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  1. That's some Tier 2 spiral dynamics content. Very funny! haha
  2. This is the funniest shit in the world to me. So guys, lets get all together, everyone grab a seat and we're gonna debate what texts and values will be part of our brand new religion. This is so far detatched from reality, from what religion is, how it comes about, how people relate to it and the cultural context in which it emerges. It's only fitting someone proposed Esperanto as an accompanying language.
  3. Kyle Kulinski citing the Daily Mail. This could only get more credible if the Daily Mail was ultimately referring to me.
  4. Stop watching BreadTube Leo its rotting your brain
  5. Not even American, but that's a massive white pill. Contraception and sodomy next!
  6. That guy is 100% CIA asset. I'm not even memeing. That's one of those few cases where I could actually believe it.
  7. Have yet to meet one
  8. True, and I can't wait to tell some 8 year olds about it. How else could I teach them about Addition and Subtraction
  9. You don't get it guys, That 3rd grader really needs to know that I take it up the ass. I really can't imagine teaching any other way.
  10. armpit porn *click*
  11. @K Ghoul Thing is, I didn't know whether you're a guy or a girl, so I went for the neutral option. Not really into dick
  12. Yo wtf, why you exposing me like this? I was just kindly asking
  13. @ZenAlex Sure, what makes a human happy is certainly more complex than just sitting at the top of a niche hierarchy. Status 'just' having survival value seems like a weird things to say. Striving for and achieving status is a major factor in emotional well being. Theres no worse feeling that being socially isolated or outcast. I also agree that obsessing over that whole stuff isn't doing anyone any good. To me it just seemed that you were questioning the underlying fact of the matter. The title and some things you said certainly suggest so.
  14. @hoodrow trillson Notes from the Underground* Also, I'm straight under the roof.