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Did you notice the word light in the word enlightenment? The word enlightenment is simply pointing to the light that is already inside you. We are a self-aware energy field of consciousness.


How to become an enlightened master


I have written about how I've became enlightened in the past, but reflecting back on it I know that I could write a better guide. So I will write a better guide now. As time passes I will be able to write better guides, this is guide #2. You can find my first guide here:

Also I have integrated deeper states in the last 6 months, and much more to come because I have a lot of time to focus on it. Back in July I had an impulse to write that guide without putting much thought in it, prior to that I didn't even know I could write such a long post in the english language, that was my longest post I have written in english. Since realizing I could write such long posts I have spend more time on this forum writing to become better at my english and in the next few months I will start writing posts on my website and maybe do youtube videos, I am 22 and I  am excited to create a lot of content.

I have brainstormed more then 30 topics for  this guide but there is so much to talk about that it's impossible to put it all in a short post so I will condense it and I hope this will be only the starting point of your investigation and experimentation. I would like to mention a lot of examples but there is just too much to cover, so if you have a question post it below. Also learn to do a google and youtube search and you will find everything that you need, don't be lazy. Just listen to the ideas presented from the higher self and investigate further.


If you are thinking "Why would I  listen to this random guy?", I will point out a few reasons:

  • I have became enlightened 4 years ago, meaning I have attained a permanent state of disidentification that doesn't go away whatever I do, it's there.
  • attained a state with 99,9% pure mind with no thoughts(mental sounds) trough the whole day
  • had a lot of paranormal experiences when fully sober (sensing energy fields of people, seeing peoples auras, knowing what others are thinking, seeing a ghost, sensing disembodied beings, seeing angels materializing in a form of light orbs more then 1000 times, remote viewing places that I don't even think are to be considered places (more like hyper dimensional meeting platforms, hard to put into words. A lot of different species of beings were present, it was more lucid then this 3D matrix)....
  • established telephatic contact with extraterrestrials more then 100 times resulting in their materialization in the sky ( I plan to film it in the future, but need more preparation meanwhile If you want to see a footage of how contact looks I can send you a video, just message me)
  • .... more but I hope that's enough.

so I think I am qualified to speak on the topic of enlightenment.  Only those who are enlightened can truly speak about enlightenment. Let's start.


Enlightenment is not a final destination. There is no start and no finish. Enlightenment is a journey, it never ends. A never ending fractal. That's probably why very few people mention that they're enlightened, because they know, they are still on the journey of enlightenment and haven't finished it yet (a lot of them never realize that the journey will never be finished). So let go of the assumption that you need to finish this journey.


Wrong question: How do I attain enlightenment?

Right question: What is the journey of enlightenment?


The journey of enlightenment is a journey of coming back to oneness. Oneness is pure bliss. A journey of remembering and aligning to your True Self. It's all about alignment with your True Self. 


All is here and now, all is obvious, but when you  are too identified with the mental dimension of thoughts you separate yourself from the experience that is happening here and now.


 Content of thoughts is exists  in time and that is an illusion, because experience can happen only in the now moment, content of thoughts is not an experience, it's a story about something that's happening always in the now.


 Time is a byproduct of consciousness reflecting back on it's own existence. (read all the articles on this site)


 There is only a sequence of now moments. Think of it like in a film, there is no actual motion in the film, there is only a certain number of frames per second, and that creates the illusion of motion.


   Experience is what's true for you. Experience is always happening right here, right now. The experience of life is the experience of consciousness. The only thing you need is direct experience of what's already happening. 


When You are able to unite with the experience that is happening now, then You can redefine it and create a new experience of what's happening.


There is no reality outside your definitions. Your definitions create your reality.


Everything exists but you experience only what is relevant to your state of consciousness. 


