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  1. @Leo Gura @Leo Gura Wow that would be something! You should definitely contact Sam and make an offer. Decent chance he'd take it I think. He's done some psychedelics before, practices meditation etc.
  2. @Barna Hmmm. Really? Sounds too good to be... What do you think of Bentinho? Do you think he's sincere/enlightened? Cause nonetheless this course can be effective.
  3. @Barna I understood that you took the course? Whats your experience on that? Should I give it a go?
  4. @Aware Beautifully put, thank you.
  5. Paul Hedderman offers maybe the most simple path you could imagine. Makes me wonder whether its too simple to work. Basically he just delivers the message and sort of ridicules the idea of "I" through repetition. According to him, even meditating is unnecessary if you're not into it. Just "entertaining" the message should be enough. One of his essential teachings is, that every action from "I" to get rid of the "I" embraces the very idea of "I" and thus can be harmful. This is a fair point to make IMO and deserves some attention from a seeker. @jse So what you think? Could this be that simple? I've watched a tons of his videos and I'm not doubting his sincerety. I read some review on which said the same. But this is definitely The Lazy Mans Path.
  6. My advice is to let them come. Actually, go to a places/situations during your free time and try to get them. Whatever places/situations. After you get a few you end up inflating them and actually it can be very difficult to get any if you actually try to do it. I think awareness prevents that since Panic Attacks are very very low-consciousness habit. (Without any blaming of course.) It's actually very similar to "Paradoxal Intention" which is a method introduced by Viktor Frankl I believe. There you go to a situations and try to do whatever is your problem intentionally for instance different phobias. It can be very hard to "succeed" if you try to create fear intentionally. This method can be used in many different areas like in difficulty at falling asleep and maybe anxiety and even depression. Leo did a video titled "Awareness alone is curative" and I think the method introduced was this or close to it. So my advice is to let them come at first. Then bring some awareness/paradoxal intention into play and see what happens.
  7. But which is the best masturbation - frequency if youre not in a relationship?
  8. I kind of hate that they stop when I become aware of them because shouldnt you be able to just follow the stream of thoughts?
  9. Isn't there an element of so called 'paradoxical intention' going on here? Atleast with the burger -case that Leo demonstrated in his video it seemed very similar. Theres always unawereness going on and when you actually take the control of any given action it shows up very differently. Similarly if ones depressed or anxious, then when heshe actually trys to 'do the anxiety' its very likely he/she fails to produce that deliberately. Obviously awareness and intention are different but with some cases , like anxiety, it can remove the sensation right away because the feeling is just so overwhelming and unwanted.
  10. @Salaam I guess that pretty much sums it up. No short-cuts here, either!
  11. Any thoughts? Maybe we should all try this and see if it works...
  12. @Henri Hey Henri one more question: Ive read something about the technique you suggested and some people say that you need to be careful while you do it. Do you know anything about that? To me that technique doesn't seem anything too complicated. But anyways are there some dangers related to this practice if I do/try alone?
  13. I think vitamin K2 does that. Google more.
  14. @Falk Quick (common) question. I know someone asked couple posts ago something similar to this but I'll ask anyway: I have serious problems keeping my spine straight since I collapse almost immediately when I start to relax. Feels totally impossible to keep my spine straight and relax at the same time. I was just wondering that though it's not allowed to move, should I still let myself straighten my spine because in this case, I'm not doing that because I want comfort. It's actually opposite. It would cause more discomfort to be mindful of... So whats your advice guys? Am I "allowed" to do that? Is it still considered sds?
  15. @Henri ok many thanks!