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  1. The video is timestamped, watch a bit over a minute. It talks about how the meaning we have should support our expansion and different meanings can support different situations.
  2. Well, a teacher I know says that the first step is the same step as the last one when it comes to spiritual growth. On the other hand to me it has felt like there has been an increase in the speed of my development after learning how to do the work better and therefore being able to dedicate more time to it. I don't know how that looks in the bigger picture. New skills and abilities often require more energy from us at the start. Due to this ease of maintaining compared to the beginning, it does seem like things are at least very rewarding since it's like overcoming a hump after which we have more time to spare for other things.
  3. I've heard people start from the same level of consciousness as where they left
  4. I have heard a description of sound as being the first thing there is to come from emptiness. I personally find it helpful to think of opposites in general through the visual example of this image, opposites being up and down. A bit of an impression of one opposite here, an impression of the other there. Waving back and forth in our experience.
  5. If there is no door open for intuition, for change, or if you like for god, then there will be stiffness in cycles. Being stuck in a cycle. When our body digests the worries, when the conceptual overthinking melts away with enough energy pouring in and processing it, it is the good kind of questioning. It frees ourselves from shackles. Not the kind of questioning where we try to overwhelm ourselves by finding a correct answer over and over again, even if that is a tendency of the mind. This creates more shackles when latched onto, encouraged. In this culture, many people are so far down the analytical side, that counting on intuition sounds like a complete joke to them. It is so unsensitive, that they have a point. But nurturing it is a natural way forward That's my thoughts for now anyway
  6. I have only I would say fairly mild psychic abilities, but I can share some things I have heard from teachers and scriptural knowledge related to how to relate to these experiences and such. So, as far as I've understood, all sorts of psychic abilities are related to a general level of our awareness and insight. It is known that through spiritual practice one can gain the ability to have psychic powers, but it is not desirable to be attached to these powers. All kinds of abilities may naturally occur to us, and that is okay, we can let it happen. Therefore, "trying" to do psychic things is not something I recommend. It's healthier for us to just be generally meditative. And just as a personal opinion, I don't think it's important to map out all kinds of psychic abilities, although for practical reasons it can be good to know a few of them, so that if we experience them we don't think we're going crazy. Things like empathy or ability to tell the future are common, but also others such as ability for strenght, better hearing or levitation exist.
  7. Sometimes in practical ways it can also simply lead a person away from mainstream, and hopefully towards good spiritual teachers and such
  8. Im not enlightened pro guide but I can say this much. You can certainly be enlightened without a girlfriend, so it's like a convenience to have a partner. An incredible convenience if they are great for you and perhaps assisting in your journey towards that as well. Well, to have an utopic relationship, sure. However, we learn to become happier also while in relationships, and the level of the healthiness and satisfaction depends on where the people involved are at that moment in their journeys. In other words, a healthy relationship is one where there is meditative opening. You describe struggles after being alone for some time. It can indeed be difficult, but those struggles can melt away with being naturally meditative in life, supported by learning to take care of our bodies with suitable food etc in the meanwhile. I think of it as a transformation that takes years. It takes years because our body adjusts to heightened awareness gradually, it can't handle it all at once initially.
  9. Igor Kufayev, can find easily on youtube
  10. I'm just being spontaneous, letting myself relax. I do know it works, maybe slowly but I don't mind
  11. I watch this teacher anyway, but I'm not a spiritual adept so you can judge for yourself and all even if I personally recommend him. Felt like it's a relevant topic in actualized.org There are terms in the video that you might not know, the 3 gunas, so here is a short terminology (can google for more in depth): Tamas: inertia, structure, stupor, ignorance Rajas: movement, dynamism, desire, passion, restlessness Sattva: balance, light, repose, order, purity
  12. Language and things like remembering sentences do not automatically and instantly bring deep awareness. If for example a person whose body is tense from anxiety hears that they can relax, it will still take time for the body to transform. Maybe this brings some relief
  13. I think a good therapist can overcome a bad style of therapy whereas a therapist that doesn't have awareness of things that help you has a harder time even with a good style. Maybe not the answer you look for, but this is my experience
  14. From my blunt understanding, pretty much everyone acts according to not just physical things but also intuition and stuff, referring to a degree of etheric awareness