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  1. Nah, fuck all that letting go buddha shit. Beat her ass. You can let go... let your fist go right to her fucking face.
  2. in order to get into six flags, you need a reservation so I am going this upcoming Saturday, April 10. I will keep everyone updated
  3. With myself.. I am going to sixflags here in California all alone. I recently went through a break up last month and so I am going to spend time with myself at one of my favorite places. I got a season pass, season food pass and season platinum flash passes so I am skipping all the lines. I spared no expense. I want to give myself the best and that's what I did @Leo Gura said its weird to go to disneyland all by yourself, but fuck it I am the weirdest person I know. I will update all of you on how it goes.
  4. Wow.. contemplation is so deep. I contemplated yesterday "What is neediness ?" I didn't get what neediness is but I figured out where it comes from and why I have been needy towards women. Neediness comes from the illusion of lack. Lacking something that you think you need. The literal emotion is emptiness. There was a hole in my soul I wanted to fill with women's validation and attention. I mindfully felt this emptiness and I asked what I lacked. On the surface it felt like I lacked a woman and that if I go do pick up or if I get a girlfriend all my problems will be solved. I dug a little deeper and realized it was not a woman I lacked but I really lacked options with the opposite sex, not being able to attract the women that I want in my life. So I went deeper and asked why I can't attract them, all my emotional shit came up. "I am too ugly", "Women hate me" "They are bitches and whores who play hard to get" "They just don't like me I am not good enough" blah blah blah. I went deeper into contemplating and I realized maybe not only my issue but probably the issue of all incels, redpill, mgtow all those ideologies. The Truth: I don't know how to attract the opposite sex. For my whole life I have blamed women for not liking me. and it took me 20 mins of contemplation to realize that my anger and frustration and lack of results in this area came from my lack of knowledge. My incompetence you can say. The next question I asked is what do I think attracts the opposite sex. What I think attract the opposite sex: I need to be nice to them, I need to impress them and I have to make them like me or they won't like me. I need money, I need status all this shallow shit just to get a girl to like me. I AM WRONG AS FUCK. just incorrect. All these showcase my insecurities. My whole life I would tell people "Oh I know how women work just do this, this and this" giving out advice I didn't really believe and yesterday I was faced how ignorant I am about female attraction and it hurts. It hurts that I have lied to myself this whole time just to fit in. And Redpill, MGTOW, INCELS are angry because of this. Like look at the titles of some of these YouTube channels. I can see the anger and the hatred. I was one of the angry people. I am no longer angry because I understand. My Mission: To learn how to attract the opposite sex. Thank you for listening
  5. So I just saw @Leo Gura video on contemplation and I started to contemplate for 10 mins and already had some deep insight, but how do I know I am not wrong or deluded. Also I feel like I am not contemplating properly. Do you just sit and ask yourself questions and think through and ponder what you are asking yourself? I am so used to getting my knowledge from outside sources its hard to believe myself. Thanks a lot
  6. @BipolarGrowth yeah that's one of my character flaws. Working on it
  7. Maybe psychedelics aren’t for me I’ll probably just stay away
  8. Tested the tabs they wern't lsd so now I am at 0 again
  9. I just acquired 2 tabs of LSD. I plan on taking one tab alone. I don't know where my setting should be though. I would do it in my room here but I have roommates and I don't want to be really loud or disturb them in anyway so I am thinking about renting an airbnb somewhere but I don't know what to do. I want to be comfortable. I have posters and lights in my room for this one moment haha. What should I do mentally to prepare so I can get the most out of it ?
  10. @Etherial Cat The problem is it feels like no women are receptive to my energy except the shitty ones
  11. @Leo Gura I have a belief that it is creepy to approach more than one girl at once in the same setting and that people will look down on me or see me as a creep. Thats why in college I didn't approach at all. I get the girls who come to me and they all tend to be shit.
  12. Yeah doing it is the hard part. BUT ITS ONLY ONE GIRL. but my mind is a bitch and doesent want me to change and manipulates me with fear
  13. Nothing wrong with sleeping with them. That's just not my main priority. I want to create abundance. I just got out of a very toxic relationship and now I am going to fix my insecurities around women. More inner work than just sex.
  14. If I approach 1 girl per day. That will be 30 girls in a month. That's 365 girls in one year, that's 720 girls in 2 years. My objective is not to sleep with them. My objective is to just get more confident in interacting with them.