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  1. @Kushu2000 Been a human for 20 years and still shit at it
  2. @Salvijus I swear to god Sadhguru might as well be sittin in Rome and telling the people how special Latin is, elaborating on the mystical significance of Hebrew in Jerusalem or telling people that whoever questions the supremacy of the arab language concerning islamic religious matters is an infidel. Big coincidence Sanskrit just happens to be the language in which most religious texts of Hinduisim are written and hes surrounded by hundreds of Indians lol.
  3. You actually believe this shit?
  4. @Rinne https://chenghsin.com/product/the-power-of-contemplation-ecourse/
  5. LOL, get me some atomic gold (w/e the fuck that is) in my aircon
  6. @Mikael89 My dude you're becoming a damn legend on this forum. Like the incel version of Joseph or something. This whole forum really is quite the paradise for studying sociology first hand.
  7. @Autumn The sense of what makes one happy changes over times. Just think of maslows hierarchy. Realizing that getting ones material and physical needs met wont satisfy requires actually having achieved some level of material or physical success. So, of course, its always easy to tell people that their desires are just fantasy, but your words are bound to fall on deaf ears.
  8. Hold it right there buddy! I wanna see all you peoples feet and contemplate them VERY deeply!
  9. Every once in a while i arrive at this exact point and it's probably not easy to fully accept it (like.. actually accept it)
  10. @Leo Gura Might as well just candyflip
  11. I'm sorry I have to spoil it for everyone, but its clearly 4-HO-DiPT