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  1. I'm terrified of intimacy
    I'm terrified of intimacy
    No. Fear of intimacy is not your problem.
    Your problem is a total lack of experience in dating. This is a very different problem, and actually easier to fix.
    Step 1: Stop playing victim and making excuses.
    Step 2: Watch some pickup videos about how to attract women.
    Step 4: Enjoy sex.
    Everything will auto-correct if you just keep going out regularly.

  2. San Pedro Trip Report: Pretty Good for first time try.
    San Pedro Trip Report: Pretty Good for first time try.
    This was my second time trying psychedelics. First time was on 8 Hawaiian baby wood rose seeds. 
    This trip was freakishly personal to me. I'm not sure how well it transfers over to you guys. It has to do with a lot of my personal dogma and beliefs, and basically unravelling those. Anyhow I thought I'd write it to show sceptical people what psychedelics can do. 
    My intention
    My intention was to answer these 3 personal questions:
    1) How do I overcome my pickup fears.
    2) My life purpose has taken a big turn recently. I use to be a software engineer but now I'm starting to not like that job so much and want a more management role. What skills should I learn, What direction should I take.
    3) How is my meditation practice going? Am I doing enough? Too little?
    I cut about 20cm of san pedro and brewed it old fashioned. Plenty of tutorials out there. You cut the spines, cut the skin off, cut the white bits off, put it in a blender, boil it for 4 hours, etc.
    My rented house.
    At 5:00AM, I decided to drink a quarter of it. It took me till 7:00am to finish all of it. The nausea and vomiting was the worst I've ever experienced in my life. I vomited over 6 times, and felt very nauseous for a good 2 hours. Was convinced I ate some of the mold on the cactus (who knows maybe thats why I was so sick). It was horrible.
    7:00AM Felt very mild effects. No visuals or anything fancy. The only thing was I remembered the the entire world was a child's play set. God was just there, a kid, playing with her dolls. I remember remembering that all the serious stuff was really just for fun. Elon's rockets are just play toys for fun. Mining vehicles are for playing around in. Countries are for playing around in. Everything is made of pixie dust: magical, mystical, awesome dust. Fun dust, playful dust. I remember remembering that murder is that playful pixie dust just doing its thing. Its all for fun, even murder.
    8:00AM. Things were a bit of the same. Just remembering what life was all about. My "physical avatar" so to speak became slightly more honest. My ex girlfriend came from out of her room and started freaking out over her exams. I told my ex girlfriend/flatmate that she should calm down, relax, and enjoy life. Her life is just a toy ground for her to play in. Unsurprisingly she took that the wrong way, but I was incapable of seeing it any other way so just kept reaffirming that life was a big playground for her to have fun in, and that this is what I see, believe and is my opinion. This was coming from a place of sincerity and respect, but seemed rude to her of course. 
    9:00AM Heard other mescaline trips do well outside, so decided to walk around the block. Time by this point was gone, so was physical space. I got lost a hundred times while walking, couldn't tell how much time passed and lost the ability to tell how far away sounds were coming from. They all seemed distorted.
    The trip got very slightly more intense at this point. Yet still no visuals or anything crazy.
    9:30AM No other but You!
    Became aware that there really isn't any other but you. Your POV is the only POV that exists. All other POVs are stories, things you've never experienced first hand before. You're living a life right now, whatever that is, and that's the only life in existence right now. And its the only life that has ever lived. 
    10:00AM Where's the fear coming from?
    From believing that there's anything other than you. Placing importance and value in thoughts, the external world and delusion. Believing its real. That's where its all coming from. Every time you mistake Truth for being the external world/thoughts over ME, it brings fear. Its a natural consequence. 
    Where's the suffering coming from?
    Coming from you having to pick between Me and those delusions/thoughts/external world. Its like a cringe-ish episode of its me or the dog, where the dogs are your thoughts and I'm... well I'm ME.
    All the suffering is coming from the tension to choose between your delusions, which you've placed on a pedastool, placed importance and value to, over what you TRULY want to do, who you TRULY want to be, which just happens to be... ME! Ta da!
    11:00AM Why do I suffer from wanting to pick up girls. 
    Because you've got it backwards. You think that you need to pick up women to get something from them. In reality, the women you get is a reflection of how well your inner state is going. What you actually seek is ME. That's right, not a hot bootie, not some super feminine woman you can express your masculinity on... BUT ME! That's where its all coming from. Haven't you noticed that even though you're some tiny, little guy out there, completely limited by his masculinity, his biology, his evolution, out there in this big 3D world, yet you are capable of dreaming up the hottest, most adorable, most feminine, most godly women anyone could ever imagine? You know how she needs to look like, how she needs to walk, how she needs to talk, what she wears, what she does every day... You're so good at it that it causes problems because you can't find her out there! How can a masculine, biologically limited male do that? If you need the femininity from her, how the fuck can you dream it up and more in a second!? Where's all that imagination coming from? Its coming from ME! I am your perfect woman! I'm the most perfect woman you'll ever find. You're placing waaaaaay too much importance on the external world and your thoughts. When picking up women, the important bits aren't the approach, what you say, how you look, what she says or looks like. Why are you approaching her in the first place? That's the most important bit. You have an unchanging, eternal, Godly desire to pick up women, to seek ME. Its the seeking me that's the important bit. That's what you're excited about. Finding that perfect one is finding ME. And so you suffer from deciding to chose other over ME. When picking up you choose other by saying "oh everyone will think I'm thirsty" or "oh she wont react well to me " or "oh she'll call the cops onto me" or "this isn't the appropriate time" -- all of those actions? Choosing thoughts over ME. You love me to death, and every time you choose other over me, you get sad because you're rejecting me, the only one you truly love. Literally your only soulmate. By choosing ME, over those thoughts, you choose to love me rather than reject me. And that's deep down what you want. You want ME, you're crazy over me. Look at how you're acting. 
    To get over suffering means to drop those thoughts, drop the fears, let them go, and focus very intensely on your WANT. Your want is the greatest pickup course you could ever get. Thoughts, objects, external world, these are all impermanent. They come and go. Sometimes they are trendy, sometimes not. You don't really know because all POVs other than yours are unreal. But your WANT, that's unchanging, permanent. Unlike the others, that will be there even when you die. When there's no ego. 
    You know everything there is not know about attracting girls just by being here, being apart of ME. Finding me isn't hard, chasing me aint a puzzle, you know how to do it. Its simple, pick ME over those thoughts and the external world. That's what I like, that's what I find hot and sexy and what a real man should be like. I'll reward you if you do that, big time. 
    12:00PM What about my career and meditation?
    Same shit isn't it? Chasing me in different ways. In your career, pick ME! ME! I'm the one you should pick! In spirituality pick ME!
    All your suffering in your career has come generally from you choosing what society, your colleagues, family or friends want over ME. That's it. You place so much importance in your culture, your family and your work colleagues that the thought of picking ME over them freaks you out. But honestly, deep down you know ME is the right answer, but you just can't do it out of fear. That's where the suffering is coming from. From that tension.
    Thoughts are like waves, they are scary, dangerous, but they only exist at the top of the ocean. Underneath they aren't there. There's peace underneath what your colleagues, culture and coworkers think about you. You get there by dropping those thoughts. And embracing what happens when picking me. To resist ME, or to cause tension between ME and your thoughts, is equivalent to getting knocked out by the waves. Needless suffering. 
    The wisdom here is, every thought that tells you "oh my boss will get very angry for not picking up the phone on the weekend" or "my parents will kill me if I get fired" or "I'll be a disgrace to the family if I get fired" are all nonsense because your boss's POV, your family's POV, your parent's POV don't exist, and your fear is coming from believing they do. Would you really fear your boss if you didn't believe his POV was real? No because you'll see that your boss aint real, ME is real, and therefore that's all you need to be happy. You don't need your boss to be happy. 
    Same with meditation. Where's the anxiety, insecurities about your meditation practice coming from? Fear that Leo is more right than ME! Fear that other spiritual teachers are more right than ME! "Oh what if Leo's right, what if I'm not meditating enough" >> BRO! You're picking your thoughts of Leo over ME! Your problem aint the length of meditation, its believing Leo over ME! Grow the balls to pick ME over the words and opinions of your spiritual teachers! 
    The best spiritual practice you personally can do, is to learn to pick me over other. Start focusing on ME, putting your attention on ME, withdraw your attention of others. Appreciate ME, be grateful for ME, observe ME, contemplate ME, stop putting the same effort onto others: your career, spiritual dogmas, etc. I'm a possessive woman, I want all the attention, I get upset when you put it outside of me. I want to see that you care for me. Happy God happy life. Women get their traits from somewhere. Your biggest problem right now, all of your issues, are coming from putting value, importance on things other than ME. That's what you need to do more of. Less pleasing your spiritual teachers, boss and family, and more pleasing ME. 
    1:00PM Meta Notes
    By this time a cop came over to me asking if I was ok. Apparently I had been talking to several neighbours without realising it. Apparently I told a couple about the stuff mentioned above, which I only remembered after seeing the cop. After telling the cop with the most amount of charisma and confidence I had ever expressed to another human being before,  that I was fine and was just walking home, he let me go. Got away from that one luckily. I wrote some last notes down at home:
