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  1. @Plucknice, i would be aware about whatever you have written,but i still follow my, when i see your post i knew how much i am attached with this channel, and i had feeling for defend, i do not want security about my relationship with leo and, but i still trust leo, I'll Keep watching his videos but i would be aware about whatever you said so thank you, and i have not fully accepted whatever you have posted
  2. Nobody goes anywhere.
  3. I am thinking to take once one week but I read any article on which it was written that is safe to take it, does someone can help me
  4. 1. Leadership 2. Selfless 3. Determination/vision 4. Knowledge/Learning/Understanding 5. Love/Romance/Intimacy 6. Gratitude 7. Raise the level of consciousness/ freedom 8. Independence 9. Verbal expression 10. Health/Vigor/Energy
  5. Hello guys, i have understood and i have this insight that reality perceives itself i got this insight by breaking the boundaries subjective and objective, i am very dedicated for spiritual path I have been doing contemption and let go the stuff more than 8-10 hours from last 1 year, before it i had been doing meditation i did 1 and half year , today i let go of the separation between subjective and objective, i don't know anything but i know somehow something it changed my mundane life really, i was eating banana and i felt it is perceiving itself and nobody is eating but everything was happening but not body was there i mean fruit was being eaten but it was eating itself ! Within the 3-4 days god is breaking its own illusion of duality separation ! Now fear does not arise it immediately get changed into love because i my consciousness he my mind thoought through absolute infinity so it feels love for my ego, it is like i am attachment with absolute infinity and then i feel compassion and love for my the label of fear which is not real and it is pure love, please guys i am not seeking attention here and braging i want to share my experience, i want some advice as well, and i want leo to make a video about separation between duality and nonduality, he did some videos like brain does not exist and about physical world does not exist and body and reality is strang loop , i am very delightful because of him leo has been helping everyone to become god thank you, if it could be possible then please give some advices leo and everyone
  6. @wakeel55 i was facing the some problem , it is state of apathy. It is very difficult to let go of it because it is hard to recognize your emotions , it feels like emotionless , but let me you ,let go wanting rejecting your self and let go of wanting rejecting your life , and then gi more deeper let go of wanting survival and security
  7. I have also started to change my diet , i have been doing experiment and you should also do this , as per me you should focus on those food which can keep your energy level high and make you feel good , eat whatever food has been suggested by leo and you can also read 150 healthest food on earth , today i ate millet chickpea flour chapati it is nit good i am feeling heavy stomach if whenever i eat spanich,broccoli , watercress with 🥕 carrot, tomato, it give me best result For consciousness work i highly recommend spanich broccoli and watercress such foods will definitely bring best changes , really , when you body would nit be okey and you have heavy stomach and you will resist the work , i have avoided wheat but wheat, dairy and outside food ,but it is not ,try and see which foods help you to keep your energy high And i bought p.r egg it didn't suit to my body so i started taking almonds , experience must be done for finding best food for your body , i encourage you eat raw spanich, carrot , broccoli and tomato ,beet root try it ,in morning and lunch time and eat 1 time whatever yiu can eat brown rice or oats , eat less fruit and take more veg. Because fruit contains sugar not much but still veg. More better
  8. Hey guys i keep eating spinach all the the in morning , lunch amd dinner time with brown rice , oats and some times raw in huge amount , is it safe ?