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  1. Jesus his voice certainly carries lifetimes and lifetimes of stories and emotions.
  2. Ah you take the feedback well. Wish you the absolute best. The mania is a gift too. Wouldn't know about Chakra Lions feedback though. Being ahead of people and shit. Its nothing to be attached to. This is a process of losing ones arrogance by letting go of everything we know. And trust me the accumulated experiences really can make us blind to our arrogance. We don't know shit. No one knows anything. Keep not-knowing as your base principle.
  3. Yes sir, It's a total body-mind rewiring. Brain will also operate on different waves. Food habits most likely will change. Posture will change. And more..
  4. Bro it's so difficult for me to decode your words 9 out of 10 times
  5. You think that consciousness is an activity. You probably also think that consciousness has an owner or has a quality to it.
  6. Holy shit that was an intense transmission, thank you for introducing this man. I'm very grateful ❤
  7. Yes i only did his recorded stuff. I have spend 0 on transmissions. His energy has always felt incredibly clean and peaceful. He's one of the true mystics of our time.
  8. Oh man, they were incredibly healing. It would trigger the Shakti energy in my body and would uncontract every contraction that was stored in the body. The contraction is a defense mechanism when a certain trauma/negative emotion is felt that keeps the memory of it stored and forms the way we look at life as a way to navigate through life (so results in mental concepts). This happens in cooperation with the last/biggest contraction that forms the mind. The mindspace where the ego is supposedly reciding (behind the eyes) is this last contraction. So these energy transmissions open up the crown chakra where that last contraction (the last threshold) is located and work from there downwards to parts in your body that are also contracted (like the naval area/sacral chakra where for example a lot of guilt is stored). So every blockage in your body is a cooperation between the ego mind and the body (=body/mind complex). These transmissions start to unravel the body-mind complex from the crown. And it can be quiet a journey. Everytime you hit the light you can expect a period of darkness/shadow that is released from these blockages/contractions to be integrated. Its incredibly important to ground yourself a lot during these phases. The more your crown chakra is activated the more potential for grounding that energy (as above so below). I did them at least 3 times a week. I even did them everyday for some time. Yes it was extreme haha. But its free man. And i like challenges. So you might wanna check out for yourself whats really effective with regards to the frequent use. Peace. Edit: you could say the last year 1.5 years i was really focusing on these transmissions. And still do. And what it did for me in terms of consciousness is that there is less of "me". My experience has become non-linear in a constant flow without a do-er. I've become much less dense. Eating habits changed significantly (vegetarian/vegan). Body awareness has increased. Not-knowing is becoming more and more the experience.
  9. Yeah those weren't too effective for me either. The Enlightened Ways transmissions were far more effective for me. The energy felt much more cleaner too. But believe me its not placebo. I promise you. If you do it enough and open up yourself.
  10. Most definitely, Sir. Space-time really has no meaning. The more you do them, the more open you will be, the more effective. It started quiet subtle with me, it ended up being incredibly effective and obviously working. Have been using old transmissions most of the time. Especially from the Enlightened Way.
  11. @Raptorsin7 @Nahm @LfcCharlie4 Check out the youtube channel BeyondImogen. Every wednesday a free live Shaktipat transmission. It used to be the channel Endofseeking (you can see lotsa transmissions are still there on that channel) but she changed to Beyondimogen. Also the youtube channel "the Enlightened Way" is full of transmissions (which really are fantastic).
  12. Yes, shakitpat will trigger lotsa lotsa ego death cycles. And they can be incredibly dark as this load needs to come to the surface to be integrated. Healing is just inevitable. And these methods will give you just that. Without any cultivated awareness through meditation you better not even think about these methods. Transmissions are btw more effective when there is a certain openness in the individual (that required a less contracted energetic state that 99.9 percent of the beginners don't have). In either way a sober cultivation of awareness (or rather the falling away of contractions/ego) is needed. These are tools to help you. If you want these tools to be effective you need to do the work. And when they seem to be effective that is where your "cultivated skills" should enter the scene. There is no way to hide from your core wounds or self-sabotage on the path.
  13. The fastest way is certainly not the easiest way. You need to integrate the shadow. And yes some meditation skills are crucial for this process.
  14. My pleasure! And what you said above is very true. The best teachings are in silence. The true satsangs are beyond words. You might also want to check out the youtube channel 'The Enlightened Way'. It's full of silent transmissions that can heal/trigger your Shakti insanely.