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  1. Incredibly fascinating and fun to watch with a radical open mind. The link to the matrix gave me goosbumps.
  2. Interesting. This very much reminds me of what John Flores (a banned member) was talking about. He was constantly talking about Enlil and Enki. Also, thought that he was the second coming of the Messiah. RA here speaks of a schizophrenic barrier one must pass. I have once passed this barriere one an LSD trip. But to me John looked very much permanent schizophrenic. I wonder how he got his info about Enki and Enlil and all that stuff.
  3. The guy looks absolutely pale next to Russell. Love Russell man. I've heard someone on this forum looking for his/her life purpose, but having difficulties as his/her biggest quality was humor or comedy. You can use Russell Brand as your inspiration.
  4. All that judging and speculation. Come on bruh. How would you know? And why wouldn't he do all those things? At least he's spreading awareness.
  5. @Maxx Thank you. The AMORC.. sounds fascinating. I hope such orders and institutions will become somewhat mainstream in the future and have some properties of them blended in mainstream education. Sesms far from "reasonable" though. As Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj said: I am God, I am the devotee and i am the worshipping. I have experienced the same and crossed that insanity barrier. However, there are teachers like Matt Kahn who strongly put an emphasis on the paradox of this illusion. Yes we are everything and every distinction is an illusion. Yet it's as real as can be. You and I are an illusionary distinction. But we're not meant to be in God Consciousness mode 24/7. There is no access to your body/mind experiences here in the Netherlands.
  6. You are right. But still...You are an individual expression of the infinite. You were me when i graduated. You were me when if first learned how to drive a car. But you did not have any access to those experiences from your body/mind complex. It's a great paradox.
  7. Haha, holler if you're in need of a background dancer!
  8. It is. And yet "you" and "i" are communicating with eachother in this illusion. YOU = ME. But also YOU ≠ ME. Hence the individual expression of the Infinite. Unless your body/mind complex is exactly experiencing the same as this body/mind complex. I doubt it.
  9. The one without memories, the one who acts purely out of intuition and has zero thoughts. That one who is truly like the wave of that big ass ocean. The PURE individual expression of the Self. That's the true Authentic Self imo. That was one of my insights. It has nothing to do with your egoic identity indeed. But there is still that individual expression of the Infinite. Edit: so you can see it as a sort of an ultimate threshold between the Absolute and the individual. The point where the individual expression and the all-encompassing meet. That's what it felt like at the time.
  10. Yeah i think i understand what you're saying. This very sincere/authentic/humble way of questioning Leo speaks of often. That's something i must definitely develop. Every self-inquiry sessions should start with a blanco sheet.
  11. Super, thank you. I've heared about this but haven't researched it yet. Very useful. Blessings. @Nahm Yeah same here haha. I think it's a matter of waiting until the "collective consciousness" has risen a bit. But i guess we're not the only ones. Remember the whole circus surrounding Jim Carrey? Suddenly Prince EA came out of the closeth and started speaking of the ego and our true nature. I think the snowball has started rolling Much love
  12. Thanks Aleks. These number synchronicities occur a lot. I saw you posting something about the Arcturian Ra guy lately. For some reason my gut feeling is kind of drawing me to the Law of One/ the Densities teachings. I get very excited, like a fat kid seeing cake.
  13. Very true amigo. Thank you for your tip. Bentinho's teaching really do require a very open mind as he often speaks of parallel universes and terminology most would categorize under hardcore 'woo woo'. I've followed some of his Enlightenment courses on that website. I think his subject regarding Higher Self is especially treated in the other course. Thanks.
  14. This is very helpful my friend, and it was a joy to read your experiences. It sounds very real to me. Especially since you immediately questioned yourself. I for an instance also have these short short moments of almost completely loosing it; as these moments really show EVERYTHING REALLY IS YOU. This is like completely contradictory to our current paradigms in our bodies (subconcious mind). These are the moments are current models of reality are shaking at their foundations. Thank you very much for your answer and Godspeed to you to.