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  1. @Spiral Thx, this is useful. Before my rejection I acted like a nice guy, now I play along. When she tests me I make it funny or do the opposite of what she's saying and this works like magic. She also noticed that I had changed since the last 2 weeks, which is because of Leo's how to be funny video.
  2. So since I started my first tear in college, I started to get more acne, It begun when I was 20 and the last time I had serious acne was 3-4 years ago. This is strange, because it looks like puberty 2.0. I thought my diet was the cause of this annoyance, but according to studies, diet isn't that crucial to acne (I eat vegetarian for 1,5 years) and this is the case for hygiene too. Most studies say that genetics and hormones are the main causes. So I thought it was strange to hit puberty 2.0. I trait my body differently: I only masturbate once a week, but I don't really feel the need to (I was very addicted to porn and masturbation); I exercise every other day and this resulted in a very muscular core (six-pack) and a lean athletic build; I eat more calories and vegetables; I'm more exposed to females in college (before only males). So I think my exercise routine and exposure to females and lack of ejaculation are correlated and cause strong hormonal shifts that result in acne. Any thought? Suggestions to cure me are welcome!
  3. So It's almost a week has past and things are more obvious now. @Shroomdoctor She has a lot of trouble with her parents, which might result in distrust of others, I think it's connected. She doesn't like to be touched, but teases me a lot and I react with tickling her belly, which she says she doesn't want, while being very flirty. She sometimes hit me on my arm, which I respond to the same way. She wan't me to touch her, while not liking to be touched, contradicting! @supremeyingyang @Spiral I indeed want her to be my GF. I think I know why she's so ambiguous. Next week it's my birthday and she told me yesterday that she has two surprises for me, one of them is something I haven't experienced ever before. So my intuitions see's the connection. She also started to make sexual innuendos so this is obvious right? @smd This is funny, because I told her that I wanted to make up for last Saturday (she told me I was mean, bad, etc. and that I could never visit her again in a flirty way). So I played along and told her that I wanted to cook for her and watch a movie she really wanted to see in order to make up for that day and because I want to visit her again and she thought this was a good idea. This counts as a date right? Thx for the responses btw.
  4. @heisenburger Awsome, I do comfort zone challenges and you just gave me new ideas! Thx
  5. So I know this girl and we like each other, but I think she's playing hard to get. Anyway she doesn't like hugs, but she likes playing being violent in a flirty manner. We did a lot of play wrestling last Saturday with a lot of body contact. I don't understand this, not liking hugs, but we]hen things get rough she likes it?
  6. In my experience real friendship is possible even after having no contact for months straight. It doesn't mean my friends don't care, but their focus lies on other things. Our bond is so strong that time seems te be an illusion, even if we just meet for half a day once in several months. I myself are someone that doesn't text a lot, because I strongly prefer real contact.
  7. Thx for the warning. @Marco_the_Ape My focus isn't really on losing it anymore, it was though. Instead I want to focus on trust. When we got at her place I had no intentions whatsoever, because of the rejection I didn't expect to stay that long, so that day was very unexpected. The weird thing is that before this day I felt a little bit fearful to lose her as a friend, but when I left I felt very neutral. I'll trust my intuition from now on, tomorrow I'll she her so I wonder how she will behave.
  8. @BobbyLowell In my experience openness, honesty and patience create result in a lot of trust and people open up very quickly. When you do this, you quickly notice which ones are trustworthy, at least I do. Something to prevent is gossip or talking badly about others, in my cases the other people start with it and this way you notice their weak sides, which can be harmful, because people that gossip, probably gossip about you too. Even if you don't feel like you could be open, talk about things which won't harm you or make you feel vulnerable. Eventually you'll find common ground or you won't. Th trick is being at the right place and time, staying at home for example wouldn't really help.
  9. So this is annoying. My mind shifts a lot between being very confident and being very fearful. In the end things appear to be a lot less extreme. Are there people with similar experiences? Why does the mind do this?
