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  1. Preach man. Empathic abilities and radical open mindedness is definitely lacking with most members. Shocking comments.
  2. Yup, agree. There is no scientific evidence that you have free will. There is no "you" to begin with, but that's some deeper shit. You can test it right now. Before you do something, there is always a thought process. That thought process could be an image of a split second you're not even aware of or the voice in your head for example. It's mostly the first. Can be a combination. You don't have any control over those thoughts. Try to do 5 things in the coming 10 minutes and contemplate it. Try to become aware of that thought and where it came from. You will see: there is no control center or command center (ego). Shit just kinda pops up out of nowhere. Some say it's from the subconscious. But that would mean you have just as much control over your heart beating as your thoughts.
  3. Backlashes are mostly a sign of progression my man. This path will take you 2 steps back for every 3 steps you take. You have to get used to it. It's a part of the game. Embrace the nasty shit. But that is all skills you need to develope. Good luck man.
  4. Besides that, if the energy is real and not imaginery, you might not want to force it. It can be an extremely powerful energy. It purifies. That means it devours the old you in a sense. This energy can be used as an indicator, but neither way should there be an emphasis on it.
  5. After every social interaction, are you obsessively replaying everything in your mind to critize the interactions? If so, you are a master of turning "positive" events into negative. It's a form of social anxiety and OCD. What to do? First, approach meditation differently. The skills you learn during meditation, you MUST use them daily in every setting. Meditation is not just a blissful escape of an hour. It's a skill. A fundamental skill to learn how to guide your thoughts and emotions. I don't say "control", because this would mean RESISTANCE. That is the biggest problem. You resist every part of yourself. You have to start loving your dark side. And the good side of course. Fully embrace it. Embracing is not a "positive" act. It does not need pressure or force. It is complete surrender. So surrender the fight. Stop fighting life. You will learn how to do this gradually. Meditate more and use those skills in every practical setting. That's what its all about.
  6. There is no defense here whatsoever. Our taste of reality is caged inside our senses. So it's not a matter of wishing or desiring. Rather, call it humbleness. This is infinity we're speaking of. How can one NOT be radically open minded after seeing infinity. It's very contradictory to me.
  7. I'm very curious about Martin's critique on Terrance McKenna. He completely ridiculed him and his 'imaginary' world of machine elves. I just wonder how you can be so close minded to "other dimensions and realms" when you've had a taste of infinite infinity.
  8. We are not able to blend in with each other, because we're all so fond of our precious cultures. So fond of it, that it completely defines us as persons and shuts us out from realizing how interconnected we are. I mean even our damn traditions illustrate this. The British tradition of afternoon tea: tea was not even a British product to start with! The Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas and Black Pete: African slaves are part of the beloved "pure" Dutch tradition. Aren't you just living in a bubble? Of course: everyone should be able to say whatever they want, without feeling threatened. But that's just you doing that to yourself of course. You guys are feeding your minds with waaaay too much fear. It's controlling your lives really.
  9. These guys only hear what they want to hear. No one has justified those crime in this thread.
  10. Criminals should be locked away, no one doubts that. But maybe you need a good bombing of your house, family, relatives and friends to understand what these people have been through. Maybe you should try to raise awareness next time these people's lives are being destroyed. I understand your frustration. But your way will only create more problems. You named Trump and altruism in one breath. Think about that. Contemplate it lol. The man is screaming for a change. That is not the way to do it in my opinion. You will only bring more of the same problem. These are mere instruments to strengthen your points of view. Of course they can help. But they will only be filtered through your coloured glasses. And i'm not so sure about the validity of most sources. The fool does have a point when it comes down to the media. And of course it is contradictory. As i've said earlier. I am speaking from an egoic point of view.
  11. Lost in spirituality? Amigo, you are lost in your frustration and fear. No one is saying that these acts of crime are not commited by certain people. You guys must be extremely blind or something. The thing is: how the f*ck do you want to solve that? By creating more separation? More judgement? You can expect a major backlash if you do. That is the problem of thinking in separation. If being empathic means being a pussy in your view, then you are absolutely lost.
  12. You seem somewhat frustrated. You emotions are clearly are getting the better of you. If you want change: don't start from a point of separation. You sound like a stereotype victim. You think there is justice? Everything can be justified! No one is right! No one is wrong! Get that through your thick skull. Show some empathy and be less fearful. But hey, the hell do i know right? Enjoy your days dear victim of society.
  13. That would be a good basis for Zen devilry. Of course i'm referring from an egoic point of view. It's a matter of how you want to play the game that you call reality. You want to conribute to polarizing societies? Be my guest. If that is your relative truth, do it! You have to respect everyone's frustration. They are absolutely right and far from the truth at the same time. But if you really want to make a change in this society, you'll have to drop the concepts that separate us. Truth is relative due to concepts.
  14. What is reality? You're not able to take a good look without that egoic filter of yours. Here a little thought experiment: - I say: difference in race is an illusion! Just another concept. - You say: stop bullshitting yourself! Look at reality and see all the races! Even if you put 2 black or white people next to each other. You will have a difference in their skin colour. It's completely arbitrary. Distinguishment is arbitrary. The example above shows exactly how people think in concepts. That's an egoic trademark. It goes even further. We use those concepts to justify our egoic problems. Just like you. That's the ego again. Just in a more advanced egoic state. We live in 2017. The least we can do is transcend nationalities, racial differences, religious differences and so forth.