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  1. Maybe he's a cult leader. Maybe he's not the worst guy ever though haha.
  2. I would think that it has negative effects and you're better off not using it if it requires the phone to be next to your head the whole night.
  3. If you are bad, dissolve yourself patiently. I'm not really talking about depression advice maybe, but even when you hate what you are, there can be good things that can be done that can help.
  4. Look within for answers to your questions. You are able to find things out, at least slowly
  5. You can take it gradually. Being too arrogant about it is a trap, not doing anything can be a trap. Both still lead somewhere though. So you can go with the best you got and have balance, improve. It can get easier in the future
  6. No they're not. Especially the way you would feel of such a thing can change. Then, if you don't care about such a thought appearing, it won't matter to you all that much. It won't depress you at all etc. Mental health can be a struggle for a long time, it is a major component of life after all. But thinking about dying probably changes.
  7. I think it's fine. It can be healthy to explore who we are. At the same time, if there are issues with not being interested in others, I don't think it has to do much with being comfortable with yourself, but with other things
  8. There is more than the ego going on. Therefore only ego doesn't have to erase itself one who suffers simultaneously holds onto suffering therefore does not seek
  9. Girls can have confusing needs, they don't gotta be perfect. This isn't really about your case, just more in general. Your choice if you want to get with girls like that, you're probably not obligated haha
  10. Ego defends itself by forgetting stuff. That's alright. It can soften up over time by for example you feeling your emotions when there is resistance
  11. Noting technique is decently well known. Different people are open to different things so, there is no fastest way
  12. I'm not too sure if it's worth it to wonder about whether it's egoic or not. What are you going to do about it anyway? Questioning it can be great and good. From a certain perspective it might be a waste of time, but from another perspective it might be an amazing thing to do. There are all kinds of perspectives.
  13. Seems like not a miracle barber, but maybe a decent one
  14. I would recommend self inquiry
  15. Instead of getting stuck trying to reach heavens you do what you can do now, making it the brave move