Everything vibrates. Thoughts have a vibrational frequency associated to them.  These vibrations are stored in the vacuum. You are like the radio that is receiving the music from the station. You need to adjust the frequency that you are emmiting for the reality you wish to experience to come to you. Simple as that. »If you want to know the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration ~Nikola Tesla«

When you understand that everythng vibrates, dimensions of existence start to make sense. The higher the frequency the more complex the patterns.


You can't understand higher dimensions with the lower dimensional understanding. For example. D=dimension. 3D(width, length, height) body is understood better only on the mental dimension (4D). 5D understands 4D. And 6D understands 5D. 5D is infinity. 6D is infinity inside infinity. Infinity is the infinite possible versions of spaceline and timelines that are always happening now. When identified with the mental dimension past and future make sense, but in 5D it doesn't make sense because everything is happening now, you are just shifting a billions of times per second trough parallel realities. Past and future is happening now.

You are a multidimensional being. 

3D - physical body - space

4D- everything that you believe yourself to be, paradigms, thoughts, definitions...mental dimension - past and future-time

5D- being, soul, True Self, consciousness - here and now


Whatever you give meaning to, is true for you



Positive feelings have a higher vibrational frequency than negative feelings. Raise your vibrational frequency. Google masaro emoto water experiment and rice experiment. 


Positive feelings are communications from your Higher Self that you are in alignment with your True Self. Negative feelings are communications from your Higher Self that you are out of alignment with your True Self. 

Yes, I am talking about different aspects of self. Check this thread:

Everything is serving you perfectly, everytime, all the time, the devine orchestrating mechanism is the same for all, you just need to get in tune with it. It's perfect.


Become conscious of your definitions and re-define them to bring you into higher vibrational alignment with your True Self. Ask yourself, how does it feel like to have that definition or belief. Ask yourself, how does this serve you (everything is serving you somehow, just become conscious of how it's serving you).  


Put every discovered belief into writing. If you discover something about yourself and don't put it into writing, it is still stored in the ungrounded mental dimension and so you'll keep repeating the same old story in an endless loop. When you put it into writing, you ground these mental patterns and can analyze them more clearly, this is important.


 Discard limiting beliefs and definitions that do not serve you  and replace them with empowering and integrated definitions. Practice detachment to let go, shift and transform limiting definitions. 


The old paradigm motto is let go, the new paradigm motto is there is nothing to hold on to. Letting go is a byproduct of the realization that there is nothing to hold on to. 


 Feel to think, don't think to feel. This is a radical paradigm shift. Adopt the feeling paradigm and leave the thinking paradigm


Once you discover the beliefs and definitions that are out of alignment with your True Self, re-define them in a way that it feels better in the body


Then you have to reinforce that state of being multiple times, this is necessary for integrating it. Why? Because that is a test if you really changed, that is a necessary part of the transfiguration process. Any doubt that you have not changed will reinforce the previous aspect of yourself. The previous version of yourself will manifest multiple times, you need to stay self-aware to re-define the reflection. When the old version of yourself manifests act arational (leo has a video explaining post rationalism). 


Don't try to change, know you have changed and reality will reflect that back to you. Remember outside is only a reflection of the inside. Physical reality is a mirror. You have to change first for physical reality to reflect that change. Everything is happening inside You and you are inside it, just like in a dream. Be aware of what's happening inside You and be conscious of the reality that is you. Be conscious of the truth that is you and be self-aware to change it.


Necessary qualities to make the shift:


  1. Desire(willingness, openness, passion) to be the most you that you can be. 
  2. Dedication (determination, conviction) to be the most you that you can be.
  3. Definition (beliefs that do not serve you) of limitation replaced with empowering integrated definitions.
  4. Detachment (to let go, shift, transform) from limiting definitions and beliefs. 


An easy way to remember the four D’s is to memorize this mantra, “I’m desirous and dedicated to detach from definitions that do not serve me.”



