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  1. Is the numbness in my limbs, my legs in particular, something I will have to live with or does the body adjust to this after some time? Im pretty sure its not harmful but very distracting in the concentration part.
  2. @Leo Gura With the modern exception of Sadhguru, but only because he veils most of his acutal experiental reality and basically acts like a stage turquoise type of public intellectual with some spiritual background.
  3. "Despite an overwhelming change in how it felt to experience both themselves and the world after the onset of PNSE, the outward appearance of the participants changed very little. Generally speaking they retained their previous mannerisms, hobbies, political ideology, food and clothing preferences, and so forth. If someone were an environmentalist prior to PNSE, typically they remained so after it. If they weren’t, they still are not." For the people curious about the consistency of political belief. (PNSE = Persistent Non-Symbolic Experience)
  4. @Shu Normally the book states quite clearly what 1 round is. Just read through steps. Doing x rounds will take you around 5 minutes, it's more of an estimate than a rule to obey.
  5. Can you link the study? Soudns pretty interesting tbh
  6. @phoenix666 alright, thank you @Nahm
  7. @Nahm yes or no? @phoenix666 How much did u drop?
  8. Ye apropos, has any of the more experienced people here reached lvl 4 khechari mudra? Is it possible without cutting the frenulum?
  9. All these blue, red, glorious and black pills these days. I'm seriously losing track of all those.
  10. Someone actually did a video series on the book covering the lessons 1-7
  11. @Leo Gura Little off-topic, but would you (or anyone else who knows) mind linking me the yoga-cuchion that you showed in your video?
  12. @herghly How long then did you stick to the first technique only?
  13. I just got my book today and wanted to start immediately. How did you guys go on about this? It feels like the breathing technique (Lesson 2) is really easy and more like a warm up than a practice in and of itself. Did you just "skip" and integrated further lessond into your routine? If not, what might be an indicator that I have fully "mastered" Nadi Sodhana