism/
  12. What stage of Spiral Dynamics was Martin Luther King Jr?
  13. Leo's latest video speaks to this:
  14. @Nahm I remember riding a public bus one day about six months ago and having this experiential realization, "Whoa, life is all one giant synchronicity, and it's just a matter of whether we 'tune' into it or not." It was wild and hard to explain with words. I don't understand what you're saying ^. Do you mind clarifying? What's slow, and what do you mean by "itself"?
  15. @Mafortu Thanks, that makes sense. I understand the literal physical acts of pushing plate, plate breaks, etc. But what about synchronicities or premonitions like having a dream about something that actually happens the next day? Or the crazy stories people often call coincidences like someone who is on his way to commit murder when suddenly he gets a flat tire. He reads it as a sign from God and it becomes the turning point in his life. Is the flat tire just a result of having a shitty car, and the timing is indeed coincidental, or are there deeper layers behind the concept of "everything happens for a reason"?