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  1. Nonsense. If that's what you think then you're not able to embrace paradox.
  2. Being smart? Like did you actually say that? :') This process is much more intuitive than rational.
  3. CONCENTRATION amigo. Meditation is relatively shitty without proper concentration.
  4. Basically every form of interaction is projection in multiple forms/ aspects. Every word is a way of telling how and what reality is through language. Based on your paradigm/belief system and thoughts. All in duality. @Joseph Maynor "It might be better to have less opinions". That's what I said. That's as sugarcoated as I could deliver my sincere advice. Didn't mean to trigger ya lad. Enjoy your day. And relax those glutes.
  5. Considering your question marks, you sure want more opinions from me Every single word is basically a judgement (symbolism). Let's not ever talk or post again, shall we?
  6. That's quite nonsensical. Choosing to show a more humble attitude can also be ego. Can also be based on your shadow. Can also be fear based. I think it might be better to have less opinions.
  7. @Will Bigger Lol and you think we should just have an opinion based on this shitty article? The article itself is also full of projections. Trinfinity academy was btw very useful in my progress.
  8. Yes, you could keep a gratitude journal, do affirmations etc. I would recommend you to search up Matt Kahn. He is a specialist and very heart centered. Tons of vids on youtube. Lots of different sources and methods besides him btw. Gratitude especially is incredible it's a MUST. You need to have some patience though. It's a skill you need to cultivate
  9. Exercizing for grounding. Or socializing a bit maybe. Furthermore shadow work/healing/ self-love/gratitude.
  10. Beautiful bro. This shows how much healing/shadow work is a crucial part of this journey. Much love.
  11. A knife can and will cut on both sides. That's the dualistic mechanism of attaching meaning to life and attachment in general. That is karma. Tip: become very familiar with recognizing and embodying paradoxes.
  12. This guy is not my typa teacher. Not my style. But this vid contains some real wise words. Give it a shot without predjudgement.
  13. Yeah that's the big misunderstanding. You have to work your ass off anyway. So that makes it a lot less magical
  14. Yes of course. But you're misunderstanding the concept then. The fact you don't know how to be one, makes this whole task unrealistic for you. A millionair would know how to get money. So try to be in a state where you attract ideas after ideas. Where you attract the right people in life that help you become that. Make it more realistic for yourself and don't forget the interconnectivity. I for example also want to become a millionair. But my goals for the coming 2 years would be 50 thousand euros per year. Once i have achieved that, a lot more possibilities for becoming a millionair will be attracted. Through experience, capital, the feeling with money and knowing the right people.
  15. Are you actually detached from those desires? That's quite a crucial part. You do not seem to be, as not achieving what you want seems more like your "vibratory state". Without being detached of the outcome you have a fear based underlying mechanism working through you. And if you want that million dollar: besides BEING that millionair, you could ask yourself questions what would I as a millionair do in this or that situation? How would a millionair like me react?