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  1. Learn new. I definitely recommend some energy work, such as the kriya yoga video. And of course normal meditation. The more you learn the more rewarding life gets in the long term even if you have to accept the difficulties on the way there. Know that you have absolutely huge potential with spirituality and allowing yourself to do the things that get you forward will be truly rewarding.
  2. Energy work, opening and clearing chakras. Those help. Acceptance, maybe asking help from the universe and remembering the counter-intuitive ways of how to deal with ego. Maybe affirming things like "My aura repels negative energy". There are more advanced ways but they start to get tricky
  3. @billiesimon It's more like I wish that the person I'm with wants to be just with me because they want to. Not so that I need to tell them to not go around in a negative tone. Then we can still be just the two of us.
  4. I don't think the quality girl you're looking for is found from tinder. I also don't think I need someone to be "loyal" to me. That sounds like restricting them. I rather have people follow their passions, not that getting around is their actual passion.
  5. Encourage people to be more happy and follow what they want to do more. Encourage to do think and be in a way that makes them happier
  6. Yeah seeing that they won't bring you long term happiness. It is not the end all most rewarding and fun thing there is to do even if it can be plenty of fun. Also realizing how low consciousness most women (and men) are made me at least skip a phase in this. I'd now only want a great relationship. It's fine to want good things. It is not recommended to be attached to an outcome but to accept what is now (and means accepting action as well). You could also try to just be really simple about it. What is stopping you from not chasing women? If you want then just don't. This might show you emotional things you need to accept.
  7. Maybe spiritual bypassing. See if you have a lens or belief system you look things through. Check if you have heavily contradicting emotions deep down.
  8. None of those things exists. Not even the things gumbo is made of
  9. @ADD If you're into chakras, enpower and open your bottom 3 chakras to increase masculinity
  10. For me I noticed it to come from anxiousness or fear. Not allowing pleasure joy and peace. Not allowing myself to be content. Of course the reasons for this can vary a ton and they can be deep.
  11. See how you really feel about the situation. Try to see what you'd be doing without the other person. This was allowed to happen because you had an "unresolved" part of you wanting this. See if you could either have some other way to express or get what you want out of the relationship. There is really no long term "justification" way out of this the way I see it. Try to just see how you truly feel and follow what you want to do yourself. Might this end up with the relationship breaking? Maybe. But you can't tell if that's a bad thing or not.
  12. You probably act some way that gives off a young vibe or your nature is not built for being charismatic right now. See what are your expectation for your interactions with women. Are you in the back of your mind thinking you'll just end up in a friendzone? Or rejected? Or thinking you're not grown up? Or thinking you're too naive? etc Please see that them thinking won't change your self image much at all if you're already comfortable with yourself and doing your own thing.
  13. A balance between an open root and crown chakra.
  14. You're allowed to feel safe without being in a relationship. You can do an affirmation for it, for example "I always feel safe and secure"
  15. Many agendas and trying to make some things look bad and others better have a big influence with this. For example hell might not be as bad of a place and who knows if satan is even evil. Heaven and hell might be certain kinds of reincarnations right?