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  1. Great technique. Unfortunately people have to ruin this thread with ridiculous comments, but I feel what you're saying.
  2. @Shin he uploaded a video on wednesday once
  3. Next vid.: "How To Develop Patience"
  4. YEs so fucking accurate I hate social media
  5. @IvanV21 Be happy and grateful about it. Some day she'll leave you and then you'll be the desperate one. Believe me this because it happened to me. My ex was needy and clingy and wanted to marry me and move in together etc... I didn't work hard enough on our relationship and took her for granted. The day she broke up with me I became the one she was.
  6. This forum is getting scary seriously I don't want to be a part of this with Truth and those things is this is what it leads to... I'm scared I'm not like those people