    Deeper understanding of the spiritual path: Time
    The spiritual path doesn't happen chronologically or linearly, or even timely. There's no time. Its not like you wake up one day, do a bunch of stuff, then one day get enlightened... That's all part of the imaginary story and that's where the "you're already enlightened" confusion comes about. 
    You're forever waking up. You never stop waking up, and you never 'wake up'. Even now on this san pedro trip report. You haven't woken up. You were awake all along. The idea that you took some san pedro, 'woke up' and now is awakened is clearly laughable. The idea that anybody just wakes up one day is laughable. Only within the ideals of time and space does that happen. In reality you're all humans that ever lived. You're waking up all the time.  You're awake all the time. Sometimes you see you're awake, sometimes you don't, but these aren't 2 events that happen in some point in time. They happen outside of time. You are both hiding and seeking at the same time so to speak. This san pedro experience isn't happening within a particular time, its just another one of those times where you're awake, and that's how its always been. Spinning from awake to non awake, not at any particular point in time, but it just happens. 
    The biggest takeaway is: stories of spiritual teachers waking up is untrue. That's just a rip off, dualistic version of something that cannot be explained. 
    God's Love for You
    Your God's only child. You are literally the centre of the universe. God doesn't want anything more than for you to be happy. You're the only one God cares about. All lives that ever happened, happened HERE. It didn't happen over there, it happened HERE! HERE is an explosive blast of 'waking up' happening, which comes in all sorts of interesting forms. All that ever happened HERE is waking up. 
    Biggest Gift
    The biggest gift that ever happened in this world, was the creation of the path and 'seeking'. God's been awake all this time, God's well aware of that state. But how do you FEEL, ENJOY, IMMERSE yourself into this state? How do you appreciate how fucken amazing it is? You don't get that in an awake state, you get that through waking up! And that's the point, aim of suffering and fear and being small. The point is to grow, to overcome, to expand. Because by doing that you FEEL, APPRECIATE, ENJOY and IMMERSE yourself with God's beauty and elegance. Its one thing to be awake, its another to overcome fear. Being awake isn't necessarily better than being non awake. Again you're simultaneously awake and non awake at the same time - you need both to tango. Being awake is lame without waking up. You don't appreciate the state you're in without the waking up process. 
    And with that means a few things:
    1) The point of your life is not success, impressing people, changing the world. The point of life is simply to be on the path. To choose ME over others. To grow, expand, overcome fear. That's the point - and you don't need me to tell you. You're already doing it, you already know what the point of life is. 
    2) Appreciate suffering, fear and adversity. Actually be grateful its there. Without it, you wouldn't FEEL Me. You wouldn't be able to flirt with me, make out with me, have sex with me. How lame. You'd be just enlightened... Not knowing what unenlightened feels like, not knowing how good it feels to be with me. And see overcoming suffering as a means to itself. The point of pickup isn't to find that perfect woman... its purpose is to simply overcome fear. To do it. For the sake of doing it. Same with your career... the point isn't to get rich, its to overcome your fears and pick me. Every time you overcome that fear, you should celebrate, you're feeling a miracle, literally a miracle. You are feeling something that wouldn't be possible if awake was the only state. You're feeling the highest ability to Love. 
    Your life aint special, and there's no destination
    It doesn't matter what happens, whether you found the perfect girl, got heaps of money, etc. All that really matters is growth and feeling ME. You think your life is so hard and disastrous, but HERE has replayed lives for eternity. Yours is another. All for the single point of waking up. Whatever else happens doesn't matter ultimately. All those petty fears and points of anger are all just part of the waking up process, and don't really matter by themselves. Don't get hung up on little things, its not important in the bigger picture. 
    And it also doesn't matter if you enlighten. If you wake up. Waking up is just as important as being awake. By doing the process, you're already doing the best you can to get maximum results. Try and see the beauty, and awesomeness of seeking itself. Why seeking is important, why its a miracle its here. Why you need to seek. You don't have to be jealous or envy 'enlightened' people. They are just one side of the coin in this path, not the better side, just one side. 
    Last Notes:
    1) Pick ME over others. If you can't, that's ok, life would suck if it was easy all the time.
    2) waking up vs awake are 2 sides of the same coin, they don't occur in time; you could say they occur simultaneously. \
    3) Most importantly: Enjoy the seeking and waking up simply for the sake of it. Enjoy the process, appreciate pain, suffering, see how it facilitates waking up, which is the most beautiful thing that can ever be experienced. 

