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  1. U can see for yourself, at least with time
  2. I think it's not that important to figure out for your awakening
  3. things you feel bad about
  4. they look nice either way. it will settle itself once u feel better about things
  5. It's very common to have some pressure in the middle of the forehead. Like super common. I think it's related to concentrating on something. If you sit and breathe, it can help you calm down, so ease yourself into the practice
  6. You don't have to forget a past relationship immediately. People often like to say things about being very independent after a relationship, but it's still fine to feel things. For you to go towards something new, you would have to feel better about something else new, yes? A new relationship too. You would have to have a relationship that would feel overall better for you compared to being alone to want one yes?
  7. If you feel like your mind is like that, it's ok. Many people actually experience the same. Techniques aren't totally necessary in the beginning at least. Just see that stuff is going on
  8. I kinda know what you mean. When confusion hits, you're trying to grasp.
  9. The idea of spirituality isn't to be convinced lol
  10. Learn principles if you learn, not techniques so much. That's how it helped me, although still also sidetracked a lot
  11. Yeah. Sometimes digging into memories and such isn't of course right for that time and you might need something else. I'm not developed enough to say how important it is really
  12. Rapid eye movement super common
  13. Abundance leads to open mindedness, mentally
  14. You see, we identify with the body. So then, if you identify with the body, when you start realizing you're not the body in a rapid pace, you feel like you're dying. Now, if there's more balance, more love, then you can go through the process without feeling you need to force your eyes open. It can be a beautiful process too
  15. On the side of doing more, love yourself more. How this helps is that, if you allow yourself to indulge a bit more, you will find it more bearable to not have that clarity you uphold all the time. This way you might become a bit less aware temporarily, but loving yourself will allow yourself to have balance to look at those clearer things too. Just my 2 cents, might be immature advice