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  1. Aye bruv, we're on the same page. I just hope that the threshold for practices like non duality will be lowered substantially for people who still have a closed mind. For example by stop making it an own niche, filtering out cultural stuff etc. Love the Rupert part. Cheers.
  2. I think the distinction as presented here is very arbitrary. Truth and Love are actually perfectly fit to be integrated in all those areas of ones life. Awakening for example lead to such an increase in body awareness for me that it automatically shifted me to a healthy diet. It's important to make distinction between the self-actualization and enlightenment path. But in the end its all about integration. There was never any difference in the end. I agree that for some it might be better to solely focus on PD, because thats as far as they'll get. But a large percentage would also benefit from the enlightenment path without even "coming near enlightenment". Don't underestimate the benefits of brutal self-honesty and self-understanding/acceptance which we can get from contemplation and self-enquiry.
  3. Lmfao. And what is impact exactly? What laws govern impact? Are you on an enlightenment path yourself? Have you ever healed a buncha karma and seen how you can uplift your environment with that? Can you also understand that there are a lot of people who want to be superheroes and become toxicly so? It's no that simple my friend. "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" Edit: also how would you know what the world needs? I'm sure there are 8 billion different opinions on what the world needs. What is enough awareness?
  4. I actually did not focus on it. I presented it as an option, because its still unclear to me what you're after. What is it you want to know my friend? Explain clearly without giving us the room to apparently project our own stuff on your thought streams. It seems everyone is twisting and misinterpreting your words. Which is hilarious. What I mean by that is yours to project on.
  5. Yes, I also think that. And with thinking that, I am discerning, just like Leo. Your doubts were: Leo might be coming from ego with that statement. So it's quite easy to understand why I thought this way. Unless you were refering to love being something egoic. Which seems stupendous to me. It's not that hard my friend.
  6. I read it even twice and I still would reply that.
  7. It's actually a very needed message in this niche. You think becoming conscious is equal to becoming less discerning?
  8. I was actually asking about the results Pablito mi hombrito
  9. Where did it take you my man? Did you do it frequently? I'm kinda doing it a lot. Like a lot a lot lmao. I also use psychedelics (mildly) on occasions even though its not recommended.
  10. I think its for everyone to try out. Its purging the f outta me now lmao
  11. A lot of free recorded yet effective stuff on the Net. And it will hardly be instant. Your ass will be humbled.
  12. Yeah i close my eyes, and then open it sometimes. Don't really have a necessary protocol as it doesnt matter anymore to me at this stage. I do it sometimes when reading a book for example. But in the initial stage it might require some focus for you to feel the subtle effects. So it at least gives you the wanted proof to proceed with the transmissions.
  13. Or rather sacrifice yourself to Love?
  14. Check out youtube channel 'endofseeking'. Every wednesday there's a free live transmission. Very powerful stuff and free. There are a lot of older transmissions on the channel too, which are very potent too. I think i will donate in the future.