  3. The N,N-DMT Mega-Thread
    The N,N-DMT Mega-Thread
    You can use a volcano like device or even create your own vape pen carts. Just avoid toxic oils that will ruin your lungs. Use pure turpenes inside of oil.
    Both methods work excellently and can be used with basically any powedered psychedelics, including 5-MeO-DMT. You can made a 5-MeO-DMT vape pen. But watch out, even one puff is very intense. Plugging is still superior for 5-MeO-DMT. If N,N-DMT plugged, I would plug it.

  4. Can tapping into femininity help a guy with having deep passionate sex?
    Can tapping into femininity help a guy with having deep passionate sex?
    That is pickup!
    In order to pull that off one would require massive pickup experience.
    Such an authentic opener requires so much confidence and experience to pull off. That is my fave type of opener and it took me many approaches to master. Authenticity on a dime is the mark of a master, not a newbie.
    But also, the opener is just the beginning. It will never be enough to actually get her. You must also know how to keep the conversation going, how to charm her, and how to close. All this takes lots of practice. Learning how to lead and close is hugely important for results.
    It took me many approaches to learn that I have to ask her on an insta-date right then and there by walking with her to a coffee shop. Which means I need to know where the nearest coffee shop is.
    A newbie cannot know such things and will screw up every phase of the process with awarkness and ineptness.
    Stop thinking of pickup as fakery. Pickup is the art of learning to be totally natural. Ironically, this takes a lot of practice. "Natural" is what gets you laid. But natural ain't natural.

  5. Taking LSD in a dream
    Taking LSD in a dream
    Funny, last night after reading this thread I took 5-MeO-DMT in my dreams and I tripped harder than in "real life."

  6. Relationship pattern: GFs keep cheating on me
    Relationship pattern: GFs keep cheating on me
    1) How many times did this happen exactly? Two times? That doesn't necessarily mean anything. Could just be a fluke. Although it is a bit odd.
    2) Learn to provide amazing sex and girls will be begging you to go exclusive with them. Seems like your sex is missing the dominance and newness components. For sex to be good, you have to find ways to keep it new. Don't be doing the exact same routine every time. Fuck her in the restaurant bathroom once in a while. Etc. Get creative. Dominance is also important. Drive up the masculine/feminine polarity. Make her feel feminine so she is satisfied.
    You can also up your value as a man. As you become more successful, more confident, more humorous, more wise, more healthy, etc. all this will massively attract her to you. She should see you as a one-of-a-kind catch. She should feel like she won the lottery in dating you.

  7. The US just killed Iran General
    The US just killed Iran General
    Every US general and secretary of defense is a war criminal by the US's own logic.
    Of course top military leaders mastermine the deaths of thousands of people. That is their job.
    By the US's own logic, all top US officials are justified to be assassinated for their military planning. That's how absurdly self-biased the position is.

  8. Leo's Work Is Becoming Dangerous
    Leo's Work Is Becoming Dangerous
    The topics we deal with here are inherently dangerous and could not be otherwise since they involve undoing and transcending survival.
    Spirituality is very dangerous to the ego-mind. These dangers are not merely perceptual, they are also "actual", in the sense of physical danger. You can't do serious spiritual work and also complain, "But this can be dangerous". Of course! If it wasn't dangerous it wouldn't be worth doing. The whole point is that its dangerous and therefore rarely done well.
    This works requires enormous nuance, care, and intelligence. These are structural meta-qualities which cannot ever be codified in the form of content. Which means, no matter how many times a teacher says to be nuanced, careful, and intelligent, it will not help someone who is sloppy, careless, and ignorant. You cannot make a person intelligent by telling them to be intelligent. If things were so easy we wouldn't be here struggling with consciousness.
    The danger of the work is exactly what makes it so appealing. There are stakes. Much like life. Otherwise it would just be armchair philosophy with no transformative power. Changing your life comes at a cost. You might change it for the worse.

