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  1. I recently discovered my life porpuse which I don't know how to materialize it to align it with my job/career. I currently have a corporate career that I like and I'm good at but it's not my passion, it's not something I would do for free, far from it. My purpose by the way is to live according to my values, trying to be a good example to my community. It is very influenced by stoicism which is a philosophy I read daily. Do you think I should make an extra effort to find a more concrete purpose and thus align it with my work? I'm thinking of doing the life porpuse course for the second time. What do you think? Could you give me examples of your life porpuse plus how do you make a living from it?
  2. I'm almost in the same position as you, change economics for international trade and we are the same. I enjoy the corporate world but I don't plan creating a business probably due to my financial conservatism. Recently two weeks ago I think I discovered my life purpose. I realized that I am a simple person in a good way, I do not have great material aspirations in life or desire to have fame, therefore my purpose had to be modest. My purpose now is to live according to my values which I'm still redifining and try to be an example of these for the people around me. So right now having a job which can potentially have a huge positive impact on the world is a desirable but not an obligation for me anymore, I'm happy if at least my work does not contribute negatively to society.
  3. What is your opinion of working in the alcoholic beverage industry? I am a procurement officer, I recently left my old company because the environment was very toxic and it was affecting my mental health. Luckily my profile is attractive enough and I quickly received an offer to join a company in the beverage sector, it would be the same position I held before, near home, earning a little more money and thanks to a contact I have there it seems that the work environment and bosses are good. Even so, I am reluctant to enter a company that earns a living by selling alcoholic beverages since I consider that they do not contribute to the improvement of society. Sorry if there is a grammar mistake, English is not my native language. What are your views on this?
  4. I think working in commerce (sales or finance) and joining a sport competitively can help with that. Try to build discipline and have the goal to improve every single day even though you realize nobody cares how you perform, but still you try your best for it's own sake.
  5. When I was 21 I was in your situation and I did volunteering. is a very good website to find hosts. Maybe this is not what you are looking for but I think in your situation having one year off doing lots of different stuff might help you to find your thing. It's also a cheap way of traveling and meeting new people.
  6. this dude is quite stage blue conservative but in a healthy way. Also his videos are filmed in the forest which are nice to watch. I used to be conservative and watched all his videos, you can get a grasp of how conservatives thinks.
  7. I prefer blue individuals over orange any day of the week. maybe it's because orange it's everywhere in our culture and got sick of it
  8. Let's stop all the talking bomb Iran!
  9. Fuck bro difficult to explain it better
  10. Thanks for sharing ! I enjoyed the videos on how capitalism hurt you I agreed on most of the points he made. I'm noticing I'm starting to embrace green values, I was a very blue/orange individual before and have never considered to listen leftist people or liberals. Since I have tried psychedelics my counciousness has expanded and I see the devils of capitalism although I still think it's the best system we have in the world before we advance to something better. I really love this mega thread because you people share good green content, while if I turn on the TV I see a lot of toxic green and I categorize them as bad and then reject them all.
  11. Healthy Red against unhealthy red
  12. I think people from this forum is mostly yellow, I can not imagine an Orange person listening Leo's videos every week. I think must of us here are Yellow with Orange and Green influence.