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  1. Hello guys, i recently added some supplements which are probiotics and coq10 , i feel trip can go more good with this supplement if taken before trip. But i still have some concern related to interact with each other, if anyone know about something it and have experienced will be happy to know, have you tried nootropic with trip, i am currently using coq10. I would be happy to know you experience, will appreciate the response.
  2. If it is your first trip, just enjoy the trip and experience how you manage it, in your upcoming trips try to follow below things After doing many trips of lsd i realised i could have got more value for my spiritual growth if i knew this thing. 1.once effects start to come ( usually around 40min-1 hour after swallowing the tab) Keep intial 5-6 hours without doing anything ( including walking outside, just stay in room and if you want to get fresh air go to terrace) 2. Do make conscious commitment not to use smart phone or internet in starting 5-6 hours, after this time period you can, main point is to get most value from substance. 3. Contemplate and allow and welcome whatever subconscious mind has on awareness, personal suggestion, try to not socialize with people. 4. Set intension.
  3. @Snader What i consider oneness mean, you dissolve into infinity and absolute, and you dissolve up to that point, You left with no memories of being "you" and you become god, infinite and absolute. So i had this pure god consciousness/infinity, when i became my entire room, there was oneness, about changes in behaviour with my family and friends, i became more polite and less serious about many things, i am not taking things seriously which i used to take, now it seems, is completely meaningless, God consciousness become more easy for me to access without psychedelic, i feel sense of freedom, like i am not limited to my body and i am not my body and human being , it feels like i am completely free from all survival thing, i feel more love in my life now. All my neurotic behaviour dissolved after trip, i used to hate my and get angry on my father, All biaseness and selfishness also dissolved like protecting myself defending explaining, justifying and assigning meaning and significance on myself and identification which i used to take personally for me, now i have more sense of true freedom, Love and consciousness.
  4. Sure@Leo Gura , thank you so much leo to introduce psychedelic to all of us, and also walking the path. it really gives us courage and inspiration to the walk path and also helps to develop clarity as well as providing your valuable content which helps to enhance understanding about every trip experience, and you are providing such radical and profound content at free, it is huge. i am truly grateful for your contribution leo !❤️
  5. It was my six LSD trip and before that on my fifth trip I was doing meditation and I was going Deep and deep and I reach to the point where I could reach void and absolutely Nothingness and i got afraid to that i realised that if i go more deep i will have to leave my body and there is no guarantee that i could return again and will have self, it was like i will disappear and there will be no come back, some changes were being done in my brain and i got little aware about materialistic belief like, i assumed i have brain and it will get damage but it was also my belief, even with little aware was still attached with this materialistic paradigm, when my trip was end, i got extremely upset from myself and i got discouraged, i was feeling why i am ruining myself, why i came into spirituality i wish i never had choosen this path, i lost my all will to do any spiritual work, i lost my all courage for spirituality i was traumatized by truth, but as day was passing i was cultivating the faith to take leap into that portal, but i was not ready to take this leap and still trip i had this possibility i will not face all this death and fearful thing which i had last time, but it came i had lot of resistance to completely let go myself, i had to accept this possibility i can become madman and i can completely forget about myself and everything and i will never get life again, i called one if my friend he is also spirituality, he trusted on me and said let it go, it built courage in me and on the name of love and truth ( something higher than me i trusted on higher order) and i did completely let go everything, i was on peak so it became little easy for me, after that magic happened, i became is infinite consciousness, and I realise consciousness is infinitely intelligenent and it was from starting know i will not die, it knows how to take aware of everything, all things start to make sense all fear and struggle and there is higher order or infinite consciousness which has power to take care of every of whole universe,i was laughing i was being worried about body my whole life was being recontextualization, from that Consciousness i saw my whole life as love i loved my deception and my truma and how much i hated myself, whatever i tried my whole life get saparated from that, i accept and loved everything which i thought should never been in my life my whole life story was accepted and loved as blessings, when i had unconditional level of love for everything than "i" started to transcendent into infinite consciousness in love and i , i called my friend to thank them all whoever was me with through the spiritual journey and gave me courage to take this leap, after talking to them, suddenly i felt change in Consciousness something void and something will consume and i will get faint and i will death, even though i thought i had conquered fear of no self and not existing, before that i was on peak things became easy for me but, this time i still had those materialistic belief that this body will death and and my parents will be shattered, i realise i also don't wanna die and i also had attachment with my family i never want to give than this kind of pain and suffering, i resist and i was being fearful, i was