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  1. @Annoynymous Dude weed is Addictive! There is a huge difference between Weed and psychedelics.
  2. @Bojan If you want to learn programing from basic to expert level. One of the best website I've saw! It will really help you! Lynda.com
  3. @TDW1995 its not so hard as you creating. Felling sad is not bad. its healthy Attachment! At the end dude don't do overthinking dont give any labels to anything. just accept All situation. accepting its your motivation! It will boost your confident.
  4. @UnconsciousHuman this is also a good start! L-Thenine will help you!
  5. @Mindfang413 It will help you! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLr1IjOKSXurTibqs8uJIeSKzb2tzTOTvv
  6. @InderDude! As you said mediation and mindfulness isn't enough techniques for you(not satisfied) this technique need long term vision! There's a one more technique " creative visualisation" this technique also need Practices as well! Creative visualisation is the technique on using your imagination to create what you want in life! you are feeling unsatisfied in your current job situation. If you feel that the job is basically right for you but there are factors that need improvement, you could begin by imagining the improvements that you desire. If that doesn’t work, or if you feel that you would prefer a new job, then focus on imagining yourself in the employment situation that you desire.
  7. Dude! This video Will help you!
  8. @Rahul yadavAmazing stuff man! Thanks For Sharing❤️
  9. @Space Hey dude! Don't Do overthinking Just Go And be a Normal.Stay like She can feel your Vibes. Do not Pretend Anything that you're "NOT" Express Every emotion that you're Felt For Her!
  10. Theres no hate, but lack of love. Theres no neediness, but lack of completeness. Theres no suffering, but lack of happiness. Theres no boundaries, but lack of oneness. Theres no devil, but lack of god. Theres no evil, but lack of goodness. Theres no ignorance, but lack of understanding. Theres no judgement, but lack of acceptance. Theres no falsehood, but lack of Truth. Theres no ugliness, but lack of vision-depth to see beauty. Theres no victim, but lack of pure-passion Theres no mediocre but lack of being a messenger of god. Theres no punishment, but lack of respect for life Theres no death, but lack of aliveness. Theres no resistance, but lack of effortlessness/flow Theres no who are you but lack of who you want to be. Theres no superiority but lack of humbleness. Theres no inauthenticity, but lack of courage to express Theres no repression but lack of expression. Theres no not-acceptance but lack of forgiveness. Theres no mundane but lack of vision to see holism Theres no narcissism but lack of self-love Theres no chaos but lack of deep-silence. Theres no not getting answer but lack of deep questioning. Theres no enlightenment but lack of burning selfless desire Theres no physical but lack of metaphysical. Theres no not-connected but lack of interconnectedness Theres no im-perfection but lack of desire see perfection. Theres no no-self but lack of Iamness Theres no lackness but youre alreadyness. Youre already complete, happy, loving, wise, heading towards who you want to be, forgiving, accepting, effortless, respecting, estatic, enlightened.
  11. @ilham Rich Food Poor food by Jayson Calton, Phd and Mira Calton, CN This would be help you The ultimate grocery purchasing System