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  1. Every man and woman has manly and feminine things about them by the general categorization. So it would be stupid to reject the feminine in a man for no reason.
  2. @Leightonm Looked it up a bit. Seems like a pretty fun way to create a positive feeling and transform things.
  3. @Echoes The thing that's not the situation is the now, present, thing that can't be described, stillness, consciousness that is always there. Because that is always there, you don't just go from situation to situation in life.
  4. You can improve yourself to attract those good girls and also be good enough for them. A change of perspective can sometimes do a lot. Then you can also improve your situation, which at 15 would probably mean being active socially to find more people and options.
  5. I wouldn't focus all too much on manifesting specific things and being desperate about it as is also done by many, but seeing is law of attraction a thing (you can confirm this on your own, take your time) and then see how it helps you direct your life. This way you won't end up spiritually bypassing (overly focus on positive) too, as is also done by many of the youtubers.
  6. Situation is the concept you have of the moment. So they are very useful for thinking about things, and then you can balance improving your own view in your situation and improving your situation.
  7. One thing I heard is that people who think about things a lot might even talk out loud. But from my own experience I've seen that people who have a very quiet mind might be desperate for thoughts at times, ending up with talking to yourself. And another things is that you might be asking for outside perspectives, creating thought patterns of talking with yourself or creating people/perspectives to talk to. This might happen especially when lonely. I doubt you'll need to think about being crazy right away
  8. The sure way and the reason the technique works is the concentration part
  9. It could be plenty of things, I honestly feel like not providing more answers, as I'm afraid it would only leave you with more questions.
  10. I think the smartest devils might admit that they're devils to other people, yet not fixing the problem themselves and saying "that's just how I am" to themselves. But of course we know devilry is way more complex than that.
  11. Maybe go towards accepting that you don't know the answer, accepting a bit of confusion and trusting that you'll figure it out if it's necessary to figure it out. This is what I've done and I feel better
  12. It's slippery cause you're trying to grasp it
  13. You gotta learn to understand that depressed side of you. But hey, don't worry, it doesn't have to happen in an instant. There are many ways to go about it. You are facing large issues while alone, so you must understand that it is ok for it to take a while for things to unfold.
  14. It usually is really solved in a wholesome way. Overall improvement leads to less disconnection. Everyone has some disconnection so it's normal, but it can sometimes feel very bad or off. So there are many paths for improving this, what fits you, I'm not sure. But you can find out yourself
  15. You need to stay with that feeling of confusion instead of pushing it away. It is your shadow