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  1. @Leo Gura how did your life/thought process/decision making process/priorities change after having this experience?? Will your life be different from that moment? How?
  2. @Adrija step one: believe you can be. if you don't, you will never be
  3. you've been gathering knowledge I believe, but did you take any action? did you do anything else apart from what you normally do? prayer, meditation or affirmations are not enough less thinking more doing.
  4. That can change very easily. You get sick. Your baby gets sick. Your parents get sick. You business fails. You get hit by a truck, zombies arise!... not so amazing anymore. Besides Shinzen Young said that if you knew how does it feel to be enlightened you would choose living like that just for 1 day rather than having a 100 years of a happy life and I believe him
  5. @Ken Lecoq now everything makes perfect sense
  6. The way I imagine your friend's experience is: he had sex with some pretty girl, he had an orgasm, she probably didn't and then he felt guilty and dissapointed bcz the whole thing didn't mach his idea and fantasy of sex being 'the act of the ultimate love'. I get your explaination, I believe you are perfectly fine doing whatever you are doing, good for you. I'm only trying to say (for the others who may hold this belief) that this idea of TRUE AND FULFILLING SEX IS ONLY FOR LOVE is just very unrealistic and possibly dangerous. It's basically chasing the fantasy that doesn't necesarily exist. Sex doesn't have to be sacred to be true or fun. You don't need ultimate love to have good and fulfilling sex. Mutual respect and caring for each other is just enough. So, I don't see the reason to feel like a liar bcz of having sex with someone you like, respect and care about.
  7. im very confused about this part.
  8. I'm here if someone wants to practice coaching on me ;D
  9. @Philipp The question is why don't you like yourself? Why do you see yourself worthless? What beliefs do you hold about yourself and your worth? Do you know answers to these questions?
  10. @Jonathan Cabrera What exactly ae you expecting to learn in college?
  11. At your service I've been through this many times. I know how terrible it is to break up with a person who would do anything for you. He loves you so much and you are rejecting it. The guilt is horrible. You feel like the worst person ever. But it passes away. I am now good friends with almost all my exes. It wasnt the end of the world for them. Maybe it seemed like that at first, but everyone moves on. The break up and what will happen after is 20 times worse in your head than how it will actually be in reality. If you love and respect each other, the outcome cannot be bad. again, you know it's good for both of you. Don't wait, the sooner you do it, the sooner both of you will recover. Other advice I can give you is: be carefull with your next relationships. Be conscious on who you date, to avoid this kind of situation in the future. Good luck and it will all be fine
  12. if you think your problems come from childhood I recommend watching the whole series Homecoming by John Bradshaw maybe you will find some answers on how did your problems start
  13. @stalker If your health and hygiene is fine then it must be sth else
  14. @stalker Really? I can't imagine why would she do that, what questions did you ask? As far as I know people love to talk about themselves as long as you don't ask uncomfortable questions. Maybe you didn't give anything back and it really felt like questioning to her? Or maybe you are one of these guys who claim that being fat, having long greasy hair and only one pair of shoes is perfectly fine, bcz only what you have inside should matter... I don't know! Need more details!
  15. @tomasCZ @stalker you said that you have nothing to say. THATS THE PROBLEM. why would someone ever talk with you if you have nothing to say? you have no thought process at all? do you really have no interests? no opinions or dreams or plans? no questions for the person who you are talking with? you are not curious about their stories and thoughts? if so, no trick will help you. u first need to have sth to say. go and work on that. get knowlegle and be curious and you will always have sth to say. which countries did you visit, what did you see, what movies do you like, what was the last book you read, do you like sushi, why is your hair red, whats the name of your dog, where do you want to be in 5 years, why did you study medicine, how is it to work in hostel, what was the most crazy thing you ever did, did you have sex in a car, do you like to study, do you know how to ski, what is your favourite meal, how many friends do you have, what do you think about meditation, do you like yoga, do you think aliens exist, what are you scared of, what are your dreams, problems, nsecurities, HEY look at that guy's t-shit, its funny! what is the best stanup comedy you've seen, do you like thather, have you ever been to music festival, if you would have to choose would you rather have the ability to fly or teleport.... i can go on forever.