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  1. Of course the experience is subjective, but you will almost always learn something new while being on psychedelics if you like it or not. ESPECIALLY when you have self development in mind. It's literally information overload about and everything. I'm not saying that you can't achieve heightened awareness without, it's just gonna take waaaaaay longer time, and it will also be harder. Even Sadhguru would benefit from psychedelics, and saying otherwise is just plain ignorance. Also going berserk while being on psychedelics isn't normal. It's not the psychedelics fault, it's the mindset of the person using it. It's also very well know that you shouldn't take psychedelics if you have a history of mental disease/disorder yourself or in your family. I have been on psychedelics plenty of times, and a lot of my friends have as well, and none of them have experienced anything negative like this. I feel like psychedelics have a big and important role in self development, and the benefits outweigh the negatives by miles. I feel like people are afraid or don't believe that they have a benefit. I feel like this community would see a much bigger and faster leap forward if more people experimented with them. That's why i want Leo to talk about psychedelics. Not for me, but for others that are on the same journey.
  2. Any psychedelic experience can be life changing, of course DMT is the king, as it's the most powerful and intense one.
  3. The easiest way to get a larger circle, is by going out clubbing or to parties. Or have a social hobby where you can connect with multiple people. Having a big circle is a good thing, it gives you options and opportunities. It makes you life WAY easier than having no or a small circle. The problem with a small circle is that you are to dependant on them to do things. What happens when it falls apart? You will be alone. Get a big circle by being active, and then get e smaller one, once you have establish a big one. Now you have the real friends, the real people you connect with, and you also have opportunities and options from the big one when you need them.
  4. I agree with you a 100%. Body and the mind before anything else. If you have them in check your life quality will always be on top. You will have balance, and you will have a easier time to accomplish the other things you want to do in life.
  5. Been doing intermediate fasting for about 1.5 years now. I usually fast about 8-18 hours. I have noticed that i am more aware and productive while being fasted. I have no needs for breakfast or coffee to work. I have been training for 4.5 years now, and my bodyfat % plummets like ice cream in the sun. I literally see progress/regression on the daily basis. The only problem with this, is that building muscle is almost impossible. I have noticed my gains have been limited while doing IF. Luckily my strength has either stayed the same or increased even if i don't go up in weight much. I also like sometimes to do actual fasting for 24 hours or longer.
  6. I believe it's good to experience both sides of the spectre. And find the middle ground for yourself where you only get the positives. I myself like to fluctuate back and forth, to experience the greatest highs of both.
  7. Ego is good for your own survival and pleasure, but other than that it's just a blocker for enlightenment. We would not have been here today without ego, it's a necessity for our own good. But once you no longer have to struggle with the self esteem, love/belonging, safety and the physiological needs, that's when you can step away from your ego, for the "bigger" things.
  8. You simply don't want your goals enough then, you have not envisioned them enough, to make them REALLY motivate you towards them. Laziness is a choice when you have lack of real motivation. Envision your dreams, think of them on a daily basis, make them part of you. Then you will get the motivation required to change.
  9. Motivation is the turbo fuel for your goals.
  10. I don't understand why people have the urge to quit 100% with something feeble like weed. There is nothing wrong with the weed, the problem is why and when you smoke it. You just simply have to smoke less and less, to the point where you no longer need it. And this is where habits come in, if you really WANT something, you will get it done no matter what. So if you are a person who under performs because of weed, and you really want to achieve something where you have to perform, you will just have to figure out which of these are more important for you. Do you want to be one of those unproductive smokers? Or do you want to get something done with your life? You don't have to quit 100%, you just have to moderate yourself to the point where you can get/do both things. People are different, some people can be productive while smoking weed, but if you are one of those that become sluggish and unproductive, then you simply can't smoke it a lot or at all.
  11. I have been addicted to social media before. I used to post a lot of controversial stuff on facebook, and i got banned a couple of times, eventually permanently banned. I had to start of fresh, but with that perma ban, i realised that being so attached to a media is a weakness you don't want or need. I still use social media, but i do take 1-4 week long breaks when i feel the time is right, and sometimes i take a even bigger radical option where i delete everything on the media. It help me stay not attached and not needy of the media. You just have to find something else to do, something that takes 100% of your time, where you just simply can't check in every 10-15 minutes. Playing video games, ironically using other media in the meantime like youtube, working out, taking walks, just doing activities that will benefit you.
  12. I myself have been addicted to social media. The way i stopped this addiction, is by taking radical action. I simply started taking breaks from 1 week to 4 weeks away from the social media. I have also gotten the strength enough, to start fresh a couple of times by deleting EVERYTHING i have on the media. Even if i had a attachment to all of the likes, comments, etc.
  13. Set realistic goals and plans, and follow them no matter what. You simply don't want them bad enough if you fall back to your old habits. Take drastic action, and shift your mind. Some habits can be put away by going a total 160 degrees instantly, while other take time. Laziness is a choice by lack of motivation. Find your motivation, and you will never slump. I myself get a rock hard mindset for what i want, and i work on it until i get it, even on days i don't want to or have to, i still do it.
  14. There is no reason to quit social media, it's a platform to help you connect and socialize with people. Social media can help you grow as a person if used right. Social media is not the problem, the problem is the addiction people get from it if they are weak minded. There is a lot you can learn from social media, if it's about people, or ideas that people share and reshare.
  15. My dream is to become a self sustained professional fighter, who is a creator of art in the meantime, through video and picture, a life where i can inspire and push people to be the best version of themselves, a life that I don't need a vacation from