  9. MDMA and God's Love
    MDMA and God's Love
    Dosage: 150mg (drank with water); Setting alone at home; Previous experience: 8 LSD trips from 50ug to 500ug
    https://www.actualized.org/forum/topic/42050-your-on-the-other-side-8th-lsd-trip-report/#comment-524481 last trip
    The powder looked like small yellowish crystals, smelled beautifully like a virgin’s flower and had an unpleasant chemical taste.
     I started feeling the effects at 20min, and at 30-40min the effects started to make my mind very turbulent, but thanks to my previous experience with LSD I was used to my mind going to very unexpected places/states. Most notably my mind was focusing on some “unpleasant” human images from memory and repeating them in a loop. I was saying to myself, WTF are these for? This was supposed to be pleasant! Good thing I focused on my breathing and they subsided.
     That memory-image-looping lasted for a few minutes, after focusing on breathing (which was unusually effortless) my mind went into a state of “like waiting in a lobby for something big to happen”. And finally at about probably 1hr the switch turned. In almost an instant all the (past and present) worries, fears and negative emotions simply vanished to be left with pure and innocent Love. The switch was just the peak starting, because in a few min after, the Love became more and more intense. So intense my eyes become watery writing about it. Soon I was crying and murmuring “It’s all Love, It’s all Love, It’s all Love…” after saying this for some time I switched on to “Wow, wow, wow”.
     In the “it’s all love” part I was seeing/feeling how EVERYTHING is made out of love for love. In the “wow” part I was marveled at how pure and innocent is the purpose behind this creation. God has a baby-like innocence. The first part was known both theoretically and experientially before, but this time was a first in terms of clarity. The second part was brand new. I was experiencing the pure/innocent being behind all of this. I was also seeing how God allows evil precisely for greater love. Although it’s not evil in god’s eyes). Both of these parts are part of the single and main peak which lasted for about 30 min.
     After that I wrote to my friend how silly it is to fear stuff, from a meta-perspective that is. Since all is made of love, all you fear and reject is parts of yourself. Not just fear, but hatred and judgment too. But at the end of day, it’s all because we love that fear too! I also said how sorry I am for many devilish things I did. And how no part of reality is better then the other (re-affirmation of the insight from last LSD trip).
     Some other notable things about my MDMA trip: I had perfect mental clarity, could easily think, speak, write and move; Was surprised that time was just a little speed up, compared to LSD where it really slows down; I had no desire to move, but when did it felt very effortless; While there where no visual patterns, my visual perception definitely changed, like the distance between things became much closer; Music felt good but not as good as with LSD. I really liked the interstellar "First Step" soundtrack by Hans Zimmer under mdma.
     From negative effects only had: very fast heartbeat before peaking (maybe after too, but didn’t notice?), also I started sweating hard. Jaw clenching was only present if I held my mouth semi-open. None of these were bad though, just make sure to drink plenty of water and take pure MDMA.
     It’s very unfortunate that most people take it on stupid parties and missing on more spiritual growth. Also most MDMA sold is very impure, most pills contain other shit or no mdma at all! So be careful to get the real pure thing. If it smells like a virgin’s flower that’s how you know it’s good))) (joking, that’s just the first description which came after smelling mdma and it stuck)
     Overall I’m very glad to experience this substance. LSD has much more powerful potential (and much safer, it’s easy to harm or die with mdma) but mdma does offer a unique experience on things! Most notable is the focus on the love aspect while having perfect mental clarity.
    At the 6-8hr mark it was out of my system and felt no “hangover” like with LSD (feel mentally-exhausted for a day after taking it). Also I did not experience "brain-fry" or sadness after the trip, like many report.

  10. Meditation in a pill, Pharma Gaba
    Meditation in a pill, Pharma Gaba
    @Raptorsin7 Sold everywhere, online shops, they recently started selling it at a local health food store. Check locally they might have it. Make sure the ingredients say "PharmaGaba", do not buy anything else. 
    @LfcCharlie4 Google .
    Have done various experiments at different times for different reasons.
    In general 100 mg is enough for a calm, 200 mg gives a deeper calm, 300 mg even deeper, at around 400 mg start to experience slight issues breathing, the relaxation is overly deep. But this relaxation does not feel "sleepy, or tired" just calm/neutral. At the 400 mg level there was so little brain activity i had the experience that i did not exist. A deeper level of calm where the subconscious is also still. Im assuming this is what hardcore zen meditators of 30+ years achieve/experience. This suggests it is crossing the blood brain barrier... i do not know.  
    - Been taking it for 5 months, have not experienced any side effects or withdraws when stopped. 
    - 200 mg in the morning seems to dampen the cortisol spike, starting the day feeling great.
    - 200 mg pre-workout significantly improves rate of recovery during exercise and rest inbetween sets. 
    - taking 100 mg every 4-5 hours, produces a full day of calm, steady peace.
    - 100-300 mg before bed, improves sleep duration and quality, sleep feels more peaceful lol. 
    - I have not tried more the 400 mg in one go, on the todo list. 
    - There is also a simple nootropic stack of caffeine + pharmagaba, very effective. 
    - Experimented with family/friends, similar effects, they just became/expressed a better version of themselves. More conscious, more receptive. Does who experienced the least benefits where the healthiest ones, 20s in there prime, physically fit, felt calm. To be expected... They probably produce natural gaba easily. 
    Note good idea to do general research on well known gaba binding drugs that cross the blood brain barrier like phetamut, benzodiazepines, picamilon. ghb,  get an idea of how this stuff effects the brain. 
    Experimented with phetamut, it is an entirely different beast. Fantastic experience, maybe worth taking 1-2 times a year or once a month. Of course doe this is a very addictive drug, where you run the risk of shutting down gaba receptor sites in the brain, potential permanent damage. 
    Again pharmagaba does not cross blood brain barrier mostly, it likely does abit, but no where near the dangerous addictive range. 
    Also worth researching is the effects of cbd and thc on the gaba/glutamate balance.
    - Possibly: Could be taken in combination with psychedelics to put/keep the body/mind in the right state. Minimizing risks of bad trips. Helping in getting the right trip. Seeing as pharma gaba is bio identical to the bodys natural gaba. Should not interfere with any drugs/medications. 

