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  1. As I try to put myself out there. I find myself getting rejected a lot. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. What is wrong with me ? What do I need to change. It feels like there is something inherently wrong with me. i feel super ugly about myself and I always feel like that when I get rejected. I hate when people look at me. I always feel like people and women are judging my looks. I feel like my looks are the root cause of all my problems. I might get plastic surgery. my 17 year old brother gets more women than me. I am embarrassed and wounded
  2. @TheUniverseIsLove whats your ig
  3. So I am afraid 1. Standing up for myself in tense situations 2. Telling people no and setting boundaries when I don’t want certain things 3. Doing things for people even when I don’t feel like doing them. How can I stop this behavior once and forever. What is at the root of it because I can’t figure it out. Growing up in childhood I always felt like the only way people would like me is if I was nice to them but then I get stepped all over. I feel like such a pussy
  4. @cetus lol a wise man he was but all I am saying I feel this community could evolve if we included higher consciousness discussions live some how. I know we run the risk of starting a cult like platform
  5. @Leo Gura have you ever thought about having an online zoom Satsang like Peter Ralston. It would give people the opportunity to meet you (even though it's not in person) and ask questions about this work and get clarity because one of the struggles I am facing right now is not really having the proper guidance and a lot of confusion. You could even charge people for it (or not ).
  6. Lol I am doing both computer science and psychology from two different Universities. You need to pay the bills (Computer Science) while working on your passion (Psychology) the two will fuse together eventually but pick the cheaper university because it really doesn't matter where you get your degree in the long run. Experience > Book Knowledge
  7. Lately I have been smoking cannabis (out of character for me and huge ego backlash right now) but at the same time I have been having some deep self-reflective thoughts which have given me insights about my nature, my behaviors life purpose etc. It has helped me see things with a more detached perspective can cannabis be a stepping stone to psychedelics and can they help you with psychological problems.
  8. @Meister_Eckhart Joy is the feeling while you’re doing something Excitement is the anticipation or the feelings before you do something just my definition
  9. When it comes to job dissatisfaction I have trouble sleeping at night because of my job and how empty I feel inside because of it. It robbed me of all my love for life. I feel like a victim to change my circumstances. I am working on this daily but really I want to become a freelancer, I just feel like it is over saturated
  10. @supremeyingyang I paid cash but it was a lot of money. I know I can make it back but it will just take time. My job and family situation makes me so anxious I am always afraid for my security
  11. Hello All, I have biting guilt when I spend money on big things. I am currently doing coding/software engineering and I needed a new laptop so I bought a mac book pro. I work hard I have full time job and also I do postmates on the side but I am afraid to be homeless again so I hoard my money and then feel guilty for sending it. I am also deeply afraid of getting fired from my job or laid off and being homeless. I "needed" the laptop (I hate windows and I wanted to get something nice for myself) but at the same time I am afriad I am going to lose my job and be broke. What should I do should I return it ?
  12. Like how long does it take to get off the ground enough to quit my 9-5 job. Is it over saturated ?
  13. @Hardik will do haha maybe one day
  14. @Javfly33 fear is the problem and over thinking and my self-deceptions
  15. @Lyubov The true answer is no. I dont trust myself. I have made so many mistakes in my life I dont want to keep fucking up and hurting myself. So I proceed through life very cautiously and timidly.