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  1. Everything is neutral in essence. This is not something positive, but more importantly: it's definitely also not negative! Everything just IS. When you detach yourself from all the labels you've attached to things, it can give you an incredible freedom. When it feels bad; you're not getting it! It can't be bad or good. It just is. However: on my last truffel space, i've felt Absolute Unconditional Love. I don't quiet understand how this resonates with the neutrality of Consciousness. Would this imply that there is meaning to life?
  2. Beautiful dude. I've experienced this Absolute Unconditional Love. It loves the biggest pedophiles and mass murderers the same way as it loves the holy figures in our societies. It's completely indiscriminate. Ever since that day, my objective is to spread that love to everything and everyone as much as possible. But this really reminded me, that i shouldn't forget to apply it to myself first. The most difficult part. Enjoyed your post
  3. We should never forget our connection to the earth.
  4. Just experienced one of the most beautiful moments in my life and wanted to share this with you. It happened 2000 km away from here. In Spain, Catalunya. FC Barcelona scored in the dying seconds against Paris Saint Germain. I didn't gain any insights on reality. I didn't gain money. I didn't gain anything.. but pure excitement and joy. And very strangely i have never felt so happy and excited. Ever. Just a little reminder that the most beautiful moments in life can come from very "insignificant" experiences. Don't battle duality. Don't fight your ego. Even such an ego driven sport like football can give a person unexpected joy. Of course this is applicable in any other "insignificant" area in your life. Peace out
  5. Amen. Beautiful picture. Cheers bruv!
  6. Hi guys, For the first time ever have i experienced unconditional love. I'm at the peek of my truffel "space" right now and i've been crying for the past 2 hours. No matter what. I will be loved. No matter what the fuck i am, have done, or will do. I am loved. This taste of absolute unconditional love is so incredible guys. This love is your true mother, your true father, your fucking everything. I feel so unworthy of this love. I feel that this love is the true fabric of existence. I don't even know what i'm typing right now guys, but who gives a shit. I'm loved no matter what. You are loved no matter what. We're unworthy.
  7. How can one realize that unconsciousness is within consciousness without retrogressively thinking at that moment and realizing it through a thought?
  8. Yeah i'm doing it daily The problem is though, my realizations seem to come from thoughts. And thoughts are the exact reason why "things behind the scene" are mere concepts/ideas. I struggle with this contradiction.
  9. Sup guys, I have some big difficulty realizing there really is nothing behind the scenes. And isn't this something crucial to adequately realize your true nature? But how can you? You wouldn't stand in front of a train with your eyes closed and ear shut, would you? It's like when you're being unconscious. I realized that being unconscious also takes place in consciousness and is also reality/existence. But I realized this after THINKING about it. It was no direct experience. It was a realization through a thought. How valid is this? Does this not mean that there also exist things behind the scenes? Because you are NOT conscious of it and can only realize it through a thought? Like knowing that there are billions of people on this planet you call earth, outside of your bedroom. But how can we classify something like that as "behind the scenes" and thus bullshit/ a concept? While justifying your "realizations" through the same process? Very crucial question imo. Enlighten me please
  10. Preach man. Empathic abilities and radical open mindedness is definitely lacking with most members. Shocking comments.
  11. Yup, agree. There is no scientific evidence that you have free will. There is no "you" to begin with, but that's some deeper shit. You can test it right now. Before you do something, there is always a thought process. That thought process could be an image of a split second you're not even aware of or the voice in your head for example. It's mostly the first. Can be a combination. You don't have any control over those thoughts. Try to do 5 things in the coming 10 minutes and contemplate it. Try to become aware of that thought and where it came from. You will see: there is no control center or command center (ego). Shit just kinda pops up out of nowhere. Some say it's from the subconscious. But that would mean you have just as much control over your heart beating as your thoughts.
  12. Backlashes are mostly a sign of progression my man. This path will take you 2 steps back for every 3 steps you take. You have to get used to it. It's a part of the game. Embrace the nasty shit. But that is all skills you need to develope. Good luck man.
  13. Besides that, if the energy is real and not imaginery, you might not want to force it. It can be an extremely powerful energy. It purifies. That means it devours the old you in a sense. This energy can be used as an indicator, but neither way should there be an emphasis on it.
  14. After every social interaction, are you obsessively replaying everything in your mind to critize the interactions? If so, you are a master of turning "positive" events into negative. It's a form of social anxiety and OCD. What to do? First, approach meditation differently. The skills you learn during meditation, you MUST use them daily in every setting. Meditation is not just a blissful escape of an hour. It's a skill. A fundamental skill to learn how to guide your thoughts and emotions. I don't say "control", because this would mean RESISTANCE. That is the biggest problem. You resist every part of yourself. You have to start loving your dark side. And the good side of course. Fully embrace it. Embracing is not a "positive" act. It does not need pressure or force. It is complete surrender. So surrender the fight. Stop fighting life. You will learn how to do this gradually. Meditate more and use those skills in every practical setting. That's what its all about.