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  1. True, for those aliens that perceive our visible spectrum.
  2. Lets look at this a bit closer. Is this feeling of not good enough for being a worthy person for receiving love? If so, then it is better to be genuine and true by being loving (unconditionally) than to be doing things (conditionally) to gain/receive love. Fulfillment is to be filled with love. You already have the capacity to be filled with love by loving. There is no need to rely on fulfillment from other peoples love towards your doing things for them. That is a form of emotional blackmail. The deeper, truthful, part of you already knows this to be true. That is why you always feel you are not good enough. Most people are in the same boat as you are in this situation. It is a global epidemic of false beliefs which only serves our ego and not our true Self. Believe in your own capacity to be true and loving. It is the ultimate fulfillment and liberates you from needing that fulfillment from others. In my relationships I am not dependent on others love towards me. I am just so grateful that they allow me to adore and devote my love towards them. Some people cannot handle it because of their own false beliefs. Those that can handle it, when they genuinely say they love me, all I can say is "I know you do", because I am loving their love that loves me, and they know I do so unconditionally. It is better to be genuine and true in any relationship so you can relate to each other's true Self. In that way, there is no more concept of being good enough or not. You are just being true, and that is the pinnacle/crown of loving.
  3. @ShadowWalker There are not many people who value their integrity above anything, or anybody, else. Meaning, if your integrity is intact, regardless of being alone, then you are 'okay' _ nothing to worry about. Most people cannot handle that, and compromise their integrity and become, as Leo mentioned "...lazy and unambitious." Be your own man.
  4. As far as I know, to live permanently in another country requires certain expectations to be met, such as employability in the new country. If you have a qualification that the country can use then you have a better chance of being accepted into that country. Why not get any job that allows you to save up some money to immigrate where you wish to live next. Lets say, in the next five years. If that sounds too long a time, it really isn't for someone without a trade or profession. Get any job to save money. Re-educate yourself to get into college or university. Gain qualifications for some professional career you wish to participate in. In the meantime, learn what you can about the new country, even its language if you don't know it. In the final year of (1) and (3) start applying for immigration and employment opportunities in the new country. Immigration may take longer than a year, find this out first. When applying for immigration, let them know that you are gaining qualifications which will suit the country you wish to immigrate to.
  5. Hi John. Thought is not a machine, but all our thoughts come from brain activity. The brain is a biological machine so to speak. The cause of all frustrations is the imagery (impression) of fear (ego-fear of losing validation) presented to our consciousness. Frustration is generated by our mind's identity of itself (ego). I agree that the ego is very seductive and tricky, for it will try and claim everything we think and do (even what we write on this forum).
  6. @Amit Thoughts are images (associated impressions/sensations) of all forms (visual, sound, taste, auditory, smell, touch, intuition). That is what our organism is, a thought machine, making endless images of what reality might be.
  7. @Ilya Enlightenment is to know and allow Truth to become you. The Truth is that little bit in you that is pure, soft, quiet, calm, gentle, and unconditionally loving. To 'replicate it', or to become True again, is to unconditionally love that little bit of love that loves you.
  8. Why not use your art to depict what a better world would be in your mind?
  9. Self-inquiry is a way to know yourself, truthfully, from moment to moment. It is a way of life for staying actualized. There is no 'next seven years'. Many years ago a mentor said to me. "you would expect that the minimal requirement for a human being is to know themselves." I agreed, then he said "Well you don't!" I was crest fallen. Ever since then I have been self-inquiring. Personally, the hard part is by-passing my own ego-fears of really seeing how afraid I am of being nothing but a deceptive story in my own mind. And how that deception has been purely exploitative of self and others without realizing it. Then realizing I had nothing knowable that I can find that is actually of value, or true, about me without some story of exploitation (promoting self and using others). When I was able to accept this truth, my whole perspective of life started shifting, and still is, to 180 degrees (opposite). Your motivation: To achieve minimal requirement for a human being _ to know yourself. To discover your Truth _ not facts about your story, but to discover Being. Liberation from ego-fear enslavement _ able to realize when being shackled and then unshackling yourself. The ability to discern what is true about thoughts _ both your own and expressed thoughts of others. A life of serenity and unconditional love.
  10. Best thing to do to start self-improvement is take responsibility for all your thoughts and actions. Take a risk, and make your own choices. In that way, if they don't work out, you got nobody to use as an escape goat but yourself. This is one of the shortcuts to self-actualization.
  11. Don't worry, most of us who have an impasse/deadlock are not yet motivated enough to be willing to go to any lengths. Many in this situation have to get sick and tired of being sick and tired. Some even have to truly get mangled egotistically before surrendering it. And there are the unfortunate few how get so deluded by this that they end up thinking they are a mistake and rather die (suicide) than live another day with the impasse. However, there is a shortcut. Take a risk! Do the opposite. Feel lazy? well take a risk and go for a quick walk around the block. Can't set a goal? Take a risk and break your goal into smaller digestible/achievable pieces (one nail at a time so to speak). Negative self-talk? Take a risk and talk aloud your positives. Getting angry? Take a risk and calm down, be soft and gentle.
  12. The River Stir not, whisper not, Trouble not the giver Of quiet who gives This calm-flowing river, Whose whispering willows, Whose murmuring reeds Make silence more still Than the thought it breeds, Until thought drops down From the motionless mind Like a quiet brown leaf Without any wind; It falls on the river And floats with its flowing, Unhurrying still Past caring, past knowing. Ask not, answer not, Trouble not the giver Of quiet who gives This calm-flowing river. Patrick MacDonogh, Poems (edited by Derek Mahon) (The Gallery Press 2001).
  13. @TimStr All conspiracies are stories and are not real. It is a story that cannot be proven factually (not truthfully). Once proven then the conspiracy story becomes fact (not truth). Truth is not based on logical conclusions like facts are, but on personal experience and perspectives. Facts feed the head where the ego resides. Truth feeds the heart where the soul resides. I have a book at home on conspiracies. Every few years I have a read of it. Every time I read it, all I see is deception. It reminds my to not get caught up in it because I will end up with a mind of deceptive stories. It's not worth it.