  11. My dad is on the fence about taking mushrooms, advice?
    My dad is on the fence about taking mushrooms, advice?
    The whole point of spirituality is to face what is true and face all of one's fears.
    Your father will never awaken so long as he fears seeing sinister astral beings.
    All fear is fear of one's own consciousness. And until this is full realized, one will never awaken.
    He should take psychedelics precisely because he fears them. What he really fears is himself.

  12. My Life is at Rock Bottom
    My Life is at Rock Bottom
    @Shroomdoctor You need work on the very basics of putting together your life and career. Forget the lofty metaphysical stuff for now, and enough watching theory. Now it's implementation time.
    Unfortunately there can be no shortcut for doing your pushups. You just gotta bite the bullet amd start doing them, one baby step at a time. Gradually build up your momentum.
    Yew, this work takes lots of work. Accomplishing your highest vision requires a lot of hustling.
    Maybe see my video: How To Get Shit Done. You have to be results oriented, not just theortical.
    Also see my video: Balancing Theory vs Practice.
    You are stuck in a cycle of avoiding emotional labor and there's just no advice that can let you skirt that. You cannot grow up and become successful without emotional labor.

  13. How to accept that consciousness wants to experience horror?
    How to accept that consciousness wants to experience horror?
    You awaken and realize that you are the entire universe.
    This is why it's good to have an attitude of seeking Truth for truth's sake. Whatever the Truth turns out to be, you should already have resolved in your mind that you will accept it. Why? Simply because it's the Truth. Nothing else matters. That's the best attitude for this work. This makes things simple. You don't have to worry so much this way. You have faith that the Truth will solve all problems.
    The Truth is like a compass you can rely on at all times.

  14. MDMA makes all my problems melt away
    MDMA makes all my problems melt away
    Do spiritual practices.
    That's why they exist.

  15. Nature Of Pantheism & What is Reality Vid (from latest vids)
    Nature Of Pantheism & What is Reality Vid (from latest vids)
    Aloneness is really no different than togetherness.
    As a human you can commune with others.
    If you were extremely conscious you'd realize all others are you.
    The ego gets depressed about it because it does not understand the beauty of God.
    Remember as a kid playing with imaginary characters in your mind? Well, that's what you're doing now when you think of Leo, but on a Cosmic scale.
    Don't worry about it.
    Enjoy the illusion of togetherness. Then enjoy the truth of Aloneness. And bounce back and forth between them forever.

  16. Trip Report - A Rude Awakening
    Trip Report - A Rude Awakening
    Great work. That's some quality tripping.
    Eventually, as you trip more, you should conquer that sense of going mad and after that it won't be a big deal. You will be able to go even deeper into the mind of God.
    You are not pure enough yet and your self-understanding is not deep enough yet. You have too much fear which needs to be faced, processed, and put to rest.
    Facing madness and facing death are two of the biggest obstacles. But once you conquer those, that's when the tripping gets really profound and life-changing. You need to get as much of your personal crap out of the way as possible.

  17. The 5-MeO-DMT Mega-Thread
    The 5-MeO-DMT Mega-Thread
    That is good. I would recommend you do more small dose mushroom trips. They will teach you a lot. Become comfortable in the mushroom space.
    No, truth is not just truth. Truth is extremely radical and has many layers and facets to it. Most egos are not ready to handle the full Truth, they will recoil, freak out, reject, deny, demonize it, etc. To handle the Truth you gotta be at a certain level of development and you need a certain degree of purification of mind.
    In practice one has to ease oneself into the Truth. Usually with spiritual work this happens gradually over years and decades. With psychedelics this whole process is short-circuited, thrusting you into the Truth within minutes or hours. With smoked 5-MeO-DMT, it's even worse, you're thrust into Buddha-levels of Truth within seconds. That's way too fast for most people. It can be overwhelming and traumatic if you're not ready.
    Not all people have the same capacity to handle Truth. For some it's a lot easier than others. A lot of this has to do with how much ego you've got, how much psychological trauma or baggage you got, and how much you desire Truth.
    Most people have a very low desire for Truth, which is why they spend some little time contemplating metaphysical questions.