  10. My biggest challenge is understanding this girl I like. She rejected me and my theory is that she was afraid of losing me as a good friend (her friends are toxic and live in her home town far away from her). My confession was probably out of the blue, because I had trouble showing interest, because of my lack of experience with girls. She is also 2,5 years older and this could have been an issue, because she feels old around our peers at college. I discovered that she is very honest in what she says, so I saw a possibility to get together in the future. My struggle was neediness and obsession (thinking about her). After I decide to be friends things changed. I focus on having fun and being funny for my own sake. I got very flirty which is natural to me if I don't want to impress girls. So last Friday I ended up at her place and we play wrestled for 4 HOURS, which was very hot. Even after this I still have doubts about her intentions and this is my biggest struggle. It's probably just all in my head and she probably like me, but my mind creates all these excuses which is kind of annoying. Also my lack of experience makes it difficult to move it to the next level, but time will help me I guess.
  11. @YaNanNallari Well I like her, but if she is insane then I'm in trouble. But it's probably my neurotic fearful mind that creates these worst case scenarios.
  12. @Spiral @Marco_the_Ape Something that I get confused by is her behavior afterwards. She was surprised to discover the playful and dominant side of me and was impressed by my strength (I don't look strong). When we slept she kept being awake and was constantly looking at me which was kind of weird, she told me that she wanted to keep an eye on my so I wouldn't do something mean (of course she wasn't serious). After she woke up her eyes followed me when I left the bed and she was curious about what I was doing. Even when I was eating she kept staring and smiling. I thought it was funny and when I asked about it, she kept answering that she was keeping an eye on me. Even when I left she still stayed in the same mood and looked like another person, at that time my mood was just as usual. It looked like she was possessed by a demon or something (not literally). My intuition tells me that she is madly in love with me or she is just insane, so @Marco_the_Ape that's a second reason that I expect her to be crazy (which is possible). And up to now my intuition is very keen. I liked the fighting, but when we woke up later in the day it became annoying, because she was ready for round 3 and I wasn't so I left. @Spiralthis was in my opinion the time for a painless experience, but she resisted and that's when I decided to go home.
  13. My weekly review: week 46 Sunday 19 November 2017 For some reason My posts are deleted twice so I'll only talk about my weekend, which is the most interesting part. I'll write a short summary. Friday After a though week it eventually started the next day rough. I ended up at D's house and I sensed a lot of attraction from her part. It got me thinking that my intuition was right all along. I tried to take tiny steps to get close to her. Saturday Then this happened: It was a lot of fun and we both discovered some hidden parts of each-others personality. The way she behaved was fascinating and it even lasted into the afternoon after waking up, it made me confused. Another thing I noticed is that she keeps her eyes on my constantly, my intuition tells me she is either really crazy about me and in love or she is just insane. I wonder how next Monday will turn out. This day made me feel like a man and I got in touch with my primal masculine side. This play wrestling made me feel very dominant and strong. Sunday I used this day to rest from yesterday, my muscles are very sore.
  14. So 3 weeks ago I was rejected by a girl. I was right all along, because she does like me. So last Friday we went to her student house and we talked a lot and we eventually ate soup. The evening got a little boring so I teased that I would punish her by tickling. So we fight a lot and this went on for 4 hours. We didn't kiss or had sex, but it was very horny, because we had a lot of positions and body contact. Eventually we fell asleep next to each other and she was still in this violent mood when we woke up. She also got turned on when she sat on my back and held my arm in a position that hurt me and this caused me to moan in pain while I was being helpless, she liked to dominate me I guess. Before I left I tried to kiss her, but this didn't really work, because she resisted and only wanted to fight so I ended up leaving and she was fine with it. She was surprised that I have this playful rough side and this is true for her too. She told me that other guys are much weaker and give up very soon. I liked it, but sometimes it went to far, I didn't set clear boundaries though so I can't complain. The strange thing was that she appeared to be another person, which might be the case for me too. So I wonder if you guys have experienced something like this and tips are welcome! Is it normal that someone gets turned on by hurting someone? Why would she resist me kissing her? Why would she be in the same mood after sleeping? She also hit my in the balls which hurt a lot, she told me that she likes to see guys in pain, does this mean that she might be insane? By the way I'm a virgin and this is new to me so that's why I have these questions. Thanks for reading!
