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  1. Decided to include a passive infrared (PIR) sensor, as a motion detector, for operating the console interior lighting when someone approaches it. The PIR will be located inside the console. Because there will be a metal kick-plate covering the bottom of the perspex front panel, the PIR has to be positioned above the plate. A wooden bracket was built to accommodate this. The PIR operates the white double power point which the console lighting power source is plugged into.
  2. Be aggressive (determined) to see the truth behind the situation. Be determined not to be fearful, be determined not to get caught up in the story. Once you see the truth there can only be two outcomes. The aggressor is telling the truth about yourself. If you weren't aware of that truth, then thank the aggressor for pointing it out. If you did know, then agree with them. The aggressor is not telling the truth about yourself. Then you know the problem lays with the aggressor. I usually stay calm, and say nothing, until the aggressor calms down a bit. Sometimes I will say, "Sorry, I do not know what to say because nobody has spoken to me like this before". In most cases, this brings some self-awareness to the aggressor, and can calm them right down to a manageable dialog. Then, if they are willing, I will help them to see their own fears (which is the cause of all aggression). Naturally you need to be sure you know your own truth in the situation. Remember, the aggressor is a fearful person. They are afraid of something which makes them upset. So don't respond aggressively as the aggressor for it will frighten them more so and their aggression will be worse. But do as you have done, stay calm, speak softly too. This will help them to calm down so they can hear what you are saying. Also, I don't hang around bars (speakeasies) where all sorts of loose, and touchy, talk gets around. Been there and done more thank you.
  3. First of all it is not a good idea to isolate yourself further while suffering from depression. Depression is already an isolated pit-hole. If I were you, I would seriously focus on why I am upset about all the things that have not gone my way. What beliefs (like shaming myself) do I have about my perceptions of failure. What fears do I have about these things. What coping skills do I lack to overcome depression. And most importantly find your okayness, within you, regardless of what has not, does not, and will not go your way. I would do this in that spare time you will have, but I would do it with life-lines in place. Such as sharing what you find about your depression (the truth and cause of it) on a regular basis. Share this with someone who understands what you are doing about it. It is a good idea to cut out distractions because what you are avoiding will come to awareness. Though I strongly recommend that you keep your life-line open for use, even on a daily basis. Remember, progressive depression can lead to suicide if not managed/dealt with.
  4. Writers write right? Then if you do that, and enjoy it then you have succeeded. Business people get busy with business. If you wish to be successful in getting published and book sales, then you need to focus on what it takes to do that. Maybe what you like writing about is not what will sell (today / season). Besides, most writers wrote many books before they got their first book published. The strange thing about artists (writers included) is that once they start selling their art, and keep doing so for several years, they start becoming successful. Why so long? Because the public starts thinking that because the artist has been around for awhile that they must be successful, and therefore their art must be good. So they buy your art / books to find out what is so good about it. Their minds will adapt to finding what is good about it with minimal criticism or negative judgement. Most of these people will become ardent patrons and keep buying your books (until something better comes along). So hang in their and don't give up. Be patient. Remember, those that hang in their are most likely to become successful financially.
  5. No, but I just did. So helping others, with knowing your own truth, should work very well with you. Mind you, it has taken me many years to be ruthfully honest, accepting it all, changing for the better, and identifying with other peoples truth (though they often are not mindful of it). It is identifying others in myself which bridges the gap (a unity of sorts). In a nutshell, my self-honesty laid bare my fears, hundreds of them. Now I identify fears much easier in others than they do themselves. Because I will not support their fears, or their denial of them, I simple talk to them as if they did not have those fears. In this way they often let go of what they fear by finding awareness of their own truth of the matter, and the courage to deal with it. I am a helper too, but do not have most of the things outlined in Type 2, because in my self-honesty I have overcome many of those issues that stem from being fearful.
  6. @Himanshu Yes. After all we are simply thought machines.
  7. True. However the longer you practice self-honesty that honesty becomes you. And that new you gets shared with others, because it is you. You may end up helping others, without yourself knowing it, to be honest in return.
  8. @Mario most of self-actualization, while at home, requires no wi-fi, no internet, just quiet introspection (without even sitting in an obvious meditative position). Nobody has to know what you are doing. A lot of self-development in regards to dealing with life situations requires us to do nothing. For example, if you wanted to learn how to be patient, you need to learn how to wait, and what do we do to wait? - we do nothing. The same goes for tolerance, forgiveness, loving, listening, understanding, discovering revelations of own truths. All this in a meditative type states. Be still and accept everything. Your home environment may be a good place to practice these important life skills.
  9. @MiracleMan this may sound silly, but depending on your location, there could be dangerous wildlife discovering you during meditation. Where I live, has the worlds highest population of various venomous snakes. None that I know can detect infrared like the rattlesnake, so being still while a snake travels over you is the best thing to do. So perhaps while in a meditative state you may become aware of a venomous snake (or spider) DO NOT MOVE. On the other hand, it is after about twenty minutes or more of stillness, all sorts of wildlife that comes into your area will most likely observe you as a curiosity. All sorts of birds, lizards, crawly creatures make themselves at home with you. When I lived in the bush, while still under a type of pine tree a black cockatoo above me would snap off cones and drop them on me. I thought it was coincidental so I relocated under another tree. Shortly afterwards the same cockatoo would snap off small branches and drop them on me again. They sure have a character. Once my partner found a lush cool shady area to sit in for some meditation. She quickly screamed out because she sat in a patch of stinging nettle. Once I got engrossed in painting my first (and apparently my last) outdoor landscape on top of a high gorge. After awhile I forgot exactly where I was. I stepped back to get an overview of my painting. Then it occurred to me that the gorge edge was nearby. I looked down at my feet and found my heels half an inch off the edge. I almost had a heart attack from fright. So, though its been a long time since you've done backpacking, I thought I better remind you that it is not necessarily a walk in the park.
  10. Hello Prabhaker. If you are fortunate enough to be looked after (fed, clothed, sheltered) without doing anything, well good for you.
  11. We are not separated, we just got too busy to realize that our connection is within us. That is why those that wish to connect pray and meditate, so they can turn 'off' the busy world exploitations and be in touch with God/Truth.
  12. @Visitor Just a thought, why not help others to determine (intuitively) which foods to access for their body to replenish what chemicals it needs. Pregnancy brings this intuition out very strongly in mothers to be. Now there's a challenge even for a nutritionist.
  13. In a nutshell, the more you know yourself the more you can identify with others. As one discovers the multitudes of finer subtleties of self, so too will you identify with other peoples subtleties.
  14. I would not worry about it, because you will undoubtedly implement any innovative approach which will benefit your client. In regards to healing, one ought to remember that it is the body which heals and not the approach or the practitioner. That is, both practitioner and approach only assist the body to heal itself. Having that in mind may start opening doors towards that far more to healing than the scientific paradigm can offer.