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  1. Have you tried giving in to that fear? Normally this would be an attempt to give in, but actually a very sneaky way to get rid of it (ego playing tricks). When you're in such a state: try to completely embrace it as if you have to live with this state for the rest of your life. It's not about toleration. But dropping desires and kind of loving this nasty fear. This will make you much more present. Your mind won't be in a fictional future waiting for the body to arrive fearless. Body and mind need to align.
  2. Yes my friend. He has very valid points in his crusadings. But he misses one extremely crucial thing for an open minded person : self-reflection. That's quite paradoxical from someone who has introspected 2 years non-stop in a monestary. He forgets how we ("the West") parttake in all the terror on this earth. He claims that the millions of people that died due to collateral damage during wars were really not intended by us. That's a very naieve way of looking at warfare. Suddenly he's not a rationalist anymore? Moral superiority is something extremely dangerous. Just as dangerous as the radical religious people. If not, even more dangerous. This claim of neutrality is just another claim for the truth. It just seems less idiotic. That's what makes it dangerous.
  3. He quite radically defends his materialistic view of reality. Although he seems to be open for any constructive discussions, he mostly just debates his opponents. Many examples on the internet. This could be projection, but he's quite known for it. Furthermore, just look at his crusading towards religion and religious people. Blames religion (especially Islam) for most problems in the world. Not only that, but he's also very biased towards the United States from a political point of view. Look at his dialogue with Noam Chomsky for that matter. His thought experiments are laughable. Every question has a very obvious implication nested in it. A notion of moral superiority. Someone with such radical claims about a materialistic reality, the absence of God or extreme political views does not strike me as open minded let alone conscious. His whole career is a reflection of that. Now tell me. You think he's open minded and humble because he says he's not qualified to teach? Is that all?
  4. I think you need to redefine your definition of humbleness. Sam is far from being radically open minded. That's what true humbleness means.
  5. Yeah exactly, you'll really grasp the illusory nature by physically dying. By realizing that every breath you inhale is contributing to that illusion of life. That's as spiritual as it can get for me hehe.
  6. Overcoming physical death and not being spiritual? I'm not sure these people you speak of are enlightened.
  7. Yeah, i remember exactly the same! And for same reason I also remember seeing outside of the womb while still being inside. Like a helicopter view of the room of my birth. @Arkandeus Beautiful. You just described my first memories of me being barely 1 years old. Everything intense as fuck. No self-identity. I also had this feeling a couple of days after an ego death experience. Don't you feel that the things you're looking at are actually yourself? And do you think that opening your third eye especially has contributed to that? I'm also at that point right now. But i'm honestly afraid to open it completely because of all kinds of different stories and my own fears (of entities and shit).
  8. The 2 cartoons debating their standpoints around 8:15, not knowing they're both right lol. The irony.
  9. This little documentary is very enjoyable. It shows you how beautiful concepts can be if you incorporate consciousness. We are so against concepts these days, but they are a very beautiful & creative mechanism. This documentary is art to me.
  10. Thank you, Leo. Will contemplate these questions. My mind is playing tricks on me I guess. This bubble feeling stems from an empty feeling behind this bubble of perceptions/paradigms/sensations. Wouldn't even call it something i am really aware of or a feeling. But something this bubble is a contrast to. @Echoes Great video! Very interesting and beautiful. Thank you
  11. The more i'm getting a grip of non-existence, the more i feel i live in an awareness bubble. I try to become aware of this awareness bubble with al the paradigms and sensations. Non-existence is the ocean, awareness is the bubble. My only problem here is: the bubble effect. Metaphorically speaking, this bubble of existence is providing me oxygen in this ocean of non-existence. Providing me existence. I am that existence. I feel that this bubble needs to burst. The non-existence should not feel seperate from existence. Anyway encountering this bubble or something similar? Any ideas on how to burst that bubble? I think that once that bubble is no more, you will be no more.
  12. There is evidence on new brain connectivity, as there is evidence that this does not work. Evidence on both sides is very limited though. If it can convince narrow minded people, then that's enough for me to try it without needing absolute evidence of its efficacy. Anyway, too bad it didn't help you.
  13. I've seen the most shallow minded people use it after ridiculing it and it worked out great. Especially for studying or work. Any sources for the complete pseudoscience claim?
  14. Maybe that's a nocebo (negative placebo) effect for you.
  15. Obviously besides a steady practice of different kinds of meditations (1.5 years 20-50 minutes a day) and psychedelics, these beats have given me great insights, a full blown kundalini awakening and an ego death experience. All of those combined. They're all crucial for me. It feels kinda strange telling these things. As if i'm playing a game and score sufficient points to unlock achievements. But that's not how i view it all. It's not something you gain. When you feel you gain stuff from it, you're attaching yourself to these experiences. But that's the best way i could have put it.