There are two worlds. One is the world of becoming and the other is the world that is. A subject and an object. The subject deals with the object.  Identification with the subject distorts the true perception that you are everything. The subject needs to unite with the object. The subject needs to transcend itself, transcend it's current version of itself. The subject doesn't need to annahilate itself it needs to be surrendered to a greater Truth. This is a never ending process. Transcend... include...transcend... include...transcend...include. 


The subject collects data from the universe. Un-I-verse. The subject picks up vibrations  that are in the universe with the sense organs of the body by seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting. There are also higher senses, like the sixth sense, which is related to intuition in mental visions. You need to decalcify the pineal gland to use the sixth sense to it's fullest potential. Do a google search, there is an entire website related to this topic. Quick tip: don't use toothpaste with sodium fluoride and install a water filter, because sodium fluoride is also in the water. (another way society keeps you in lower consciousness is by using sodium fluoride to calcify your pineal gland which produced DMT. The pineal gland is called the third eye. This third eye was mentioned in a lot of ancient scripture, even in the bible lol.). Apart from the sixth sense there are others, but they are not that important right now.

The subject needs to transend the rhythm of it's own self-created sense world by aligning itself to the rhythm that is not accesible to normal man. This is done by concetration. You need to close the gates of the sense world first by hypnotizing yourself, by fixing the eyes on a near object and maintaining the concetration for a period of time. Leo has a video about concetration. You can feel when the gates of the sense world will close. The time you need to stay concentrated on an object depends on your ability to stay in the present moment. The more you're able to be in the present moment the faster the gates will close.

Being in the present moment means being able to detach from the though stream by observing it a non-judgemental way or being able to shut down the thought stream by connecting the the breathing mechanism. By connecting to the breathing mechanism I mean being aware of it, watching it, or by manipulating its rhythm. At first you'll have to manipulate your breathing mechanism by slowing it down, but after a while of practicing you'll be able to be aware (watch) of the breathing without manipulating it. When you are fully aware of the breathing mechanism or when you're manipulating it by slowing it down, you can't think thoughts at the same time. It's impossible.  


Being is not passive, being is dynamic. Stop thinking of being like it is just passive observation of the present moment. Being is much more then passive observation. Love is not passive and being is made out of love.


You can fall into the trap of passive observation if you're doing mindfulness meditation for a lot of time. This is called the observer ego trap and you can stay stuck in it forever. I have made a post about it here:

You have to be neutral in all situations. Neutral doesn't mean indifference. Neutral means having the freedom to choose because you are not attached to positive and negative.


There are forces of attraction and repulsion in the universe. You always attract what you perceive to be enjoyable and repel what you perceive as painful. Be wary of this: something can be painful in actuality but you can have a belief that it is pleasurable and so you keep manifesting it again and again, in an infinite loop. So align your definitions to what actually is now.


You are not going anywhere with this transcening, you are coming back home, into the body. The body is like a temple for the soul(being-beings=). The less resistance there is in the body, the more conductive you become for the integration of your True Self.


Discover your core frequency by discovering your authentic self. Read this article and also find your mode of operation, goal, attitude and character flaws. (everything is on the site below, find it in the right side bar) Also find your enneagram type and your path of growth and stress. Then be in alignment with that personality.


Use contemplation to change your perception.

I have made a few playlists a few years ago that will help you in meditation, so check these out. I have used all of these to meditate.

Meditate a few days per week using theta/alfa brain waves . (you can find a lot of these meditations online. You need to use a good pair of headphones) Here's one:

Here is a playlist with brainwaves:

Brain wave playlist

Also listen to and meditate with solfeggio frequencies (you don't need headphones with these). I have created a playlist with a lot of material and you can find it here: 

Solfeggio frequencies and other types of frequencies playlist

Here is a playlist with meditation music you can use to meditate:

Meditation playlist

Also I have some private playlists with extremely powerful activations, if you are serious send me a private message.

