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  1. Most definitely saturated. Look at all the dead channels of youtube of creators that just never made it because they gave up. If you have a message worth while in the eyes of just a few thousand you can be successful. There are entire channels based on things you would never even expect (like cleaning, brushing your teeth, or insert random topic here.) I of course wouldn't hesitate to post your content on bitchute as well. There is an actual plugin that uploads all your youtube videos to bitchute as you produce them. Just put your message out there. Be consistent. Be Patient, I'd say the average time it takes most creators 2-5 years to actually hit a point where they can live solely off their income from online. It is a journey but it is entirely worth doing.
  2. Just gonna put this right here.... Evolutionary Psychology, Success, and Freedom. Book reviews, Motivational Videos. Podcast Guests. Would love to interview Leo one day. Maybe he'll entertain it when I hit 10 k haha.
  3. I like to follow Tai Lopez's philosophy on ingesting media and information on worldly events. If there is anything "crazy" happening in the news then most likely one of his friends will tell him about it. Falling to far into the media news cycle is a prescription for paranoia and outrage. The media is a tool used to sow fear and discontent into the populace. They are used solely to divide us so that the people f*cking us at the top remain in power. So take everything they say with not only a grain of salt but maybe a whole pound of salt. As to the alt-right continuum... I think the alt-right is but a small yet vocal minority of what actually represents the true laissez faire attitude of most people you would consider right wing. I think the Trump movement (populism) has not been the disaster that the media has labeled it to be. Hell from every measurable metric (employment, crime, economic growth) all are trending in a positive direction. Mayhaps I am wrong but I do believe there is a sizable amount of people on the left who claim to stand for tolerance and open mindedness but end up being everything but the very thing for which they profess. The amount of riots, crime, and anarchy that has spilled onto the streets during these so called "peaceful" protests are beyond disturbing. The problem is there is no nuance in every form of discussion. Everything is white and black. Right or wrong. There is no grey area in which to contextualize what is the actual issue. At the end of the day FACTS ARE FACTS regardless of how the human spirit or human emotion chooses to interpret them. I agree the sentiment that MGTOW is far to removed but I have an understanding as to why these movements exist. Some women (as do some men) simply refuse to take personal responsibility in their lives. The perpetuation of fallacies like rape culture, metoo, and toxic masculinity have pushed men away (and for good reason.) By the current standard that the court of public opinion reigns supreme even to that of the court of law. It takes only a single woman to say that she was violated to essentially tarnish a man's reputation forever. That is not to say that women who are truly abused/raped/sodomized by men shouldn't speak out on the contrary. I think that any man who would lay a hand on a woman in such a way should be buried under the prison. I think many of these conduits would even fail to exist if fatherless homes weren't so prevalent. Women initiate over 75% of divorces. This splits homes and oft time men receive 20% or less in custody battles. The majority of the prison system is a conglomerate of men and women who came from fatherless and/or broken homes. I think the absence of fathers at home has created a lot of this mess. I applaud you for being so open minded especially given your background as a Muslim. Just as there needs to be a more open minded debate in the alt right there also needs to be a more open minded debate regarding the religion of Islam. I truly do believe that the Islamic faith needs a great awakening similar to that of Christianity between the 18th and late 20th century. There are great swaths of Muslims who still believe that gays/lgbt should be put to death because of their lifestyles. A recent pole in the United Kingdom showed that of the Muslims poled in London 100% (yes 100%) believed that gays shouldn't be allowed to marry and 53% believed the act itself should be illegal (as in punished by law.) I think the alt-right movement is a bi-product of not only an attack on white identity but also a answer to the rising tensions in Europe from the mass integration of people who do not share similar sensibilities in life. I personally find all religion a redundant mess that causes more suffering then it actually heals but that is for another topic. Back to the alt-right premise. There will always be radicals on either side of the debate. I personally believe that we all have more in common then we believe. That if the world came together and over threw the true powers that be we could all live in peace and prosperity. For f*ck sake it is 2018 and we still haven't solved world hunger. We should be traveling space together not lashing at each others throats. At the end of the day we can argue (peacefully) and all keep our sovereignty. We must grow together (alt right, muslims, far left, mgtow, libertarians, communists, whatever!) to see that we are all human beings. -Jecht
  4. Text her the next day. When she texts back immediately call her. Give good emotions and set up the next meet. The phone is for one thing (logistics.) Don't waste your time being the "texting buddy." Set up the meet and go have some fun.
