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  1. Hi all. I am such a big advocate of the work that was put into Leo's videos. I decided to make a totally free "Blueprint" or "Guide" that will take you on your entire personal development journey. At the end (and throughout) the guide, I link to many, MANY of Leo's videos. So I decided to post a link here incase anyone wants to take advantage. I have been working intensely on this stuff for 7 years now, so it is coming from a place of experience, although there is much more to do! You can either read the full guide Or just make use of the resource list, which in my opinion, lists Leo's absolute best videos of all time. One more thing. I am not monetizing this is ANY way! I'm a software dev, this is just my attempt to give back to the community!
  2. @Samra Awesome, thanks so much, your words have inspired and encouraged me Ps where are you guys based? I will get to work straight away, art is definitely going to be the hardest learning curve, very exciting. I am 30 yrs old so do worry that I'll be over 40 by the time I escape the slavery but... better late than never I guess: )
  3. @Leo Gura Thanks for the advice. I will implement it. @Samra Thanks so much - some specific questions if I may. I am a C# developer 'by trade' and so intend to carry over that to game dev work. I (I'm sure along with many thousands of others) have been inspired by solo devs such as the Stardew Valley creator and have a degree in music composition. So I would like to do everything, music, art and programming. Do you still think I should work on a small project first? Leo said about testing niches, with Steams new self-publishing model, should I build a small 'proto-type' of my larger idea and see how that is received? It's just hard to know how / where to start. Thanks again
  4. Hi, I am really hoping @Leo Gura can answer this as he has a lot of experience in the game industry but answer from anyone else are most welcome. Anyway, after watching the newest 'wage slavery' video, I decided I should merge my existing skills (software dev) with a passion (video games) and focus on making a game. Why? I can use the game as a medium to promote self-actualization as a way of life, create beautiful art, etc. Onto the question - this project would take a minimum of 3 - 5 years to complete. Hundreds of games are released each week on platforms like steam, what if I spent 30+ hours a week doing this for 5 years (ontop of my 40 hour job) and it flops? What if it fails? I have given up 5 years of my life for little return and am still a wage slave... Any advice beyond 'just believe and it will happen' would be appreciated. Thanks for reading Lui
  5. Ok here are your starting points: Leo's foundational videos: And another great guy (no longer active but great videos anyway):
  6. Hey, awesome points from everyone and thanks @SFRL for your comments in particular. It is certainly easy to switch off the 'fighters mindset' after training sometimes. I hope there are some practical techniques that can be learnt to overcome this stage...
  7. Right. It's like saying "how do I master the guitar" and answering "just get really good".
  8. A bit of background: I have been following actualized. org for a couple of years now and have consumed plenty of theory. I have balanced this out with practice and aim to meditate at least 20 minutes per day but sometimes up to one hour. However, despite all of this work I am stuck in stage red of spiral dynamics. Rage is a common emotion as is the desire (and usually acted upon trait) to dominate in various ways. I have misophonia which really doesn't help, it triggers a lot of the irritability. But I'm not here to make excuses. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- My question: What can I do to try and get out of this? Practically speaking? At present, I am beginning to question the value of this path to self-improvement, sometimes leaning towards the idea that genetic pre-dispositions lock us into a pre-determined path regardless of efforts to change this. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just as a preemptive comment: I already do BJJ 5 - 6 times a week as well as weight-training so definitely don't need further physical 'outlet'.
  9. Well, I suggest you check out Matt Stone and 180 degree health as a starting point. Make sure your metabolism is in shape first.
  10. I have been vegan (no animal products) for over 5 years but recently have encountered many health issues (unable to digest many plant protein, leaving no viable protein to eat), including some meat in my diet seems to be the only option (I can't tolerate any grains or beans anymore). I would try to source as ethically as I could, but it does of course, still involve the killing of another. Is there any way this is acceptable? Or should one sacrifice their health, if necessary?
  11. Sounds like no-one read the article before spewing their thoughts.
  12. A great read:
  13. Put a pen on a table. Figure out where the pen "line" ends and the table "line" begins. Use a microscope, magnify as many times as you can. You will discover there is no such line.
  14. @SFRL Thanks for the info! Very interesting... I'm not sure how you could learn those languages though... as you said, everyone would just start to talk with you in English