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  1. Hanging onto emotions, blinding ourselves from other things by doing that
  2. @TheSomeBody Improvement in general. I don't know your current energy situation so I can't help with specifics. Start building more positive emotions or something and meditate
  3. I would say that it is good to not have strict order of results for spiritual work. Realizing some things will allow you to realize others. Our emotions and blocks seem to be built that way. How to open it? Just follow what feels good on that area takes you far. Be less skeptical, critical, arrogant, jealous and ideologically defensive overall (by accepting those emotions) and I think you will make progress in that area. There might be techniques for opening it sure, but many people use them should be focusing on simpler things and they waste time focusing solely on third eye and it slows down their progress.
  4. Hard to say. It fluctuates a lot because the less I cover myself, the easier it is to be happy. The deeper I go the more challenges there are. Some moment I'm 150, some moment 350
  5. The identity is within the experience. See beyond thoughts for deeper knowledge, turn inward, not "out there"
  6. It surely can. Someone with high awareness generally doesn't indulge too much with any of the 5 senses and they deal with mental health issues better. Someone good might also know some tricks with the mind for these kinds of things.
  7. Everything can be reduced, but you can't tell the limit of everything
  8. There are always many, I have found the paradox understanding to be very helpful, so full circle video and things like that
  9. Arrogance, a certain kind of it, not as in the aggression type or dealing with problems, but more like overly critical, skeptical or overlookingly arrogant, is what feels off about them.
  10. Crushes can reveal good sides in us. It can show how compassionate and loving we can be. We should accept our crushes, but not hide behind them, as with any emotions.
  11. Nothingness would be a nightmare if it were to be a single element we experience.
  12. Don't know any but my friends ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. You can expect to get to the level of the teacher by following his advice. Is Leo a scammer? No. Do you need life purpose course to succeed? No. If you really wonder if "spirituality is true" then just see for yourself. Start meditating or something, you will see eventually that the effects are deep. Leo has some great pointers in his videos, that's why I watch them. It's not like you need to hold him as an absolutely amazing guru to like his stuff.