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  1. 123 days now guys. I can say that I feel happier now. This is because of a number of factors. Nutrition, exercise, a morning routine and cold showers help a lot. No-fap makes sure you make time for this stuff, so I think no-fap makes you happy in directly. What I recommend if you try no-fap is: Eat vitamin pills next to your healthy diet Cold showers Talk to strangers on the street Be outside often Do physical exercise To make sure you stick to no-fap make it visual. I have a calendar and everyday I cross of a day to make my progress visual. Currently I don't really need it anymore, but it makes it a whole lot more fun to do, it's like a game you play. Challenging yourself and making the progress visual.
  2. I also finished one book last Saturday which has been like 10 months since the last time. Now I reread one which I almost finished in half a week. I bought some new ones too.
  3. Habits streaks of week 7 I notice that the morning routine is easier than breaking habits. Now I enjoy watching films and series in the weekend. Normally I would watch everyday. I'm so happy that I reduced this time consuming habit. I was addicted to TV my whole life. I re-listened to Leo's spiral dynamics stage orange and green "how to transcend" part and I realized that I might be more developed then I thought. Many of the resistances of stage green I don't experience and I always try to keep an open mind. If I keep my life in check as it is right now I might grow into yellow faster than I think. I talked with a friend of mine who is very keen in noticing my development. He told me that I'm pursuing enlightenment, but that I probably don't do this consciously. Maybe he is right, maybe he is wrong. What matters is that I make progress and in this very moment I feel more in control of my life than ever before. Since my break-up I awakened to purpose. I don't know it yet, but their are layers and layers to discover. One purpose of mine is to move up the spiral and help others to do the same. How I'm going to do this will be the external manifestation of this purpose, like a mask, a cover up for conscious development and I'm the only one who will understand what is behind that mask. Day game Last week I did 9 approaches in total. I have trouble to make time for it do do a lot of approaches on a day and I keep making excuses which I can't hide from myself, because I'm to aware of it. It's like being pushed in a corner, but I know that I went in the corner all by myself and being in the corner while knowing I put myself there creates a weird feeling inside me. maybe Leo his awareness is curative video can be useful for this. 5 of those approaches I did with my wing. 1 approaches ended with changing numbers, the girl didn't respond, but I see it as an achievement anyway. I also approached men as well to strengthen my social muscle. I feel more happy in general, normally I would feel 4/10 now its like 6,5/10 which is a huge change. It feels like I nurture my soul and connection to other souls in this life.
  4. Currently I am in a similar position. I too am trying to integrate Orange. In my case it is succes with girls and money. I repressed both and deep inside I knew I wanted both, but I would try to live up to my ought self. Making money has to wait, but succes woth girl I can do now. My advice is first be totally honest with yourself even if you feel like it's wrong to fulfill your desire. Secondly incorporate one of your desires in your life and see that it is meant to move you up on the spiral. Thirdly also keep maintaining your green practices or habits (in my case trying to become vegan). And lastly when the time is their to quit doing stage orange stuff, move on fully into green.
  5. Today I met guys from an RSD community on the streets. One dude I saw days earlier and I suspected him from doing pick-up. I saw it again and I approached him. He and his friend invited me into their RSD community of at least 15 people.
  6. @PetarKa thank you so much!
  7. @Guided not in a day, in like 2 weeks. Is it like cold showers? It sucks but after 1 1/2 years I can flip my switch and just do it. Before I would procrastinate and come up with exuses.
  8. @Leo Gura thx for the indept advice. It's funny because just now I closed a girl and got her number, my first number! Just as you said talking to others helps. Before I approached her I had a deep conversation with a guy from Japan and this energized me so I felt so fulfilled, because that is my element. I had the vibe and approached the girl from the side, like a meter next to her. I made eye contact first and then I said hello. Open nody language and a big fat smile that was authentic. The conversation went less mechanical and it was in English. But yeah as you say becoming more social is at the moment more important to get my gears spinning. I also approached 4 girls at ones and asked them their highest value. It was funny to do. I also got a wing who I will meet for the second tine this Saturday. I'm by the way aligning my life with habits on general and I feel much better then ever. @see_on_see thanks for your support, I really appreciate you stepping up for me.
