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  1. @see_on_see I agree with what you've said! The most intense levels of emotion I feel seem to be in my dreams, particularly when it comes to awe, fear, and joy. Last week I had a dream where I was in a dark room looking at my hand. It felt so vivid and intense, that I was in a blissful state of awe just looking at my palm. Suddenly, I realized I was dreaming, and I had an intense feeling of fear. I've had lucid dreams plenty of times, but they usually end with me waking up in a panic state due to sleep paralysis. It's like my sleeping body wants to move like I am in my dream, but activates the paralysis so that I don't wander. Dreams are wonderful things that connect you to your deepest emotions, sometimes suppressed feelings that we've buried away in our waking life. We get so caught up in our minds, that we lose the feeling of sensations and being alive. I think dreams can help reinvigorate that.
  2. I would say that practical meditation only has one primary objective: moving your awareness outside of your head and into your body. And not just your body, but all sensations within your sensory field. Being more keenly aware of external and internal stimuli is beneficial for many reasons: you learn how to better respond to your emotional reactions, you become more aware of your posture and stress points, and you become more present with people and the world around you. Once you establish an awareness habit of at least 20 minutes a day, the results can be instantaneous. Your whole day can be one big awareness practice, and you can choose to be in this state at all times. Most people walking down the street are stuck in their heads and aren't really aware of what's going on around them. They're hunched over, seem disengaged, etc. People who are keen on awareness have a more present and natural feel to them. I hope this helps Charlotte.
  3. Hi all. I practiced meditation/awareness a couole years ago, and noticed my dreams every night were becoming more vivid. I stopped meditating, probably out of complacency and laziness. However, I've been back on the daily mindfulness/awareness thing, and I've once again noticed that my dreams are becoming more vivid, and I'm able to take a clear message from them after I wake up. Does anyone else have this experience? Why is it that becoming more aware of sensations in our body creates a less clouded subconscious, to where I'm able to remember my dreams better? I guess it should be obvious.. but the fact that becoming more aware in our conscious body has a direct impact of what's happening underneath the conscious level is interesting.
  4. Yeah sure, most men don't do pickup and yet get laid, but these men don't usually have any abundance with women. The men that become masters at pickup and seducing women are surrounded by a world of opportunities. Top 20% of men are having sex with most of the women, etc. Most men aren't high status, either. And even then, being high status may get you into the door for getting laid, but it doesn't guarantee you even know to emotionally hook women long-term, or develop a seductive demeanor and charisma that can really attract women. If you want to become a great seducer, then pickup is not an option. You're not going to become a master of ebb and flow of masculine/feminine energy unless you consistently put it into practice.
  5. It's definitely true. Pickup focuses on the more feminine, emotional, free flowing aspects of male-female interaction, not exactly the hyper-analytical, masculine approach. If you ever try and analyze or be systematic with just doesn't spark anything. Leo recently said pickup is silly and a waste of time..which is absolute bullshit, considering he grew his knowledge of relationships using pickup. That's why he has a bunch of practical videos on sex and attraction. Apparently he regrets it, and he wishes he stuck to being the inexperienced lonely man he was before. He's starting to over-compensate on the anti-hedonistic worldview, which is the actual silly thing going on here.
  6. So do you regret it, along with all of your experiences?
  7. How is it a waste of time when you're meeting girls, developing your social skills, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, and building connections with people? "Nothing better to do with their lives", you say? Can't that be said about literally anything? Weren't you into pickup, and didn't you have quite a bit of success? Are you saying you regret building yourself in that way, and men should avoid conquering their fears?
  8. Thanks for this suggestion, man. I was feeling down for a while, because I don't have the results with women that I want. I'd get an online date here or there, but it was never anything special. I just did not know how to meet and talk to girls I'm interested in. I've seen PUA videos before, but they never resonated with me much, because the act looked a bit forced and didn't educate on how to build a connection right away. I saw your post, checked out James Marshall, and I'm glad I did. Finally, a guy who teaches how to meet women in such a seamless, natural way. The amount of seduction detail and dive into psychology that his channel puts forth is amazing. Definitely a fan. And also, I cold approached a couple girls hanging out together at a bar the other night, and left with a number. Never would have done that had I not seen Marshall's stuff. The greatness of it is that I made a lot of mistakes in hindsight, but I have much more room to grow and build my skills.