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  1. @outlandish loved your response, i have one question, i am having confusion. is it okey to go directly up to 300mcg from 200mcg( which was my last dosage), i actually want to do the same as you suggested but there is little bit changes i want to Make, next 300mcg, than next 400mcg than next trip of 100mcg, i researched on reddit yesterday all people are from psychedelic community saying the same 2 weeks are minimum, one month is ideal, but i am planning to shoot for 3 weeks 20-21 days, @Leo Gura man, could you also please enlighten me with some suggestions 😄 ?
  2. @BipolarGrowth my frist trip was 200mcg, next time, i am planning to go with 250mcg next trip 250mcg next trip 300mcg that's my plan, and i will keep gap 14days after every trip what are your thoughts about it ?
  3. Hello guys, i am new into psychedelics looking for suggestions for spiritual growth, Let me give you some background i have been doing meditation and contemplation from last 4-5 years to improve myself, and my intention to use LSD to grow myself, i got 105mcg x 10 tabs Last Saturday i had my first trip, i took two tabs dosage was 210mcg, trip went well most of the time, i started to get some bed trip at end of peak but i let go wanting to figure what to do and i just let go and i get relax afterward, I loved the experience and i gained a lot from trip and after coming from trip i developed solid mindfulness in my daily experience, i mostly stopped doing multiple tasking , starting to become more aware about my body and breathing, i overcame my music addiction and start to see everything as conscious thing(i saw the real richness of life and quality of every small experience of life and the beauty of it) i also solved some neurotic behaviour, i will say my trip was life changing for me Now i really want to get more growth through LSD but i have currently limited tabs so Guys as per your experience which way i should go for spiritual growth ? How should i use 8 tabs of 105mcg to use to get most effective benefits from which powerful tool More trip low dosage vs High dosage and less trip lsd Iit would be helpful to get your response thank you for reading
  4. would recommend sofa, you can use sofa if you are really want to go deeper, and if you do not have such sofa like this, alternative you can buy zafu cushion and use one thin pillow below the leg which get numb!
  5. @Preety_India in india, girls name are more like preeti, preety is totally new thing i listened somebody's name.
  6. @Kingston i do the same, truly said. 💕
  7. @a e l i if you find somebody's existence that much sweet that means you have never experienced your own existence independently or completely.
  8. has someone experienced any negative effects of armodafinil and modafinil ? how was your experience after one year of using it ? , kindly share your experience of it, it would truly be helpful
  9. @Leo Gura LOL 😂
  10. @Michael569 thank you your response, i am totally agreed with people take dirty keto stuff which you mentioned, i am more on low carb not completely keto, and i eat peanuts which is legume, it is also true any diet we eliminate junk food so it improves, there is not much magic about keto, but for my body i am having great experience with that low carb diet.
  11. i do not want to create a special identify with my city but i truly appreciate people's effort they considered it.
  12. @Dwarniel hey, i am from bhilwara, in india there is small city bhilwara and it became an example to stop coronavirus in all over the world, in bhilwara a hospital got suspected to coronavirus few doctors also got infected coronavirus Hospital got seized, there was a time when nobody was going out and now the situation is like that or we all are going out and we do not have much concerned about this things and how how that Bhilwara managed that it it required a lot of Police Force ever used to see on street they used to hit with stick very badly and they blocked all the roads with a big wooden what to say like that they blocked it may be like roadblock some general facilities was available like medicine for grocery stuff like and little more few more things and after that what happened that for at least for 3 days it got too much intense and even those facilities got stopped and everything was got too much strict and that's how we managed.
  13. @Michael569 there was a study about long term, and one guy claims that he has been doing for 10 years and and also jordan Peterson also. shared his experience with carnivore diet I think he was a going to autoimmune disorder although I am not going to all this but i am getting positive results.
  14. @DreamScape i have already mentioned my crystals in this journal, lapis lazuli sharps my thinking power I mean I can sense that my thoughts does not resist and it comes like a Flow also when I was wearing letters with the green aventurine at the time I developed a lot of leadership. I mean when I wear green aventurine I didn't get immediate immediate with desert like one day or one week it took time then what happened that girls started to taking interest on me and i also enjoyed thier company but suppose that if you are isolated you do not contact can I don't think so that it will help you somewhere you also should be connected with such a environment so that you will get results. white sapphire that crystal help me to grow a lot especially in spiritual journey I started to getting such a thought sadaiv prioritise spiritual things specially about that honesty for like about thinking about my own thought I was looking more like a freedom and that gemstone really helped me.
  15. @DreamScape do you have Crystals ?