  9. @Sahil Pandit Thx man. It is painful. I definitely am more aware of my selfdeceptions and the way I manipulate myself in keeping my ego comfortable. @MM1988 I also want to say that 1/5 girls I compliment feel so great! They laugh and are genuinely thankful. The feeling that gives is like a dopine rush for a minute and pride.
  10. @7thLetter Maybe your right, but I'm very introverted and I think that would make it difficult for me to do night game. I also don't live very close to the clubs and it will kill my morning routine. Still I think I want to try it sometime. Day Game is harder I think, but that creates more growth. I think the best thing to do is combine it. Btw, I think your analogy is funny and I agree.
  11. Habits streaks of week 6 Apparently I post my updates on Monday. I fixed something in my excel file. Nofap was easy this week. Not watching entertainment goes way better then expected in total I watched maybe half an hour or less of videos for entertainment, 1 film and 3 anime episodes. Even if I watch entertainment for 1 minute I fail, but overall I'm really impressed by my discipline. Eating vegan is also a piece of (non dairy) cake. I still have some food from my mom like chocolate and other stuff. I also eat multi vitamin and B12. every day. Waking up early is easy when having my internship and really hard in the weekend. My morning routine can be hard sometimes and boring, but I try to keep it interesting by doing sometimes guided meditation, different yoga postures and switching the order of those habits. The minutes are by the way an estimation, but it reflects it quite well. Day game This week was very difficult I approached 4 girls in total and I had one full conversation. The conversations went mechanical, but I came further then before in my approach. I have doubts, fears and limiting beliefs that hold me back. I really want this experience, but I feels painful to be ignored by a girl. This week I did only one high five, this can be the reason why my fears took over, because I didn't enjoyed it. Next Saturday I'll meet my wing again in a different city. I want to feel like a king, what I mean is that I want to feel so confident and proud of doing what I want without caring what other people think. It feels like I need to do more comfort-zone challenges. A guy with his channel Sacha daygame also talked about doing comfort-zone challenges before trying pick-up for the same reason. I only worry about my reputation which is currently invisible, but if I do those challenges then people will recognize me, because Antwerp is small compared to NY for example. This also might be a limiting belief.
  12. @Spiral I say that, because I want to be clear of my intent and I want to be honest in my intentions. I don't care about clothes so I would lie. Saying she is pretty I also did. I got some great reactions. One girl was so happy that she blushed . Most of the time it doesn't work, but that would be true for every kind of approach I think. It seems shallow, but you need something to make a connection. The thing that I really appreciate about people you can only know that if you talked enough with someone.
  13. @7thLetter haha okay that's spot on maybe I try to walk around the problem. @MM1988 maybe I'll do night game sometime. People always thought and think I'm weird so nothing really changes. I also like to be weird, it means that I have to courage to be ammunition and act different. If I do what everyone does then I'll die regreting my life. I don't think I understand your question. I do know someone who does Daygame yes. I'm a loner so it also helps me to get out of my student room. What are the benefits from night game compared with Daygame?
  14. So i went out on the street and I approached girls. I'm scared of having a conversation. I approached 31 girls in totaal by saying "hello I just want to say that I think you're really attractive". Afterwards I have trouble with conversation, because my vibe is weird and mechanical when I try to be attractive. I only had 4 full conversations. Now I have more to approach, because I want to do a full conversation. How do I get past this fear?
  15. @Shin@Elisabeth I don't want a relationship. She isn't over the guy btw. I want friends so this is a start. We have a lot common so I'll enjoy conversation with her as much as I can. I think she sees me as a good conversationalist and someone from her level, just like all of you guys. It's just new for me. I never had a girl as a friend before.