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  1. Language and things like remembering sentences do not automatically and instantly bring deep awareness. If for example a person whose body is tense from anxiety hears that they can relax, it will still take time for the body to transform. Maybe this brings some relief
  2. I think a good therapist can overcome a bad style of therapy whereas a therapist that doesn't have awareness of things that help you has a harder time even with a good style. Maybe not the answer you look for, but this is my experience
  3. From my blunt understanding, pretty much everyone acts according to not just physical things but also intuition and stuff, referring to a degree of etheric awareness
  4. Plants pretty much always if not always have some effect, maybe it's just not very strong
  5. I'm normally more calm around people in general, so for me I tend to feel more at ease and feel more of my body etc while meditating with others, even if it's not a formal meditation environment. I would say, why not?
  6. If you beat the craving with a stick, once the craving isn't afraid of the stick, it will still be there if the craving hasn't resolved itself I would take it easy, if you can't be honest with what foods you like, most diets will be temporary
  7. I feel the same way about many things. It really makes me happy to see beauty in things, even if it were to be simple things like water pouring or how the leaves of a tree sway in the wind.
  8. I don't think you need psychedelics. If you look into traditions, it's often said that the body takes time to transform. You do not need to be fully aware of things going on right now, which psychedelics kind of are a tool for. If you are already on your way to them then whatever
  9. I do think these things can provide value yes, but they are as they are. They are people on the journey sharing things. If you want a fully enlightened teacher then I assume this wouldn't be the place to go to.
  10. maybe there's some but i dont think it's a very strong correlation between the person and the name compared to other things
  11. @Schahin I've heard yes, sorry read quickly. Anyway, I think they might be better then, but at the same time, if you have no clue what you're working with it's risky as well, so I wouldn't recommend it
  12. most people perform terrible surgeries. it is no small deal to work with life energies, involved with everything about you
  13. U can see for yourself, at least with time
  14. I think it's not that important to figure out for your awakening