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  1. Hahaha ofc you're biased. Our individual existence is exactly to be that (in a healthy way of course). I have great love for Liverpool and especially the incredible atmosphere at Anfield (though it used to be better). And Stevie G of course as a player symbolized the Reds' spirit perfectly for me. But the football hasn't been as good as under Klopp now. Love Jurgen man.
  2. Sport is absolutely divine. My problem on the pitch was I was so amazed and intrinsicly motivated by the game itself, that I often lost my will to be more efficient and productive. Somewhat the same in life with regard to spirituality and a real life career. Sport is basically life in that regard. How do you balance the beauty of the game versus productivity? I've only seen Barcelona under Guardiola master that to perfection. It's amazing how Andres Iniesta's grace on the pitch and majestic touch, movement and awareness is actually inspiring me to become that creative in other areas in my life. It just shows how genius and creativity is one and the same language across infinite fields. Teamplay is also what amazed me a lot during my amateur career. The intuitive teamplays etc. This can be very symbolic for relationships. Sport = Life. Just like everything else.
  3. You might have lived this life an infinite amount of times. What is the difference between the future and past really? Is it possible we're experiencing life from the afterlife now?
  4. I'm very happy for you. Blessings <3
  5. When the Divine Feminine and Masculine are integrating, that's when Poetry and Truth cannot be distinguished.
  6. Its super common man. Ive had like 9 private sessions and its always been like that. Also at home a lot of exorcism stuff due to different methods. The light is purging everything out.
  7. There is perfection in whatever situation you are in. The more unbelievable it sounds the more likely this will be true. The shitty situation is exactly what makes it perfect. Finding the love in the misery is what its about. That is only possible by being willing to listen to the misery for once in your life instead of running from it or trying to solve it. Relax and surrender into it completely (that means only a pure intention will do.. not as a way of trying to solve situations). Stop listening to the nondual advice of these miserable persons for a second. You are not here to run away from yourself. No insight will ever get "you" enlightened. Surrender now. Stop running away from the ego as the ego. You're not here to find a cure for life. Life is perfection. Just be willing to realise the shitty situation can only be perfection. You are not here to achieve anything. But to embrace this hard life. That act makes it perfect.
  8. And the realization that you will never be enlightened. You will never achieve it. That might help too.
  9. Honouring separation. That's what the game is all about. Don't use nonduality to strengthen the underlying ego-structures (of self-judgement and judgement of the world). Oneness has absolutely zero value from the intellectual standpoint. But at the same time its incredibly practical. If you're distancing yourself from the world/people and become more bitter by the day. You might want to contemplate whether you really get the teachings. (Even though the distancing of oneself and self-denial can be an important step in the process to integrate..)
  10. This is probably one of the most effective healers i've ever come across. She is fabulous. Just watch the vids on her youtube channel and integrate. Watch them multiple times if needed. And if you feel the energetic effects try an individual paid session. Her youtube channel has multiple entity removal vids. The older ones are also very effective.
  11. You can't say low consciousness like you can't judge the lower stairs of a ladder once you've climbed up. It's all one thing and all necessary. This is exactly needed in his process. Its not about being an imposter trying to mimic high consciousness preferences.
  12. A huge healing trap is when healing is subconsciously viewed as a way of bettering stuff that needs bettering or solving. We are not here to solve anything. Were just here to see all the patterns play out and respect the process. You said 8 months. I think there are a lot of dark nights still to come. Its about enjoying the process of these cycles and dont be too result oriented. Have a clear intention that comes from a vulnerable and honest place. And try to realize that you are already at unity consciousness. It is not distant from you. And enjoy and honour the show from a compassionate heart. Edit: when you really think about it, whats life really about? Its about honouring every second of it and loving every second of it. Thats why these dark nights occur. To let go of our control of all the ups and downs and see every second as the most miraculous moment. Not as a way of achieving, but as something thats already here. You just need to lose your old eyes (let go of the mind) and let everything be seen as the Beloved.
  13. It is weakened, but it goes through cycles. Especially when in healing phase it can be quiet difficult.