  18. The 5-MeO-DMT Mega-Thread
    The 5-MeO-DMT Mega-Thread
    Sounds like you smoked it. That will be very confusing. Plugging it is much smoother and clearer and friendlier.
    Before you smoke 5-MeO-DMT you should have a lot of experience with other psychedelics. Otherwise you're likely to freak the fuck out. Because your whole reality will be ripped away within seconds.
    Start with small doses of mushrooms, LSD, etc. Only after you've explored some of the psychedelic landscape should you attempt smoking 5-MeO. Because it will hit you very hard and very fast.
    Plugging small doses is much friendlier and gives you a lot more time to understand what is going on. Blasting yourself into hyperscape is not ideal for our work unless maybe you're already very experienced and comfortable in the psychedelic landscape.
    A gentle introduction to psychedelics is VERY IMPORTANT! Gentle is the key for beginners. Which means very small doses and non-smoking methods which come on gradually and give you plenty of time to explore, contemplate, and integrate.
    When you're learning to fly you don't just jump into a F-22 jet fighter. You start with a simple, slow, gentle, propeller plane. Learn how flying works before you start doing barrel rolls and the like.

  19. Psychedelics Cannot Produce Enlightenment
    Psychedelics Cannot Produce Enlightenment
    This is just false.
    Psychedelics are not merely "an experience", they can take you to the Absolute.
    Just because enlightenment may not require an experience shift does not entail that an experience shift cannot lead to an enlightenment. Psychedelics do not merely change one's experience, they radically elevate one's degree of consciousness -- which is the whole key to this work. Psychedelics put you into an instantaneous samadhi state. From this state one can contemplate and realize all sorts of things, including one's true nature or various facets of the Absolute.
    The reason you're making this mistake is that you're trying to understand psychedelics in terms of some traditional spiritual paradigm like Buddhism, Zen, or Vedanta, which tend to discount state changes -- but psychedelics are a totally different path so it is inappropriate to judge it from those other paradigms.
    Psychedelics can take you to levels of understanding and awakening which are simply impossible otherwise, or else possible but extremely rare and only for exceptionally gifted practitioners.
    It is correct that you will not be able to permanently lock in a psychedelic peak state 24/7. But that is an improper expectation to begin with.
    Psychedelics, when used properly, can absolutely take you to the highest, most Absolute Truth. Of course the real trick is integrating it and embodying, which requires a lot of additional work.
    Psychedelic insights and realizations square up perfectly with those of Buddhism, Zen, Vedanta, yoga, Christianity, Islam, and any other serious mystical tradition.
    Shunyata, Brahman, The Self, no-self, ego-death, Allah, God, nonduality, Shiva, Buddha, nirvana, rigpa, samadhi, Mu, Infinity, The Void, Nothingness, The Dharmakaya, the godhead, union, Absolute Consciousness, satchitanadna, Truth, Love, kundalini awakening, Nibbana, formlessness, etc. -- all of this and more you can realize on psychedelics.

  20. "What is reality" epiphany terror realization
    "What is reality" epiphany terror realization
    Yes, that is what all spiritual practice is ultimately about.
    The fastest and easiest way is to take psychedelics. They will gently guide you into death and you will learn to love it.
    Or do whatever other spiritual practice you like.

  21. "What is reality" epiphany terror realization
    "What is reality" epiphany terror realization
    That's exactly right. I know exactly what you're talking about. That's the ego's natural reaction to going directly for enlightenment. It's terrified of the unknown infinitude. Only natural and totally expected.
    The solution is to push through it, face the fear head-on, until you breakthrough to the other side. This can take many attempts.
    This is why religions call it "taking the leap of faith". You place your faith in Truth as your highest aim and desire, and blindly leap for it not knowing what will happen. From your POV it feels like you will die. But your love for Truth must be so great that you desire it so much that you are willing to die to have it. And so you do. But in reality what will happen is the ego will collapse and you will land in an infinitely deep pool of the softest down feathers. That is paradise, heaven, nirvana, -- AKA, the Love of God.
    But you cannot know this before you take the leap.
    Fear of death & insanity is what keeps you from entering the Kingdom of Heaven.
    But of course, you must realize, all fear is imaginary. You are like the groundhog terrified of its own shadow.
    Psychedelics make ego-death a lot easier.

