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  1. @Buba Maybe you’re getting more in touch with your feminine side. Look for a more masculine female and see if you like it.
  2. @Buba I have had this happen to me before. It’s HOCD. If you fear being gay, you aren’t gay. If you liked women your whole life you are straight. You don’t just wake up one day homosexual it don’t work that way. You need exposure therapy and Self-Love like Leo said. It will pass with time.
  3. @Solvinden She sounds like a bitch to me. A girl who’s really down for you won’t judge you for your short comings. Yeah she took away your pain temporarily, but it’s still there under the surface and it will come back up. I broke up with my girlfriend right before my Vipassana retreat. It gave me time to really think about the relationship objectively. if you’re becoming more vulnerable to her and she’s getting more repulsed by you instead of attracted. Drop her and move on. 7 BILLION people in the world. Mostly women who would kill for a guy like you. Keep your head up. Heal your deep depression first. Women aren’t going anywhere
  4. What about diet during the dopamine fast ? Any specific foods to say away from ?
  5. This is a good book on dating and female attraction. Although I did find it often repetitive and kind of saying all the same things all these other dating coaches are saying. I suggest that you read it if you need a foundation on how to be attractive as a man and how to go about doing that. It also has techniques on how to gradually get better with women slowly. Overall solid book though
  6. @Meetjoeblack thanks man. It’s crazy you bring up the way of the superior man because I just bought that book last week and I am going to start it tomorrow. i just got back from Spain last month. Had a blast. I realized I really value free time so I am trying to find a career where I can have that as well as pursue my passions.
  7. Okay so I am almost done with the life purpose course and I am still not clear on what it is I want to do. What I’ve learned is so far that I have pressures from all different directions to do different things. Parents: Want me to become a psychiatrist and while I would kill it in that field I feel like I only want to do it to please my parents also I don’t want to face 4 years of medical school and fail Society: Get a 9-5 desk job, a wife and kids and work until you retire Me: So many different options within different fields. I know I want to escape wage slavery. My current degree in school is psychology and Leo said a person with a psychology degree can’t provide value I died inside a little bit because that’s a huge part of my life purpose and passion. So I don’t know what to do. I recently got a job at an online accredited university where I can get a 75% off tuition discount. I can get a bachelors in either computer science or business management.
  8. The psychology of mans possible evolution by Ouspensky says. “Man cannot move, think or speak of his own accord. He is a marionette pulled here and there by invisible strings”
  9. WHAT THE HELL ITS LITERALLY LIKE I AM TALKING TO MYSELF ON THIS FORUM! I JUST WROTE THIS IN MY JOURNAL TODAY What I do is experiment and find the ones that are most effective for me. Each person is going to have a different response to each practice. For me Strong Determination sitting is the most effective. Then do nothing/vipassana followed by kriya yoga so I mainly just stick to those 3. I haven't really taken self-inquiry seriously because it just doesn't make any fucking sense to me. There are 1000s of spiritual practices only a fool would think he can do all of them in one lifetime so just narrow it down. good luck my friend
  10. I remember doing it. It's just been almost 3 years since I have taken a psychedelic
  11. I barely have psychedelic experience. 5 meo I need to build up to
  12. What’s the essential difference between these two. Which one is better for the last day of a solo retreat? I've taken LSD 3 times and don't remember the experience much. I've had 2 opportunities to take shrooms but pussied out each time
  13. @Raptorsin7 have you done mushrooms ? What’s the essential difference between LSD and mushrooms
  14. @Raptorsin7 nope had terrible friend group with me who abandoned me and no personal development foundation at all
  15. I am thinking about doing a psychedelic on my birthday during the retreat which is the last day before I check out. i have taken LSD three times and had a bad trip my last time. So should I do LSD again or open up my shrooms world ?