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  1. It's definitely true. Pickup focuses on the more feminine, emotional, free flowing aspects of male-female interaction, not exactly the hyper-analytical, masculine approach. If you ever try and analyze or be systematic with just doesn't spark anything. Leo recently said pickup is silly and a waste of time..which is absolute bullshit, considering he grew his knowledge of relationships using pickup. That's why he has a bunch of practical videos on sex and attraction. Apparently he regrets it, and he wishes he stuck to being the inexperienced lonely man he was before. He's starting to over-compensate on the anti-hedonistic worldview, which is the actual silly thing going on here.
  2. So do you regret it, along with all of your experiences?
  3. How is it a waste of time when you're meeting girls, developing your social skills, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, and building connections with people? "Nothing better to do with their lives", you say? Can't that be said about literally anything? Weren't you into pickup, and didn't you have quite a bit of success? Are you saying you regret building yourself in that way, and men should avoid conquering their fears?
  4. Thanks for this suggestion, man. I was feeling down for a while, because I don't have the results with women that I want. I'd get an online date here or there, but it was never anything special. I just did not know how to meet and talk to girls I'm interested in. I've seen PUA videos before, but they never resonated with me much, because the act looked a bit forced and didn't educate on how to build a connection right away. I saw your post, checked out James Marshall, and I'm glad I did. Finally, a guy who teaches how to meet women in such a seamless, natural way. The amount of seduction detail and dive into psychology that his channel puts forth is amazing. Definitely a fan. And also, I cold approached a couple girls hanging out together at a bar the other night, and left with a number. Never would have done that had I not seen Marshall's stuff. The greatness of it is that I made a lot of mistakes in hindsight, but I have much more room to grow and build my skills.