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  1. God speaks to everyone! All the time but the question is not whom to talk. But WHO listens? You CANNOT know God until you’ve stopped telling yourself that you already know God. You CANNOT hear God until you stop thinking that you’ve already heard God.
  2. You asked Me to come to you; to help you understand; to show you the divine truth; to reveal to you the greatest secret. The secret you've kept from yourself. The secret of Who You Are. Now I have done so. Now, once again, you have been caused to remember. Will it matter? Will it change how you act tomorrow? Will it cause you to see things differently tonight? Will you now heal the hurts of the wounded, quell the anxieties of the fearful, meet the needs of the impoverished, celebrate the magnificence of the accomplished, and see the vision of Me everywhere? Will this latest remembrance of truth change your life, and allow you to change the lives of others? Or will you return to forgetfulness; fall back into selfishness; revisit, and reside again in, the smallness of who you imagined yourself to be before this awakening? which Will It Be??
  3. Psychedelics.
  4. God is everywhere. There is no place that God is not. Including You❤️
  5. What about Sweden? I heard Sweden is yellow.
  6. The soul is God. It is the part of God that resides in us. So when we connect with the soul, we connect with God at the same time.
  7. @nistake thanks dude! Seems really interesting.
  8. Are you Enlightened?
  9. Learn How to deal with them.
  10. Your mean this Reality?
  11. Well. There's no Hate but lack of Love❤️ Forgive them. And move on buddy! Replace That hate Into Love
  12. You're not taking advice from Leo??
  13. @ivankissbro! Did you record videos of your Music? Like you're a lyricist? Singer? Or?