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  1. @a e l i if you find somebody's existence that much sweet that means you have never experienced your own existence independently or completely.
  2. as per david Hawkins, consciousness level 700 beyond peace, it will subconsciously put you into non dual state if you will listen it attentively, very powerful.
  3. @Nash why is there no 5 meo dmt in your list ? ?
  4. @Victor Mgazi glad to see you found it fascinating
  5. @Superfluo trading in zone for doing intraday, Intelligent Investor for long term or short term holding
  6. @Carl-Richard i am thankful for your answer :).
  7. @tenta @tenta it is small conversation, between sam and deepak, i want to know what is going on, is deepak really talking woh woh stuff and i lwas laughing when deepak face got small sam was more trying to insult instead of understanding ? is deepak in yellow stage ?
  8. what if leo would be setting with Jordan Peterson, sam harries and deepak chopra ? ? and there were sharing their perspective about god, could somebody please put their perspective how all would be sharing ? since morning i have been watching interview of Jordan Peterson, sam harries and deepak chopra, back in my mind what would be amazing to know how leo would discussion with all of the people ? are they all in Orange state spiral dynamics or green (apparently in yellow) ? I would appreciate your hypothetical response ?
  9. hey i want to know about your thoughts about d3 5000iu as daily dosage with k2 as mk7 100 mg one pill in two days budget issue so can afford only one pill in two days of k2, as per do you think it is absolutely safe ?
  10. 1. Leadership 2. Selfless 3. Determination/vision 4. Knowledge/Learning/Understanding 5. Love/Romance/Intimacy 6. Gratitude 7. Raise the level of consciousness/ freedom 8. Independence 9. Verbal expression 10. Health/Vigor/Energy