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  1. Sneaky devil you are
  2. Pleb tier shit I'm already at stage infra-red, dipping my toes in shortwave radiation
  3. Oh I'm super stoked for this tbh. If this issue doesn't get solved Imma head out to the after life (In Minecraft).
  4. Wrong! Sadhguru said enlightenment is like a fruit that slowly ripens. Yes or no?
  5. @Harlen Kelly Why would you assume that you have to choose between strong international relationships and having a strong military. I think the opposite is true. Also, on the topic of healthcare I have to admit I'm not terribly educated, but don't you guys spend an ungodly amount of federal resources on healthcare anyway and a 'simple' reallocation (i.e. restructuring of the system) could solve the problem?
  6. @DocWatts As far as I know France and the UK do not protect the entirety of global naval trade routes nor were they under any obligation to engage in an arms race with the Soviet Union. I do agree that certain parts could definitely be cut, though one would need to consider that the military is a huge driver for innovation in many sectors. The world as it exists today would not be possible without the US' massive military.
  7. @DocWatts What do you mean the military is a waste of societal resources? How do you think the US even got in the position to command such enormous resources?
  8. Stop watching porn
  9. Spiral Dynamics isn't nearly as useful or accurate as people make it out to be. There I said it.
  10. @Leo Gura Depends, what are you gonna talk about. His Maps of Meaning/ Personality and its transformations lectures or just the random stuff he says in interviews or on conservative talkshows?
  11. Just buy a single coin of every crypto when they're still worth shit. 1/100 blows up by a factor of 10.000. Great success
  12. I think when people talk about Biden, they mean his comments about "praying for the right outcome", which doesn't seem like an appropriate thing to do during such a high profile trial. (It could be that the jury was already sequestered at that point, I'm too lazy to look it up)
  13. How can anyone watch more than 5 minutes of this? Richard Wolff wanted to hold an actual lecture but on x0.5 speed