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  1. The are certain cultures where Shamans are not allowed to speak for a whole year in order for them to attain a higher state of consciousness. However if you're deaf for a very long period, that state will provide new ways to express yourself in duality. Story mode/ concepts without verbal language.
  2. "Negative" emotions or other forms of negativity are not masked by UNconditional love. First, you have to be completely at peace with your current negativity. So let anger be anger. Let hate be hate. Let jealousy be jealousy. Let sorrow be sorrow. Any kind of resistance you feel in your body. Let it be. Masking emotions is adding to that resistance. Once you've relaxed into the negativity you can take it a step further. Love the shit out of your anger. Love the shit out of your hate etc. That is true unconditional love. So not the type of loving where you immediately look at the consequence (release of energy) of you adding love to that negative emotion. It's adding loving without the need to know what the consequence is. It really is loving the negativity without conditions. I think that's what @Martin123 was trying to tell you.
  3. Yeah lol. I thought some user here on this forum studied these phenomena. These energies are known as "chakras" in the spiritual community and now the "crown chakra" is very active. This member spoke of the nervous system being activated (old emotions released etc.). And this processes resulted in your brain changing itself (neuroplasticity).
  4. I feel a constant flow of energy/ blood to my brain. The back of my neck/ the sides of my head/ crown and in the middle of my face. It literally feels as if your brain is changing during these moments. It can be a bit too painful at times.
  5. Bruvvas and sistas, I'm stuck with this question and i'm pretty sure some of you are too. So as my sense of true Self grows stronger and my ego grows weaker, there's still a contradiction/paradox that's still around: i want to be the best. I want to feel the best. Better than anyone else. Especially on this path. It's very hard for me to detach from. This is the spiritual ego at its finest. The core of my fear-based ego mechanism: it wants to dominate. It want to be the best. Now i know that there is no such things as good/bad. But this somehow does not strike me as how an ego-less person lives his life. So, what do you guys think? Do you experience the same thing with your spiritual ego if your honest? Is there room in spirituality for wanting to feel/be the best? I feel that this ego-driven motives can really help me achieve and contribute the most to this illusory world. Is competitiveness unspiritual? Peace
  6. Culture isn't all that bad. Highly sophisticated languages and knowledge are byproducts of cultures. So even though they program us robots to act in a certain way, they've also provided us these tools to help us raise our consciousness and take this next step in evolution. Culture isn't our enemy. Our ego identifying with culture is. Cool report btw. Enjoy the path and good luck (y).
  7. Thank you all for your wonderful advice! Love
  8. Ego is you + your story! So it's "the person Visionary" and his story (memories, age, gender, human, Rotterdam, Netherlands, planet Earth, universe, multiverse and all the other illusionary stories you're attached to)
  9. Hi guys, Any tips and experiences on how to enter a state of flow? From what I know this is a highly intuitive state where "you" completely disappear and you're completely absorbed into your activities. If you know anything, please share. This can be fundamental for not only reaching, but really DESTROYING your goals. Peace
  10. Detach from it bro. Don't make it part of "your" story. Just continue the path. It considerabily differs per person, but your ego might be mortally wounded now. So you should focus on dissolving the rest of it. For me the days/weeks after the experience were very hard. It's still hard now. Extreme anger issues after a week of torturing anxiety. I'm letting that poisonous side of me just be instead of resisting it. It kinda resulted in wishing cancer to everbody that i didn't like at the moment :p. Not proud of it lol. But your old emotional baggage should really be purged out of your body. I don't know if you've noticed all the old emotional habits, insecurities and thought patterns manifest themself again in your body and subconscious? Purging that shit is a big part of the process.
  11. Very nice! I personally always had the idea i've awoken through the heart and the crown chakra. The heart awakening can be quite painful. Like a hot knife stabbing in the middle of the chest. Thanks for this. Time to cultivate unconditional love for everything
  12. Most people would say: NO. "You" don't exist. Your ego is an illusion in an illusion called "life". Death is also an illusion. But who knows whether you'll go back to your Source? Who knows if you're not thrown back to another illusion based on the actions in this illusion? When you experience ego death, you understand your true nature (=infinity) and understand the illusion your in. This experience actually really humbled me. I know my true nature. But have no fucking clue what's waiting for this finite expression (=me) of the infinite (=also me) after death.
  13. Will be a very very tough battle. Overcoming your animalistic operating system is not quite an easy job. The social constructions on top of that don't really make things easier. We should never take things for granted. And give our 100 percent to smoothen and stimulate that "transition" for our societies. Even though the game is a total illusion.
  14. Yes sir, 4 times in my life. 2 times during a psychedelic "trip" and 2 times sober. It really is the source of creation.
  15. Underneath the meaninglessness of reality, there is Unconditional Love. I hope you may experience this one day. This can be achieved through conciousness work. It is the true nature of Consciousness. Live life according to this love and feel your consciousness rise. AND the quality of your life.