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  1. i got little clearly and in my consciousness, calmness, for alertness it is not that much good, in brahmi i felt more alertness 250mg twice k day brahmi dose, actually i could not find to much difference, trust me if you have bought leo gura book list and if your deit is good and if you have no mind state( which can be attained by letting go everything, it is enlightenment per se in some degree not fully) you would not able to find difference i would try to take 50mg next time, i am enlightenment ( not fully) so it was not so effect as i thought. before i end it i want you to buy leo's book list, it is more worthy than 300$ , I'll post experience with 50mg armodafinil thank you for giving reading it :), and i got more good result with l thanine very good supplement for flow state and alpha brain, when i took it i felt like i was losing myself in now for my work and if you take high dosage it can help you to access theta brain waves , do not take my words try it for your self :), be safe and enjoy love you leo
  2. i bought magnesium 500mg, i already get around 350 mg from diet, as per you should i take it or not ? please give your suggestions
  3. please share your experience and side effect i am not willing to take it because of reducing blood pressure, but i really want to take it ,let me know if you have had side effect i need your help, and let us know about dosage
  4. till 5days dosage 500mg daily brahmi does not effect on blood thinner i consulted with physician now let's jump on the postive effect and side effects, it increased my memory i can not believe this it is like magic pill when it comes to memory and alertness, i really loved the effect of brahmi on consciousness, what is grest about brahmi is that i started seeing effect in my memory in only one day, reading and concentration become effortless for me ,i did not feel any resistance in reading side effect which i felt fatigue , i am not going it use it more than next week more regardless it has such amazing effect on brain, in reddit post i found many people who felt the same.however i am taking brahmi with fish oil next week i will take it without fish oil and let you know about the effects, i do not think so that fish oil has any connection with this fatigue it is the fun to figure it out what works best for you please i going to take coq10 for energy level i am little worry about low blood pressure issuse with and dosage i would really love to read information please let me know about it
  5. does brahmi supplement have ant issue with blood thinner, i talked to Ayurvedic stores they said there may not be any harm to Ayurvedic stuff unless you take it right amount not large doses, i did read one review about blood thinner, did anyone research about it ?please give your suggestion i would be good for me
  6. @Charlotte correct brother
  7. @outlandish 150mg is very cheap, if you spend 3 $ then you will get 10 and then you will have to do 1/4 of the one tablet so, one tablet would be used four times as leo said, take small corner of the pill, 1/4, 4×10 = 40, you can use armodafinil 40 times is only 3 $ it is very cheap at here, dose would be around 38mg from 150gm, 3$= 40 times 38gm mind blowing
  8. @Charlotte i am aslo thinking the same, i will have to do experiment,
  9. @Deepak sadhwani @cetus56 i will surely write my experience please give your suggestions should i go with 25mg or 50mg, i want to avoid heart Palpitations
  10. actually pill is small so it is difficult to break it into 1/4 size and store then into little area or place that is why and on the other hand it is very easy to take one pill. though actually you are right i did not have enough money to take 150mg at that time i was just crossing to store and i thought i should buy it so i went it
  11. i got easily, i am from India and i want to let others know about price i bought 10 tablet 50mg price is 2 $, and 150mg price is 3$, i did not take 150mg, 50 mg is already to enough and break it into two pieces and take 25mg , i studied and researched about it, i need your suggestions, should i go with 50mg or 25mg both are good, as per you 50mg would be safe dose ?
  12. @Plucknice, i would be aware about whatever you have written,but i still follow my, when i see your post i knew how much i am attached with this channel, and i had feeling for defend, i do not want security about my relationship with leo and, but i still trust leo, I'll Keep watching his videos but i would be aware about whatever you said so thank you, and i have not fully accepted whatever you have posted