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  1. Letting the search for enlightenment go is one of the last things people generally let go of, which is why it is so. We might also see enlightenment us as the ego, like an ego improvement thing only. While striving for it, the reasons to move forward start to switch. I like a saying of "use what works until it doesn't, it will all fail in the end".
  2. I'd think that in the end, when you are facing those things, it might dawn on you that the person you think to be in trouble, hated, scared, is an idea. A construct not necessary after a certain point
  3. Afaik, you like this dream far more than you think and only a part of you wants that dream. Besides, the process, if possible, is most likely way out if your control.
  4. https://www.etsy.com/listing/569829545/dhjedi-masterkey-color-gold-black-friday?ref=shop_home_feat_4&bes=1 I have this, this isn't necessary for this, but it's a legit necklace so I thought I'd share. I've seen 2 other members on this forum recommend it too, and personally whenever I put it on it has a significant calming effect for me. This person also sells stickers for electric devices, so those should work too, as the necklace definitely works for me. I do believe that the necklace helps with emf too though. You can find his youtube channel too if you want to look more into it, although it might look weird/new age for some https://www.youtube.com/user/SIRIUSSTARSEED https://www.etsy.com/shop/ArcturianCouncil?ref=l2-shopheader-name
  5. It might take some time, maybe a long time, but you'll learn to understand it over time. Overly rational can indeed be a good way to describe it. Feelings like being overly critical, looking down on people, righteous, pessimistic and jealous reside in the head from my experience.
  6. Sorry for ruining this for you but this is kind of the non-ego side of things. If you see something as beautiful, that's not very egoic. I think there's something to zodiac signs for sure, but at the same time it is quite tricky with different ibterpretations and people tend to become fatalistic cause of it too
  7. I mean the article is not the best. But if he did indeed run away and leave the country then something maybe came up. I think there's something off with him
  8. @MM1988 I hope you the best, maybe you'll catch a break somewhere or there will be a bigger breakthrough that'll help you out
  9. You might have different things surface each time. So it might be similar process reoccurring that is helping you allow whatever resistance there is. This being the case, things will get better over time, even if slowly at first. It might be that you're very sensitive to certain things as of now and your body is quite desperately asking you to spend more time with your emotions. I'd recommend simply sitting and letting things be more, learning to be more compassionate, maybe staring at your hand like Leo says, in a very simple manner.
  10. Allow that resistance to be there, or I think that will be something that will happen over time.
  11. I think they do, or my mood at least can change room to room, although it could be a projection as others are saying. Anyway, you can of course use what violet flame was talking about, for me I just have my own brightness clear things up in any environment I'm in
  12. @K VIL People, society, tends to repress the same things. People tend to dislike similar things. So maybe she has in one way or another shown a side like that is generally disliked, making people think there's something off with her. She could also be "struggling to repress" something like this, making it a little visible all the time, making it still show. As an example for the second, a person who won't admit to being angry, but is slightly annoyed all the time.
  13. You might have some part usually in the "collective shadow", commonly thought of as bad and repressed, more visible or strong in you. You might not be even aware of what exactly that is, but this could explain it.
  14. I'm in a similar situation, although not nearly as bad. Thinking about leaving parents behind for good, definitely feeling unsafe with them. You can try to find a middle way solution. Taking good distance from them, even completely cutting them off, but still acknowledging the mental effect all of that has had on you and learning to process those things. Taking it a bit slow with your own mind and letting things play out naturally might be one option, as it might give you peace of mind to not overthink leaving them, leaving a more compassionate feeling for them too, so that they won't do crazy things.