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  1. What's wrong with keeping the guy as a fuck buddy and hanging out with him from time to time? I understand he wants to enjoy different possibilities, but that doesn't mean you don't have needs that he can't meet until you find a man more in line with what you're looking for. Just treat him as an F buddy and that's it. Not boyfriend material.
  2. Forget about Leo's rant. I'm sure it was aimed at very specific behaviors that certain men exhibit. Pickup isn't an option: it is a necessary survival skill for men in modern societies. Embrace both the dark aspects of your soul just like you do the light. This will lead to ultimate self acceptance.
  3. No need to make excuses why he doesn't have sex with. A man who is into you will plan the logistics and make it happen. This guy either isn't into you, or is weak (especially if it took a whole damn year for y'all to date). Move on. This dud isn't worth any investment.
  4. Once a girl has deemed you as anything but a lover before y'all have been intimate, then it's 99.99% chance it's over with that woman. Unless you become famous or the town's biggest player and she sees you with other women. Women extremely rarely change their categorizing of men who they deem unfuckable. Good news is, there's billion of women out there, and you will always find someone better!
  5. We need to abolish these stupid terms like "incel". When we bring light to this kind of thing, it only builds momentum. That type of cult thinking and poisoned hivemind just needs to die already.
  6. You're still not explaining what type of behaviors you're actually doing. Don't be a cold fish. That's a reaction, and not the way to go. But don't be needy and overbearing, and give your loyalty before anyone has done anything to really earn it.
  7. You don't have compassion and support for yourself. You can't expect it from others if you don't have it for yourself. I think there's something skewed in how you're going about "giving compassion". This could mean anything. Are you being needy and overbearing? What exactly are you doing, and expecting in return? Being ice cold and detached is a reaction. Observe your behavior and respond and calibrate accordingly before reacting on negative emotions.
  8. I don't get it. What are you needing from women that you can't already give yourself? If you can't have compassion and love for yourself, then you can't expect to share it with others and also be able to get it in return.
  9. Women do want nice guys. Women do not want men who can't apply pressure or know how to make a move; this isn't exclusive to nice or mean. For someone who has supposedly slept with 200 women, you sure seem ignorant to the actual nuances of attraction.
  10. Women don't flock, period. Unless you're famous or something. The arrogant guy just knows how to make a move... but a humbled guy who knows how to make a move is just as effective and isn't shunned simply for being a grounded person.
  11. You don't need to be a self-absorbed arrogant asshole to make a woman feel desired. You said it yourself: you were respectful but still know how to make a move. I've already said those are key elements. Being a self-absorbed asshole and thinking that's the lone attractive quality that makes the difference is absolutely, completely wrong. You still have to approach and make a move, clearly you're forgetting that. No one just flocks to you because you feel arrogant. And no one truly likes to be around selfish people, man or woman.
  12. The two I would most recommend by far are James Marshall and Tony Solo. They distill the message of pickup beyond just surface level, especially Tony. It has much more to do with inner game, meditation, awareness, and spirituality. They're also good to learn from if you tend to be more introverted and low energy, like me. Learning from them has provided me the biggest leaps when it comes to attraction. Corey Wayne is good for basic ideas and principles, but I'd move on to Tony Solo and James Marshall for a much deeper and psychological understanding.
  13. Empathy alone won’t attract girls, but it will boost a man’s perceived value. Empathy is just being able to realize the person's headspace and being aware of her surroundings and mood. Women greatly appreciate a man who “gets” them in that sense. A man who is able to correctly perceive emotions and respond accordingly to a woman and her emotional needs will be perceived as a higher status male, and shows that you have calibrated social acuity. Those are attractive traits to have in a partner. The idea of “being confident” to attract a partner is also a bit misguided. No one is 100% confident all of the time. Even when I’m in my peak states and success is happening for me, I know that things can change on a dime. Even when I’m talking to a girl, I might not be feeling good inside. I might be nervous, or feeling down about something. But the core confidence is being able to accept whatever happens, being able to be present and observe what is happening in the moment without reacting to it. Even in states of not feeling good, if you’re present with it and maybe even call it out, then this is genuine.
  14. Great sex and attractive personality traits aren’t exclusive to assholes. Again, the main difference is that assholes know how to apply pressure and physically escalate. If a guy can’t do those two things, then he’s not getting any women. Putting on an aloof facade because you think it's what women want, or that you have to be some kind of comedian entertainer, is horribly misguiding.