  15. My weekly review: week 47 Sunday 26 November 2017 This week was different. I had a lot of mood swings. I went out with acquaintances for the first time and that was surprisingly nice. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday X Saturday X Sunday Monday Last weekend I decided to create some infra structures, like keeping a small note book for insights. Personal victory Started with a new infra structure. How did my behavior change this day? When I'm aware of having an insight, I write it down in my note book called: Memory 2.0 AKA Insights. Insights Studying in different places keeps studying less boring and interesting; My zone of genius is basically writing scripts about possible life events; Astral Projection might be caused by a massive focus on particular brain functions, by using ones brain capacity. Tuesday Together with peers I collaborated to make notes from a particular class. One of them did not finish on time (last Friday) and I kept my commitment and made it myself. The guy felt bad about it, but I tried to inspire him to see this as an opportunity for growth. Personal victory I stayed true to my commitment and got respect for it. How did my behavior change this day? I didn't hesitate to change my mind when I made a promise. Insights Habits are like a law of nature; My form of leadership is authentic leadership. Wednesday I had my first practice exam, I missed the original first one. Personal victory I finished my Life Purpose 90 day brain train challenge. How did my behavior change this day? In moments of giving up, I keep going (most of the time). Insights The exam was a little more difficult then I expected. Thursday This day I went out with acquaintances and it was fun! Personal victory Went out and this to me is a comfort-challenge too; Started a new morning routine, to become funny. How did my behavior change this day? I felt great to go out and I felt comfortable. Insights I like to go out; Even peers want to bring me down to their level; People think I'm having a crazy lifestyle and this is a compliment to me; My body seems to be more competent at digesting alcohol; Even bartenders can be thieves. Friday This day I had some massive insights and I did a review from 6 months ago. Despite going out, I kept my promise to wake up early and I felt the usually sleep debt weakness. Unfortunately I missed 1 hour of studying, but I decided to do it this weekend. I also decide to watch an anime about survival and I will use this appreciate the kind of life that I received. Reasons for X Lack of sleep. Failed activity 8 hours of studying. Personal victory Kept my promise to wake up early. How did my behavior change this day? I gave in to quit studying in order to focus on personal development. Insights I get respect by doing the hardest work; Setting deadlines really make people work; My amount of positive habits is 3-4 times more then last year, this is unbelievable; My level of negative habits has reduced a lot; I'm running away from something, hence my neediness for a girlfriend; Crying is a huge opportunity for self love & growth; I don't want to run away anymore; My biggest neurotic behavior/addiction is being obsessive about my thought (currently a girl); To my surprise I had no problems with the amount of alcohol from yesterday, despite having liver disease. Saturday I had a lot of resistance to do my comfort-zone challenges, but it was a lot of fun. I decide to start a training & cooking reset. (training tomorrow). Besides my new morning funniness training, I also want to update my Wall of Papers and review habits 1-6 from the book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (I focused on the first 3 previously, but I still include them). Reasons for X Muscle fatigue. Failed activity No exercise. Personal victory Updated the wall of papers. How did my behavior change this day? I feel more motivated to do Self-help and I look out for my next 90 day challenge. Insights I' still have a lot of difficulties with giving compliments, the other challenges are easier now; Moderate anime can help me to align with my life purpose; I won't get addicted when I only do something pleasurable in the weekend instead of everyday; My happiness is not much better then before, I want to find the root cause; loneliness is an opportunity for growth and I want to run away from this feeling; The first 3 of the 7 habits are for the largest parts manifested, even some of the next 3. Sunday This day was awesome! I mainly focused on personal development and I kept my promise to finish my 40 hour rule. I created a new strategy to do personal development for the long term, posting small papers with short texts, like: Do I feel fulfilled?, I am a leader!, Is that true? This strategy will have the same effect as the Life purpose goal poster. Personal victory Created a new strategy with short texts everywhere in my student room. How did my behavior change this day? I tried to be aware about my obsessive thoughts and the results were surprising, I felt happier! Insights Being aware about my thoughts helps; Comfort is my enemy, time is my ally. Growth is outside my comfort-zone and over time my mind will adapt; Time is my ally, because my morning routine has a massive impact when I do it everyday; Happiness is really in the moment; My focus is to much wanting to be attractive instead of being attractive and having fun. ''Comfort is my enemy, time is my ally''