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  2. @Leo Gura Do you practice Gamanas upgraded version of Kriya Pranayama? If so, is a long time of pranayama practice necessary for the upgrade as gamana says or can I just implement it in my routine from the book?
  3. I bet because of one of your ridiculous analogies like raping peoples grandmas or drowning your own baby.
  4. Wat. People who say they're bad at Math are stuck at a level that can hardly be called conceptual.
  5. Pretty sure he wants to do this solo. At least that's what he said in the "Importance of real yoga" video
  6. No, the book says you should start with 10 repetitions and with practice move on towards 50. One repetition is not a set of 10 tounge raises, but of one. So basically what you wanna do is raise your tounge fifty times and stretch it every 10 times (five in total).
  7. 32nd book in the enlightenment section
  8. Just having watched Leos new update on the blog in which he recommends having an experience of infinte love as a method for conquering the fear of death, I was wondering whether AL-LAD would be an appropriate tool for inducing such an experience. Don't get me wrong I have read (lots of) trip reports on the substance already, but people don't seem to use it for serious spiritual purpose anyway, so their reports are of no good use in this regard. Maybe the more experienced people can help me out here.
  9. I have read it 2-3 times, it's a really fun read.
  10. I know this forum is not supposed to be a market place, but it seems the book "Lectures on the Ten Oxherding Pictures" by Yamada Mumon Roshi is out of stock everywhere, even on the publishers page, so I wanted to ask if anyone here is willing to sell his copy or can at least tell me where I can get the book for <60$ withing a reasonable timespan