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  1. @blackchair yes it is. Do you watch anime often?
  2. It really is. I am not kidding when I say this, this anime series, also the Greatest anime of all time, has many of Leo's teaching like the search for truth, analysis of ego and god. Requisite variety, Questioning your reality, questioning everything, open-mindedness, and a huge criticism against all ideology especially scientism and also religion.
  3. @Preety_India Take a 10-days retreat if you have time, I would suggest go to vipassana and deal with those emotions without any distraction. I'm sure after the retreat you will fell amazing and deal with most of the stuff.
  4. @superfluo its about mental health diagnosis and nootropics. Look at the top of page 2 for details and my explanation of how it got there. This might not be fully applicable to you, but you know most will be applicable and I have given some advices based on principle I used.
  5. @Bojan no you don't need math, physics or chemistry for programming, basic English, and a laptop is sufficient. This is coming form a programmer. You don't need to be hired you can learn everything by yourself. 98% of stuff I learned myself on internet. Even before I went to my college I learned most of them myself. I started my own business without any work experience which you can to if you follow my advice given at the top of the page. Oh my GOD. Get out of this victim mentality. You are soooooo passimistic with a large number of bullshit limiting belief in your mind. God help you.
  6. @Bojan Bro I'm sure you are in a very bad situation, your country might be going through crisis but, for god sake don't be such a doomer, don't be such a victim. Yeah I might be a bit more privilaged than you but still I am not that much being born in a third world country and in middle class family. I agree I have a good programming knowledge, and with good and significantly understanding parents. In these regard I guess I am luckier than you but you know what, if you have an average laptop and an ok internet connection, You can learn everything yourself and turn around your world. So unless you don't have or cant afford these two accessories like a laptop and internet connection, you are your biggest enemy and your mindset/ VICTIM MENTALITY is what is putting you in such a bad position. Oh MY GOD. Reading your posts seems like you have very high VICTIMIZATION. So, Your biggest hurdle is not your environment but your mindset in these cases. Also don't be lazy to do some low paying job in the beginning. If you keep complaining without trying anything then that's on you. I'm sure that if you fully commit to get out of this situation you will have a fairly comfortable lifestyle.
  7. @Bojan Move man. Your environment seems really toxic. Try to move to some European country. Also if i knew the name of your country i might be able to give some specific suggestion even i am from a third world nation entrepeneur so i might be of some help
  8. @ Bojan which country do you live in?
  9. Ok tell me about your circumstances maybe we can give some suggestion and possibly help
  10. What in your opinion is the most underrated anime?
  11. @Preety_India If you are willing to watch some animes, here is a good site. http://animekisa.tv/
  12. TV. No not at all. Some on Netflix. Some on anime sites, these sites are mostly pirated though.
  13. @SaWaSaurus I watched first episode of Flcl that was amazing, But what the fuck was that. I laughed my ass off.
  14. Ok i will be watching FLCL and Neop genesis evanglion. Akira and Princess Mononake are my fav anime movies btw. @BlackMaze Food wars is good fun anime.