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  1. I am studying abroad in Spain for 4 months and also taking the life purpose course at the moment. What would be some good books to take with me for my time over there to guide me in the right direction. I appreciate all suggestions!
  3. Every human being needs a copy of this book. It is essential for personal development work. If you are attempting to reach emotional mastery like I am, this book needs to be on your bookshelf. I would buy everyone a copy if I could. It gets to the deepest root issue of most of your neurosis and emotional hiccups, exercises on how to fix them and how we can incorporate healthy shame in our lives to be human beings. Nothing more nothing less.
  4. Since Leo has had more non dual insight since his original enlightenment FAQ videos. It would help to get an updated more advanced version so I can avoid more of the traps on my path.
  5. @Natasha I really appreciate this. I am trying to minimize my lifestyle. I am getting more nauseated by materialism by the day. I don't but many material items. Mostly just books to read.
  6. Hey everyone, im a 22 year old college student and realized how important it is to get you finances in order very early. I had a $500 dollar credit card bill (bought books with it) and paid it off. I hear of people having $5000-$30000 in credit card debt or way more and wanted to know how to avoid this trap. Also what would be good to use a credit card for if I decide to keep the one I have. Thank you
  7. Reading it now it’s amazing
  8. @zenjen just curious how old are you. Because if you’re still in your 20s don’t put up with that shit. I just got out of something like that. You can’t change people I had to learn that the hard way. Take a break away from him and then he might get his stuff together
  9. @SFRL I feel that I just don’t have it right now to give her. It’s a lot of money lol
  10. @Stevo did it end up backfiring on you ? If so how ?
  11. Also I'm leaving for Spain next month and I know I will be home free once I get on the flight lol. Just trying to make it until then.
  12. I broke up with my ex last month and have been doing a lot better recently, but I still have dreams about her. I told myself that I never want to talk to her again so I blocked her on everything. She emailed me saying I owe her money and She Dms my friend on Instagram saying she wants her copy of think and grow rich back and her sleep mask back. I really don't want to give them back because I want no contact with her what so ever, but a part of me still misses her and are keeping her things for control purposes. I'm still so angry and hurt about her getting with another guy behind my back and then telling me that when I leave for Spain she is going to find intimacy elsewhere. Then every time I am doing really well and moving forward strong she contacts me and I get set back a little. From blocked numbers, email or through my friends. What should I do? If I am being immature let me know. This is the best way I know how to cope from my addictive past relationship.
  13. Why do you watch porn ? The reason behind the action is more important than the action itself. Would you be okay if you were scrolling on porn hub and you saw a video of your sister getting fucked ? Or your mom ?
  14. @see_on_see have you tried it ?