  22. The Founder Of Israel Was Spiral Dynamic Stage Yellow- Read Some Amazing Facts!
    The Founder Of Israel Was Spiral Dynamic Stage Yellow- Read Some Amazing Facts!
    Einstein was politically very progressive & liberal. He saw the Nazi threat very early before any of his colleagues did. He fled Nazi Germany long before the war started and he spoke out against the dangers of nationalism. After the war there was a movement to create Israel. Some top Jewish leaders tried to recruit Einstein to their cause. But Einstein was too conscious for that. He saw that the Jews are embarking along a similar path as the Nazi's with their own flavor of Jewish nationalism (Zionism). He warned about these dangers.
    And today we see that this is the case. Far right-wing Jewish nationalists are dedicated to oppressing the Palestinian people in their quest for a pure Zion.
    It's ironic that those Jews never learned the true lesson of Nazi Germany. The lesson was NOT that Jews need their own homeland. The lesson was that nationalism of any stripe is unconscious and destructive to minorities.
    Einstein understood all this. Netanyahu, Evangelicals, and their supporters do not. This is the difference between Spiral Dynamics stage Blue & Green. Orthodox Jews are Blue. Einstein was Green.
    To be fair, there are many stage Green progressive Jews in Israel and the US. But just like in the US, demagogues like Trump tend to drown out the voices of reason, consciousness, love, and moderation.
    The big picture is this: all limited identities create problems. Just to think of oneself as a "Jew" is already a problem because it is untrue. No one is actually a Jew, they merely imagine they are. They have constructed an identity out of it. Because this identity is fundamentally false, it must be defended to the death and truth must be suppressed. Right wing nationalist Jew like Netanyahu and his ilk are busy defending an false identity, which is why they can be so vicious. This is the fundamental problem with all forms of nationalism. Your true identity is oneness with all living beings. You are God imagining he is a Jew.

  23. Mdma Trip
    Mdma Trip
    @lennart You're never gonna be naturally as high as MDMA makes you. That's sorta like expecting to be on a constant heroin high. Not gonna happen.
    But doing years of Kriya yoga might best the closest thing, if you open your heart chakra and deeply awaken.

  24. The DPT Mega-Thread
    The DPT Mega-Thread
    I discovered a new psychedelic which is as powerful if not more powerful than 5-MeO-DMT.
    It is: DPT
    Here is my DPT Trip Report video: https://www.actualized.org/insights/dpt-the-other-god-molecule
    This will be our go-to thread about DPT related questions, tips, techniques, etc.
    As usual, no sourcing questions.
    Here are some good reference links:
    https://psychonautwiki.org/wiki/DPT https://erowid.org/chemicals/dpt/ https://www.bluelight.org/xf/threads/dpt-subthread-dpt-dosage-methods-of-administration.399044/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dipropyltryptamine https://www.reddit.com/r/researchchemicals/comments/8y7k3j/dpt_dipropyltryptamine/ Summary:
    DPT is for highly experienced users only. It's very powerful DPT can produce horrific trips for some people, so be careful The best way of taking DPT is rectally DPT lasts 2.5hrs at least For me, rectal doses go like this:
    Light: 20mg-30mg Medium: 30mg-40mg Heavy: 50mg+ I am very sensitive to all psychedelics so your doses may need to higher.

  25. Anxious about teachings of MGTOW...
    Anxious about teachings of MGTOW...
    @santerton For fucks sake, STOP WATCHING MGTOW. Period.
    And never visit 4chan ever again in your life.
    It's all toxic, dogmatic, egotistical, unconscious, devilsh garbage.
    It is not even worth debunking or arguing against. It's so false and wrong it's hopeless.
    MGTOW, RedPill, and Incels are the American equivalent of Al Qaeda Islamist radicalism. By ingesting their videos and discussions your mind is getting programmed with that mind-virus. That happens because as you watch and listen, it appeals to your desperate needy ego. Triggering all of your worst fears, hates, insecurities, and victim mentality.
    If you want to get better with women, you can do so and have amazing loving sexy relationships. But it will take self-improvement and spiritual work.
    Dating coaches are not liars. Dating coaches can teach you how to get really good with attracting women. I have interacted with dozens of dating coaches and their advice is top-notch for attraction. Not so good for relationships. For solid relationships you will need a more spiritual approach which you can layer on top of the attraction advice.
    Once you become spiritual and consciousness enough, sex will not even be important to you any more. You will be so deeply happy without sex that chasing women will be a joke.
    Awakening is 1000x more enjoyable than any sex you will ever have. With that said, you can do both.
    Here's the practical solution for you: Stop sitting in your Mom's basement browsing toxic forums, and GO OUT and talk to real females. You will never get laid by sitting at home. It is not physically possible.
    See how simple the solution is? Yet you refuse to do it. Because it takes emotional labor to face your fears and grow yourself. You much prefer to sit at home and rant against how bad women are and how nothing can change.
    Rule #1 of all personal development: You must take 100% responsibility for your life, your beliefs, your feelings, your situation. No one is to blame.
    MGTOW is not a teaching. It's egotical, reactionary rantings driven by fear, hate, insecurity, selfishness, woundedness, and neediness. It's very similar to Hitler's rants against the Jews and communists.