You are made in the imagination of your True Self. You imagine yourself into existence. Everything was imagined prior to it's existence. You imagine beliefs, beliefs form, and beliefs then materialize so that you can see it. You are a belief and you are the one that is imagining it. I-magi-nation. You need to believe it to see it and not see it to believe it. Believeing is seing and not the other way around. This is a radical paradigm shift. See the way you want to see. 


We are devine light beings. Google: aura, kirlian photography.

DNA emits light. (demonstrated in the 1950) We can change DNA via words and thoughts. DNA is the blueprint for the physical organism.


Light technology from Arcturus RA helped me a lot. I recommend this to people that  are more experienced with meditation to bring their meditation skills to another level (and much more). If you still need a lot of purging to do, then do it first. 


  • Awareness is aware of consciousness inside it. Witness to consciousness = awareness of consciousness.
  • The mind is inside consciousness, so consciousness is conscious of the mind inside it. 


Also check these insights:


  • some teaching from Bashar
  •  It's a great book.. 
  • Mysticism: A Study in the Nature and Development of Spiritual Consciousness  (a book that is more than 100 years old. I have not finished it yet. Currently listening to the audio version of it that is on youtube. I have listened to the first 3 parts more then 20 times, it's so good... my new favorite book.



How can you know that you are becoming more enlightened?

  • Breathing mechanism is slower then in the past. The more higher consciousness you embody the more the breathing mechanism will slow down. After a while it will fell like you need very little air to function. The breathing will be very very slow automatically.
  •  You are experiencing more positive feelings, more love and more compassion towards all beings. More piece in amidst all circumstances.
  •  You are able to better discern what You truly are from who you are. (there is a what and there is who, you are both, but the what version of yourself is eternal the who version of you is not, it's constantly changing, one is, and one is becoming)
  •  Less monkey mind. Your mind can stay focused in the present moment.
  •  Accelerated space-time because you are not creating time by immersing yourself in the thought streams by identification. Time is an illusion created by thoughts and less thoughts you have, the less time you experience.



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Coming home :x

Spirituality is not the renunciation of life

It is the art of living fully


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Thanks for this 

your life is, your life.

don't let it be clubbed into dank submission.

Charles Bukowski

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Nice one bro, just to add; Belief Systems play a huge role in the direction and quality of life you choose to experience. Meditation and connection to your inner-imaginative-child-mind will help dissolve doubt and help you remember that anything is possible for you as long as you believe it strong enough, once you get the belief to a state of knowing, its like an off switch. It changes forever after that.

Why do you think some yogis or monks can live years without eating or even some drinking, because they understand the universe and its closer core functions and they KNOW they will be sustained by Prana, once you know without any hint of doubt, by nature and universal law it cannot not work.


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Looks like the playlist videos I embedded didn't work, so I have made a link out of them. Now you can check my meditation playlists that helped me a lot on my journey. Enjoy!  ;)

btw: Also added a few more insights.

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Btw - are you that 20-year-old kid Leo mentioned in a video that he met at a consciousness retreat? Your knowledge is very impressive I must say... 

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Your first enlightenment post, you say for all day to be aware of the breath and then you say of this awareness... which is it? did you practice being aware of the breath all day or just awareness being aware of itself? (not objects)

When you say you don't have any mental noise... do you mean thoughts as in images of hot girl undressing in front of you or verbal thoughts such as... "I am going to have to do some shopping"?

I guess you dissolved the "I"?


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Awareness of as much content as possible that was happening inside the here/now, not just breath, also all of the sensations of the body, all of the sounds in the environment without labeling, light that is always present now and "killing" all  thoughts. Breathing being the most important but not limited to it. So I would say awareness being number 1. I would say I was becoming more and more aware of consciousness that is residing in the here/now. So I was becoming more and more aware of my True Self. But after a while, you are so aware of the now that consciousness has to switch on because you are not aware of the ego anymore, and then your True Self starts to operate in this reality. Awareness is always there, you have to just focus it into the present moment, for consciousness to awaken and the ego to go to sleep. I feel like Knowing the difference is also the difference between being enlightened and being able to complete the embodiment process.

