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  1. the less I am, the more I perceive the more I empty myself, the more existence fills me
  2. <3 in a world of endless questions love is the only answer - Matt Kahn
  3. wonderful insight, Tommy I found that for me too. I've actually shifted my focus or lets say number 1 priority from awakening/consciousness to love in the last couple of months. higher consciousness and awakening comes with a heart-centered path, it emerges spontaneously when your goal is to love deeper and deeper thanks for your report, I enjoyed it ver much <3
  4. how can I forget the Truth again and again? it's impressive. the self deception itself is pure beauty. so perfect and consistent. almost impossible to see through. almost.
  5. instead of transcending and letting go, I've found in my experience that embracing is far more powerful. it's the more feminine approach, the more heart-centered way. I wouldn't go as far as to say that it works better for everyone..but definitely for me. maybe cause I'm finally integrating more and more of my feminine traits. I'm loving it more and more to be a woman and that's probably a big part of my integration process and spiritual journey <3
  6. I want to be free - free from searching and wanting, free from the illusion of separation, free from feelings of loneliness and not being enough, free from the feeling of lacking something anything what happens when all of that falls of? utter, utter relaxation and relief, floating in space, dissolving into air and bliss just being, formless and light, free from the heavy burden of wanting and searching that's what I'm looking for. that itself is the obstacle. catch 22, what irony^^ at least I'm becoming aware of it
  7. I've been practicing Kryia daily for a couple of months now and I sometimes get into very pleasant states of consciousness (not too often, but I always lighten up like a christmas tree when it happens.. I guess I'm still hunting experiences^^) I wanted to share what I've noticed and I'm curious to know if someone has experienced similar things. I've noticed a knot-like blockage around the area of my navel. sometimes I feel my breath flowing like a stream, but it usually gets blocked right there. I guess it means that I have some imbalance in my manipura chakra? could that be connected to problems with self worth? sometimes I get the real pleasant experience of my whole body lightening up. hard to describe: like a huge force of energy, like a lightbulb that suddenly sends warmth and light through my whole body (it usually happens during maya mudra or pranayama 1/2). someone experiencing the same?
  8. @zunnyman you may resonate more with a more feminine or heart centered approach like Matt Kahn's teachings. they've helped me a lot in the past months. it's not about transcending and deconstructing, but loving and embracing, integrating the ego. I've noticed that this approach brings a lot more peace and warmth in my being. I still love Leo's videos and they're very precious to me. but combining them with Matt Kahn or Eckhart Tolle for example brings a lot more balance and tranquillity in my path <3 the most enlightened/transcended experiences during meditation and yoga for me have always come through embracing, accepting and loving
  9. in doubt, alway follow the heart. there are many paths that lead to the one. but the one oft the heart feels the best, feels the rightest. actually, all paths can be taken, maybe the one with heart isn't even a separate one. maybe it doesn't matter which path I walk, maybe it only matters that I walk it with my heart I want to make myself vulnerable, I want to open my heart. I'm not sure how, maybe that's the first step. admitting, being honest, I'm trying
  10. @Highest thank you for spreading the love, I just really needed that <3 the whole world needs more of that, actually <3 it has in fact started to be my highest value, my highest purpose. the number one reason I'm into this whole thing, why I walk the path: becoming more loving, towards myself and all beings <3
  11. sometimes I get a glimpse through the illusion of time. everything that has ever happened and all that will ever happen; it's all in the now. all right now in this moment, all interconnected and interwoven. it's like I get thrown into a past experience or a dream I've had long time ago. it's not sheer memory, it's more like really, like really being there. is the illusion, my mind's construct starting to collapse?
  12. I know it's all an illusion, I've experienced that cold shower, or worse, that terrible feeling of the ground disappearing right under my feet. the horror of falling and falling, through groundless floors. but so what? the illusion is divine. it's part of that holy beauty too. and if I'm here in this body, I'm here for a reason. even for the sheer reason of being itself. we're in this body to wake up. but it doesn't end there. it's about waking up and then come back. what for? enjoying. pure beauty of being. creating. LOVING. honoring the divine that is in everything. seeing the light that permeates each being. awakening that light in others by spreading love. there is no purpose other than the one we create. that's the real meaning of being a creator. what I'm here for? I want to connect with unconditional love, I want to merge with unity consciousness, so that I speak and act from that place. that's how I can help others, that's how we awaken the whole planet, by loving and honoring each other <3
  13. I'm actually grateful for my beautiful, creative mind. after a psychedelic experience of utter emptiness I've learned to honor my mind as a creative and divine tool that has been given to us for a reason. all there is, is divine. all there is can help us awaken <3
  14. no-mind has always been the goal in one form or another. I've been influenced by lots of Zen teachings and other spiritual teachers that see the mind as 'enemy' against awareness and being. I'm starting to realize that no-mind isn't a goal. it's eventually a consequence of mindfulness/awareness. so the goal should be to rise awareness. the silence and peace of mind will flourish as a byproduct of that. seeing things like that helps me doing all of this in a more feminine approach: not the getting rid typ of letting go, but the loving embrace of everything that may come up.
  15. as love has become my highest value, I feel like I want to make this more down to earth. what is love? or more importantly, what do I mean when I say that love is my highest value? love = inclusion = unity, that is seeing myself in everything or including everything and everyone in my heart. I want my sense of self to expand wider and wider, so that one day it can take in the whole universe. separation is illusion. it goes hand in hand with fear and unconsciousness. if everything goes full circle, why is god love and not hate? because love is union, love is oneness, non-duality. even separation and illusion are paradoxically a part of that oneness. hate and fear and suffering are misguided, unconscious and primitive forms of love. I wish I could love myself unconditionally, so that I can love the world around me unconditionally. the way I treat myself is the way I treat those around me and so the world will reflect back. I'm not there yet and that's ok. it's not easy to reprogram years of self hatred and negative thought patterns. but I am aware of that and I am ready to open my heart, I am ready to expand, I am ready to face the fear, I am ready to love and to become love, even if 'I' have to dissolve in the process.