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  1. it takes courage and a leap of faith, but it's the greatest possibility we can open up to <3
  2. true, it's like endlessly falling through groundless floors the art is to surrender and not to grasp onto anything <3
  3. love is an act of surrender total abandonment I give myself <3 thanks for sharing, this touched me deeply <3
  4. I noticed, I really, really like it so far I'm curious where it will bring me
  5. surrender and let reality unfold I once experienced a deep trust in the Universe, I hope to find it once again
  6. I like Tool, how is the new album? I'll give it a try I had a few psychedelic-like experiences with music too. the most peculiar was recently while listening to Carbon Based Lifeforms: suddenly my mind opened and expanded into a empty space. I felt a great sense of union and I realized that there is no separation between 'me' and the music. suddenly I realized that I am both the listener and the composer of the music. I made that piece of art myself (in another incarnation maybe) hard to describe, but it was a beautiful experience
  7. @IndigoGeminiWolf thanks for explaining, quite fascinating @inFlow I'm so curious and excited too! specially about the whole getting attuned to energy flow thing and the healing effects.. I'll probably share my experience as soon as I have the chance to
  8. me too actually. maybe we can already transmit love, truth and oneness through everything we say and do <3 this forum seems like such a pyramid
  9. do you consciously formulate those blessings in your mind and then visualize them flowing through you?
  10. I came to the same conclusion that's beautiful, Charlotte! how do you do that?
  11. yeah, if 1 works well for me, I will probably do 2 too in the future! (have to save some money first ;)) thanks Nahm wild stuff? now you got me curious Is till do that intuitively when I hurt myself, actually. you're right! I just hope I can feel that energy and flow more easily with the initiation and practice
  12. whenever I expand my consciousness whilst tripping, I get very childlike. I observe in awe, I play. I realized that's the natural state. that's the attitude I want to integrate into my daily experience. playing with life, playing with existence. being, acting, speaking from that state pure state of love and awe. experimenting, discovering, learning. going at things with a blank sheet and experiencing life with all senses and my mind wide open <3
  13. @Zigzag Idiot thanks for sharing! quite interesting.. I don't know much about all of this, thanks for giving me new perspectives you're completely right, I love viewing life through many different facets too. makes the whole picture complete.. that's what I really like about Leo and his channel. resonates deeply with my way of living and seeing life. so wonderful to meet people like you on this forum <3
  14. wow, fascinating stuff right there, thank you very much for sharing your experience! I'd like to become sensitive to energy too .. that's actually the reason I started researching into Reiki. I hope it works out for me too do you use the energy flow for yourself and others? yeah, my father (who is one of the most 'unspiritual' people I know) got a Reiki initiation like 30 years ago. he almost never uses it. but some days ago I asked him to show me the energy/warmth. I could definitely feel it coming from his hands. this convinced me.. if it works on him, it must be very consistent wow, sounds wonderful. exactly what I was looking for.. healing myself and others, opening chakras. I hope I can integrate it into my meditation and/or kriya practice. thanks for sharing, Dizzy, I will definitely try thank you all for your inputs, guys! I'll get the initiation next month, I'm already pretty excited and I can't wait. I'll probably share my experience here on the forum
  15. oh, got it. I like that sounds promising. we need to heal ourselves first, in order to heal others.