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  1. You gotta balance out not dealing with any self pity bullshit and helping and supporting her. No right answers there, so just do your best
  2. So yeah, she is suppressing her feelings or unaware of them. Either comfort her or explain what to do to not be numb? Help her understand why she might be?
  3. We see what we want to see in a way. Our attitude, emotions and all that affect what we see. This is why things can be blurred and left out
  4. @Tistepiste Yeah that's exactly what I mean
  5. Not completely. The ego expands. You know how an enlightened person is like "everything is one, everything is me". That's because you identify with everything. So when you say identifying, you mean identifying with only certain things, which causes the resistance. So the issue isn't identifying. If you hang onto your identification, you are not identifying with a wide enough variety of things so to say. Your issue after reading the post seems to be something else though. You probably have spirits/thoughtforms that generate those thoughts. They probably came about from a previous bad feeling and stayed there. So don't feel bad about having those thoughts. I could be wrong though. So yeah it will get better after a while. You're going through a lot of transformation right now
  6. Tbh don't be picky about it, you'll figure it out later
  7. I mean it's true. If you do what you want and what you want is money, you'll be happy. If you do what you want and it's not just money, you will be unhappier with doing it for just money.
  8. maybe ur intuition was like "this bad idea bro"
  9. because you suppress the part that argues (you suppress to avoid x happening) and then it constantly comes out a little bit when the suppressed emotion is still strong enough.
  10. don't judge identification. you'll notice how it starts to get draining to hang onto them eventually
  11. I think ego backlash is either coming in because you're doing things for the wrong reasons or to slow down your progress so that you won't be overwhelmed, as it is an emotion that generally blocks things from awareness.
  12. There are indeed many traditions and approaches that fill each other out. You can't study all of them at once, so look at what you're interested at, if you're interested in them at all. Try to stay away from going too deep with one route it will fix everything though. But yeah that stuff can be interesting and fun to learn about, even if often overly fancy.
  13. You might need to discover these things for yourself. For me my "spiritual standard" has dropped a lot. Ego becomes more accepting of different "unspiritual" things. So what I mean is that you might not need to obey some rule of not identifying with false self. Maybe not caring so much about identifying at all for a while. I don't personally know much about your situation otherwise
  14. Learn to understand loneliness. What does it mean to be lonely? Why? Who knows if you like this https://youtu.be/HUjz8Xplbew And the feeling of loneliness itself doesn't need a fix. To make it clearer, it is just something you'd rather not have. But this change is possible to be made from a pleasant place. And also sometimes you can't solve issues in a directed order. You might need to do y, then x and after that you can deal with loneliness etc.
  15. Doing what you love is the main idea. But we tend to need some constructs and help to make that work. Some ideas, not just love, even if love will take one far after a certain point