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  1. @OrpheusNovum Are you a greek-mythology based Jordan Peterson?
  2. Yeah about that. I'll test the anxiety one for a week and you the one for sinus infection, deal?
  3. @Smika Which book on Auras are you reading btw?
  4. This might very well be THE top post on this forum
  5. @Leo Gura Hell yeah. I just read Ramajis book and it left me more confused than it answered anything honestly.
  6. this /thread
  7. @Leo Gura You hated being a life coach?
  8. Thanks. I should have enough 5-MeO to work my way up. Still am a little hesitant to do the low dose, since I still remember you saying those are worse in your video. @Serotoninluv 32mg? How are you not fainting?
  9. Does anybody have some reliable dosages for plugging? I couldn't find a single source on the internet. I'm sure Leo said it either in a video or on the forum.
  10. Uff MouthyBuddha is a weird fellow. Didnt he have his alt-right friend featured in a video, who was basically dog-whistling for like an hour?
  11. @Rilles Who is typing?
  12. Who are these masters?
  13. @Leo Gura Would you recommend tripping on 5-Meo in silence or to have some mild/mellow music in the background? also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJmBNdiBuwc