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  1. Well i have reached a certain point,where i have no evidence what determines the separation of the senses. So from that perspective, yeah. But you need to work your way through this exercise to realize this.
  2. Thanks for this piece. Yes, but it's a very difficult distinction. My friend suffered from a severe psychosis twice. Thought he was Jesus, made his own religion etc. They drugged him up until he was completely numb. Now when i speak to him, he knows he was spiritually enlightened. A complete loss of ego. Synchronicities every second. However, he was also completely deluded in certain ways. He started to interpret messages that simply weren't there. I start to realize more and more that the social norm of being "mentally healthy" makes less and less sense. Once you wake up from the illusion, the whole world looks nuts. So what to do when? Very difficult to say. BUT DEFINITELY LOOK FOR HELP.
  3. Western medicine is nowhere near understanding these phenomena. I advised him to look for an authentic shaman for some proper guidance, but he laughed it off. But of course as you say, if that doesn't work, a shrink/clinical mental health care should be considered! Good luck John
  4. All of them. They are all interconnected and reinforce each other. For example: Matt preaches to love everything that arises. But loving or love is often mistaken for an emotional state. It's about an indiscriminate (love) attitude towards everything that arises. It's an act of surrender and faith that also strongly characterizes the gut awakening where you realize you can't do anything to reach enlightenment. You are not in control. You let go of resistance. You accept/love everything that arises.
  5. Got a taste of the infinite and its nature (unconditional love) through the magic truffles. So definitely. On the other hand, before i started self-actualizing, it gave me one of the most painful and torturing experiences. But it was crucial for me to take the decision of starting to work on myself. So absolutely.
  6. Ahahhaha snick. My man could be a cartoon figure.
  7. A friend of mine had 2 times psychosis diagnosed in his life. What he explained to me was spiritual enlightenment. But he was also completely deluded at some points. Seeing hidden messages when there were none for example. Synchronicities every minute or 2. These people tune in to something, that i'm 100 procent convinced of. But they're not able to understand this radical change without PROPER guidance. John was completely lost, poor soul.
  8. Exactly! You cannot do anything about it. NOTHING! YOU can never reach enlightenment. That's why you have to do everything with an intrinsic motivation. Meditate to meditate. Love to love. Let go of control to let go of control. I'm exactly at this stage now. It's really all about the awakening of the gut. The true development of your intuition. Quite a painful process though with a lot of anxiety.
  9. Oh mate... this is the BEST thing that could happen to you. Follow this personal development path as if it's your LAST OPTION. Look back in a couple of years. Laugh. And realize how you need to experience the gutter before you can reach for the sky! Use this moment. Use your negativity and depression! It's time to do some real psychological heavy lifting. You will see that everything happens at exactly the right moment. This path will take you further than you could ever dream of. Further than your friends can imagine. Further than your past self would ever have gotten. Now.. time for action! Get obsessed with this shit. And start confronting yourself. Good luck mate.
  10. So please remember: it's not about tolerating. And by the way: the Neti-Neti method has helped me BIG TIME with my emotions.
  11. Your underlying intention is to "accept and observe" in order to overcome that feeling. That is the first tricky mistake. Don't try to overcome it! Your ego is a master at self sabotaging. Try to extend that painful feeling while observing. Don't want it to go away! The thing is: you have started this whole path to overcome this panic disorder. That is a huge mistake. Don't try to overcome it. Really accept you're prepared to live with it and love it until your last day. Stop battling it. "Accepting and observing" is your way of trying to overcome it. Really loving/accepting it is NOT the same as tolerating or overcoming it. This shit is very nuanced man. Edit: Well it's not a huge mistake, i was a bit overreacting. But I have tried accepting my anxiety problems actively for more than a year, until i was like: FUCK THIS SHIT. I'm giving up. I won't battle it anymore. I'm sick and tired of it. That's when i REALLY started to accept it, counterintuitively. So you can try until you reach that point. Won't be a very pleasant road though. Just surrender mate. Contemplate your intentions. And just surrender the battle.
  12. Maybe had certain insights (backed with some Neuroscience), but nah nowhere near enlightened. I think he especially uses scientific findings to find his truth. He claims he wants to find the proper balance between a materialistic point of view and non-materialistic.. but he's very materialistic.
  13. Kundalini energy can be a great indicator for your progress. But i wouldn't focus too much on them. Just let them be in the background.
  14. Bro, i think you need to find some help. Maybe find yourself an authentic shaman or something, that can understand what you're going through. Or maybe just a plain old shrink.
  15. Lovely, guys! Thank you for your wonderful advice Officialy a vegetarian for a week now. Feeling a bit more lively, but could be a placebo of course. And craving for meat. Lots of cravings. Excited for the coming months @Emerald @pluto @Be Yourself @GabrielWallace @Nahm