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  1. very interesting, thanks for sharing! I wonder how I'd do on 5 days in solitary confinement.. I hope one day I'll find the balls, time and opportunity to try.. hmm.. what do you think? would there be a lot of difference between people here on the forum and others, which don't consciously work on self actualization / enlightenment?
  2. thank you dear Pluto, this is gold <3 true, if you shine the light of awareness on your depression, directly into its heart, you discover its illusory nature. it's empty, it doesn't exist in the present moment but I keep forgetting as well.. thanks for reminding me
  3. in my experience you can meditate your way right into the depression. breathe into it, really feel into it. go through it mindfully and come out on the other side it hurts a lot, I won't deny it. but 'bad' emotions are here because they want to be acknowledged, accepted and specially be loved <3
  4. OMG I love this one too. Awakening is always an accident. Meditation just makes us a little more accident-prone. I can't remember where I got it from. maybe Leo mentioned in a video? but it stuck with me as well. it's like increasing the probability to get struck by a lightning by going on a mountaintop, waving a metal stick. I've also just read in Sadghuru's book yesterday: we can consciously increase our awareness until a certain point. we can open our chakras with yoga, meditation and all that. but the final step is out of our hand. enlightenment/access to the 7th chakra is not in our hands anymore. that we can't decide for ourselves. what a coincidence that's beautiful. this just made me smile. thanks for sharing <3 we are, we're even here for the same thing <3
  5. this is so true. I've never been a religious person. I've been an atheist for as long as I can remember. I hated everything around church as a child and teen. but now, the deeper I go, the more I find myself using religious vocabulary and analogies. they just seem to fit. it's hard to express some of the stuff and religious jargon just seems the most ...appropriate. one year ago I would have laughed at myself using words like love, god, trust, prayer, surrender.. but they are strong. I get the essence of every religion now and that they point to the same thing, consciousness.
  6. still chewing on this video.. I've had a couple of existential crises since watching it for the first time, also after some trips. and I feel like it was not my last one yet.. I gotta bite the bullet, again and again, deeper and deeper. will it ever end? I love it, bringing Nihilism full circle. nothingness becoming everything <3 me too, I'm so thankful, every day
  7. thank you so much for this your words just boosted my vision. we're all here to elevate and help each other. and what you think, you become. a strong vision is everything. what is yours? and your purpose for doing Kriya?
  8. this resonates so much with me <3 hazy path indeed, sometimes. yes, the vision gets foggy sometimes.. then looking back can be so grounding and soothing. we're in this together <3
  9. so glad to hear that everything is here to help us grow.
  10. thanks from the deepest place in my heart, as always, @Nahm
  11. very true <3 or maybe even better fully accept and love yourself exactly how you are in this present moment. and be witness of change arising from that very place. but that's difficult..
  12. thank you, I'm glad it touched you <3 hmm, probably.. but why would that be a 'bad' thing? the ego is not the enemy. I'm not here to eliminate my ego. I'd like to integrate it. the whole 'ego is bad' thing is what makes it flare up, I feel..
  13. when it comes to being a strategic Mofo ( still loving that video title) and longterm thinking, we tend to think about the future and our vision. but it can be every bit as useful if we turn it around. when we get stuck, frustrated, demotivated, inpatient and start doubting ourselves this can be very motivating. ask yourself: where was I one year ago? stop for a second and think back. you don't need to share it, if you don't want. just think about it. what kind of person were you even 3 months ago? half a year ago? maybe before you discovered before your first retreat? before your first trip? before starting a yoga or meditation practice? holy moly, this can bring me to tears if I actually think about it. pat yourself on the back, you're doing great. you're perfect <3 thank you so much Leo and to all of you kind souls on this forum
  14. update on today's Kriya. a little insight illuminated me during concentration. I could peak through some clouds: we're already there, I'm already. I could sense that there is nowhere to go, we are already one. I'm just not aware of that. I could sense something in the way: the self. 'me' - just me being a thing, the perspective from which I look and interact in life is clouding my awareness of oneness the awakening is not a process of construction, of adding things. it's the opposite. it's a deconstruction project. it's subtracting layer by layer, belief by belief. it's like slowly stripping a flower from all it's petals (that's why it hurts sometimes but feels liberating and lighter afterwards) until there is nothing left but the quintessence - a white sheet, empty and open for anything
  15. hahaha a heads up? sounds more like a 'I cut your wings to bring you back to earth' but yeah, maybe my vision is too far away. maybe I expect too much...