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  1. Are you Enlightened?
  2. Learn How to deal with them.
  3. Well. There's no Hate but lack of Love❤️ Forgive them. And move on buddy! Replace That hate Into Love
  4. You're not taking advice from Leo??
  5. @ivankissbro! Did you record videos of your Music? Like you're a lyricist? Singer? Or?
  6. https://www.youtube.com/user/Calisthenicmovement Check it out!
  7. @Nahm are you Enlightened?
  8. Anna! Whenever Im getting Enlightened. I will repeat This with myself " This Little part of my Life Called Happiness"
  9. https://link.medium.com/udQ24UPcv7 Is that enough or do you want more information?
  10. Love is the key To EVERYTHING. Loves allows you to connect. in contact with people be Honest, Nice, Relax And Loving. Be the Definition Of Love for Other's ❤️
  11. Then what the True Definition of Love?
  12. There's no pain. You're a creator. Its about lack of Love, Lack of self acceptance, Lack of Not understanding Your emotions. Dont fight with your Emotions accept them. As they are Without giving Any labels. Emotions mastery is Too tough than Reaching Enlightenment. There's no Neediness But Lack of Completeness!! Work on your self. Psychedelics are the best Tools
  13. Weed is Addictive. And it is for Kids. Psychedelics are God. Be addictive of God!
  14. Accept them. Love Them Deeply.Forgive Them❤️