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  1. With strong and weak I meant power over people. The influence.
  2. 1000 of years ago powerful men had huge harems and the weak men died out.
  3. Infj x intj The problem is that mbti puts you in boxes. Personality is more like a spectrum. Thats why I score 50/50 on f/t.
  4. Maybe it's more about quality than quantity. Of you are with her give her all your attention for x amount of time and be fully present. Do something new and refreshing once in a while to keep the spark alive.
  5. What helps to my is putting things in perspective. Why would you be worthy? Why would a gurl be worthy? If you dive deep with this you will discover that worth is an invention. Contemplate of this and you will discover that it's all fiction. If that is to hard for you know try to make a list of all things that make you worthy. For example being on the self actualization path. Good luck!
  6. Yolo. Following your intuition. You known what you really want deep inside.
  7. I also had a toxic relationship. Over time you will be used to being single and you will discover your independent power.
  8. be sure to give me a copy of your album 😋
  9. Best possible self I also am going to visualize everyday for at least 2 weeks. This is an assignment from college, but also a great practice for self-development: My best possible self The best possible self is someone who is a self-actualized person. This vision for my future is expected to be realized at the age of 40-45. I will have created my own business that will serve people around the world with the goal to raise their levels of consciousness by coaching through a virtual reality medium. The business will be successful and it will generate enough money to be financially free . The resources I will get from my work will be spend on creating the world a better place and also to maximize the well being of loved ones. At this point I will be in search of enlightenment to transcend my best possible self. At this point I will be a spiritual teacher to people around the world. I'll be reaching them through a virtual reality medium. I will use my experience and knowledge to mindfully raise a child. Personal domain Think of goals you would like to attain on the personal level (e.g. physical and psychological skills and developments). Self-actualized Self-acceptance Non-judgmental Detachment from material things Deep self-knowledge Physically in peak condition for my age Martial arts Serious yoga Being a lifelong learner Having a huge amount of wisdom A spiritual leader to people around the world Having a realistic understanding of reality Transcended lower conscious values Professional domain Think of goals you would like to attain on the professional/work related level (e.g. position, accomplishments, level of expertise, but also occupation and skills, etc.). Spiral wizard Leading people to raise their levels of consciousness and making the world a better place Having my own (coaching) business Travelling around the world Virtual reality business to connect with people (a new idea! this will become more common in the future I think) Financially free Not having to worry about paying bills Mastered my field of expertise Working on a new and bigger life purpose Relational domain Think of goals you would like to attain on the relational level (e.g. relations and contacts with loved ones, friends, colleagues, but also joint activities etc. in your social life). Giving more love than I receive Supporting my mother so she can enjoy her retirement Having an intimate and deep romantic relationship grounded in strong principles Spending quality time to nurture my relationship Being a father of one child Being a mentor to my child, but letting him/her free in his/her own self-development Having a group of self-actualized friends to spend time and to share knowledge with Having mentored someone
  10. Day Game Week 15 So I made some huge progress already with game. My mindset changed thx to some silly exercises. I did 10 drills and I even got 2 numbers which I didn't expect at all. This way I will keep progress of my development for the current week: Green means that I made improvement.
  11. Habits streaks week 14 I keep making mistakes, last week was week 13. For now this will be my last "habit streak post". I will think of another way to post on here. The streaks are getting messy and chaotic to me. I also discovered that there is milk powder in my muesli bars, so my vegan day were vegetarian day. I felt sad about it for a moment. Day Game I suffer a lot from approach anxiety. I decide to do practice drills. I want to approach Day game the smart way, by recording my voice, reflection and a system to reduce my anxiety by approaching. I finally achieved the set goal of at least 30 approaches. I did 32. 10 drills, 10 warm ups and 12 approaches. I classify these differently, because the goals aren't the same. Warm ups are to prepare for the ''real approaches''. Practice drills are similar to warm ups, but here the focus lies on handling my anxiety and training nonverbal skills. This is my tool to deal with the anxiety:
  12. Habits streaks it starts to get a bit messy with all the streaks relapsing. This week I watched a lot of films en series +- 8 hours, maybe more. Also I made a mistake in the previous streaks with exercise. I also come close to almost 6 months of nofap.
  13. @bejapuskas that time will come, but not right now. I'm just starting with pick up, I haven't experienced an insight to transcend it. Also pick up makes me feel less attached right now. It's more that I feel like an alien in my college. I know I need mistakes, but I do experience fear of failure which sucks. I do see my overall growth improving, so things will work out naturally if I keep on track I think.
  14. @28 cm unbuffed visualize your energy in your dick and balls to move up into your lower belly. breathing as if your longs are flames that grow more intense with every inhale. Then do something brave like comfort-zone challenges or try to do something like sports/excessive. Add some motivational music to the mix and you'll feel like a beast!
  15. Week 12 The last weeks I didn't comment on my posts, but now I will. Tomorrow I will upload my Habit streaks for this week. Daygame Finally I see some growth in this work. It's feels I'm not on a plateau anymore with my attraction skills for now. A visual representation of numbers: Daygame insights: The more approaches a day, the more I get into the flow, the more chance of getting a number, the more fun. I take it with a grain of salt for now, because I can only speak for 2 instances. In week 9 en 13 I did 10+ approaches a day and I got 3 numbers in that time. The difference between 9 en 13 is my skill level. 3 out of 4 girls in week 13 replied at least once. One girl seems to be really into me and we chatted yesterday for the whole evening. She agreed to see me again, so hopefully she will be my first date. This week I noticed a shift in my conversation style. I was more playful, funny and creative and less serious and logic. Also credits to the Belgium pua's for inspiration. My success rate is higher if doing solo Daygame. This week I did 20 approaches. 10 yesterday and the other 10 spread over 4 days! A wing and I went to do approaches with a "stick" method. We gave each other 2 euros and if we saw someone to approach we needed to otherwise we would lose our 2 euros. It does work, but it's a external motivator. When I'm alone I have no distractions except my own thoughts. Daygame is similar to cold showers. I'm talking about the psychological challenge. I do cold showers for +- 2 years now and a couple months ago I got the ability to just do it, without resistance. I'm not immune to resistance, but I discovered that it is easier to flip the switch and do it. It still sucks and it's very uncomfortable, but now I can just do it. I expect the same from Daygame. I have to be patient and struggle a lot to get this ability. Text game isn't as difficult as I thought. I noticed my skill to be good enough, because the initial interaction went well. To me this opens a door to creativity and texting isn't to hard. I just need to avoid bad texting and focus more on infield game. Age is a big barrier. I'm 22 and most girls I meet are older then me. It's difficult to guess, because in Antwerp we have so much diversity. I really don't mind, but my smv can turn girls off. I want to make up for it with game. One girl flaked, probably because of a 7 year age gap. One rejected me, because of a 7 year age gap. I got tips for fellow pua's who are older and more experienced then me. One thing to say is ''So you prefer sugar daddies?''. The girl I text with is almost 3 years older and I tried this on her, but I also said that 25 is a beautiful age. My impression was doubt, but also insecurity about her own age compared to mine. She said that I didn't have my life together (I see this as a judgement, because she doesn't know all the self-development work that is internal, but I also agree with her). I took the frame by saying ''Life is about the journey, not the destination. '', this was the right move.