taking bath on sweat i had that much fear my t shirt started to get wet,i again called another friend and i was telling him, i am going to tell my parents i will not be alive and take and please take care of yourself, while talking with my friend cultivate the faith devotion for truth and although i had taken this leap once still, i did not have much courage, i realised and that gave me courage again one day i will die anyway what i am afraid, will happen sooner or later, it gave trust to take the leap and , another thing helped me from my earlier trip realisation that consciousness has enormous intelligence, i realised if consciousness brought me at this point it means, there is higher order and infinity Consciousness which also trusts me, i did surrender concern about my family and attachment related to my whole family and accepted this possibility that i can get faint i will go blind and whole body will be destroyed, but again, I felt it was second time i took rebirth, i was in my room i completely forget about myself, i became my whole room and i realise that is called god, next day i saw major shift in my consciousness, it is more like i have detached myself from body and accessing god Consciousness became easy for me, my all materialistic belief got broken, my fears were illusion, i also realise i will go nowhere because there is no death, when i realised i go no where i also got this realisation there is foreverness and eternity in now at here, it means there was no birth of me, i have never got birth, my birth was an illusion, i got major another major shift related to time,i realise my really spiritual journey has started now! Thank you everyone this community also helped me to build a lot of courage when i did read many trips report of you people, than you so much!❤️
  6. @outlandish loved your response, i have one question, i am having confusion. is it okey to go directly up to 300mcg from 200mcg( which was my last dosage), i actually want to do the same as you suggested but there is little bit changes i want to Make, next 300mcg, than next 400mcg than next trip of 100mcg, i researched on reddit yesterday all people are from psychedelic community saying the same 2 weeks are minimum, one month is ideal, but i am planning to shoot for 3 weeks 20-21 days, @Leo Gura man, could you also please enlighten me with some suggestions ? ?
  7. @BipolarGrowth my frist trip was 200mcg, next time, i am planning to go with 250mcg next trip 250mcg next trip 300mcg that's my plan, and i will keep gap 14days after every trip what are your thoughts about it ?
  8. Hello guys, i am new into psychedelics looking for suggestions for spiritual growth, Let me give you some background i have been doing meditation and contemplation from last 4-5 years to improve myself, and my intention to use LSD to grow myself, i got 105mcg x 10 tabs Last Saturday i had my first trip, i took two tabs dosage was 210mcg, trip went well most of the time, i started to get some bed trip at end of peak but i let go wanting to figure what to do and i just let go and i get relax afterward, I loved the experience and i gained a lot from trip and after coming from trip i developed solid mindfulness in my daily experience, i mostly stopped doing multiple tasking , starting to become more aware about my body and breathing, i overcame my music addiction and start to see everything as conscious thing(i saw the real richness of life and quality of every small experience of life and the beauty of it) i also solved some neurotic behaviour, i will say my trip was life changing for me Now i really want to get more growth through LSD but i have currently limited tabs so Guys as per your experience which way i should go for spiritual growth ? How should i use 8 tabs of 105mcg to use to get most effective benefits from which powerful tool More trip low dosage vs High dosage and less trip lsd Iit would be helpful to get your response thank you for reading
  9. @Kingston i do the same, truly said. ?
  10. @a e l i if you find somebody's existence that much sweet that means you have never experienced your own existence independently or completely.
  11. has someone experienced any negative effects of armodafinil and modafinil ? how was your experience after one year of using it ? , kindly share your experience of it, it would truly be helpful
  12. @Michael569 thank you your response, i am totally agreed with people take dirty keto stuff which you mentioned, i am more on low carb not completely keto, and i eat peanuts which is legume, it is also true any diet we eliminate junk food so it improves, there is not much magic about keto, but for my body i am having great experience with that low carb diet.
  13. i do not want to create a special identify with my city but i truly appreciate people's effort they considered it.
  14. @Dwarniel hey, i am from bhilwara, in india there is small city bhilwara and it became an example to stop coronavirus in all over the world, in bhilwara a hospital got suspected to coronavirus few doctors also got infected coronavirus Hospital got seized, there was a time when nobody was going out and now the situation is like that or we all are going out and we do not have much concerned about this things and how how that Bhilwara managed that it it required a lot of Police Force ever used to see on street they used to hit with stick very badly and they blocked all the roads with a big wooden what to say like that they blocked it may be like roadblock some general facilities was available like medicine for grocery stuff like and little more few more things and after that what happened that for at least for 3 days it got too much intense and even those facilities got stopped and everything was got too much strict and that's how we managed.
  15. @Michael569 there was a study about long term, and one guy claims that he has been doing for 10 years and and also jordan Peterson also. shared his experience with carnivore diet I think he was a going to autoimmune disorder although I am not going to all this but i am getting positive results.