  5. Here is a list of books that have helped me personally and then I will list why. Some of these books may come off as unorthodox so bear with me. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle ( The Power of Now is fantastic because it brings you into the present moment and out of your head. A big problem I see with guys trying to learn "game" is that they are thinking about pick up and attraction when they are out socializing. This gets them into their head (logic) and out of their body. Instead of getting into the emotion of the moment and into their body. The Power of Now focuses on the present moment which is ideally the best place to be when interacting with beautiful women. Fundamentals of Female Dynamics by Micheal Knight ( This guy worked with RSDMax as an assistant for a while. if you are familiar with concepts that Real Social Dynamics talks about then this book will not teach you anything new. With that said this book is a great correlation of all of RSD's teachings that anyone can begin to implement into their dating life. Ideally this book encapsulates the core principles of how "game" actually works so you can stop reading and start taking action. The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida ( This book is required reading. While I don't agree with everything he talks about the core message of the book resonates at such a core level that many men should begin to embrace. That is this: Women are not the number one priority in life. Your purpose is your number one priority. By pursuing a goal that doesn't require the warm embrace of a woman you put yourself in a level of abundance. For most men they continually strangulate relationships and overcompensate with women trying to show how "great" they are for her. This persistent neediness only pushes women farther away. Work on creating a badass lifestyle for YOU and women will be the icing on the cake to an already amazing life. I've read dozens of other books on the subject but these three are more than enough to get you into the dating game. There is NO AMOUNT of books you can read that makes up for the actual experience of going out and talking to women. Game is not logical. It is emotional. So get out there and get some experience. Crash and burn because you will suck shit when you first start and eventually over time you will learn what works and what doesn't. Then you can start building some success. Hope I helped. Good fortune to you my friend.
  6. Unless you flip the script.
  7. Same. Women go out to night clubs for the specific reason to meet guys. Why not take rejection on the chin like a man and deal with this awkward phase. Or you can quit and start the blame game but no one is going to miss you.
  8. No but they will be some awesome experiences that is for sure. Leo might be happy in a box and maybe one day I'll reach that level of fulfillment. Though coming from the Navy out to sea I can see it being a very similar experience and to be honest I never want to go back there.
  9. Arguably none at all. It gives you leverage to actually go out there and start up conversations with girls. There is no more easy way out. No more "Oh I'll just go masturbate and play some games tonight." Instead it's "Fuck I'm horny I'm going out and chatting up some girls tonight." Over the last 10 days I've slept with 3 girls none of which I would of had the drive to go out and meet if I had given myself the easy way out. Your testosterone raises by over 50% after just 1 week of not masturbating. The added drive extends itself into all aspects of your life not just dating. Everyone is different and I have heard the nay sayers say "I masturbate and it doesn't effect me at all." To those people I say "try it." Most people can't. They don't realize just how hardwired masturbation (particularly porn) has fucked up their own minds. They are a slave to it. Dr. Robert Glover talks about what is called "healthy masturbation." It involves no porn, no mental images of past lovers or future lovers. Instead it is focused solely on the feelings on the penis as it is being touched. Kind of like meditating while you masturbate. This type of presentness and overall satisfaction with REAL SEX (with another person) leads to a much healthier attitude about sex, relationships, and intimacy. Depending on where you starting try it for a week and see your results. No fap calls these results "super powers" and although I can't jump on that bandwagon I will state that the benefits have been pretty remarkable. Good Fortune to You My Friend, Jecht
  10. I did a video on this last week. I have been a major porn addict and masturbation junky for a majority of my life. Sometimes up to 12x a day or more. I've always had a high sex drive but only recently have I realized just how much harm it was actually causing my own mind. Since going cold turkey I've had a much happier life. I've relapsed but ironically my relapse happen on days that I've already sex (with a real in the flesh woman ooooo.) Not sure if there is a correlation. The key is to keep your hands away from your cock. Don't try to fight your urges with willpower. Rather embrace your lust and choose to act on it by channeling that energy into going out and meeting a girl or into something creative. Perhaps a sexually expressive piece of art. Also check out no fap on reddit. Whenever I have the urge to look at porn I instantly go to no fap to remind myself of the benefits of not masturbating. It is by no means easy. It has been equated to heroin or tobacco but ultimately you will perservere. Another more obvious point is to simply have MORE Sex. Nothing beats the real thing and those pixels on the screen are seperating you from a reality of horny women waiting to hop on your magic carpet. My video is here: Let me know what you think. Good Fortune to You My Friend, Jecht
  11. It really depends on where you live. Just like business... location, location, location. If your in a big city like NYC, Chi Town, Miami, or LA you will have no problem going outside and meeting girls just going about your day. A majority of my pick ups come from day time as I'm going about my normal life. If your green as they come get ready for a lot of rejection but know that with each reference your taking a step forward to removing the bullshit that is stopping you from revealing your authentic personality. Most rejection... especially instant rejection is from lack of authenticity or lack of commitment in your approach (half stepping.) Night clubs are ideal for learning how to seduce women because of the sheer numbers but you will notice a higher level of protection or shielding from women as they move among a high stimulus environment filled with horny males half stepping 80% of the time. As to being creepy? You must RISK being creepy. What is creepy anyway? To one girl it is one thing and different to others. You WILL be rejected so get out of the batting 1000 mind set and screen girls who are RIGHT FOR YOU. I travel quite a bit and have seduced more than a handful of starbucks barrista across the states. Be present, be authentic, be direct. There are girls out there just as excited as you to have a strong man step up to her and take her on an adventure. Use apps like tinder, okc, and pof to supplement your nights out when your to busy and depending on your city you'll see massive growth with action oriented game plan to massively improve your dating and social life. Rant. Good Fortune to You My Friend, Jecht Side note: Only drink water when your out... no alcohol or it will become a crutch.
