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  1. @NoSelfSelf I learned what I learned through simple youtube/google searches. The time I first saw it it was in my hand in a dimly lit room with a white background.
  2. I'm able to now lightly see the etheric/ethereal body or the first layer of my aura. I'm wondering how to go on from here, as I haven't researched this stuff a ton. How do I expand my seeing further into colors and more broad auras? What have your experiences been like?
  3. I'd rather not describe it with language.
  4. From unconscious thinking comes unconscious activity. Do really you want to end up doing a disservice for you and others? But yeah, think about this. Is it really suffering that you want, and don't just take the first thought for an answer.
  5. I use my phone too and thankfully I rarely use my phone in a distracting way.
  6. I don't think a "no pain no gain" attitude is necessary. There will be pain to go through when you start doing things, but it doesn't have to be something to shoot for.
  7. For me being an introvert mostly means avoiding negative influences from people. If I have to pretend then it's draining to be around people. Of course the pretending is up to me to a degree.
  8. Sure, but normies often have their most pleasant feelings of connection coming from their relationships. Should people go and get a wife? That stuff is really just irrelevant. It's for people who do not seek to raise their consciousness. There isn't much point in arguing about these things or about what's the right thing for him to do in life. He is not interested in actual improvement and truth. He's interested in those comfy things. You can start seeing how people aren't really interested in a way of living that would be in any way optimal if it doesn't fit their ready made values.
  9. Us ourselves are a thing. The identity is a thing. So it's completely valid to be attached to it and it is the case.
  10. That's great man. I'm just saying be sure it's not a mania phase
  11. Make sure to actualize those.
  12. @DustOfEarth With more and more personal development that excitement and passion you have towards video games will also be found in other things that are also "more beneficial". Since you've probably played video games a lot you might have a comfortable and confident zone there. That can be translated into other fields as well. This just used to be the case for me.
  13. I think he means that language and thinking with words is limited and won't end up solving all of our issues and we can evolve past that. I could be wrong though, I haven't read his books. All senses are equal unless we create levels of importance for it, which would be a subjective creation. Not some objective truth.
  14. Sure you can pursue video games but there are a billion times better things out there. You will get the same things multiplied elsewhere.
  15. Just let go. No but doing normal meditation and self-inquiry gets you towards that. Highs are not meant to be held onto.