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  1. With how fast and hard Twitter is tanking in just two weeks after his ownership, a part of me wonders if it was his intention all along to destroy Twitter. Because the smart move would have been to just sit back and change nothing.
  2. Being an idiot attempting to overthrow democracy is one thing and should end in a prison sentence in any halfway sane country. But stealing classified documents about weapons that can cause the end of the world? Should be a death sentence. But it won't. The cult will be allowed to continue to attempt to destroy the world.
  3. A revolution is at foot. That is, if the fat, lazy Americans will actually do something about their power being continuously stripped by this fascist coup.
  4. Sure about that chief? The 2021 winter storm crippled its power grid and damn near made it a failed state, all because of its deregulated energy.
  5. 70% of the GDP comes from democratic counties. Red states like Wyoming and the Dakotas really contribute fuck all in the big picture but oppress the country through the senate. It's egregious, it's anti-democratic, it's stupid. If Republicans win the house, senate, and WH, then expect a nation-wide abortion ban in 5 years. Will people actually revolt and fight a civil war? What about when gay marriage is banned as well?
  6. Empty land doesn't vote. Absolutely ridiculous that South Dakota and North Dakota have the same power as California and New York.
  7. Ron Desastrous has the charm of stale bread. Unlike charismatic Trump, I can't really see moderates getting mobilized to vote for him, but who knows.
  8. America is broken and officially moving backwards. Very rare do you see that in a developed nation but here we are. 9 justices who don't get voted in, 1/3rd of which were appointed by a twice impeached president who also lost the popular vote twice, have all the power to reverse our course. Democracy is so dead.
  9. New Mexico is Hispanic majority, particularly Mexican. Mexican Americans tend to vote Democrat.
  10. US is a third world hellhole masquerading as a developed country as far as I'm concerned. I know it's not really, but dammit if it hasn't been trending that way since the 90s.
  11. America's birth rates have been declining. Conservatives want more white babies to be born. They don't want the brown folk coming in and overtaking the white patriarchy.
  12. Conservatives are anti-freedom, anti-democracy, anti-civil liberties. Conservatives ARE fascists, especially when they back people like Trump.
  13. The sad part is that this isn't shocking. We all knew it was getting to this point. Pretty soon they're going to allow states to outlaw interracial marriage and ban contraceptives.
  14. Forced birth in a country with the highest maternal mortality rate, no universal subsidized childcare, no paid maternity leave, no continued birth parent care, and frequently inaccessible mental health care. Good job America ?
  15. The huge conservative wave that has been sweeping the world the past 10 years is just absurd. Did we learn NOTHING from WWII? Why is the world suddenly in favor of fascism? Crazy people.