  12. I think meeting Elon Musk is something you could do today haha. No fantasy. Unless you deem it as such.
  13. We all get in a bit of money trouble every once in a while but this has been an ongoing problem for me since my first paycheck from a local meat deli that I used to clean slabs for when I was 17. I still remember coming home smelling heavy of ham and not in a good way. I’ve been working for almost eight years now and I have not saved one dollar in my entire life. I am coming up on the ripe age of twenty-six and tomorrow is my four month anniversary from being discharged from the Navy. Long story short I won’t be receiving any school benefits which is what I was putting my hat on and because of said situation I am now on the career path of an UBER driver until I get my finances in order. So I can than shift more time onto the things I am passionate about. That is where the Year of the Lamb comes in. The Year of the Lamb is that pain-staking year where you focus exclusively on one thing and one thing only being DEBT FREE. Every day is a GRIND that focuses on that freedom that comes with owing nothing to anyone. Debt is SLAVERY. Make no doubt about it. If you find yourself in that space where you fall on your face. Stand up, dust yourself off, roll up your sleeves, and go to work at destroying that debt every single day. You may find yourself doing some of the worst work known to mankind but keep that twinkle in your eye knowing that one day it will all be worth it. Living your DREAM LIFE is HARD. It takes WORK… HARD WORK to get to where you want to be. A good solid foundation is GROUND ZERO. That means zero dollars in the bank account and zero debts to anyone. This is the starting point for a good life. A good life doesn’t start with a dabble of passion. It starts with starting back at zero. No matter how much effort you multiply if you are still in the negatives on your bank account… you are going NO WHERE. Why a Lamb? A Lamb is slaughtered. The lamb is a symbol of SACRIFICE. Like every single person who has worked a meaningless drone job with the sole intent of making it to the surface. That dream life will happen but you have to start with nothing (not less than nothing) before you can become something. The age old "eat your vegetables before you eat your desert." Do you care for some lamb?
  14. An entire thread dedicated to your f*ck it (bucket) list... I'll start us off: Backpack from Vietnam to Ireland Scuba Dive off the Coast of Austrialia Go to Burning Man (Experiment with Lots of Drugs) Star in a Blockbuster Film Go on a Meditation Retreat Hold a Black Belt in Mixed Martial Arts Own a Castle with a Vineyard Champion an Education Society Champion Common Sense Drug Laws Own a Multi-Million Dollar Business Go to Oktoberfest (Drink good German Beer) Have Five Kids (or more) See a Firework Show on Chinese New Year Go into Space Shoot a Weapon on Full-Auto Read all the Tombs of the Ancients Partake in an Orgy Drink my own Homemade Wine Join a Fight Club Be a Member of a Secret Society Paint a Self-Portrait Build a House Die a Happy Man What are the things you want to do?
  15. I awake with two beautiful vixens at my side. I grumble out of bed stepping over the wine bottles littered on the floor and step out onto my balcony in all my naked glory. My butler steps in and hands me a cup of dark french pressed coffee and I watch the sun rise. Stepping back inside both my vixens eye me and beg for me to come back to bed. We all f*ck in a multitude of ways and then walk down the cliff side to the beach with a basket full of sandwiches and strawberries. We all swim naked, run along the beach, and lie naked in bliss. Before returning back up the steps to the castle because the night's festivities have not yet begun. Health: Mixed Martial Arts 170LB Body Wealth: $1,000,000 Annually Relationships: 5 Girl Rotation Happiness: Entrepreneur (Freedom)/ Adventurer (Travel) / Artist (Create Beauty) / Seducer (Deep, Wet, Passionate) H: G/A/DAY + 100 Challenge + Nature Hikes W: Book Reviews, Movies Reviews, Show, Daily Video Travel the world and have a ton of adventures. Star in a handful of films. Write at least three best sellers. Produce a movie. Have a world wide global brand. The end game being I have a house in Bali and a Castle in Southern France. Die a novel man with a big robust family and to be remembered as a renaissance man of his day.