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  1. This one of the best books i have ever read hands down !! If you are serious about enlightenment or you just want a really good story to read pick up this book. It made me realize that I don’t meditate nearly enough towards my ultimate goal of awakening. It had me on a emotional rollercoaster the whole time. I couldn’t put it down
  2. I’m going to see him in three weeks I’ll let you know how he is in person
  3. @Leo Gura I pussied out haha my ego won I just don’t think I have done enough research and a lot of variables are in play right now. Don’t think I’m ready
  4. i am leaving for Amsterdam today and might do some shroom truffles while I am there. I am going with a group of people from my study abroad program who are also doing shrooms but they want to wander around the streets of Amsterdam and go into the forest and stuff. I Personally don’t like that idea since it’s my first time. I really don’t want to hurt myself and I want to experience the substance fully. Should I just stay at the airbnb and trip alone or pull the plug and not do them at all. Thanks for your advice
  5. Just make sure the girl gets her nut and you will be okay @AwakenedSoul444
  6. I am only 22 btw and I feel like I’m too young for spirituality.
  7. I really want to become a monk I think. It goes against everything I have dreamed of. Success, a family, money, women, travel, business. But i feel like I’m being called. And I keep declining it.
  8. Hello everyone, recently I have had this powerful force pulling me to “find and connect with god” I don’t know what that means and I’m very confused on what god is. I grew up in a family that practiced Christianity and then converted to Judaism so I’m really confused on the concept of god. I have been meditating for about 2 years on and off but recently I have this thirst to drop everything I am doing and meditate non stop. I know the concept of enlightenment kinda and awakening but I was hoping to get some guidance on this topic. thank you for your time 😊
  9. @Cuddy5269 Here in Spain I have approached 30+ girls and only have hooked up with 2. I went through periods of deep shame and anger. But now I am getting results Keep shooting your shot it only gets better
  10. Can any of you help me with the symptoms? I think I had a kundalini awakening . I have head pressure around my crown chakra and third eye. It feels like my head is going to explode sometimes. And every time I meditate I shake violently. This has been happening since early May.
  11. It did not stay for long though maybe 5 mins max
  12. My first time doing MDMA I had an awakening experience.
  13. @Beginner Mind Yeah authenticity is your best bet in both of these situations. Hope all goes well for you man !
  14. @Beginner Mind You only think you have to be a dick. You need a balance between dickhead and nice guy. In reality confidence wins every time. Be yourself and try not to worry about how the woman perceives you because her perception of you is completely out of your control. Also it depends on intention. Are you looking for a girlfriend or are you just trying to fuck ?