I mean verbal symbolic language but also no images. 

But of course I am able to manifest them if I want to.

Yes I am sure that the I dissolved. It is radically different. Thank you for the question.

@Gabriel Antonio No. 

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@AleksM What a great thread, thank you for your wonderful insights! :) 

Also, I remember seeing your other post on how to attain enlightment quickly, and it was amazing! But that 1st reply you got from that dude saying nobody cares really rubbed me the wrong way ¬¬ he pretty much ruined the thread for me.


Glad to see people being more open minded on this one! 

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Thank you for your guidance. @AleksM There's still things make me confused. When you say positive emotion is the sign that I've aligned with my true self, then when I'm normal, not positive, not negative then how do I know if I align with my true self (do I need to align to my true self all the time ???). And also my teacher always says that keep my emotions in a normal (average) state, how do I interpret this compared with what you wrote above? And how do you define positive feelings?

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This post shows a great lack of basic research skills. If you actually just 'Googled Masaro Emoto water and rice experiment' and clicked on anything beyond the 1st link, you would see that this was debunked many times and has never been repeated by anyone but the man himself, who provided no hard evidence, just some grainy photos.

Then you talk about filming yourself making contact with aliens. 

Too many red flags here to take you seriously.

Edited by SuperLuigi

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@Thinh I hope the stuff we discussed in the PM helped you. One more thing I would like to say is that you need to get in tune with what you're feeling through the day, most people don't know what they are feeling. Normal is just the state you're most familiar with. Follow the transcendent feeling that is not agitated by the senses. Transcendent feeling is also what Leo talked about, it is internal happiness. That is your compass needle, you can always connect to it. Don't follow the feelings that are agitated by the senses. 

Positive feelings makes you feel good, negative feelings make you feel bad. 

@LetTheNewDayBegin  Thanks for the feedback, I try my best with the time I have. I am improving BTW. 7 months ago I have thought I could never write this much in this language and now 7 months later I have 440 posts more, I think I have written many high quality posts, people like it based on feedback but I can't please everybody. I would rather put content out there than wait for decades to put this info out there and try to make it perfect. Perfectionism = procrastination. 

@SuperLuigi  Thanks for the feedback.

Yes you are right, I didn't do too enough research, but based on my personal experience and experience of many others that I interacted with water has memory. I have made a post about it here.

What's wrong with making contact with aliens? Steven Greer made contact with his CSETI- team more than 10.000 times and filmed it. I have purchased a course from him that teaches all contact protocols. He has been part of secret FBI movement for many years BTW. You can watch his recent documentary here:

I know I can't help everybody because all the advice I give is relative to the person who is reading it. Everything you read is relative, everything you write is relative, everything you hear is relative, everything you touch is relative, everything you see is relative, everything you think is relative, everything you smell is relative, everything you taste is relative.


You don't have to believe me. Truth doesn't need a belief system. Try the stuff I have posted and find it for yourself. But you will have to put in a little bit of work. ;)

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@AleksM Let me tell you, I read your 'reply to water memory' post and this, among many other things shows that you are indeed no-where near an 'enlightened' state. Your ramblings are clearly those of someone who overthinks and has a monkey mind. You argue and debate with others, further demonstrating that you hold beliefs and ideologies - something enlightened beings do not do.


As @Leo Gura said many times, if you think you are enlightened, the ego has just tricked you again ;)

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@SuperLuigi  I have learned how to make contact before purchasing his course. ^_^  But the stuff he shared is not to be talked about because there is a fine of 200,000$ and is investigated by the FBI if it gets out.

BTW: Posted the wrong link to the documentary now I have edited it with the right link.

Read this post from Leo very carefully: ;)


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3 minutes ago, AleksM said:

 I have learned how to make contact before purchasing his course. ^_^  But the stuff he shared is not to be talked about because there is a fine of 200,000$ and is investigated by the FBI if it gets out.


xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD 

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